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  1. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    I wouldn’t have been bothered about keeping Burns in League 1 to be honest. Would have definitely kept him for League 2 though so that’s a little disappointing that another player we offered terms to has opted to move.
  2. Brechin City 2018 /19

    Over the last two years McGeever can’t have played much more than 20 odd league games. One injury after another and when he did play he looked slow and cumbersome. A big disappointment for me but perhaps with a prolonged injury free spell can shine again as he did with QP. Even when fit Barry often favoured Jordan Tapping ahead of him.
  3. Brechin City 2018 /19

    Seen a lot of zoomers on social media showing discontent at so many players being let go...after consecutive relegations what on earth were they expecting.
  4. Stirling Albion Thread

    Good luck to Pabs. Been a brilliant servant to Brechin City but a shadow of the player he once was. Will be interesting to see if he can get back on track at Forthbank. I certainly wish him well, top bloke.
  5. Brechin City 2018 /19

    He’s been a terrific servant for us over the years. Solid and dependable for much of it but can not deny he is a shadow of the player he was. He would be the first to admit this. Hope he can get back to his best as he is a great lad and I wish him well.
  6. Brechin City 2018 /19

    Few of those guys won’t stick around i don’t think. From what I was hearing at the Stenny game Jacko has been offered a very good deal at Forfar and despite wanting to stay will deffo be away
  7. Brechin City 2018 /19

    Good to see O’Neil signed up. I think he is a very capable number 1 at league 2 level.
  8. Keep/punt/undecided

    You can’t be serious surely. Half the reason we’ve been relegated this year is because we kept on most of the players from the debacle in the Championship. We surely won’t make the same mistake again. First person to go should be Smith. Has come in and made a terrible side even worse. I’d keep half a dozen players maximum. O’Neil, Hill, Tapping, Thomson and maybe Jacko.
  9. Brechin City 2018 /19

    I was away to reply saying the media team has been the best thing about this season and then I realised it was citydiehard who is nothing more than a wind up merchant and a shite one at that.
  10. Brechin City 2018 /19

    Good statement. I’ve been guilty myself of missing a many games this season purely down to the absolute dross on the park. The club needs us right now and hopefully (somehow) we manage to avoid the drop.
  11. Brechin V Arbroath

    Think you are underestimating a fair bit. Officially, David Will Stand holds 1,228 - there won’t be that many unusable seats to take it below 1,000. Hedge side holds 1,168, of which you have the majority and the space at the other side beside the dugout holds 170. Like a couple of previous posters have said, we had St Mirren and Dundee United at the Glebe last season who brought more than I expect from Arbroath.
  12. Brechin V Arbroath

    Easy for you to say. You haven’t sat and watched horrendous football for two years.
  13. Brechin V Arbroath

    As I mentioned in the Brechin thread I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch this happen on Saturday as our hopes of staying up hang by a thread.
  14. Brechin City 2018 /19

    Can’t understand why Paddy was dropped yesterday. Prior to the last couple of games he’s been superb. A mistake or two and he’s out for a keeper who hasn’t played for god knows how long and looking at highlights he makes a total clanger for second goal. Why shout for it and then not come for it?! Pub league stuff. Reading the report it says Jordan Tapping was put on upfront when Kavanagh was on the bench? Now I’m no fan of Kavanagh but why fucking sign him if you’d rather put on a Centre half in his position?!?! Barry has not improved us and doubt if I can bring myself to go to the Glebe next Saturday to watch Arbroath win the league and put another nail in our coffin. Soul destroying.