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  1. Falkirk guilty just like their racist, eye-ball throwing fans. A truly horrible bunch of c***s.
  2. Another one with absolutely nothing of any substance to say. How tiresome. Shut up, you snivelling toad.
  3. genuanly in keepin' with that fuckan accent, eh
  4. HAHAH. THe fucking cheek of them eh. Utterly embarrassing Facebook posts/Tweet come to light and the first thing they do is tell you to get a life. I despair. What a horrible bunch of weirdigans they are
  5. Sensational indeed. Careful though, don't want to be confused as revelling in joy at someone being racially abused.
  6. By all means give me an explanation of what you are actually trying to say here. Found out.
  7. You're making an absolute c**t of yourself, you absolute apologist.
  8. As pointed out by yours truly a while back; an absolute classing trait of the Falkirk support. Red dot folk who dare question them and then provide shit retorts like "aw you're having a shocker mate". Birthday caird pish.
  9. Just like you were suggesting that myself - and others - were revelling in the fact someone was racially abused, which ofc has been shown to be absolute tripe by you (again). Just stop contributing on the matter and save face.
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