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  1. I'd also point out that as someone with a big interest in junior football (and the future.... or non future of it ) I would always keep in mind that those who follow/ are involved in teams at this level should most of the time be listened too as opposed to told by someone like myself who isn't involved. It's quite odd to see things have done some sort of weird reverse where upon trying to read what the latest is on junior football, I'm reading about how my SPFL club should be in a regionalised league along with many others with little consideration/ understanding of what anyone involved with these clubs wants. Just like the vast majority of non league/ junior fans like the regionalisation, I'm fairly certain a vast majority of SPFL fans/ clubs like being national clubs playing in national leagues. Over the past two decades you've seen many clubs/ fans outside of the pyramid lobbying for change in a variety of ways - how many times have you seen fans of SPFL clubs or clubs themselves arguing to be regionalised.....? That tells you all you need to know.
  2. Have to say it's absolutely fantastic to see the stuff on our Facebook page from the kids day last week - 50 kids there to meet players etc, likewise the mention of over 1000 paying customers taking in hospitality so far this season. It's so, so much easier to get kids 'hooked' when we're going to grounds like Tannadice and Dens and have so many players who've been here for a number of years and are all well known to all fans. This is the best position we've been in for 20 odd years, and we need to take advantage and try to push our consistent average gate/ support up a notch. These sort of events and the continued, positive engagement with fans on social media are great to see and in the longer term, when we fall back to the 'bad' times at the arse end of League 1/ League 2 it looks like we'll still be in a far better position than we were 5/6 years ago when we started our rise to where we are now. If we can use this next few years to keep boosting the reputation of the club we should be able to get to a level where our core support is able to consistently sustain a top half League 1 budget and we can position ourselves at that level or above for a sustained period of time.
  3. Not a fan of this at all - I'm not even sure what you're trying here? If it's a haiku you've got far too many syllables in there and if it's meant to be a standard poem there isn't even a vague resemblance of rhyming there. Poor all round.
  4. Regardless of how the next 14 games go and where we finish this year, one thing that is safe to say is the board and management have done absolutely everything that can to get the players in to give us the best opportunity of staying in this division. Our transfer business in January has, on paper, been the absolute best we could expect in my opinion. With the greatest of the respect to the players who've left, we won't miss any of them from the starting 11, and we've bought in 3 quality papers (again, on paper). Hilson is obviously someone we've been after for a while and a player who has proven himself as one of the best part time players available. Craig Wighton is a player who was mentioned 3 weeks ago to me in the car on the way to a game by a friend and in all honestly my initial reaction was a slight scoff and thoughts that we need to be realistic - and here we are with him as our player for the next 4 months James Craigen, while in terms of position it doesn't make a huge amount of sense, on paper is another excellent signing. If we've signed him on an 18 month deal it looks like it could be a really good signing. As I've said before, my opinion is that we need to keep building on the very solid base we have with the best part time options available to us. Could we have signed a better part time player than Craigen or Hilson, or a better loan than Wighton? Obviously that remains to be seen, but we look to be in probably almost as good a position we could realistically be in at this point in time. If 36-0 Maroon thought in August we had a 'very strong' strikeforce with Doris, Donnelly and Spence as our options, he must be absolutely creaming himself over the options we have now In terms of Luke Donnelly, I view it as a kind of similar situation to my opinions on Mark Whatley. Whatley in League 1/ 2 when playing against teams with 5 in the middle and trying to nick something could be very frustrating due to defensive attributes far outweighting his attacking ones. However, with roles reversed and in the Championship as a 4-5-1 team trying to nick something he is absolutely vital to how we play. Donnelly is the sort of player who is an absolutely nightmare as a 1 man frontline with long ball, however we've already see him link up very well with Bobby this year, and from what I saw in the first 45 against Partick, Donnelly has the potential to work very, very well with multiple runners like Wighton and Hilson offering options as well as Bobby. If we can feed Donnelly's feet and always be offering a couple of runs off him he'll be vital for us in the next few months in my opinion.
