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  1. Italian Football Thread

    here's one to look forward to next season - the renewal of a rarely contested 'derby di sicilia' as Trapani have just beaten Piacenza in the decisive leg of the last Serie C playoff to earn promotion - fairly cool ground, Trapani...
  2. pub signs

    and this is a very sensible thing indeed, outside The Partridge near goodwood racecourse - with the direction and distances to the other local pubs
  3. pub signs

    what ya got then - good, bad, inappropriate, weird - whatever... always liked this one - outwardly very normal, nice even - and a great pub - but there's something just not quite right about it, which sums up the village it's in...
  4. pub signs

    here's another one at Rusthall near Tunbridge Wells; pretty ropey place back in the day, but the sign's the thing, based on the nearby rock outcrop
  5. pub signs

    GPWM but in this specific instance the pub is virtually a memorial to the victims as it's built on the site of the old cottages, and it's had the same name since it was first opened having been built two or three years after the event; for many years a proportion of the takings went in to a benevolent fund for the families who were affected. As to the wider point, I guess it's generally considered "too soon" all the time there are folk alive who were directly impacted by an event; wartime things seem to be a different kettle of fish, mind, there are any number of "Balaklava" pubs which were named after some fairly grim goings on in the Crimea and I'm guessing they were all given the name pretty much in the immediate aftermath...
  6. pub signs

    The Snowdrop in Lewes (a particularly fine pub, as it happens) - nothing to do with poncy little spring flowers as you might expect:
  7. Italian Football Thread

    oooft - perennial, recurring Genoese failure Ivan Jurić is appointed as the new full-time Hellas Verona coach; Aglietti - who somehow blagged his way through the play-offs on a wave of just about doing enough - was never going to get the gig having proved himself time and time again to never really have what it takes to hold down a job in Serie B, let alone at a higher level; that said, Jurić is young, has a finger on the pulse of Balkan football and - well - that's about it if Hellas are not bottom at Christmas, he'll be sacked after a dismal home defeat at the hands of whoever is in last place - if he's not gone by late autumn having been dumped out of the Coppa Italia by the lowest-placed team left in the competition at that stage; he has previous of catastrophic defeats by shite teams with nothing other than one promotion (with Crotone) to balance the books maybe, just maybe he can fabricate a season of unlikely survival based on a centre-back pairing of two as yet unheard-of centre-backs who go on to eclipse Nemaja Vidic in the roll of clearly psychotic but unfeasibly effective defensive genii, but I somehow doubt it oh dear....
  8. New kits for 19/20 (Brentford, PSV, Dundee FC)

    would it be ok if they tipped up wi' shirts covered in pig's feet, though ?
  9. New kits for 19/20 (Brentford, PSV, Dundee FC)

    very pleased wi' this: red hoops - white hoops - does exactly what it says on the tin it might be a knee-jerk (leave it) reaction after the barber's pole abortion of last year and the 'knock-off' shite that preceded that, but these are fucking cool - well done rovers
  10. pub signs

  11. Facts you made up

    'Eintracht' in the name 'Eintracht Frankfurt' translates as "one path", alluding to the concept of the one true path to real enlightenment, and references the little-known Buddhist roots of the club; their first playing kit, dating back to 1899, was entirely orange
  12. P&B Bird Watch

    did it appear to be uncharacteristically still, and sort of glassy-eyed by any chance ?
  13. Italian Football Thread

    appaz, the club are named after the grandson of the original owner/president - Luigi Bignami - who was one of some 130 Italian sailors lost with the sinking of the destroyer Artiglieri near Sicily on 12 October 1940 after an engagement with two English and Australian cruisers - part of the wider Battle of Cape Passero puts this stupid game of ours in to a bit of perspective; an albeit fairly cursory search doesn't reveal much more about Brian's story, other than the fact that he was posthumously awarded a 'silver medal of honour'; several of the crew refused to abandon the ship before it was finally destroyed, as there were a number of injured and dying sailors still on board who needed looking after - I can only imagine that he was one of those who stayed... L'Artigliere on her first day of service in 1938 the coup de gras - Artiglieri explodes under fire from HMS York (photo from HMAS Vampire) survivors are rescued by HMAS Vampire the wreck - discovered in 2017 - laying nearly 12,000 feet down in the Mediterranean - note the identifying letters AR (as per the first picture)
  14. Italian Football Thread

