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  1. I'm really sorry dont ken if you are at the wind up looking for a bite. In going too you sir are a fucking clown
  2. Got to say that's the poorest beith team I've seen in awhile
  3. Well aye it clearly is the txt was about boasting fans and you bring up a totally different subject but hey this is defo my last post on the matter
  4. How do you manage to turn that post into a personal attack on him in the context it was wrote
  5. No you didn't just disagree with him. You decided to personally attack him with a completely different subject than was being discussed but as you say let's me on
  6. You must have known you were putting yourself in the firing line some people will just no gi it a rest
  7. 2nd goal didn't look offside to me big guy at far side playing him on
  8. Never read a more contradictory sentence in all ma life
  9. What was it you were saying about S Wilson again Andy
  10. Dont judge Talbot by your own standard
  11. Shanner a think your being too hard on the guy. Hes doin a great job[emoji1787][emoji106]
  12. No surely Belgian is in France?
  13. You say I'm obsessed. It's not me asking all the questions leave the guy alone
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