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  1. this was posted the other day https://www.travellingtabby.com/scotland-coronavirus-tracker/ shit looks like a pile of folk have bookmarked this as well as myself. the world here is another one I keep an eye on
  2. It hasn't launched in the UK yet the early discount closes on the 23 th of this month only 3 days away there is no way I would buy it not knowing if It can be played on my kit.
  3. just had a look at the apps on my BT hard-drive box it not there so looks like a moot point.
  4. can anyone tell me if this comes with subtitles as me and the Mrs are a bit hard of hearing and use subtitles all the time. tried Now tv binned that as only some shows had subtitles. Thanks
  5. it is on Netflix I have just finished watching them all.
  6. old tory Lord Carrington I think my first hit of the year wonder if all this Westminster tory fighting kicked him over the edge and if so which one will be next
  7. inspector-montalbano  on iplayer I think the old thread has died in the cull looked at my TV guide and it said it is a new series (number 5) I haven’t watched it yet so don’t know if new stuff or not
  8. Shit I droped him for this year I figured he must have a deal with him/her/it upstairs and was going to outlive us all
  9. thats mine in, mostly cut and paste but I have dropped one so expect him to piss me off in the new year
  10. no give him a trial that last 3 weeks so I can get a december bonus will need to recheck the rules but I am sure if a dictatour gets his head choped off you get a triple bounus all i would need then to be leading this year would be a triple word square
  11. I enjoyed that have watched it twice twice now, Now for wild speculation my thinking is that the doctor. Will take cyber bill and rebuild her/it as nando And bill is the new doctor, I am sure moffat has said before he wanted more Diversity in the show. He would get the credit for doing it and as he is pissing off would not have to deal with any fallout from fans. Then the next doctor will be traveling with her self bill doctor and cyberbill modefied into nando. This means the Christmas special will be A double bill
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