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  1. Heard about Chalmers coming back as well. Wouldn't mind Graham.
  2. 3-1 FT. Both teams made it a cracking friendly IMO. Boulding didn't have many chances and i thought he was isolated for large parts of it, although he took his goal very well. I thought our Peter Grant was superb at the back and organised well. Sibbs hardly touched the ball first half and was subbed at HT with friday in mind. First half only lasted 40 mins or so as a man took ill in th crowd and the physio's from both teams were needed along with an ambulance. He walked away with the paramedics so i hope he is ok. Team - Bowman, Leahy, P.Grant, McGeever, Rowan, McNab, Blair, Sibbald, Boulding, Shephard and Botti.
  3. http://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/blog/houston-signings-imminent/#more-3169 Article on website
  4. Was quite impressed with the interview on a whole. Good that we are actually looking for experienced players rather than more youths.
  5. Agreed 4th should be minimum nothing less. Anything above and we're doing well.
  6. In my time supporting Falkirk I would have to say Eddie May. Utterly clueless. Now manages Stirling University.
  7. Good post! I agree with just about all of it. I've seen some Falkirk fans saying that Holt has done better than Pressley due to the fact this is the closest we've been to the title since we've came down. This is true however, you've hit the nail on the head by saying that the last two champions in Ross County and Partick Thistle have been far superior than any team this year! I can count on one hand how many games i've enjoyed this year and the cup games have been non-exsistant. I'm half and half with Holt as i do feel he needs another year but so far he just stands with his hands in his pockets half the time and doesn't seem to have a plan B. Next year the Championship will be very competitive and unless we strengthen and by strengthen I mean players who can come in and change a game or even with just a bit of experience. I feel the signings this summer will be key to where we finish next season due to the fact of how competitive the league will be. We seen on saturday that we were missing three first team players and our squad was stretched so much so that our bench looked like it had been picked from a local high school.
  8. Don't know if it's been said on here but noticed on One F that Millar and Roberts are suspended against Hamilton next week. Just the game we need Millar for as well.
  9. I personally, think it is more professional looking. I like the idea of it tbh.
  10. Some of the posts on here are a bit cringe-worthy IMO.
  11. Statement on the official site about the pitch. Says it should be fine should we go up.
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