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  1. I shall not reserve judgement until full time. For some utterly bizarre reason we decided to move 3 of our 4 defenders around positionally and put a guy whose off the pace (not his fault) and leave him out to dry and it only takes 6 minutes and its utterly fucked us.
  2. I will reserve judgement until full time - but I find our line ups/ subs this seen so fucking frustrating
  3. Watched the highlights of this recently - you have to wonder what Falky had said/ done previously to a Peterhead player to get the treatment he did..... I've never seen anything like that in a game I've been at in my life. Every single challenge put in on him seemed to have 2/3 Peterhead players stood over him dishing out abuse on top of the absurd challenge. Didn't Andy Rodgers have a post match breakdown also? The absolute rage Falky managed to induce from every team he played against really was a thing of beauty, not seen a player like him in the scottish lower leagues since.
  4. How is Falky's voice still so high pitched after all these years?!
  5. While it's absolutely no comparison to the feeling of being there, I am pretty bloody delighted we won yesterday, as I'm sure we all are! I felt Luke Donnelly made a massive difference, and his link up play was excellent as always. A side from the obvious result, one of the big things I took from yesterday was the commitment and drive throughout the team. You could really see how much it meant to get the result, and it's great to see the team have that fight and determination in them when we're on our first proper difficult run under Dick. Off the pitch, things look extremely positive in a whole variety of ways. The supporters wall has been mentioned a lot obviously, but it absolutely amazes me that we've sold 1000 odd bricks for it. Frankly I think that's an outstanding achievement for a club of our size, and shows the potential we have as a football club. The government grant is also superb news, although don't be fooled into thinking we're simply getting 500k put into our bank account to spend at will, obviously the grant comes with various stipulations attached, but it means any big worries financially about how much this season will effect us are now taken away also. Good to finally have a week or so of positive stuff on and off the park football wise It's also worth mentioning that a lot of away fans are now commenting that they feel our stream is one of the best in the division, which is great to hear. It makes little difference to myself in all honesty, a stream is a stream, but it really is good to see the club acting to sort out the shitshow situation with Pixellot and now producing a much more professional service. I know a lot of people are far happier with the service/ quality in recent weeks (apart from obviously missing a goal yesterday covering it with a replay... no excuses for that I'm afraid) and hopefully that's the end of any streaming issues for this season.
  6. I see a lot of discussion regarding the need for 2 up top/ to be more attacking etc. but I'd simply ask which of the following is more attack minded? 4-5-1 Hilson Gold Virtanen Smith Linn 1 of several up top OR Stewart Whatley Virtanen Linn Ruth Doolan or whoever I'd say the 4-5-1 was more attacking with the players on the pitch in those roles than the 4-4-2. It doesn't just come down to formation in terms of how 'attacking' a team set up. If we play a 4-4-2, we simply can't play with 2 wingers without 3 in the middle of the park. Essentially, in order to play a 4-4-2 I think we'd be far more defensive as we'd nullify our best attacking threats - down the wings - and end up having 2 boys up top with no-one within 30 yards of them. It would be that or we'd get absolutely destroyed in the midfield playing with wingers and it'd be a completely wide open game. We simply don't have the goals in us to go for it that way and try to outscore a team in a game with 3/ 4+ goals in it. Ultimately there's much, much more to it than 4-5-1 = defensive, 4-4-2 = more attacking. My ultimate feeling is we have to either play 4-5-1 with wingers, or 4-4-2 with more defensive minded wide players in the midfield, and by doing that we nullify our best qualities going forward, and I don't think we have the players to play that kind of defensive 4-4-2.
