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  1. And two teams could be relegated despite not finishing in the bottom 3. Really, this is dreadful for the lowland league.
  2. Not next season, hibs have a games programme for their development team next season.
  3. I wish I could foresee a set of circumstances that encouraged that?
  4. I’m not sure they will. the priority for the top clubs is winning the wosfl, and the lowland league. This cup despite its great entry doesn’t hold the same appeal (for now) that the junior cup once did. Bit of a pity that, but, with so many clubs now competing in the big scottish that’s much more of a second priority. Hopefully we get a rationalized single National cup for tier 5 or tier 6 down.
  5. Yes, I’d tend to agree with that - a junior final was a big deal but today was just another cup final - there was around 1500 Bonnyrigg fans at Cowdenbeath last week and probably a 1/5 of that number there today. Not really for me to say, as my club won’t be part of it but hopefully the various leagues can come up with one national competition for ALL the clubs in tier 5 or 6 down.
  6. I’ve not seen one quoted, and didn’t hear one mentioned at the match. I’d guess about 700?
  7. Would have been nice to round off the season with a win in our final appearance in the South Cup, but the priority was achieved last week. Some consolation for Talbot though after their season derailed in recent weeks.
  8. In other news darvel went ahead of Talbot raising possibility of south final being on May 22nd?
  9. The previous lowland league board trashed their reputation on old firm entry. I just can’t see the current board wanting to do the same.
  10. I think a National all in cup for tier 3 (or any starting point below) and below would be great. The highland clubs just don’t seem interested though, so the south challenge cup is a great alternative. I dare say the organizers might be open to including any teams north of the boundary that want to play in the south cup like maybe Brechin or lochee.
  11. What’s happening next season with Rangers and Celtic?
  12. Niang and Henderson were the stand outs, but they’re not Alloa players. probably something we will have to bite the bullet on when we’re bringing players in, but it’s much harder to bring in loans to the lowland league than league 1.
  13. Ah, that explains the churlish comments about Bonnyriggs lack of style.
  14. See if(when) BSC Glasgow Alloa Broomhill get relegated, do they drop into the EOS or WOS? EOS? So what happens if(when) they get a ground in Glasgow?
  15. Interesting chat on LL2. I think it’s a really hard sell to particularly the wosfl after the arse the LL board has made of things recently. and let’s not forget the wosfl tier 6 conference fiasco. another interesting aspect is how wosfl clubs view the ceiling being removed. For most of them for recent years, promotion to a higher level wasn’t something possible.
  16. That’s strange. They have a strategic partnership with them for that very purpose. As do civil service strollers. I wonder what’s holding up their arrival?
  17. Everyone in the eosfl does have a route to the Scottish cup directly or through the Alex Jack?
  18. And that’s with getting hibs youngsters in
  19. I think RG maybe has a point, and more understanding that maybe isn’t immediately apparent due to his knowledge of the American market. For me there’s a pretty neat split between the full time clubs - around 24 - the most pro part time clubs - around 40 - and the rest of the pyramid. I think abroath and Falkirk show you don’t want to make movement between full time and part time impossible but I think looking again at the structure underneath the top two leagues could be meaningfully reviewed.
  20. Any word on when the board members will be replaced, and who will be standing to replace them?
  21. The SFA would be the ultimate arbiter? To see this logically, even if a lowland league team was excluded for not "winning" the championship....what would be the next step? A play off between say Buckie Thistle and Stranraer, and a situation where the Stranraer if they lost would go into the lowland league. I can't see that situation happening. Well, I can, but I really don't think it will.
  22. Fair enough, that would be good news. On reflection, I'm not convinced of the need for a hard border - I think @craigkillie articulated the different options well. However, unfortunately, the fiasco around Brechin has entrenched people's views so I don't think we can look forward to a progressive solution anytime soon. I suppose I'm thinking of regional leagues at tier 7 instead of conferences....but to be honest I've not really watched what the opinion is for future and if there is any desire for regionalization within eosfl/wosfl due to their much bigger numbers of team.
  23. And which clubs voted for, against, and abstained. I guess the bsc Glasgow Alloa Broomhill and East Kilbride franchises voted for.
  24. Changing the rules so that a club can express a preference could be taken as meaning that any club could express a preference as to where they play regardless of the line. Is it possible that such a rule change could pave the way for Brechin to express a preference to play in the lowland league next season?
  25. Very true. I feel like I'm missing something really obvious here. Edit:I probably need to remind myself who can and cannot get promoted to the highland league this season.
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