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  1. I'd be very surprised if we signed anyone else - with only free agents being possible - between now and January. We've got 11 more games with the squad we've got and we need to utilise them as best as we can to pick up points until then. I'm not 100% sure on the up to date rules regarding loans and last time I got it wrong so can't be fully sure of this but I believe a club is allowed 5 loans within a season, with a maximum of 4 at one time. We've signed Ben Stirling, Josh Campbell and Miko Virtanen on loan so far, so have 2 further loans available in January and one of our current 3 would have to leave to use both of them if I'm correct.... All 3 current loans are only until January I believe but can be extended of course if both clubs/ managers are happy. In terms of the captaincy situation, this is absolutely bizarre and very worrying in my opinion. You need to have a very good reason to change your club & team captain 8 games into a season and would be very interested to hear what Dick has to say on this. Mark Whatley has been a tremendous servant to the club and a great captain on and off the pitch from all feedback I've had over the years. To dump him as captain at this point and to appoint ToB is very odd. You've got to wonder how Ricky Little feels about this considering he's been vice captain for the last few years and has been completely overlooked here. It's a fair assumption both Whatley and Ricky Little will be rather pissed off, and considering they've been absolute mainstays in our team for a number of years and will be good mates/ well thought of by pretty much everyone in the dressing room it doesn't look good from the outside.....
  2. 11 out of the 22 have been starts, with 8 of those in League 1 and 3 in the Championship. It's a very poor record, there's no denying it. However, Spence/ Donnelly have been given runs in the team starting 3/4+ games in a row where as Stevie D hasn't. I know where this is going of course - 'give Stevie D a run and he'd have scored goals'. Fair argument, and one it's impossible to prove/ disprove. What we can do is look at the facts, which is what I've done, and the facts don't look very good for us right now in terms of any of our strikers giving any sort of goalscoring return. As I said before, I'd give Stevie D a run as I think while none of them are going to give us the goals we need, he has more to his all round game in my opinion and hasn't been given the chances Spence/ Donnelly have. Regardless of how weak we are upfront, this is what we have until January. We need to work out our best option/ options and go with it in my opinion, and at the moment I'd say our best option is giving Doris a run up there and seeing what happens.
  3. I don't think anyone is complaining about our start to this season, we've started very well and our game plan has worked to pick up points so far. However, if you only have one game plan and one goalscoring option you're putting all your eggs in one basket, and over the course of a full season that'll run into problems regardless of what level you're playing at. In terms of scoring goals, a wee look at our 3 strikers below: Greig Spence - since his last league goal he has played 44 games. His last goal was on the 13th of January 2018. 25 of those 44 games have been at League 1 level. Those games have been in a Raith team who were up the top end of the division, an Alloa team struggling in the Championship, and an Arbroath team miles ahead at the top of League 1 and scoring for fun in the months up to his arrival. This season he has shown more than he did last season in terms of overall play and contribution, but..... no goals in 44 league games. Steven Doris - since his last league goal he has played 22 games. His last goal was on the 10th of November 2018. 16 of those 22 games have been at League 1 level; in a team miles ahead at the top of the division and creating plenty of chances. He was obviously coming back from a bad injury last season and a large part of his game is holding the ball up and bringing others into play.... but he has not scoring a league goal in 22 games. Despite the lack of goals I think Stevie D is our best option and should be given a run upfront in the next 3/4 games to see how he goes. He hasn't had a proper run in the team since Donnelly/ Spence signed. Luke Donnelly - he has scored recently! Twice! Since he signed for us, he has 3 goals in 18 league games, 13 of which were at League 1 level and in the same team Stevie D and Greig Spence were playing in, miles ahead at the top of the league and creating chances. He has certainly improved this season and he's our only 'striker' who has scored this calendar year (we are in the 10th month of the year now...). He isn't really a striker and hasn't played upfront consistently for any other team he's played for. While he has contributed 3 goals, his overall play isn't as good as Spence or Doris. I'm not slating any of these players, and I've tried to keep opinion out of the above and stick solely to the facts. My opinion is that having 3 striking options in the Championship, who putting the above records together have 3 goals (all Luke Donnelly) in their last 84 league games, 54 of which were at the level below this and in teams that were up the top end of the division and in no way struggling, and expecting them to have any sort of goal return whatsoever at Championship level is crazy. It's a complete disservice to our team last year to say that they didn't create chances for the strikers, and we played 2 up top last year pretty much every week. Neither of these things helped/ made a difference to the 3 strikers mentioned and their ability to put the ball in the back of the net for us. Since the start of February, we have averaged a goal a game at the top end of League 1, and 5 goals in 8 games at Championship level. With the options detailed above, we're at the point where I feel anyone confident of us starting to get goals from our striking position is probably the sort of person who struggles with daily life due to the constant fear of spontaneously combusting, as at this stage the odds of either of those things happening must be at about the same level. As I've said previously, if we can keep picking up points here and there and keep off the bottom spot until January I'd be absolutely delighted, and I firmly believe despite our massive deficiency upfront we can keep picking up points. However, as soon as we get to January we absolutely must sort out our striking options and get a Championship level player, or someone close to Championship level, to give us a good chance of staying in the division. People can argue with opinion, and I'm sure they will and that's what forums like this are for, but you cannot argue with the facts and the facts are detailed above for all to see.