  5. Ben Stirling looked decent enough - but I felt he lacked the discipline, positioning and I guess really the experience to fit into our team. I think he could do a job for a team doing well in League 1, but the thought of him playing for Alloa who similar to us in the defensive half rely heavily on shape and also like to pass it about and have their defenders use the ball doesn't seem like a bad thing from an Arbroath perspective...
  6. The fact we've had to fork out such an amount and a player who we could have sold for 7/8k elsewhere to sign a guy whose contract is up in 4 months just goes to show where the market is at currently for top proven part time players. Cove, Kelty and a few other clubs/ reasons seem to have bumped things up considerably in the last few years. We're currently in the financial position to make these sort of signings, and if he helps us stay up then it's excellent business.... even if we went down he's still a player who could become part of our core that we build on each transfer window. I feel like signing Dale Hilson is great for a multitude of reasons - ultimately we've signed a player who is fairly proven to be one of the top part time players in his position, and that's what we need to be doing to build on what we have. In my head, in the next 4/5 years we want to be (realistically) doing as Alloa have done, staying up in the Championship, making a bloody good go of staying up, or at 'worst' challenging to go up again from League 1. To do this, we need to do as they have done and build on what we've done over the last few years in terms of building up to ultimately have one of the best/ the best part time squad of players in Scotland. At the moment I'd say we've got 8/9 players who if we did the above can be with us for years to come and help us achieve the above. Adding players like Dale Hilson and Scott Stewart in this and the last transfer window might have cost us a good few quid, but both of them are top part time players who can be mainstays of our team for a number of years to come. Keeping a solid base in the squad is absolutely key to success in the coming years for me. In terms of Stevie D leaving, realistically we all knew this was coming and the vast majority know deep down it's in the best interests of both Steven and the club. He's been a tremendous player for us over the years, and both he and his family will be sorely missed at Gayfield, but moving down a division - similar to Spence moving down too League 2 - is the best thing for him right now for game time and to hopefully push himself on again. As mentioned above, our ultimate aim has to be to have the best/ one of the best part time players available in every position. In his position, Steven certainly isn't at that level at this point in time, and therefore couldn't offer us as much as he'd want too or as much as we need over the next 4 months.
  7. The park was clear at 11 . but due to the drains outside the ground full the water was coming back onto the park . the pump on the park was clearly still working but as I say mother nature beat us . Why was someone from the club not able to do the 15 minute round trip to pick up another pump? There inspection was called over 2 and a half hours before kick off. Mother nature didn't beat you - piss poor planning and basic logistics did.
  8. The game is only off because the pump is broken, and if it was working then the game would be on? I believe the pitch inspection was called around 12:25ish, so the pump must have broken around that time or earlier one has to assume. On the link below you will a pump that would do the job no problem - located a mere 6 minutes drive from the ground and available for hire at just £33. https://www.ahctools.co.uk/products/show/id/74 Is Mike Mulraney, a multi millionaire, that tight he can't fork out £33? Alternatively, there is also a B&Q fairly close to the ground I believe and I'm fairly certain you could pick up a couple of garden brushes and maybe some buckets for a tenner or so if cash is the issue here Quite clearly if Mulraney wanted the game to be on this would have been sorted out and the pitch could've easily been cleared by 1PM.
  9. I should add I wish Spency all the best; obviously a good player in there who has proven himself previously at League One/ Two level no bother, and he still shapes like and does all the right things a good striker would. He's lacked any sort of form with us and obviously is drained of confidence, and I think at League Two level he will should do a job and get some confidence back into him. None of the above changes the fact he was, sadly, absolutely rotten for us.