    few loose ends tied up today: Venezia are relegated from Serie B - they won the second leg of the playout final 1-0 against Salernitana, but I Granata won on penalties Pisa are promoted to the second tier, beating Triestina 5-3 on aggregate with two goals in extra time; Piacenza and Trapani's first leg finished goalless pretty impressive turn out for Pisa's win in Triest by both sets of fans: Seven teams are promoted (in bold) from Eccellenza to Serie D after the completion of their playoffs: Breno-Legnano 2-1 (1-1) Tritium-Edmondo Brian 0-1 (2-0) Valle Del Tevere-Progresso 2-1 (1-3) Poggibonsi- P.S. Elpidio 3-1 (0-2) Mestre-Pomezia 0-0 (1-1) Agropoli-Brindisi 1-1 (0-1) Canicattì-Biancavilla 2-4 d.c.r. (0-1) disappointed to note the defeat of the splendidly named Edmondo Brian (f**k you, Tritium); from Precenicco a few mile south west of Udine - been looking for a team to follow in the lower reaches of the Italian game - they'll do nicely...
  15. Italian Football Thread

    they finalise the kick off times and matchdays in blocks of about six weeks at a time, so although you may only get a couple of weeks notice for games in week one of any given block depending on when you are looking to go, you'll have plenty of notice for those a bit later on - just takes a bit of thought, that's all; bearing in mind the staggering of fixtures over every weekend, you're almost bound to find an alternative game within easy reach even if your first choice gets moved, but it's never a great idea to book just one night in a particular place hoping to go to a specific game nearby - i guess that applies pretty much anywhere though, not just italy
  16. Italian Football Thread

    big news for Fiorentina - they've been bought by the billionaire owner of Mediacom, Italian-American Rocco Commisso; he's pissed about with 'soccer' in the US for years, but seems set to really throw some money at La Viola - would be great to have another club gatecrash the business end of Serie A - going to be an interesting summer in Firenze.... pretty immediate statement of intent could be made by getting Chiesa to stay - if Commisso's lira (sic) can pull that off, he'll be an instant hero at the Artemio Franchi by sticking one up Juve as his first move
  17. Italian Football Thread

    ...and travelling in the other direction, Pisa 2-2 Triestina in the first leg of one of the two Serie C promotion "finals"; Piacenza face Trapani in the other pair of matches
  18. New kits for 19/20 (Brentford, PSV, Dundee FC)

    L R Vicenza Virtus
  19. this case here - all very tragic for those concerned, I'm sure, but I never knew that a "victim impact statement" has been part of the judicial process here for some years basically, this means that in this instance the bereaved family get to address the court, before sentencing, saying how very upsetting the whole thing has been for them and how their dearly departed was "a wonderful person and the light of their lives" (funny how no-one is ever described as "a petty minded shithouse who we're well shot of", but whatever....); this, apparently, can reflect in the sentence which is handed down - and i'm not sure i agree with that, at all surely sentencing should be based on the cold, hard facts - not how good family members are at pulling the sad act or otherwise - what is it - an extra six months for uncontrolled sobbing, a year for a complete breakdown - seems very strange behaviour ! i get how it might be part of "the healing process" and that sort of stuff - but surely that can be done after sentencing ?
  20. New kits for 19/20 (Brentford, PSV, Dundee FC)

    ahem: oh, and - the original source
  21. New kits for 19/20 (Brentford, PSV, Dundee FC)

    there's a long-standing tradition of Lecce kit-launch babes - fortunately, Italy remains in the dark ages with regard to sexism and advertising... 2018/19 2017/18 2010/11 2016/17 2011/12 ...and so on I'll have the 2016/17 home (red and yellow) kit please, Bob....
  22. Football League 2018/19 season

    right - fixtures out, so may as well get this one up and running ! Rovers will be clinching the League One title in front of 40,000 plus at the Stadium of Light on Good Friday (19/04) - should be fun...
  23. New kits for 19/20 (Brentford, PSV, Dundee FC)

    U S Lecce will be gracing Serie A next season in this little lot:
  24. Italian Football Thread