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  1. 4 wins on the bounce now takes us 10 clear of the relegation places
  2. 3 wins on the spin for Whitletts, hopefully thats us turned a corner. Dalry at home on Saturday, always been close games between us but our records really good against them
  3. Take it il need a jacket for Gartcairn the mora [emoji51]
  4. Had a rough count off the Whitletts Irvine Vics game on the highlights, i reckon about 70 were watching
  5. And still had to release a statement assuring him of his job no so long ago [emoji30]
  6. Tbh, when we played them at the start of the season he was terrible, and ended up coming off with an ‘injury’. I just assumed that was an off night though
  7. Troons just lost Ryan Stevenson to Stranraer, big blow for them
  8. Marc Dyer has signed for the club from Craigmark, with Davie Cunningham going the other way and young Jordan Baird also going to them on loan
  9. Games on. Rained through the night, but been dry all morning. Forecast was pissing rain all day so we’ve been lucky.
  10. The old Whitletts ground at Voluntary Park had a railway line right next to it
  11. No, but to me the whole picture epitomises junior football, beautiful views and able to enjoy a cauld can of T at most grounds [emoji16]
  12. No many better views than that imo in the Juniors @ Girvan
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