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  1. The committee of Rossvale juniors football club would like to extend an invite out for applications for our vacant managers post. All applications should be sent onto club secretary Andy Sandilands by email at [email protected] or by calling Andy on 07908713302. Entries will close by 5pm on Sunday 8th September.
  2. If we win next week then just to be involved in such a great league is an outstanding achievement. Yes we will try and create a squad to compete and attempt to stay there the following season. But no way should anyone find a negative in what we are trying to achieve.
  3. A very convincing win for Kilsyth tonight, well deserved 3 points. Outplayed and outfought from start to finish. Just have to take our medicine and move on. All the best for your remaining fixtures.
  4. Fair and square today lost to the Better team today. Mr. Mckay caused us issues no other team has. But several fixtures to go to see who gets promotion.,[emoji23][emoji177][emoji56][emoji120]
  5. Ha brilliant we will have to wait till may for that one. [emoji56]
  6. We are now still requiring a team to play tomorrow night. Park booked at greenfield pitches, 6:30pm kick off. Had a team to play but have now pulled out.
  7. We are now still requiring a team to play tomorrow night. Park booked at greenfield pitches, 6:30pm kick off.
  8. We now have a fixture on Tuesday night.
  9. Certainly worked the last time we did a midweek fixture [emoji41] but in all seriousness the idea definitely is something that people would be interested in.
  10. Rossvale Juniors are Seeking a friendly match away if possible this Coming Tuesday. Happy to split cost 50/50 If anyone interested please pm.
  11. Ha excellent idea but somehow I fear this may not happen [emoji23]
  12. Rossvale Juniors are Seeking a friendly match away if possible this Coming Tuesday. Happy to split cost 50/50 If anyone interested please pm.
  13. Would take him back to Rossvale in a heartbeat.
  14. Just to also clarify some of the issues that keep arising on this site. We are at present looking to arrange meetings with our council regarding every issue that not only away supporters but our own supporters feel are important for the club to move forward. We will continue to push towards putting plans in place so that Huntershill can in time be a ground that every supporter looks forward to visiting. We ask for everyone’s patience for the remainder of the season and in time we hope that the council will agree to our proposals and help promote Rossvale fc within the semi professional level of Scottish football.
  15. Gentleman I try my best not to either look or get involved with the chat on social media. But there certainly seems to be an ongoing barrage of not all positive comments towards our club. There is of course several comments that certainly gives me great pleasure in reading. Recently I have had several conversations with some of the guys from st. Rochs and to hear their positive words really does show me that even when clubs have great rivalry there is always time to show each other some support.
  16. New date for final league fixture: We would like to clarify our position and the reasons for the revised fixture date for our final league game of the season to ensure complete transparency. We had originally (for a number of reasons) rejected a request from Port Glasgow to move the fixture from the Saturday 19th May date set by the West Region, the main ones being that we always endeavor to play every game on the date given to us and we have ourselves had to fulfil tough fixtures over the last few weeks with several players missing. After some dialogue, we were then advised on Saturday 12th May by the West Region that the fixture will go ahead as planned and we therefore continued with all our plans and preparations to host on the 19th. On Tuesday 15th we received further communication from the West Region that Port Glasgow were unable to field a team on the 19th, therefore the game would be forfeited, with 3 points and a 3-0 victory being awarded to us, hence crowning us league champions. Our team manager together with our committee immediately rejected this proposal as it does not conform to our values as a club and we feel it is not good sportsmanship to win a league title in this manner after what has been a long, exciting and highly competitive season. After meeting to discuss possible options to fulfill the fixture and a lot of negotiating to ensure all the fundamentals for a match day could be in place we proposed a revised date of Friday 18th at 7.30pm, and despite a number of hurdles and several aspects not being ideal for us as a club, not to mention some additional costs, we feel playing the game is the only possible solution to ensure the integrity of the league is upheld. To confirm – Our final fixture goes ahead at Huntershill on Friday 18th May with a 7.30pm kick off.
  17. A tremendous league this season and shows how well us lower division clubs can perform week in and out. There has been some terrific fixtures been and gone. And several more to encounter before it all finishes. The vales games vs shotts were sore ones. Then we had a 9 man last minute loss to the candy. Then of course we took a last minute point off the bens. Last two fixtures were massive for us away to Neilston and wishaw. Not lose either of these were very important but of course one win at either would have gave us a bit more breathing space, for a couple of days anyway. Best team against ourselves has to be shotts, nullified our midfield and forward line simple. Good luck to all the teams for their remaining fixtures this will run on for several weeks yet I am afraid.
  18. Rossvale juniors are looking for a friendly fixture this coming Monday/ Tuesday if possible. Would have to be an away fixture. Please pm if you can accommodate . — looking for recommendations.
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