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  1. Dreadful first half. Better second. A deserved replay.
  2. Cove brought more a few weeks back. It was a better support than what I’d expect from most in this division but it didn’t look like more than 3 figures.
  3. Would I not be right in saying a lot of part time teams train Monday and Wednesday? I know Arbroath do it and it seems to work for them...
  4. The Stirling defence and in particular the centre half alongside Pabs was getting away with manhandling McManus at every opportunity. More than happy for refs not to card players willy nilly but the number of fouls that should have been given for us yesterday was incredible.
  5. Shame to see him go but absolutely no need for any club at this level to have 3 keepers. Sinclair is obviously on loan for the season and McMinn has been largely excellent so it’s little surprise that Paddy is the one to go. Very likeable character. All the very best to him.
  6. I’m seeing a notable improvement in the team since Wilson took charge. The players seem to have a bit more belief and we actually played some really good stuff today. Still think we are a striker light. If we can someone in to help Shagger up top then I’m very hopeful of us clawing away from danger.
  7. Can see why Olly Hamilton was raging not to get a penalty at the end, the guy clambers right over him. A penalty surely! Also what the f**k could he have said to merit a straight red?!
  8. Fair enough. Still comes across as a complete w**k though.
  9. I thought Dickson was still at Stenny...so disregard that! Where is he at now?
  10. Dickson is entitled to his opinion but his comment on twitter, regardless of what he thinks was completely unnecessary and unprofessional and one I don't think McMenamin would look too kindly on. Just my tuppence worth!
  11. Interesting appointment, fingers crossed he does well and stops the rot. After reading Airdrie finished 3rd under him, surprised to see him being labelled a dud. What’s the story there? Finishing narrowly above our side under Dods is nothing to shout about but at the same time a fairly solid finish?
  12. What are you suggesting the club put out then? [emoji848]
  13. Why on earth would the club release statements as and when they are turned down by managers? What other club does this?
  14. I haven’t seen anything about Stevie Aitken being offered the job or even applying. I saw something in the paper which said more or less translated to “I need money to do anything”.
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