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  1. Defence concerning? Rothes barely had a sniff. Our defence is the best in the league and shouldn’t concede many goals. Shades of last season where we dominated games and missed countless chances. We really should have won by about 5 goals yesterday but 3 points is the most important thing. Do that every week though and you’ll get punished occasionally. mcGrath was poor yesterday but showed what he is capable of in pre-season. We need someone to take the burden off him…could there be a development here?
  2. The guy can barely run and puts us under pressure constantly with car-crash passes in dangerous positions. He offers absolutely nothing.
  3. Who have the Broch lost out of interest?
  4. I’m concerned that Andy Kirk still thinks Davidson still resembles a footballer. Regardless of his eyewatering wages he is a waste of a jersey and should be benched. Slower than a week in jail and doesn’t give a f**k either.
  5. If McGrath gets injured who is going to get us the 25+ goals required?
  6. Lenny Wilson will be number 1, but I must say I’m a little confused that he didn’t start our final pre-season match ahead of the real stuff next week. I’m more concerned about the striker situation. We really need someone to support McGrath as likes of Loudon isn’t quite there yet.
  7. PATG, £10 adults, £5 concessions. Saw it on facebook the other day
  8. Would imagine the number 5 was only drafted in due to lack of numbers as we aren’t in need of any more defenders.
  9. Seems to be thought of quite highly at Peterhead, hopefully can do well for us.
  10. Would these players demand big wages?
  11. Very interesting. Fort is obvious, but how in f**k have Keith managed to use 47 players [emoji23]
  12. No, I'm saying that they have a familiar starting 11 who have a great team spirit having played together for numerous years and they've had the luxury of selecting more or less the same 11-14 players just about all season. As mentioned above, they'll be ridiculously fortunate to be able to continue that consistency of team selection throughout the whole of next season too. In terms of personel, Brechin have the strongest squad and I don't think many could argue that, but it's one where team selection has only been remotely consistent for maybe a ew months. Think I read somewhere that we've used over 36 players over the course of the season - it was always going to be high whilst we rebuild and adjust to the HL but that should steady a fair bit next season with already over half the squad signed up.
  13. There is zero evidence to suggest that they will either. I disagree with them having stronger squads than Brechin (at the moment - whether that’s still the case at the start of next season who knows). What they do have is a solid starting 11 who know each other well and played alongside each other for years. As I mentioned above both sides have been very fortunate with regards to injuries and if they were to have 4/5 players missing (which Brechin have had most of the season) then that’s where it would tell.
  14. Not really, I don’t believe that either Broch or Buckie will be as consistent next season. Brechin will have a more settled squad than last summer which will hopefully be of benefit, but we will need to recruit well as you say. They have had a fair rub of the green in terms of injuries etc.
  15. You've picked out their star strikers - what about the rest of the squad? Yes Brechin haven't got striker on 25+ goals like the other three teams but that could well be down to the fact that we've got 4/5 strikers on the books and have chopped and changed these all season. You could probably count on one hand the number of games that Barbour, Urquhart and Macrae have missed put together. If any of these players miss 6+ weeks in a season then I believe they would start to struggle against sides in the top half. Our season has more or less come down to that collapse from 3-0 up against Fraserburgh. The Broch and Buckie have been remarkable consistent this season but we haven't been far away.
  16. Wood always put in a shift but his best days are long behind him I think. Not someone I’d have kept on. Good luck to him.
  17. I’m sure Davidson, Bain and McHattie are all contracted for next season. Don’t think Cox is
  18. I was a little confused as to why you are asking about beer gardens when the weather is so cold I must say [emoji23]
  19. We were poor and deserved to lose those matches. Fraserburgh game we were 3-0 up going on 6 before we threw it and only a ridiculous goalkeeping error at Buckie stopped us from getting a point there.
  20. 7 But the answer is no unfortunately. Silly defeats against Fraserburgh and Buckie have cost us.
  21. Not even sure if you are being serious with this comparison. God help you if you are.
  22. Would this be the ‘similar Angus club’ from a town 4 times the population of Brechin?
  23. You’ve got to be joking. The 3-2 game at the Glebe was a great advert the league. Yesterday was dreadful to watch, largely down to the wind.
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