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  1. I think one big takeaway from yesterday has to be the big step up in speed/ intensity of the game and competitiveness - no friendly or League Cup game in pre season comes close. It quickly shows just how big a step up it is for players like Kieran Shanks and Dylan Paterson to come in to a Championship team, and that's not a slur at either of them who have both been excellent in pre season. With at least two signings to come before next week things will change up top where we obviously have difficulties at the moment. As we've seen before a signing or two upfront for a team like us and the way we play can change absolutely everything, pushing us up the park and holding the ball and bringing others into play. Asking Kieran Shanks to do that role as a lone striker having jumped up 3 levels isn't going to be the answer. The main thing at this stage is Dick/ the management know where we are short and they will be bringing in the players in the positions we need. I'd only be worried at this stage if the message was 'this is the squad, everythings fine, we'll work it out', but there's no concerns on that front at all IMO. A poor performance by our standards and we still get a draw, away from home, with 10 men for the last part of the game? I'll take that
  2. It would be very unacceptable for the club to come out and openly say streaming is only for those outside of the UK, however you can bypass this by using a VPN, which can be done by doing the following.... However, if the club had a sponsorship deal with a VPN provider for Arbroath FC TV, it would be unacceptable if the club didn't give their sponsor the expected exposure such a deal would warrent..... such as details of how to sign up for, set up and use said VPN which may or may not help with streaming our matches from within the UK.....
  3. I'd be very interested in how many people who want us to sign Rory McAllister have seen him play in the last two years? I know a few people who have and.... I feel a lot of people are pining for mid 2010s Rory McAllister to sign up at Gayfield, and the reality is this is 2022.... If we signed him, we'd be asking a 35 year old to step up a level where the pace of the game is a yard sharper. One of the main reasons he's leaving Cove is due to because he's unable to give the committment required to play at a Championship club.... if he's struggling to make every training session/ committment required in the Aberdeenshire area (local to him) you can be damn sure he aint able to up that committment and add another 200+ miles on the road every week to his routine. He's got very limited options due to his location, like he has all of his career..... I'd expect him to sign for Peterhead or Inverurie in the next few weeks.
  4. From memory, we switched dugouts under John McGlashan in the mid/late 00s, and we used to be in the dugout closer to the Harbour End prior to that? I'm not sure if it's true, something I've misremembered or verging on urban myth but I'm sure we moved dugouts under John's management as he wanted to have our dugout closer to the linesman on that side in order to 'influence' things more where possible!
  5. We've got hundreds of shareholders....... every single one of them have seen a ROI of 0%, and will continue to do so forevermore. Has anyone ever tried to sell their shares in AFC for profit before? If anyone wants to see a graph to show AFC share price rise/ fall in valuation over the past 20 years (and the next 20!) just look at an image of a flatline heart monitor. I honestly can't believe someone has been paid money to make a model which concludes Arbroath FC are a 'great investment opportunity' I'll save it as I'm sure no-one particuarly cares, but honest to f**k there are so SO many things wrong with that model and article it's painful.
  6. Signing wise - everything points towards us potentially picking up a trialist or two in the next few weeks who looks good in training/ pre season games and 2 or 3 loan signings made around mid August. It'll be interesting to see if our endeavours in England bring up anything worthwhile over the next few months....
  7. An excellent podcast which I listen to reguarly - excellent choice of guests and some really good, positive promotion of all things domestic in Scotland at various levels. Excellent stuff However - have to say I was outraged at the coverage you gave Meigle v Bute County..... Not sure if you saw the scorecard or not..... Bute, chasing 416 off 40, open with an absolute hero who Boycott could have learnt a thing or two off. With over 10 an over required - he bed himself in a bit too much and got his first run off his 50th ball, to huge cheers off the field and promptly raises his bat Ended up with about a dozen off 120 or so balls from what I remember..... and I honestly think it's one of the most entertaining innings I've ever seen! Lasted 34 overs, Meigle absolutely crowding the bat and around ball 80 or so he was caught off which saw wild celebrations in the field.... only for them to realise it was a no ball Credit where it's due - Bute obviously no chance of chasing that against a really strong Meigle team, and this boy just wasn't for giving his wicket away! See below for celebration at getting off the mark on ball 50, run rate required at this stage around 15 an over
  8. Agree entirely with this attitude - it'd be stupid to appoint a dinosaur manager over the age of 65, who's been sacked and failed at multiple clubs in the past........ leave Dick alone
  9. When we have our next utterly shite season, whenever that may be, we'll then begin too see exactly what we've got in terms of core fan base and what we've built up. In terms of League 2/ the arse end of League 2, like any club in any division, you try to give yourself the best possible chance of finishing as high up that division as possible. I'd like to think over the next decade we're in a position where we shouldn't be near the bottom end of League 2, but of course stranger things have happened. Any club is just one or two shite managerial appointments, or off field issues, away from plummeting. I'm very confident we're not going to have any issues relating to the latter for a long time, but the former is impossible to say. Outwith the next decade or so anything can happen. The league structure could change, the surge in promotions and clubs coming from relative 'no-where' could really increase and one other rather important thing..... there are 20 odd other part time clubs in the country who have the potential to do what we've done, on and off the pitch, and raise themselves, let alone 9 full time clubs who finished below us this season. We don't need to turn shite/ things to go wrong etc..... others can get their act together as well, and they will. In the medium/ longer term, as 1320Lichtie has said, we have to believe we can establish ourselves as a club that fluctuates between the Championship and League 1, and any time in League 2 is spent challenging to get out of it. However, every other part time club in the country is aiming to do this and as has happened in the past, plenty of other clubs will have their day/ season just like we have.
