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  1. After getting things very wrong in the past few weeks, Dick got his tactics and starting 11 spot on yesterday I thought..... You wouldn't think that seeing all the posts on here/ social media when the team was named dishing out abuse, then when we won the game (that presumably the majority of these people weren't in attendance at) there's absolute silence/ no positive comments whatsoever. By all means call him out when you think he's got things wrong, but there's far too many people who now refuse to see any sort of positive in any decisions Dick makes, or won't acknowledge it. People going on about 4-6-0 formations and 'no strikers' etc. - just absolute nonsense. The reality is that the way we lined up yesterday got the best out of what we have at the club going forward. Bobby Linn being allowed to play a fairly free role, playing on the last man, with Scott Allan looking to feed him at every opportunity. As things stand, Scott Allan is the only player we have who can create good chances for strikers with his timing and weight of pass, and Bobby Linn is the only attacking player we have who can give him the runs/ movement required infront of him. It's blindingly obvious to me that you need to play the two of them together every single week. Having Scott Allan, giving him no runners/ nothing to aim for and asking him to get involved in a midfield battle as we've previously done when we've dropped Bobby and put Allan in central midfield is fucking lunacy. So far for the majority of his game time, Allan's been asked to play in a lineup that negates his best qualities and play a role which highlights his deficiences in terms of tracking/ tackling etc and I really hope after yesterday this stops and we can start at least trying to use him properly. With the proper players infront of him/ around him he'll create good quality chances every single game.
  2. We were in relative control of the game and put together probably our best hour of football in the past 5/6 weeks until we took off the two players who get us up the park. With Bobby Linn and Scott Allan off the pitch, we ended up being pushed so far back, with Cove knowing they could fire everything up with no danger in their own half..... by all means when we're already pushed back and under the cosh, take these players off and shore things up but f**k me when we're on top and in control of the game, taking them off and inviting the opposition onto us makes no sense. I didn't think anyone had a poor game today, and thought several players who have been struggling upped their levels - no complaints with any of the starting 11 today. Changing 50% of the outfield players when that's the case just doesn't make sense to me.
  3. I can't believe how quickly things have swung in such a short space of time..... not in our league position but in terms of me standing up for Dick and everyone else being absolutely furious with him While I understand the majority of comments, I do think some stuff does slightly show the fickleness of football fans... Media comments/ post match interviews - Dick has exaggerated, dismissed and ignored things in his interviews for the whole time he's been our manager - it used to really piss me off 3/4 years ago but no-one cared as we were winning.... now we're struggling they seem to be infuriating everyone....... don't watch them would be my advice, it did me a world of good Substitutions - I think Dick's subs and tactical changes in games have always been questionable from day one and again it used to really frustrate me but I almost feel numbed to it now If we haven't taken off our only attacking threat with 20 minutes to go then I'm delighted. In his last 50 league games for Arbroath, Bobby Linn has only played 90 minutes twice - end of season game against Morton last season when everything was done and we had a two week break before the play offs, and today. For whatever reason, Dick decided at some point a couple of years ago that Bobby Linn can't play for 90 minutes, and that's that. So, regardless of game situation, fitness situation, score, players available etc, he is either sub or is subbed. Today being different, I guess he's accepted at this stage that we just need our only real goal threat on the pitch for 90 minutes, which he would be entirely right on, but this was very obvious several months ago. Signings wise - I'm at a total crossroads on this.... I really do sympathise with Dick (to an extent!) on this front. The amount of bad luck he's had when it comes to signings not working out/ being let down etc. in the last six months has been outrageous. He's had about 10 shit pre seasons in one when it comes to things not coming off from everything I've heard, and none of it has really been his fault. However, quite obviously, what we have signed isn't up to the level required, and ultimately he's the one who decides who signs on the dotted line. I actually think expanding our market and looking down South and in other places is an excellent idea and a really progressive way of doing things, but our execution has been rather shite.... I'm hopeful what we've put in place recruitment wise will help things in the coming windows.... At this stage, sacking Dick would be very bold in my opinion! The squad we have, regardless of how we got here, is what we have until January. While obviously the subs/ use of players has been poor, this isn't particuarly new, and I still feel he's our best bet unless we take a complete nosedive, which I honestly think is very unlikely. He should also have plenty 'in the bank' as it were considering everything he's done during his time at the club. In terms of on the park - I hear/ see Scott Allan getting a lot of stick..... I think he's getting progressively better, and will continue to do so as he gets fitter. Everything good going forward comes through him and/ or Bobby Linn, and longer term (January + beyond, with Allan being on a two year deal) when he is given more to work with I think he'll be excellent. Up until a few weeks ago I was rather pissed off with him - unfit, off the pace and then a really stupid sending off to keep him out and not getting matches for another few weeks. I remember back in Dick's first year he signed someone for 'big money' (at the time!) who hadn't had any proper pre season, was unfit and lacking match sharpness and was, frankly, pish, for his first half a dozen games.... I thought he should be out the team, Dick kept playing him and once fully fit and sharp he was the best player in the division for the last two thirds of the season....