  7. These are two very, very surprising substitutions.
  8. Considering Miko and Ruth not able to start, starting 11 seems on paper the best we can put out at the moment. A good start
  9. As has been mentioned, the camera etc. was miles better yesterday, and It's great to see the club acknowledged the Pixellot camera wasn't up to standard and the service offered yesterday was well worth the money anyone paid for it. Excellent stuff In terms of the game itself - we were punished for lapses in concentration at the back and not getting tight enough to Dunfermline at times, especially in the first half. The changes at half time made a significent difference and a lot of positive signs yesterday, but ultimately we lost the game. We really need to take some points in the league in the next few weeks, especially the Alloa game at home. I think the middle of the park is where we've struggled in the past few weeks, and I think when we're able to go Miko/ Whatley in there with Swankie/ Gold/ Craigen infront of them, it'll make a big difference. We're really lacking in positional awareness in the middle of the park at the moment in my opinion.
  10. Did the response from the club come in the form of used notes? Of course not - what a ridiculous accusation. Scandalous. * *I reserve the right to withdraw this comment if the cheque bounces when I attempt to cash it in Until then, all I will say is Arbroath FC are a wonderful football club
  11. On a slightly more serious note (I'm obviously joking about the 10,000 word limit, impossible to keep the Waldo review that minimal🤩🤩🤩) I emailed the club on Sunday regarding various ongoing issues and things I was/ am somewhat worried about both short and long term, and today received a response which was miles above what I expected, and what I probably deserved. The response was extremely appreciated, all my concerns were addressed and although obviously I have my own opinions on certain things/ decisions etc. that's life. My personal opinion is that the club would benefit by being a wee bit more proactive in terms of updates/ keeping the fans in the loop with things, however sometimes that's obviously not possible. While there are ongoing issues with a variety of things this season, I'm more than satisfied that the club are doing everything within their power (without chucking money away) to give the fans the best service they can this season, and a lot of the frustration and issues we have are certainly felt within the club as much as we feel them. I'd certainly advise anyone who has any concerns/ questions etc. at this time to get in touch with the club personally, I'm glad I did and am greatly reassured in various areas going forward. However, the above in no way, shape or form means I will not stop being a moany, sarcastic c**t for the foreseeable future
  12. I'm truly sorry to disappoint..... to make it up to everyone I promise to write extra lengthy, unnecessary in depth and repetitive posts above and beyond my norm for the rest of the season. Anyone who thought I was a boring, repetitive c**t before, you aint seen nothing yet I'll be lining up the following posts/ topics in the coming weeks, and promise a minimum of 10,000 words on the following topics: The Misunderstanding of a Visionary; a Todd Lumsden story Monday Night Genius - an in depth look at all of the genuine world class performances Lari Yao produced for us at Gayfield in those friendly matches against junior opposition The Call - A look back at THAT phone call made by Paul Browne to Eddie Forrest in the mid 00s...... and yes 'The Call' is obviously a niche Backstreet Boys reference. Ryan Wallace - an in depth analysis on why Ryan Wallace is, without doubt, the best part time striker in the country. May need to raise the word count for this one... The Haunting of a Child - Sometimes people ask me 'Simon, why are you such a fucking weirdo?' and god damn, if there's one thing we can all agree on..... The answer is horrifying, and one that I've never truly confronted. I will delve deep into the 2002-2003 season, a season where we finished bottom by 20 points, lost every game from the 26th of December onwards and Andy fuckin' Dow represented the club. How anyone could expect that season not to cause lifelong mental trauma to a poor 12 year old boy is beyond me. I've not been the same since, and this one will either set me free or set me back 18 years. I'm sure everyone will be immediately putting my posts on ignore delighted to hear this
  13. Having got a bit more info about how the podcaster was at the game on Saturday - I'd say the wording of the boys tweet doesn't do any favors for himself or the club in my opinion - wording it as the club 'inviting him down' was a poor choice, and makes it sound entirely different from the reality of the situation. Ultimately it would appear this isn't as it looks thankfully I would like to take this opportunity to announce the disbanding of my short lived podcast - 'The Arbroath Way'. It was one hell of a ride/ afternoon, and I'm sure I'll look back at this halcyon day for years to come
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