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  1. Not just the Benidorm bookie laughing at ye DL …… we all are
  2. Hahahaha holy cringe, serious question……if you were to pick between Cumnock winning the league or stopping Talbot winning the league what would pick? And what would be a better achievement in “nock history”
  3. Dae you never fancy celebrating winning the league yourselves on your pitch rather than celebrating winning somebody else the league. Should try it sometime, it’s a great feeling winning trophies
  4. Wow no penalty for the shirt pull on Jamie Glasgow is laughable. The standard of the referees and their “assistants” is getting worse every year
  5. You just admitted that Darvel winning the ADL brought you back to the games and also the last 2 seasons in the championship is when the money started to be invested so aye it is glory hunting
  6. So basically your a self confessed glory hunter? [emoji23].
  7. Just ignore the 5 fouls on Talbot player on lead up tae the goal but aye ok. Also nice of ref to let Baldilocks take his free kick a few yards back from original place so he could get it up and over wall
  8. I think glenmuir is Glenafton’s version of nocknosh, absolute throbber of a guy who hates Talbot more than he likes his own team. It’s fascinating that the 3 games between Talbot and Glens prior to Saturday there wasn’t a peep from him (wonder if that would be to do with the 13 goals Talbot stuffed past them including 5 in their own dump) anyway enjoy your deserved victory but if a win over Talbot makes your season then it sucks to be you, I’d rather be gloating for winning trophies come the business end of the season
  9. One chance is all it takes to win a match so how is it robbery? Had it been a dubious penalty that Talbot scores from then you could maybe say that but it was a well worked goal. Leishman made 2 exceptional saves in 1st 5-10 mins then everything else was straight at him or high and wide, maybe Cove should practice their finishing .
  10. Posting at 4am about Talbot ...... living in your head rent free [emoji23][emoji23]
  11. I know it’s a football forum and everybody is entitled to their opinion but your attention seeking is becoming boring now. Why not start a topic about your own team and spout your pish on there
  12. Take it yer coupon is doon for the weekend already Nocknosh [emoji23][emoji23]
  13. Haud on till I get my violin looked out
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