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  1. Agree with this bigtime - it was a poor game overall in my opinion, but the reality is without our two best players we matched Morton overall, while obvious weakness did show it's the same for every team in the division. If we're able to match the teams that're expected to be nearer the bottom when we're off our game/ missing key players (Gold also a big loss in my opinion) that's a very encouraging sign for me. An average performance, a scrappy point and against a team we have to be looking to be better than - but far more positives than negatives for me
  2. Classic Andy Dow. Useless c**t did very similar at Love Street when we got a 90th min penalty there, going wild, giving big licks to the North Stand and after demanding he was allowed to take it he promptly missed. Some time after this he was, finally, dropped, which resulted in a meltdown and him leaving the ground and the club altogether. Throughout this time he was the club captain.
  3. Never thought I'd want Livi of all teams to be doing well and winning games, but somehow they're my second team this season.... If Livi are doing well, we will do well
  4. After spending years watching us being a bit of a joke in the 00s, it really is very strange to yet again be a bit of a joke, but in a very different way.... Really can't quite believe how superb we've been so far this year.
  5. I'm fairly certain I've just heard Stuart Taylor refer to 'the process' during his post match interview. Is this a thing? Is 'the process' this Peter Grant esque thing with just passing it about loads with no actual end product? Looks/ sounds very worrying to be honest...
  6. I'm obviously younger than others (a lot younger than some! ) but I was also saying today that this must be our best team/ run of performances/ results in nigh on 50 years.... If you look at our last 3 league games..... battering a recently relegated from the Premiership team in Hamilton 4-0, hammering Dunfermline 3-0 on their own patch and beating Partick 3-1 at Gayfield, with us dominating all 3 games. Yes we've had some superb runs in our title winning seasons, but to be dominating games at this level against these type of teams is ridiculous. Another thing that has been said so many times, but can't be said enough, is just how good things look off the pitch. Over 1000 home fans in attendance, 150+ kids in the ground all loving it and feeling connected to the club/ team already, 140 capacity hospitality sold out and while Gayfield's always looked good I'm sure we can all agree, it really does look fucking tremendous currently with all the wee bits and pieces that've been done round the place. Unfortunately due to all of the above it's time for me to cease my support for the club. I've always loved supporting a small team and everything that comes with iand with us now being absolutely massive time, it's only right that I go back to watching football at the level I really enjoy it. Being from Dundee, it's relatively easy for me to still get to games at that level and get my fix of shitty football, so I guess all I can say is good luck for the rest of the season, and Mon the Loons!
  7. While you're not wrong, alternatively look at yesterdays game.... Say 500ish paying punters = 2.5k income. 40% (ish, IIRC it's 37.5%) of that given to away team = 1k to us. How much were our expenses for the day - travel costs, usual matchday bits and pieces and appearance fees? Obviously I've no idea, but if we broke even it wouldn't be a bad day financially I expect... Imagine we'd been playing Brora away at Dudgeon Park yesterday instead of playing in Aberdeen..... those expenses would be heavily increased, and that 1k down to 500 quid or whatever. A guaranteed loss of several thousand for the priviledge.
  8. Totally understand the frustration - none of us like losing, I think the vast vast majority of us fucking hate this B team nonsense and to lose to one of them in a competitive game, regardless of the circumstances, is shit and slightly embarrassing. However, there are plenty of players who if they didn't get game time yesterday, they pretty much never would. We had to get JT some game time, Chris Hamilton has missed the past few games and good to get him 90 minutes, Dylan Paterson again showed a lot of promise and did what he could to take the opportunity to impress and if Dowds had to be given a start yesterday to give him a proper look and get some fitness into him. It's also probably fair to give Antell game time as when else will he ever play for us? That's 5 out of the 8 changes there. Regardless - the cup is over, I don't think any of us were hugely fussed for a run in this one, and in our main priority this year we've started superbly
  9. Yes we were poor today and while we probably deserved to nick it over the 90 simply due to hitting the woodwork 4 bloody times, we were sluggish at times and lacked anything in the final third without most of our main attacking threats playing. However, I'm not overly fussed as ultimately our first 11 were outstanding the past 2 weeks in the league and did the business, and today means very little in comparison to any league game we play. A real training game feel, which I think was hard to avoid considering the overall circumstances. Alternatively, if we played our strongest team and picked up a couple of knocks to key players in a comfortable win, people would be unhappy we risked all our big players.
