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  1. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    Your lack of respect for the juniors is something else
  2. Cumnock v Auchinleck score predictions

    Bitter much ?
  3. Results for Saturday 9th March

    Quite remarkable that medda are sitting 2nd in the league with a -1 goal difference

    Not at all but that's not how you made a tit of yourself is it

    Sweep did you not make a bit of a tit of yourself on the thread that was deleted
  6. Managers quitting

    Was it RRG?
  7. Itzdrk getting a keyboard
  8. You have just answered your own question there. One player team is your answer. We will see where yous finish at the end of the season and for Ayr fans to presume Pope and Lyle are shite without watching them pot kettle . And the biggest stat which didn't lie 1 nil
  9. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    It's written in the stars
  10. Read my post I said Talbot never let you play and if you honestly think any of your team are competent professional footballers then you are deluded
  11. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Bot v thistle put money on it
  12. You are joking Pope strolled that game yesterday. The back 4 was outstanding yesterday. Love it when teams supporters say their team was shite. Truth is Talbot never let yous play
  13. How did that work out for you
  14. player called Away to fix mcdonalds fryers

    Boys gi it a wrap
  15. Cambuslang Rangers And Manager Part Ways

    Only if they can get in and get thier strips