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  1. We may have just made our signing of the summer before the summer has properly kicked off On paper, with what we've got signed up from last year, just adding Nicky Low to that makes me feel we have a stronger team than we did last summer prior to the season starting. An excellent start - and as we all know if we can add the couple of strikers we need we'll be in an excellent position in a couple of months time prior to the loan signings.
  2. I think it's only correct that the closed door SPFL follow suit and open things up a bit for other clubs as has been demanded for years. How about we allow the loser of the Highland - Lowland play off to play friendlies against L2 teams the following season for a fee of 5 grand a game or so?
  3. If we could get Ben Williamson back on loan (obviously wouldn't be done until late July at absolute earliest) and Nicky Low signed up then outside of a couple of strikers we really wouldn't have much business to do outside of the usual loans with what we have signed up currently. Derek Gaston Jason Thomson ToB Ricky Little Colin Hamilton Bobby Linn David Gold Michael McKenna Scott Stewart Bobby Linn Dale Hilson Luke Donnelly Is there anyone else I've missed that's confirmed for next season?
  4. I really do feel for many part time clubs there are specific turning points, ours of course quite clearly being the appointment of Dick. It's interesting to think how things could have gone if we'd made a different appointment. Instead of appointing Dick - we could have gone down an entirely different route.... Similar to Albion Rovers bold experiment with appointment John Brogan, and with that not having taken place yet, we go down this route and appoint John McVeigh to save us from relegation after Todd leaves the club second bottom in League 2 (which was, of course, entirely the players fault and ruined Todd's reputation and road to management glory). McVeigh, feeling fresh after a 5 year break enforced break from the game due to a misunderstanding with a referee resulting in him assulting him with his own notebook while managing Lanark, is brought in as an old school figure to demand respect and 110% from the players. McVeigh manages to get us over the line and keeps us in the league through various threats of violence aimed at our shitebag squad resulting in them scraping enough points to survive. McVeigh is given a long term deal by the board, which was not the clubs plan however due to McVeigh turning up to the meeting armed with several notebooks and certainly not afraid to use them, the club were unable to turn down his 'offer' of staying for several more years. Having had time to analyise the squad, it's clear to McVeigh that pub league players like Linn and Little are what held previous supreme leader Lumsden back and the squad is severely lacking in experience. The pre season see's us signing Andy Smith and Peter Hetherston, who certainly have the required experience but haven't played at any level for several years. The fans worries begin to really gather pace when in the last few days of the August window, with a small squad already struggling, deals are given out to Owen Coyle, Derek Ferguson and Ally Maxwell. Bemusement turns to anger as Robert Duvall is the announced as an assistant to McVeigh, and Ally McCost is signed to add some 'legs' up top for the aging Coyle and Smith. It becomes clear at this point that McVeigh is putting together some 'old pals act' and the fans anger really gathers pace after several post match interviews where McVeigh threates the club's volunteer social media worker with the notebook treatment and continually makes bizarre references to a non existant team called 'Kilnockie'. Come the January window with the club stranded at the bottom of the league, McVeigh finally acknowledges the need for some younger players. Unfortunately this results in the signing of Andy Smith's son Jack, who sadly is unable to add anything to the team, and both Smith's end up leaving the club prior to the season ending due to constant questions/ suspicions relating to why Smith snr is 3 foot taller than Smith jnr. Incredibly, the club are given permission by the SPFL to replace both Smith's with a one off emergency loan just in time for the last game of the season, with a win needed to secure our safety. An oddly recognisable player is signed out of no-where, by the name of 'Derek' McCall, who McVeigh announces to the press in the days prior to the match will certainly 'put the shite up them!' with a massive grin. Incredibly, Arbroath manage a final day win to secure safety, with a dazzling performance by McCall seeing the Lichties go 3-0 up and a huge ovation given to the complete unknown as he is subbed off with 10 minutes to go. As the whistle is blown, there is sheer elation. Somehow, McVeigh has manages to secure survival, and he's managed it by somehow pulling a sensational signing out of the bag. As the fans celebrate, a horrible smell begins to spread itself over Gayfield. An incredible odur is being released from the tunnel area, and the away team appear to be running in every direction out of their dressing room, the fear in their eyes evident...... Rumours begin to spread, and suddenly hero of the hour Derek McCall is front and centre with a microphone. The cheers turn to shock as he rips off his fake moustache and beard to reveal his true self...... Ian McCall. At this point, without even a seconds thoughts, everyone knew what had happened, and how serious the situation now was. There wasn't a man, woman or child in Scottish football who wasn't aware of McCall's weird shoe shitting antics in years gone by, and clearly he was back for one final 'hurrah'. The investigations took a long time to complete, and a lot of analysis was required to come to a final decision. These were of course the investigations into how just one man could manage to lay a full log in every opposition players shoe, both left and right, with debates raging on for years about just how much shite one man could produce. Footballing wise - the investigation was an easy one. A 3-0 forfeit given for the game, and a Highland League place for Arbroath. Considering most of the above is based on facts (seriously, why is Jack so much smaller than Andy Smith!?) and things that have happened at other football clubs, I'm sure we can all understand how how close we were as a club to the above becoming exactly how things panned out after Todd left.
