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  1. For highlights, does that essentially mean anything missed by the ball tracking cameras could be sourced from the full panoramic, an you could zoom in on the area you wanted in that? If so - the system actually sounds a lot more positive highlights wise if you've got someone doing the editing properly. Obviously still a huge worry for live games though.
  2. Happy to be corrected on that The piece I read in the paper was horrendously written considering how I took it (or maybe I'm just a complete moron..... I suspect both ). I still believe that, ultimately, Pixellot are a business with very little track record producing good quality footage in the conditions at Gayfield/ L1/ L2 grounds with limited choice of where cameras are positioned. The problem with issues such as the camera locking on to something that isn't the ball and missing a goal posted above worry me greatly - that's not just a minor glitch with an easy fix, and these sort of things happening in competitive games where people aren't allowed to attend and pay money to watch the stream is farcical.
  3. I believe it's simply within the contractual agreement with the BBC - the money from the deal is split between clubs and if you have to have your game move you take a hit. I could be wrong here, but it seems to me we've gone from expecting £35,000+ income from this as a home fixture in normal circumstances, down to £0. Our biggest, scheduled, earning game of the season has turned into the game we'll probably lose the most money on in the league. I don't mean 'lose the most amount of money' in terms of a severe decrease in expected income, I mean in terms of us losing thousands of pounds by simply playing the match...... In a sense it's not as 'bad' as the Ross County League Cup game. Full COVID testing requiring paid for, from what I've read the players must not travel to the game in mixed households (so that's 16+ cars heading up the A9 requiring fuel paid for), the usual contractual bonuses in place for the players and the club might even decide to fork out a few quid to enable to the players to have a shower somewhere, considering they aren't allowed to do so at the ground and sending the players on a 3/4 hour solo drive home is not the best to put it mildly. I am somewhat skeptical that the amount of money made and split from a stream of this game will do little to help cover costs. I'd also be very wary of a new camera system built on the whim of a Celtic fan bizarrely proclaiming how he wants to help Albion Rovers out in this difficult time etc etc, and his way of doing that is to use them to get himself PR/ gain traction for his business idea. The reality of the system is that it is a business, and the aim is for Pixellot to make money from Scottish football by streaming games and taking a cut of it. It has nothing to do with 'helping out' or being a 'saviour' or any shite like this. It is a businessman taking advantage of a business opportunity. Have you seen how frustrated/ annoyed people get when cameramen miss key moments in games for the highlights package, and people are annoyed because they wanted to see them again? Imagine that's a competitive match being streamed and oh, it's cut out, oh it's back but the camera's looking at the wrong part of the pitch, oh I hear some cheering but I'm not sure if something's happened off camera, or if it's just synced badly and that's from 10 seconds ago, or 10 seconds in the future etc etc. Doesn't matter, the whole things just frozen again anyway Essentially we (Scottish football) are in a very difficult position, but we've decided to go ahead with things. In my opinion this means that all SPFL clubs have to accept losing the majority of their income, having additional expenses to pay, and being pretty much fully reliant (ourselves, L1 and L2 clubs especially) on a camera system that none of us have ever used, to be completely successful and allow all of our fans to watch every competitive game this season. with no issues..... or else we're just paying thousands of pounds to play games of football that no-one is able to see.
  4. At this point in time, in all honesty, I feel the opposite. The thought of us actually playing competitive matches which we're not able to attend while we sit about watching a stream of the game (which, at all clubs, will have all manner of issues and failings due to being a new system) is just shite in my opinion. If I wanted to watch football on the TV/ a stream, I can do that literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I don't have any interest in that. Not being in attendance at a game and watching a stream of it basically takes everything I love about football away from it..... I suspect I'm in the minority here but I'd be delighted if the season was postponed as opposed to it going ahead without fans. Of course, regardless of my personal opinions above, it looks very likely we will be going ahead and that being the case we're obviously in an excellent position on the park, and at this point in time I'd be confident in us being able to finish 8th or above again. The continuity in the squad puts us in such a good position, and like the last few years it gives us a real advantage in first quarter of the season. At this point in time we quite clearly have a better team/ squad than QotS and I'd certainly see us as being on par with 2/3 others at least with even teams like Inverness and Dunfermline losing several key players. Obviously those two will have better individuals than us player for player come the start of the season, but it always takes a team time to adapt, where as we've kept everyone apart from Wighton (who only played 5/6 games, although was superb IMO) and we've added Doolan. If we are playing a 27 game season to an end; I don't really know if that's a good/ bad or irrelevant thing to us? Being part time, I guess the main thing is as few midweek matches as possible, as opposed to how long the season is....
  5. There's no way those two pictures are of the same player?!
  6. Those XXL shorts are skin tight FFS. Can someone else inform us who this large man is?
  7. An expected/ hoped signed and excellent to see it happen. Our promotion charge has begun. Feels weird to be posted on here/ giving a shit about football after 3 months of basically nothing..... I dislike pre-season at the best of times, this has been a very long one.... and we're only halfway through at best!
  8. No idea what you see in Donnelly, he's been absolute shite the past month, no way he should be near the starting 11 in my opinion.
  9. This, and this alone, should be more than enough reason for squad numbers/ player names on shirts to cease with immediate effect. To add to this - it is incredibly creepy/ unnerving to see a grown man/ woman wearing a football shirt with the name/ number of someone half their age on the back. Quite clearly the behaviour of someone who should be on 'the list' IMO.
  10. I wish this had happened 4/5 years ago instead - I'd have happily donated my entrance fee and then some to the club every week instead of having to watch Darren Ramsay prancing up and down the touchline.
  11. Yes, it's definitely me who is trying 'very, very hard' I stated some facts, some of my own opinion and some questions, none of which any Dundee fans have been able to answer yet?
  12. Sad to see Dundee resorting to their roots and following in the footsteps of their big brothers, fleecing away fans and punting them in a corner with a shit view while allowing armed forces members in for free...... will their be similar 'bounces' and a parade infront of the Derry or is it just restricted to the free entrance for our brave boys on this occasion? As both an Arbroath FC supporter and a proud citizen of the People's Republic of Lochee, this is very disappointing to see
  13. I would like to nominate several Ayr Utd fans in attendance at Gayfield today for this award. Imagine making the journey all the way to Arbroath, despite numerous public transport issues, to then stand in amongst the home support, go wild when your team scores and fail to provoke any sort of reaction then when the opposition score soon after absolutely lose the heid and start windmilling in to their fans resulting in a sore face and being chucked out the ground at 3:20 and have the hugely problematic train journey home or a stay in the cells until Monday. Deary me
  14. I'd also point out that as someone with a big interest in junior football (and the future.... or non future of it ) I would always keep in mind that those who follow/ are involved in teams at this level should most of the time be listened too as opposed to told by someone like myself who isn't involved. It's quite odd to see things have done some sort of weird reverse where upon trying to read what the latest is on junior football, I'm reading about how my SPFL club should be in a regionalised league along with many others with little consideration/ understanding of what anyone involved with these clubs wants. Just like the vast majority of non league/ junior fans like the regionalisation, I'm fairly certain a vast majority of SPFL fans/ clubs like being national clubs playing in national leagues. Over the past two decades you've seen many clubs/ fans outside of the pyramid lobbying for change in a variety of ways - how many times have you seen fans of SPFL clubs or clubs themselves arguing to be regionalised.....? That tells you all you need to know.
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