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  1. I think you'll find the regulars have never been happier with the way the club is being run.
  2. I think it tops out for a one off game at around £20 for us. But, I'm not sure that will be the same every season?
  3. You’re not stupid you understand supply and demand. We could have charged more and still sold out.
  4. Isn't the capacity linked to the numbers of exits? Bonnyrigg could have sold more tickets, but the club themselves always had a limit in mind much lower than the theoretical capacity.
  5. What's your point caller? I wonder what league 1 and league 2 grounds look like with 2000 crowds? There’s a lot of constructive points about our ground, and I’m sure the club will take on the feedback from our visitors today. personally I’d like safe standing and a covered terrace!
  6. I believe that was the second biggest attendance you’ve played in front of this season?
  7. Discipline was great after going down to 10. Pitch and surrounding area took a hammering with the weather. no pyro no party
  8. Big game for you tonight - Spartans are a decent side.
  9. Dont suppose Bonnyrigg have a friendly arranged for tomorrow?
  10. Bottlerigg Rose Tremendous. In your own way.
  11. BS7

    2019-20 fixtures?

    What’s the rule regarding postponed games? Aldo what’s the rule for bringing forward fixtures? asking for a friend.
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