  5. Such a feeling of relief! The club, on and off the park, have made huge strides forward in the last few years, and I really do feel we deserve to have some sustained time at this level. With our Championship safety secured, and things looking very positive in terms of being back in grounds for next season, I think we can all begin to look forward to it with excitement after a difficult year in every regard. See you all in July
  6. For the love of God, please can this season just be over for us come 9PM this evening. The whole thing hasn't really felt 'real' at any point, and to have it over and done with while staying in this divison so we can get back to the real stuff for the next season and pretend this one never happened is absolutely ideal. Based on the last few months, we don't deserve to go down, and I really do feel like the fans/ club have been 'cheated' (not literally) out of even having 1 proper full season staying up in this divison with COVID, and obviously hopefully that'll be a second later today. Hopefully we'll perform like we have the past few months, get a result tonight and next season we have another one like this/ last, but where we can all enjoy a full season of holding our own at this level.
  7. I do fear playing Doolan up top again in a game like this could be akin to Raith away - with a lot of huffing and puffing but the game going on around him.
  8. Taken from an untruthworthy source to say the least, and I don't mean the BBC
  9. I can only assume you're being sarcastic - this is the sort of interview that gives us all something to look forward too this afternoon. It was of course Todd himself who put the building blocks in place for Dick to come in and utilise, and quite simply we wouldn't be where we are today without his turnaround of the club, which sadly for him he wasn't able to see through after being outrageously sacked. If it wasn't for Todd, we could have been verging on relegation out the league, with an awful, awful squad of players and a hugely negative atmosphere around the place when Dick came in.......
  10. Is this a joke? Accouting period ending 31st May 2019 - Loss of £202,541 Accouting period ending 31st May 2018 - Loss of £393,220 Accouting period ending 31st May 2017 - Loss of £197,183 Almost 800k pissed away in 3 years, and one of the 'biggest problems' is that the spending wasn't enough? According to someone else this is also 'pure fiction'. This is what I'm talking about, lads. Pissing away 800k in the space of 3 seasons and claiming the spending wasn't enough. You're trying to pretend, and spend, miles above your station, and incredibly don't see any issue with it The inability to accept reality, the size of club you are, and live within your means like the rest of us do, or at least try to do, is exactly what makes your 'big time' attitude. Essentially, if you weren't being propped up by directors, you'd be deid or at the same level as the rest of us diddies.
  11. It always amuses me when diddy team fans get above their station and somehow think they're some sort of bigtime club. A club that have pissed away hilariously large sums of money over the past decade in order to maintain some sort of illusion of superiority over the rest of us diddies, when the reality is Alloa have performed at an overall better level consistently over the same period with 300 fans and a part time squad. Surely clubs like Arbroath and Alloa should be an absolute irrelevance to Raith Rovers, and the fact they're making any sort of noise towards fans of clubs like ours should be viewed as highly embarrassing for those involved.
  12. I believe Dick's got a striker from England sorted and signing after todays game, which will be a huge boost......
  13. I firmly believe we have some of the best part time players in the country in our squad, but it's been over 2 years now since Dick decided Ryan Wallace wasn't for him (no need to debate if this was right or wrong ) and we've not actually replaced him yet. When we stopped playing him, we started struggling to score, and we've really not been fully sorted upfront since. The problem when you get to our stage, up there as being one the best part time teams in the country and wanting too stay at that level consistently and build a squad to do so, is that you need to be able to sign and retain the best part time players for a number of years we all know. We've managed to do that all over the park in the last few years, apart from with a striker. Unfortunately one of the differences between ourselves and Alloa is over the past few years they've been able to sign a loan striker or two to supplement Alan Trouten, where as we've been signing a loan striker and pretty much solely relying on him to do the business. For me, it's a weird situation. We're 90% of the way there too being an absolutely superb part time team and being mid table in this division, but at the same time we're miles off simply due to our huge striking deficiencies. Ultimately there's only around half a dozen or so strikers who we could realistically have signed/ sign at a part time level of the standard we need and who we could have at the club for a number of years, and it's easier said than done to go out and just get one of them too sign for us. I feel like we had one of them, decided it wasn't going to work out, and took the chance we could sign someone as good/ better, and that gamble hasn't paid off yet, and here we are 2+ years later.
  14. If it wasn't before, this game now really is a complete irrelevance in comparison to how bad that injury to Bobby Linn is
  15. Do I/ we want Bobby Linn to start against Hearts? Yes and no.... It seems that Dick's (flawed) logic with Bobby is that if he starts a game and he doesn't create/ score a goal, he hasn't played well, and if we lose goals, it's his fault as he doesn't offer any help to the defence. Essentially, if Bobby starts a game and we don't win/ get a good draw out of it, he's dropped for the next one. I was already speaking to several fans at 50 minutes into the game v QotS discussing how he'd be dropped for the following week and made the scapegoat for our collapse..... painfully obvious. Due to the above, my thinking is I hope Bobby Linn is on the bench against Hearts. Why? I think we've got less chance of getting something out of it/ it's not as big a game as Inverness away/ Alloa at home in the following weeks. If he comes back in against Hearts and doesn't perform miracles/ we don't get a good result, then based on this season he'll be back on the bench going into a massive game up at Inverness. I think we're much more likely to get a result against them than Hearts, so would prefer he started in that one... Alternatively - their also seems to have been a decision made that Bobby Linn is very old and can't possibly play a full 90 minute game of football, let alone multiple football matches in one week. With us having Hearts, then Falkirk on the Tuesday, and Inverness the following Saturday..... how will this factor in with the above? Who knows..... but for me I see Inverness/ Alloa as the two absolutely massive league games coming up and would want him to play as many minutes in both those games as possible. It's such a weird situation, where Bobby Linn is probably one of our fittest players and definitely one of our most important, however we somehow have to 'ration' him for reasons unknown to most..... It'd be a lot easier if we just played him every week instead of using him as a scapegoat when we don't score goals/ if we concede goals.
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