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  1. I can’t see anyone that is criticising Michael here. You are the only one I can see in these thread, whether it be Brechin or other supporters, that thinks dishing a contract to a rookie Manager after 1 game is a wise decision in our current predicament! I will be right behind Michael and I am desperate for him to succeed, but I really fear this is going to be yet another disastrous decision.
  2. Surely a Player/Manager is going to be captain whenever he is on the field?! Besides our Club Captain Jonathan Page hasn’t been playing and the fact he didn’t even come on today after our centre half got sent off would suggest he isn’t fancied. Can’t argue on the second point, it’s going to be a two way fight for 9th this season.
  3. Let’s get real here, Michael O’Neill wasn’t offered a near 3 year deal and would doubt there have been any longer than the two year deal handed to Dods at the end of the promotion season. Nobody is criticising the appointment of Paton in itself. He may well prove to be an excellent manager and I sincerely hope he does. It’s more how quick it has happened when perhaps we should have evaluated how things go over the next week or two first. The length of the contract concerns me, however I can only hope/assume that there is some form of clause included that isn’t going to f**k the club over should things not go to plan.
  4. Michael O’Neill wasn’t offered a near 3 year contract.
  5. I’m trying to get my head round why we have handed out a near 3 year deal to someone that has only managed one game (albeit he done very well). A very risky decision in our current predicament and one that I hope pays off. If it doesn’t there will be major questions being asked of current committee. Do I think he’s the right man to take us forward? Quite possibly but it’s far too early to make a bold call quite like that in my opinion. Come on City
  6. Another week, another embarrassing performance. Defence is laughable, you don’t even see that kind of stuff in pub league.
  7. I agree that picking out individuals for criticism on here isn’t the answer but the reality is neither of our goalkeepers are good enough. In my opinion this should have been one our main priorities in the summer. We were still in the game yesterday when Lewis needlessly opted to punch away a cross and not very well. This put the defence under unnecessary pressure and we end up conceding a penalty as a result. Equally in his defence, the players in front of him aren’t protecting him enough either.
  8. We need a decent keeper. McMinn is a backup at best. Wasn’t helped out by a dithering defence though.
  9. Paton should be an excellent addition. Plenty of options going forward now.
  10. Looking forward to watching the stream. Haven’t been able to watch the last couple of games but would seem as if this young squad is already showing signs of clicking together. Hopefully more positives to take tomorrow ahead of two very tough Betfred matches.
  11. Doesn’t look as if Montrose have been producing highlights from their friendlies.
  12. Watched the game on Montrose stream, for such a young team I thought we were very composed on the ball and played some nice stuff. Bodes well.
  13. I liked Olly as his attitude was spot on and worked hard for the team but other than that Cowden game in December his end product was lacking. Potential is there, but he was extremely raw.
  14. Jacko has been a superb player for us over the years but think he had declined a fair bit in the last couple of seasons. Certainly looked a shadow of himself in the games towards the end of last season. Good luck to him.
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