  10. Mikey McKenna isn't playing as a striker, and hasn't done at all this season. When he played as a striker, in League 1, his scoring record was very, very poor. One of the main reasons he's been so good this season, and is flourishing, is that he is being played consistently in his best position, which is not as a striker. He is playing in a free role 10 yards behind the striker, which is entirely different. Playing in this role takes away all of the discipline required positionally as a main striker or in any of the midfield positions, and allows him to essentially do what he wants without worrying about leaving his man/ not tracking etc. If he was playing as an actual striker, and receiving the ball as the closest player to goal, that would be somewhat ridiculous and not a role he can play at all. Playing in the role he has the last few weeks, allows all of the positive attributes in his game to shine through. He can run about and chase whoever the f**k he wants without any positional worry, he can turn up out wide or in the middle and most importantly goals wise he can make late runs into the box and play off the actual striker. Nouble is our striker, Mikey McKenna is our number 10 in behind him, and it works extremely well. In my opinion, Mikey isn't a Championship player in any other position than the number 10 role. However, in this role he is fucking superb, and all of the negatives of his game can be avoided, and all the positives allowed to shine through.
  11. What a lovely afternoon - the weathe is irrelevant when you put in a performance like that Obviously there's a whole host of positive things on the pitch, but one thing that stuck out to me today was just how impressive things are off the pitch. The amount of kids at Gayfield, the amount of tops/ scarfs etc. on show and our average home support now must be 50%+ above what it was a decade ago. Even when things go badly on the park and we go down (it will happen, hopefully not for a number of years, but it will) we will still be in an excellent position off the park. An extremely enjoyable time to be a Lichtie, the club is in the best position it's been, on and off the park, in 50 odd years. Glorious
  12. The problem there is that one of the main players we're heavily reliant on struggles to get minutes on the pitch for some reason!
  13. I would also say player wise, from what I've seen yesterday and last week league wise, we definitely have a good enough starting 11/ squad to stay up, I firmly believe that. However, at this point I do have some concerns about utilising them properly. The players are good enough, players assembled by Dick, and all credit to him for that, but for the love of God it is frustrating seeing players wildly out of position etc. and it costing us points.
  14. For all the talk of needing a striker, winger, other attacking options etc. if we don't utilise the players we've got properly, then I really don't think it makes a huge difference. I don't know if it's because we've been away for 18 odd months, but I found yesterday unbelievably painful second half as we absolutely gave the game away with really poor tactical changes and subs. Dick is of course a tremendous manager for us and the positives outweigh the negatives, but as I've been saying since his first season in charge, he struggles at times during the 90 when it comes to changing things tactically and substitutions and it is unbelievably frustrating. Quite clearly Dick is trying to get Nouble as fit as possible as quick as he can, and is leaving him on for the full 90 in order to do so. However, yesterday when needing to hold on to the game it was an absolute disaster. Noubs was absolutely done after an hour, which everyone could see, and for the last 30 could barely move. No fualt of Noubs, who I thought was excellent for the first hour, the he absolutely had to be subbed for LD, a clear straight swap to give us more legs up top. Instead, we dropped back 30 yards and basically let Ayr have the ball with no pressure in their own half the majority of the time. We also decided, yet again, to move Mikey McKenna from the number 10 role where he is excellent and our best player in that role, to playing out wide on the right and left hand sides where we all know he is weaker and struggles with the discipline of marking a man/ sticking to position. By doing this, it gives more space for Ayr down the side Mikey is playing, and gives the more time in the centre of the park without Mikey's constant pressing. At this point we drop back 20 yards, open up down the flanks a wee bit and allow Ayr to play balls into our box/ final third at will and under no pressure whatsoever. Sometimes tactical changes don't quite work out, but in this case it made us weaker in pretty much every area ahead of the defence! Talk about inviting pressure onto yourself - a half dead Noubs moving around up top with only James Craigen in the number 10 role (!!!!) for the final 10 minutes pushing up on their defence with him. Subs wise, obviously ToB sub was enforced, but the Hilson for McKenna and Gav for Harrison Clark subs were crazy for me, and along with the tactical changes we also made we cost ourselves 2 points yesterday with multiple game management errors in the final 30 minutes.
  15. While I don't disagree - this is the catch 22. Considering how much everyones been going on about needing further strikers, can you imagine how it'd have gone down over the past month if we'd been carrying a squad of 14 while waiting for players to become available in August? Sign earlyish and you could miss out on others who become available later on, or sign late and leave good players and doll the dice on better becoming available? Damned if you do, damned if you don't, really.
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