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  1. Seems like that would be far too sensible.
  2. Surely if Brora don’t have a squad then Fort William would take their place? If not then it would be absolutely ridiculous to have two teams idle when they could be playing each other.
  3. Why are folk checking the Beeb over our own website??
  4. That’s crazy really. So what’s the best source of information for results and scorers then on a matchday?
  5. I find it quite staggering that the official Highland League website only has scorelines and doesn’t have goalscorers, lineups etc.
  6. Absolutely embarrassing that the official Highland League website is still displaying the score as 3-2, two days after the game.
  7. Yup https://www.brechincity.com/bcfc/p/n/2484
  8. Davidson was a two game ban so would be technically available for tomorrow I would think. I’ve just seen that his testimonial is tonight though so that might put paid to that…
  9. You’re spot on there. It’s nonsensical that a competition starts in mid-July without being able to name a couple of trialists. Travelled up for the game yesterday and thought we gave a good account of ourselves. Wasn’t really much in the game at all until we tired late on.
  10. Just because they come through at bigger clubs doesn’t mean they are any good. They were untested - there was many of them last year without a single senior appearance and hadn’t played in front of a crowd before!
  11. Such as who? The issue at this stage in previous seasons has been filling the squad with untested kids.
  12. It isn’t at Glebe Park that’s why.
  13. I’m not sure who you were texting but with all due respect I think club officials had enough on their plate in terms of accommodating the season ticket holders, media etc for probably the most important game in our history. I don’t think the reason for the non-reply is that they are unwelcoming, more that there was a lot of stuff going on and the odd neutral trying to get into the game (despite the fact it was well advertised as ST holders only) isn’t going to be high on their agenda. Going forward, if restrictions allow, your attendance/support will be more than welcome at Glebe Park.
  14. It was quite clearly publicised that the Kelty fixture was limited to 250 home supporters due to government guidelines and quite rightly season ticket holders were prioritised. Not sure why that makes the Club unwelcoming. In fact the Club are renowned for being extremely hospitable to away supporters and neutrals.
  15. And they have indeed confirmed several new signings over last night and today, so where are you getting another 4 from that?
  16. How do you come to that conclusion? They’ve already announced 3, why would there be another 4?
  17. It really isn’t, and is something that really grates on me. We have never been the ‘hedgemen’.
  18. When are the HL fixtures announced, does anyone know?
  19. You’d be wrong, or so I’m told.
  20. Think you need to bare in mind that this is the actions of one or two individuals on the board and doesn’t represent any of the supporters, or anyone else at the club for that matter.
  21. I don’t even know what to say anymore.
  22. What a sad, bitter, deluded fud you are.
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