  4. This is the sort of posts I've missed while we've not been in the same division as Clyde. The problem here, apart from the dreadful patter, is that there are posts on this thread from people located in Arbroath prior to you making this post. At least get it in before that's the case FFS. I had no idea how hard last year hit Raith fans, and how badly they've taken being completely outdone by a 'fat peaky blinder' and a diddy part time team from Angus. A few weeks ago some Raith fan was still fuming about how scummy we are and how we went out to target Lewis Vaughan when we played Raith etc. Utterly bizarre stuff - it would appear anyone who has put in any sort of challenge on Vaughan when he's been on the pitch in the past 18 months has 'targeted' him. Imagine football players tackling players on the opposition team - disgraceful. In terms of this game, I don't think anyone on either side really gives much of a shit to be honest. It would be nice for us to offer some sort of attacking threat upfront against a team in a lower division, but we played 2 upfront from January onwards last year and had the same goalscoring issues (well, the strikers we currently have our books did at least) so I'm not really of the opinion that we'll suddenly become some sort of free scoring team by changing to a 4-4-2 from 4-5-1. Every goal we've scored this season in the league has been put in the net by Bobby Linn or assisted by him.
  5. I'm genuinely astonished at some of these posts/ opinions of ICT fans. We really need to break this down to basics. At the start of every season, usually boards set a budget for the manager that they can afford. Kenny Cameron - who apparently is at fault for this years budget being completely unsustainable, resigned as chairman post relegation in 2017. This means this is the third budget that has been set by a new chairman/ board, and it's the third one to make a large loss? I can fully understand previous debts being previous chairmans fault, and it sounds a total shambles the contracts that were chucked about, but we're not talking about debts here or contracts from 3/4 years ago are we? Kenny Cameron is an irrelevance to any discussion about the budget for this season/ the current problems unless a - there is a large debt he left with interest being paid on it or b - players are somehow still here that were signed on big money or are still being paid off in the background. He also didn't set a budget for the year which see's you somehow need 250k to get through to end of the season. Who miscalculated that so badly, and why are they not being given a seriously hard time? If our chairman got our budget/ outgoings so drastically wrong I'd be pretty pissed off to say the least. Some of this is quite incredible stuff. Kenny Cameron didn't decide the club should invest 485k this year in the youth team. He left his position in 2017 - over 2 years ago now. I guess you might be somehow getting losses and debts mixed up? The last part is frankly Rangers 2012 levels of shite. Remember when they tried to sign Daniel Cousin weeks prior to going into admin, and there was a load of 'it's only X per week, not making a huge difference'?. Having a 'ach we're fucked anyway so lets just spunk even more cash and chuck half a mil at the youths in the hope that works out' is maybe, maybe why you're making losses year upon year?! Happy to be corrected here if there's something I'm massively missing?
  6. Yes; full time football would be impossible for Arbroath to sustain, no doubt about it. Now, lets get off the topic of things Arbroath FC could do in the future that would give us cashflow problems, and talk about our current cashflow problems that you mentioned? I agree it's a bit silly to go down this road of pointing fingers at clubs, but more because you're randomly pointing at clubs you have no idea about and going 'look at them and their financial problems' when these problems don't exist for us at the moment and quite clearly do for yourselves (which is a shame to read about). Reacting to your own club's financial mismanagement (previous chairman or not) by pointing the finger at literally every other football club in Scotland without knowing their finances etc. just seems very odd to me.
  7. This is very interesting - can you give me some info regarding the cashflow problems we're having at Arbroath currently?
  8. Tell ye something, Omar an Mikey McKenna's dives yesterday were absolutely appalling Absolutely no idea why McKenna decides to fall to the floor like that when he has a very good chance to get a shot away. Not the first time we've seen McKenna do that sort of thing - it really doesn't work for him and he needs to cut it out of his game IMO.
  9. I'm beginning to think we may struggle to score goals this year, folks Obviously we've made an excellent start and I'm delighted with things so far and the points we've got on the board, but I can't see us ever coming back from behind in games and struggle to see a Plan B behind the Plan A we've been executing superbly well so far (yesterday a side of course). Personally my hope is we can get to January picking up points with what we've got and our Plan A isn't fully found out for a couple more months, we can then add the players up top that we struggled to this summer and give ourselves an excellent chance of staying up.
  10. It's ridiculously coincidental that you've posted this gif, as I was just coming on this thread to say that as a Dundonian born and bred supporting Arbroath through primary school/ high school etc. was (quite understandably) full of immense piss taking by Dees/ Arabs and after a 20 odd year wait to play either of them in the league, to get both in the one season, I would love it, love it, if we beat them I was planning the classic Keegan quote before I opened this, and to see it's already been posted in a different context is ridiculous
  11. When Gaston made that outstanding save at Tannadice last weekend then first thing I said to my dad was it was Grindley esque - said by each of us 4/5 times a season when a keeper makes a worldie save. 10 odd years later and that c**t and his heroics still haunt us
  12. A good draw in terms of potential to progress etc. but an awful draw in terms of having to share a pre match thread with the Clyde fans, even just reading their posts can severely impact a person's IQ ffs.
  13. Agree - we spent the whole of July up in 2nd place and it's been disappointing to see us drop down the table since the games actually started.
  14. I like what I've started here.... Simon Murray would definitely be in a top 5 if it was about where they came from in terms of being 'found' and what they've achieved after us but in terms of what he did at the club/ his influence/ time spent here he almost definitely wouldn't even get near a top 10. Also, in terms of just being an all round legend and cult hero figure Pongo would get close but on pretty much every other level wouldn't get near it. I think, very roughly, I'd go with.... 1 - Bobby Linn 2 - ToB 3 - Josh Falkingham 4 - Steven Doris 5 - Ricky Little With Doris being in there and technically being signing more than 10 years ago, could argue Swankie would also get close... and also Hammy and Mark Whatley have been here and played pretty much every week in two title winning seasons, Whatley being captain and also being signed from the juniors similar to Si Murray. If Paul Sheerin was counted just as a player as opposed to also managing us I would have scraped the whole 5 and just posted about how fucking good he was, and how he's easily the best technical player I've ever seen play for us. Outrageously talented for the 3rd/ 4th tier of Scottish football.
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