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  1. Italian Football Thread

    wow - cittadella lose 1-2 at home to benevento in the first leg of the serie B play off semi final, then go down to campania and win 3-0 to make the final; they'll play Hellas or Pescara for a place in the top flight now - second leg of the second semi on sunday night after a 0-0 draw in verona;
  2. 2018/19 Dutch football

    graafschap looking good to take a draw away from rotterdam in the first leg of the play off; that mooted automatic second relegation place is a disaster for them though - and an injury time penalty puts them 1-2 up at the Spartapark - and that's how it finishes; second leg on tuesday night - get to f**k cambuur - get to f**k henk de jong
  3. Calling Cards of Morons

    how did you pronounce 'data' before/after the android character was introduced in to star trek, and the word became commonplace with regard to phone specs ?
  4. Calling Cards of Morons

    hill walking thread for this pish ( i know, i know...)
  5. Showcasing Scotland.

    this could well go in "PTTGOYN" but i have to call bullshit here, my good man; in spite of what 80's TV might tell you, a ' quantum leap' is an almost infinitesimally small transition of phase-states confined within the dimensions of a single atom ; it's one of the smallest measurable such state-changes - or movements - known to mankind and is therefore diametrically opposite from the idea you are trying to imply. what you want is a 'paradigm shift' which is an abstract concept indicative of a massive, fundamental re-evaluation of core values, commensurate with an enormous displacement of ideas from one frame of reference to another; it's a common mistake, but a mistake nonetheless; you're welcome...
  6. Football League 2018/19 season

    2000 plus posts, and a member since 2012 and you've only just come to that conclusion - i'm not trying hard enough....
  7. Italian Football Thread

    hmmmm - good call - i'm not sure how that works with so many teams involved and was assuming that a "head to head" win against any other side on the same points would lift a given team above that particular rival - makes sense to extend it to cover them all in a 'mini league'; i'll check back and see if there's a precedent... ETA - you're spot on - 2010/11 - Chievo, Parma, Catania all finished on the same points, and that's how it was decided if it's Udinese, Genoa and Fiorentina, though - the results i have give them all five points - they'll all have won one, drawn two and lost one match; final goal difference will obviously depend on the Fiorentina v Genoa match - as it stands, Udinese +1, Fiorentina +1, Genoa -2; Fiorentina's GD must go down in this scenario, as they will have lost against Genoa to have 40 points, so that actually means that Udinese would be safe and it's between the other two - so there's actually no scenario which can see Udinese relegated after all ???
  8. Italian Football Thread

    ok - here's how it looks: if Genoa lose at Fiorentina, they are down, regardless of anything else if Genoa draw at Fiorentina and Empoli draw or win at Inter, Genoa are down if Genoa draw at Fiorentina and Empoli lost to Inter, Genoa win the head to head and Empoli go down if Genoa win at Fiorentina and Empoli lose or draw, then Empoli go down if Genoa win at Fiorentina and Empoli win at Inter, it get's very interesting - they will both stay up Genoa would beat Fiorentina on head to head, and therefore finish above them and would be safe If either Udinese or Bologna win or draw their last games, they finish above both Fiorentina and Genoa If Udinese lost their last game at Cagliari, they finish below Fiorentina on head to head, so Fiorentina would be safe If Bologna lost their last game at home to Napoli (assuming they also lose at Lazio tomorrow) they finish equal head to head with Fiorentina (two 0-0 draws) but below them on (overall) goal difference, so Fiorentina would be safe so, if Genoa and Fiorentina, Bologna and Udinese all finish on 40 points, and Empoli win at Inter, it's down to Udinese v Bologna on head to head each team won the home fixture 2-1 so it would go to (overall) goal difference - Bologna currently have a six goal advantage with two games to play... fucking hell
  9. Italian Football Thread

    easy win at Rotonda to steer clear of the relegation play-outs, but Messina lost the Coppa Italia Serie D final to Matelica yesterday (18.05); if they won, they'd have qualified for the latter stages of the playoffs and (potentially) been on the list of clubs put forward for promotion to replace any non-relegated Serie C teams who were demoted for financial irregularities or other shitebaggery; Citta de Messina beat Locri in the relegation play-out, so both Messina clubs (should) remain in the same division together for 2019/20... In other lower league news, all three teams relegated from Serie B to Serie D last summer for fiscal misdeeds have all secured automatic promotion back to Serie C (Bari, Avellino and Cesena); they'll be joined - on paper - by Como, Arzignano Valchiampo, Lecco, Pergolettese, Pianese and Picerno (three teams to each of the three Serie B regional leagues)
  10. Italian Football Thread

    big 45 minutes coming up for Empoli (and Parma); 1-0 up at home to Torino at half time, if they hang on they're out of the bottom three, definitely above Genoa and possibly Parma too with all three teams away from home on the final day of the season (Inter, Fiorentina and Roma respectively); hope they stay up - nice place, great little ground... ETA1 - torino equalise... ETA2 - empoli back in front, and parma have one cleared off the line - still 0-0 there ETA3 - 3-1 to empoli now ETA4 - Parma take the lead - that's them safe if it stays like that; could well be going in to the last day with one from five to go down (Empoli, Genoa, Udinese, Bologna - and Fiorentina !) ETA5 - 4-1 for Empoli ! ETA6 - Empoli win - Parma win and are safe - all manner of potential last day permutations - will hafta go and check the head to head records....
  11. FA Cup 2018/19

    can't wait for the inception of a full-time european super league and a return to a more level playing field in england, germany, italy, france, spain and the netherlands; if it's a closed shop with no promotion/relegation to the national leagues below, so much the better, it'll be much easer to tune out the whole thing; I'd like to think it would force a rethink in the mindset of the remaining domestic leagues to a focus on the preservation of a competitive structure rather than mindlessly pursuing a second iteration of the same elitism which prompted the initial breakaway (ie fifteen years down road, the new 'top six' are looking to leave the rest behind again); a more nuanced distribution of the new TV money and an end to parachute payments would be a good start; i'd throw in quotas for home-grown players, restrictions on loan arrangements, league-wide distribution of transfer fees for players elevated to the Euro league and anything else that mitigates against a regurgitation of the current structure; it will require a whole new mindset from all concerned to make it viable, but if we're looking at the 2025 championship decider seeing wolves and newcastle play each other - fucking brilliant; liverpool and barcelona will probably be playing out the decisive game of the Huawei Super Smashing Euro League in singapore with a 07:30 bst kick off or whatever by then anyway...
  12. Italian Football Thread

    Hellas beat Perugia 4-1 in the Serie B "qualifying' playoff - now face Pescara over two legs, with the possibility if they win that of a further two games against Benevento or Cittadella for another season getting arseraped week in and week out in promotion to Serie A
  13. FA Cup 2018/19

    nah - knocked 'em out the league cup at Belle Vue in 2005 though; Jamie Coppinger was in the Rovers team that night, and played yesterday for 'em too - 50 games this season, 610 appearance for Rovers in total - bloke's a fucking legend...
  14. The 2019 Play-Off Thread

    ditto CCH as above - great example of a decent-sized stadium; access, facilities, transport, stewards and plod all good and a complete lack of fuckwits amongst the home supporters; the archetypal fucking good day at the football all ends up, and probably a more enjoyable end to the season than watching it fizzle out in a 75% full Wembley and paying stupid money for the privilege; five stars - would stand up for three hours again...