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  1. First points of the year thank f If there is any one with no points this year just kick them off p&b
  2. That's mine in, time for a beer sit back watch some shit hogmanay TV and say shit they're still alive I should have picked them.
  3. Eamonn O'Neill ripped her a new one on the latest Talk Media podcast. What has felicity kendal done now?
  4. Top 10 I had forgotten I had picked Morricone, the music was unforgettable dead pool not so much.
  5. this was posted the other day https://www.travellingtabby.com/scotland-coronavirus-tracker/ shit looks like a pile of folk have bookmarked this as well as myself. the world here is another one I keep an eye on
  6. It hasn't launched in the UK yet the early discount closes on the 23 th of this month only 3 days away there is no way I would buy it not knowing if It can be played on my kit.
  7. just had a look at the apps on my BT hard-drive box it not there so looks like a moot point.
  8. can anyone tell me if this comes with subtitles as me and the Mrs are a bit hard of hearing and use subtitles all the time. tried Now tv binned that as only some shows had subtitles. Thanks
  9. it is on Netflix I have just finished watching them all.
  10. old tory Lord Carrington I think my first hit of the year wonder if all this Westminster tory fighting kicked him over the edge and if so which one will be next
  11. inspector-montalbano  on iplayer I think the old thread has died in the cull looked at my TV guide and it said it is a new series (number 5) I haven’t watched it yet so don’t know if new stuff or not
  12. Shit I droped him for this year I figured he must have a deal with him/her/it upstairs and was going to outlive us all
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