  10. To be honest - I find the 'bottling' comments etc. hilarious - the majority being really poor wind ups to anyone whose watched us play over the course of this season and knows what we're good/ not so good at and a minority being genuine morons who think it to be the case. Either way.... Last night summarises many aspects of our season - all of our biggest strengths, our shape, discipline, structure etc. are all defensive/ nullifying strengths, which have enabled us to grind out so many points over the season. The times we've struggled, and not picked up a better result than we did, are the games we've had to come out and break the opposition down and all the strengths mentioned above are a great platform, but they're not ones that win games like last night. You could see how many of our players legs were gone well before the end, making it so hard to keep giving overlaps and constant options/ movement where we should have been/ wanted too. If we'd scored at any point in the first hour of that game, we'd all have been confident of going on to win the game regardless of how many men Inverness had on the pitch, as we've played that game so well so many times this season. In all honesty, I saw the play offs as a massive outside shot in the scheme of things, and prior to them there was a large part of me that wished the season ended after the Morton game, as it was the perfect send off to a wonderful campaign.
  11. 22:05 train from Arbroath to Carnoustie is 6 minutes - gives you a couple of hours to sample some Carnoustie public houses if you wish Edit - also enough options train wise, or even bus (20min) if needed, to get into Arbroath a few hours before the game.
  12. Having games on a Friday night that don't clash with any other football played in the town on a Saturday and doesn't clash with Rangers, Celtic, Dundee and Dundee Utd playing, while we're playing our best football in 50 years is a very different situation to playing on a Saturday in November when all other games are on, the weather is shit and we're on a bad run. The difference, which is just absolutely fantastic, is that these people are happy to pay £20 out of their pocket to come and watch us when they're able to do so and while we've got such a superb feeling about the place. All through the time I've supported the club, no matter how well we've been doing and what we've done on and off the park, we've never got close to getting people in bulk who didn't directly support the club to come along and watch us in these situations, and we're now able to do so. The reality is that this is entirely circumstantial though, especially with Friday night games, and in the medium/ longer term the main thing is keeping as many people coming back and sucking as many people into becoming supporters who reguarly attend. We're doing that, and what's happened in the town is superb, but just because a Dundee Utd supporter pops along to Gayfield for a Friday night games doesn't mean they're an Arbroath fan. There's plenty of people who got half season tickets for Gayfield, knowing they could watch their own team play and also watch us on the incredible run we're on due to the scheduling of games. Ultimately, regardless of who a person is a fan of, we want to attract as many football fans down to Gayfield, and we're certainly doing that None of the above is negative - it's hugely positive and what we've done this season on and off the pitch has moved us forward a decade as a club
  13. I realised last night during the game that I'd see Gav's first and presumably last game for the club last night.... it's been a long 21 years since he scored that goal on his debut away to Clydebank as a fresh faced 18 year old! He really deserved his 70 odd minutes last night, and technically he's still superb as is his vision, game understanding etc. I feel like last night was the first game I've fully enjoyed with no worries since about 2019 in League One A nice change of pace....... Not a game you can really take anything out of with it being played about 3 yards slower than the game at Kilmarnock and obviously far less competitive in terms of aggression/ tackling and players had much more time on the ball etc. but it was a really fun, relaxed watch and we played the ball around really nicely at times, and ultimately we entertained the 2800 people in the home end Crowd wise - this is quite frankly becoming a fucking joke. It's incredible to see the crowds at Gayfield this calendar year, and we've obviously benefitted a lot from the games we've had on a Friday night adding verging on 1000 onto some of our home crowds in the last few weeks. Lets be honest here, last night we had 2800 fans in the Arbroath end, we didn't have 2800 Arbroath fans. What we obviously want to do as a club is grow ourselves so we have a bigger, regular fan base, but we can't judge that until we're on a shite run, the weathers pish and we're beginning to struggle again..... so hopefully a good few more years still!! I'm very confident when everything's come and gone, we've massively grown the club off the park and we can look to our core home support being up too 1000 which is fantastic, double what it was a decade ago. Please don't be 'disappointed' if/ when our home crowds for standard league games on a Saturday in 6 months time are less than half what they are now - that should be expected and it's fully understandable and still a huge positive in the bigger picture.
  14. This was/ is a very interesting watch, but when I hit the 12:55 mark (as linked) I near spontaneously combusted with laughter. f**k me - based on the 4 games between us this season that's outrageous
  15. It's difficult to gauge really - but one 'fair' way to do this would be too base it on previous away supports in the South-West of Scotland for midweek games, just like this one? Our last three games that fit the criteria are Stranraer x2 and Ayr, with away supports of 4*, 16 and 22. I guess since Kilmarnock is closer to home, and it's April as opposed to the baltic February those three games were played in, we might be able to muster those supports combined for this one and even get close to the 50 mark? In all seriousness - it genuinely is difficult to gauge! It could be anywhere between 500 and 1200 in our end I think.... the fact it's on TV takes some off, but I think we'll have several hundred interested onlookers in our end also to swell the numbers..... We had about 40 sold yesterday, and now around 400 by the looks of it *May have been 5, I can't remember if Tim also made his way down that evening on top of the car load of us
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