  10. I genuinely think ToB is probably one of the most talented players I've ever seen play for us in the 20 years supporting the club, but some of the stuff regarding where he could play etc. is verging on farcical. ToB is an outstanding player for us, he's an excellent League One player and in the Championship this year I feel he's been one of the best defenders in the division so far. Is he better than Lee Ascroft; who is 3 years younger and has 200 games in the top two divisions under his belt? Mark Reynolds; who at the age of 32 is playing at the lowest level he ever has now after 300 odd games in Scotland's top tier and England? Even Andy Graham at Alloa; who has proven himself with both Dumbarton and Alloa in several hundred games at a level consistently above ToB in the same period? Jordan Forster, younger, fitter, bigger, far more experienced at a higher level? I could go on..... ToB is our best player, and he has been fucking outstanding over the past few years. If we were in League One and at the top end of it like we were this time last year, by all means ToB is one of the best players in the division and could easily play at a higher level, but we're now at the bottomish end of the Championship. Every team has a best player, and the majority of teams in this division have multiple players better than what we have. Also, in footballing terms quite clearly ToB would be better placed at any full time club in the top division, and the majority of those in our own division. That's in footballing terms; in financial/ life terms it's very much a different case IMO, which is exactly why part time clubs like ourselves and Alloa are able to sign individual players who are better than the smaller full time clubs at this level can. I agree with the previous post regarding criticism of players - 100% agree there is a huge difference between constructive criticism and being a bit of a dick about it...... however I was then completely lost with the comparison between Greig Spence and Ryan Wallace. Ryan Wallace is part of the reason we are currently where we are and was one of our best players in the first half of last season before he was benched. Greig Spence came in with Luke Donnelly and we proceeded to be fairly shite for 4 months and there was a noticable downturn in form. This season, everyone agrees we've struggled up top. We've struggled since the day we stopped playing Wallace, which is rather coincidentally the day we signed Spence. In terms of unnecessary criticism and abuse, I couldn't agree more that none of our players should be abused while wearing the shirt, however Ryan Wallace is a huge part of why we're at this level while Greig Spence is a huge part of why we've been piss poor upfront for 12 months, comparing the two of them is like telling folk to relax about Bobby potentially getting injured because we can always call wee Lari back and it'll all be fine.
  11. There's genuinely more chance of the never ending Pat Scullion to Arbroath rumour coming true than ToB to Rangers/ Celtic or Dylan Easton/ Alan Trouten to Gayfield.
  12. I have to correct you on this one; there were several Tory shouts from myself.... however they were all directed towards our 'main man' and not yourselves Overall I'd say a draw would've flattered us had the McKenna free kick gone in - the stats dont lie on this one. Dobbie was absolutely dominant, he just oozes class with almost every touch... his vision, control and ability to create space is outstanding, there is no-one else in this division near him in terms of footballing ability, Shankland included in that.
  13. I think it's fairly six and half a dozen between the two of them.... however, I do think if DJ had made the error that Gaston did against Ayr he'd have been dropped for it, where as Gaston hasn't been. Wouldn't be hugely surprised to see DJ leave in January for first team football... Post above me is bang on - we need to try to add a couple of attacking players in January to keep us out of the bottom 2, if we don't I fear we may begin to struggle. I'd also definitely look to change back to the 4-5-1/ 4-4-1-1 from a 3-5-2 which see's us completely overrun own the flanks and really nullifies our best attacking threats IMO. With 3 at the back, we have absolutely no overlap at all which makes it so easy to double up on Bobby without a runner giving him an option and taking a man away. Of course it's easy to say this after we've just been beaten and struggled, when the 3-5-2 did work extremely well against Ayr 2nd half and also v both the Dundee teams, but the reality is while we've played the 3-5-2 in the last 4 games and put in good performances in 3 of them (including the superb 2nd half at Ayr where Dick got things spot on with his changes) and we've got two points and two goals in those four games.
  14. I genuinely thought I was seeing things when it was 55.5 and under at 5/6 - punted on everything in my account without thinking twice about it, incredible odds considering the exit poll assumes the SNP win what - a dozen? - marginals..... the chances of that are just so unlikely.
