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  1. just back in from Elvana at the kentish town forum - what an utterly fantastic night - not great music but absolute top quality entertainment - very highly recommended [emoji13]
  2. Watch Knock Knock if you want to see Anna de Armas' tits. further to this most interesting comment, folk may be interested in this link here which includes some enlightening and illustrative imagery of a lascivious nature...
  3. referring to folk you do not know as 'colleagues' in unsolicited marketing material i am not your colleague; we do not work at the same company, in the same building, in the same town or - entirely probably - not even in the same country; even in this glorious epoch of the global office I am not your colleague in any way, shape, manner or fucking form; for future reference, I am a miserable old twat and you are a c**t thanks for getting in touch...
  4. some kind of interactive advent calendar thing going on here - good to see that folk even in unfortunate circumstances are getting in to the swing of things in time for the weekend:
  5. what did prince andrew wear to jeffrey epstein's pool party ? a pair of spaedos....
  6. Shunting in a Peaceful Morning by Aarhus Symfoniorkesters Strygere i shit you not...
  7. Minds immeasurably superior to ours. if by 'ours' you mean the collective intellect of the P&B illuminati, then i'm thinking that it will be possible to utterly confound the inevitable future invasion by our potential martian overlords simply by guiding them in to a circular containment area - and telling them to stand in the corner....
  8. compelling evidence below of jimmy savile near penzance having set off on a lands end to jon o'groats charity walk in the 70's could very easily have made a detour to abroath en route draw your own conclusions...
  9. absolutely no problem with folk 'counting down to christmas' from whenever they like when they start quantifying the amount of time left to the joyous day of days by 'the number of sleeps' i'll happily take a spade to their cuntish faces, though... similarly, arseholes who insist that advent starts on 01.12 every year are cordially invited to stand in line for their festive disfigurement, too good luck with sucking up sprouts through a straw, you shower of tinselly twats eta: not forgetting anyone who says on 21.12 "ooooh - the evenings will be drawing out now" - a special, hard beating (leave it) reserved for them
  10. it's a retort rod - screws in to a metal base and is used to then mount various pieces of scientific equipment to construct linear experimentation structures not sure why the top end is threaded too, though, maybe for mounting a bap on which you can snack should your analytical processes take a little longer than anticipated ? if you can also find the thing that's one up from the bottom in the image below, you're laughing, because it's like a mechanical dinosaur claw - you can piss about for a bit pretending to be a 'mechanodon' or some other fantastical mechanical dinosaur type thing - grrrrrrr !
  11. you sure they weren't going to brush the hair away from your ear ?
  12. they look like exactly the sort of thing that they used to fish out of a shitey hole and go in to a fucking ferment about on Time Team: '...and if you slice this perfectly preserved stool in half, you can see that the Beaker folk who inhabited the Black Fen area 3,000 years ago ate a diet consisting predominantly of nuts, berries, squirrel genitalia, tree bark and - oh - other villager's excrement too, f**k - excuse me Carenza, i'm just going to puke in trench three...'
  13. they were on the same bill at glastonbury as Fake Suit Womenfolk, Raging Effect Lidl and Massive Seagull... guess you had to be there
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