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  1. Thanks I'll do that when I don't have a hangover
  2. Oh fuccc its not kicked in yet I'll have to sell my kidney to get through this winter
  3. Got my September bill in £60 I thought that's OK I'm normally £55 to £65 a month. Then remembered we were off on holiday for two weeks. So it is looking like my bill has doubled
  4. Can't find the old shrinkage posts Cold and flu tablets came in boxes of 16 I was stocking up after the wife had a cold and got caught out with boxes only having one strip of 8 in the box
  5. Gorbie gone, think I'm in the mood for a strawberry daiquiri POINTS
  6. I only picked two dead people last time out of a feeling off fair play. And also this time my list was done without a hangover at the last minute. Its time to rumble into the ground for my picks hi Queenie looking at you.
  7. First points of the year thank f If there is any one with no points this year just kick them off p&b
  8. That's mine in, time for a beer sit back watch some shit hogmanay TV and say shit they're still alive I should have picked them.
  9. Eamonn O'Neill ripped her a new one on the latest Talk Media podcast. What has felicity kendal done now?
  10. Top 10 I had forgotten I had picked Morricone, the music was unforgettable dead pool not so much.
  11. this was posted the other day https://www.travellingtabby.com/scotland-coronavirus-tracker/ shit looks like a pile of folk have bookmarked this as well as myself. the world here is another one I keep an eye on
  12. It hasn't launched in the UK yet the early discount closes on the 23 th of this month only 3 days away there is no way I would buy it not knowing if It can be played on my kit.
  13. just had a look at the apps on my BT hard-drive box it not there so looks like a moot point.
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