  15. 31 thank you very much - my old man arrived 40 minutes into the game after a rather delayed bus from Dundee - Glasgow held him up..... Poor b*****d Apologies to everyone I was meant to give updates too - my hands were absolutely frozen and it became impossible, a miserable night but an excellent Arbroath performance. First half I felt we dealt with the wind extremely well, it was the sort of 45 minutes which summarises why we are where we are - organised, disciplined, kept our shape at all times and were unlucky to get in 1-0 down after a goal I'd say Gaston should be doing better at and outside of that he only had 1 save to make from what I remember. Second half I thought we were superb with the wind, and if either team deserved to win the game I'd be us over the 90 minutes, but a draw probably fair. Unlike Ayr, we had a few shots and made him pull off 3/4 saves as well as hitting the woodwork twice and having one cleared off the line. The first 10/15 minutes after half time and mainly after we got the goal we dominated the game and were very unlucky not to go ahead at that point. Doris made the keeper make a very good save 2 minutes from the end before we agonisingly hit the woodwork again with virtually the last kick which really does leave me feeling a wee bit disappointed we didn't get the win, despite being delighted with a point overall. Being in Somerset Park by yourself in the away end 45 minutes before kick off in the howling wind and rain when the teams aren't even out warming up yet and literally no other fans are in the ground does make you question what you're doing with your life but that performance, especially second half, means it's an certainly an evening well spent.
  16. Already in ground unfortunately, see you shortly!
  17. I am beside ground now.... This is going to be s total farce of a game...
  18. My own personal death is preferable to either option. At least the forecast is clearing up now
  19. I'm now on the train down and therefore my stance of calling it off has changed to demanding the game is played....
  20. This is just absolutely set to be called off by an official who arrives at the ground at the back of 6 when the same decision could be made at 3.....
  21. Strongly agree with this - pitch will be absolutely sodden and wind howling, game will become somewhat of a farce which benefits neither team or set of fans. If it's going to be called off though, it has to be before 4PM or so....
  22. Just disappointed - McPake isn't just costing Dundee but he's hitting us hard also; our poor wee club is losing out on tens of thousands of those sweet, sweet dark blue pounds due to Dundee fans being fickle fannies and not willing to travel 20 minutes down the road to pay a far cheaper entry fee to watch their team his awful tactics. 😢 Luckily we have another game next Saturday against a team who will bring a far larger away support which should make up for this
  23. When I'm drinking, I prefer to socialise with friends as opposed to posting on football forums. Each to their own
  24. As a Dundonian, it's saddening to see fans of such an illustrious club as Dundee left attempting to take the piss out of seaside towns like Arbroath. As an Arbroath fan, it's fucking hilarious Dundee is the 4th biggest city in Scotland; Arbroath is one of dozens of small towns littered throughout the country, seeing Dundee fans trying to take the piss out of Arbroath, a town 7 times smaller than Dundee, is just embarrassing. This really is the equivalent of me heading on over to the juniors forum and having a laugh at the crowds Arbroath Vics pull in every week. Have you seen Lochee Utd's crowds m8? Embarrassing, such a diddy team in comparison to the Dundee bois.
  25. Played for both clubs - Andy Dow. Utter c**t. It's been 15 years, half my lifetime, since he played for us, and his name still makes me angry and I hate the c**t. He was our team captain, who seemed to think he was too good for us, and one day turned up to a game to find out he'd finally been dropped and told the manager he didn't want to sit on the bench and was going home. Incredible to think he was the captain FFS. Also, a couple of months prior to this with us on an absolutely dreadful run of form and having not won away from home for over a year, we played St Mirren and Dow got dogs abuse from their support for being shite when he played for them. We get a penalty in the last minute, Dow decides it's his ball not our usual penalty taker in an attempt to get it right up the St Mirren fans. The fucking useless c**t missed and the ref immediately blew for full time. I fucking hate Andy Dow.
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