  4. He was sent off 10 minutes from the end against Ayr, a game in which we were already holding out for a point at that stage, and we went on to get said point. His sending off made no difference to the result. He was sent off with 30 minutes to go against Hamilton. The penalty made it 1-0, but it would've been 1-0 anyway due to the fact they would've scored if he hadn't made a tremendous save At the time he was sent off, we hadn't had a shot on goal. We hadn't created any chances, and it was a horrific display all round. His sending off made no difference to the result, we were shite and didn't create anything apart from a Bobby Linn shot right at the death. His sending offs made no difference to either result. His ability as a defender, captain and distributor of the ball among other things has almost definitely gained us points this season.
  5. ToB is costing us games right now? What games would we have won or taken points from if it wasn't for Tam!?
  6. This, for me, summarises the problem entirely. We simply cannot hold the ball in the opposition half for any length of time and haven't done in any league game this season. This means the defence are under so much more pressure than last year, the midfield have very little to aim at/ work with and up top we simply don't have a player to win and hold the ball and bring others into play. It's not Hilly's fault, he's an entirely different player to the main options we've had up top for the last few years. Due to all of this, the midfield have nothing to aim at and are getting caught on the ball waiting for someone to give them an option that never comes. I genuinely think we're one player off being okay, but not being able to hold the ball in the final third of the park puts every other position in the team under far more pressure than in previous years and it's really showing right now.
  7. I think there's a massive difference between not supporting the team/ players and having an opinion on how the summer transfer window has gone for the club. Until we have a striker who is good enough for this level and fits with the way we play, we will struggle massively. However, I'm confident we'll get a loan signing in up top this month that hopefully fits the bill. The reality is it's entirely understandable that fans would be skeptical/ worried that our only signed striker of this transfer window is a player who hasn't played at this level before and is a complete unknown, as well as being rejected by other teams in the division and clearly being our 5th/ 6th/ 7th choice, hence being signed on the last day when other things haven't worked out for us. It's extremely frustrating - but I suspect the most frustrated people are Dick and Pink. They've been trying to get a striker sorted for months and months, they've trialled a stack of them, they're had multiple loans fall through, and they've had players with a good pedigree turn up and not show enough to justify being signed. We're currently in a wee transitional period and all the luck we had last season in terms of signings, suspensions, injuries etc. has disappeared (it couldn't go on forever). It's important we continue to back to management/ club/ team as much as last season, and I hope the hugely increased home support understands this.
  8. That was extremely poor, there's no getting away from that and no way to sugar coat or look for positives - simply not good enough from back to front. One thing I would say is I think people maybe underestimated how much went for us last season (few injuries to key players, very few suspensions, a lot of ground out results and some absolutely superb loan signings alongside some good old fashioned luck) and this season we're on the opposite end of the scale so far. We've had Tam sent off x2, niggles to some key players, no loan signings so far and no luck. While we were superb all through last years campaign we could've ended up a dozen points behind where we did simply by the aforementioned things not going for us. We are obviously short in two key areas - the sitting defensive midfielder and the striker (x2 realistically). Without the ball holding upfront at all, and with no-one breaking up the play infront of the defence it puts every other player/ position in the team under so much more pressure. The defence is being given almost no protection at points when last season we were so disciplined and difficult to break down. I feel we're still setting up to be difficult to break down and sit relatively deep, but with the current squad we're missing the players to be able to do this as the ball doesn't stick up top and we don't have enough physicality in midfield. We also have a situation where half a dozen players who were superb last season have massively lost form, and it seems obvious to me that some confidence issues are beginning to creep in. Today I felt like several players who were consistently giving options to the player on the ball last season were sitting a bit more, offering less, and less determined to get on the ball. Confidence is a huge thing in football, and confidence was a key part to our success in keeping things together in the second half of last season when it got really tough at points. Our players haven't suddenly become shite, we've still got the bulk/ base of the squad from last year, but when you combine all of the above and put them all together it's certainly a worry. We will make signings in the next week or two, there's no doubt about that, and we still have plenty of time to get things sorted out. However, it's quite clearly a worrying start so far both in terms of results and performances.
