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  1. Whitlets vics

    Good luck to Geordie who goes in for his operation today. Hopefully see him back fit and in the dugout soon. Im sure we’re in safe hands with Paddy until he is
  2. St Roch"s 2018/19

    Same wee dicks were at Whitletts yesterday, about 15yo jumping about full of the mad dog. Two of them actually apologised to a couple of our fans at ht because even they were embarrassed by their pish.
  3. Whitlets vics

    You play the two favourites next, you’ll be able to prove your quality in those games, instead of dropping to the level of pishy Whitletts and the other 3 shite teams you have played so far
  4. Whitlets vics

    Whatever you paid is too much going by that yesterday
  5. Best player currently at Junior level.

    I remember him destroying Whitletts few year back while playing for Ashfield. Must’ve been a young boy at the time. I would say Andy Leishman, could easily play at a far higher level
  6. Whitlets vics

    They playing for free?
  7. Whitlets vics

    And so you should the money you’ve spent. Being honest, you can’t be happy with some of those signings. Your best players yesterday were the ones thats been there for a few years
  8. Whitlets vics

    I should’ve said we had 3 out yesterday plus one away working abroad for 4 months, and another long term injury. Arguably all 5 would be starters. We don’t have a good enough bench to have 3 starters out. Our 1st 11 is a match for most in this league but when we have a couple out we just don’t have the quality to replace them.
  9. Whitlets vics

    Glad your happy with a point, because I’m not. Thats the worst team we’ve played this season. You wouldn’t have got near us if we never had 3 out. If thats what your massive budget has got you, id be very worried. I predicted your manager would be gone for xmas, I’m not so sure he’ll even get that long on that performance
  10. Today's scores 18th Aug

    It should be, for the money they have spent they are shite. That feels like a defeat the day
  11. Today's scores 18th Aug

    Whitletts 4-4 Darvel Fucking threw that away big time
  12. Today's scores 18th Aug

    3-2 Whitletts some strike
  13. Today's scores 18th Aug

  14. Today's scores 18th Aug

  15. Today's scores 18th Aug

    2-1 now