  9. First time I've been pelted with coins during an Arbroath game, and I expect it'll be the same for the families around me that got the same treatment. Really shit behaviour.
  10. Completely unacceptable afternoon on and off the pitch.
  11. Regarding Kieran Shanks, who I've been impressed by all things considered, what's the best thing for his development at this moment in time? It has to be playing as many games as possible at the highest possible level. Is he currently at a level where he can start in the Championship or play a part every week? That's definitely something I'm not so sure on. If he isn't ready to play at this level yet - with him being on a 3 year deal, I'd argue it's more beneficial to the club/ player to be playing 80% game time in L1/ L2 than 10/20% max game time in Championship. Depending on our options in 2-4 weeks time, it may be that he's better on a three month loan and playing games till January rather than playing 5/ 10 minutes here and there for ourselves. I'd also add I think it's expecting a lot for someone to jump up three levels, especially when factoring in the part time/ full time opposition. He'll need a lot more time/ training to get his body up to what's required for this level, and that's absolutely no fault of his own, it's just the size of the jump he's making.
  12. I think one big takeaway from yesterday has to be the big step up in speed/ intensity of the game and competitiveness - no friendly or League Cup game in pre season comes close. It quickly shows just how big a step up it is for players like Kieran Shanks and Dylan Paterson to come in to a Championship team, and that's not a slur at either of them who have both been excellent in pre season. With at least two signings to come before next week things will change up top where we obviously have difficulties at the moment. As we've seen before a signing or two upfront for a team like us and the way we play can change absolutely everything, pushing us up the park and holding the ball and bringing others into play. Asking Kieran Shanks to do that role as a lone striker having jumped up 3 levels isn't going to be the answer. The main thing at this stage is Dick/ the management know where we are short and they will be bringing in the players in the positions we need. I'd only be worried at this stage if the message was 'this is the squad, everythings fine, we'll work it out', but there's no concerns on that front at all IMO. A poor performance by our standards and we still get a draw, away from home, with 10 men for the last part of the game? I'll take that
  13. It would be very unacceptable for the club to come out and openly say streaming is only for those outside of the UK, however you can bypass this by using a VPN, which can be done by doing the following.... However, if the club had a sponsorship deal with a VPN provider for Arbroath FC TV, it would be unacceptable if the club didn't give their sponsor the expected exposure such a deal would warrent..... such as details of how to sign up for, set up and use said VPN which may or may not help with streaming our matches from within the UK.....
  14. I'd be very interested in how many people who want us to sign Rory McAllister have seen him play in the last two years? I know a few people who have and.... I feel a lot of people are pining for mid 2010s Rory McAllister to sign up at Gayfield, and the reality is this is 2022.... If we signed him, we'd be asking a 35 year old to step up a level where the pace of the game is a yard sharper. One of the main reasons he's leaving Cove is due to because he's unable to give the committment required to play at a Championship club.... if he's struggling to make every training session/ committment required in the Aberdeenshire area (local to him) you can be damn sure he aint able to up that committment and add another 200+ miles on the road every week to his routine. He's got very limited options due to his location, like he has all of his career..... I'd expect him to sign for Peterhead or Inverurie in the next few weeks.
  15. From memory, we switched dugouts under John McGlashan in the mid/late 00s, and we used to be in the dugout closer to the Harbour End prior to that? I'm not sure if it's true, something I've misremembered or verging on urban myth but I'm sure we moved dugouts under John's management as he wanted to have our dugout closer to the linesman on that side in order to 'influence' things more where possible!
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