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  1. On three occaisions in the first half, Mikey was further left than at least one of our central midfielders, and on one of those occaisions he was further to the left/ front than both our strikers, resulting in literally 50 yards of space down the right hand side for Caley to walk into and double up on Scotty Stewart. He was hugely, hugely exposed but having no-one infront of him for large parts of the game.
  2. I know we've all been a wee bit frustrated at our lack of goals and the lack of available strikers, but I think I may have found just the man.... Plays for Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts in the EoS, but he's been on fire for them (another hat trick today) and don't let the level he's at currently fool you - he's got over 100 goals in the SPFL, spent the majority of his career in the Championship, and previously earned himself a move to Celtic! Surely in our current situation someone who is on form, scoring goals and is a proven striker at our level should be worthy of a contract till January?
  3. This also tends to happen far, far more often when we've got 2 up top to 'aim for'. Without having a fifth man in midfield, it's far harder to have something dropping short in enough space to receive the ball, results in our wide midfielders being further inside and less of an out ball and results in quite often the only option being the long one.
  4. I feel like all the things we learnt today are positive, but we still insist on doing things that disadvantage ourselves, but none of this is new. Mikey McKenna cannot play on the right hand side in a 4-4-2, as positionally he's miles off it and offers no protection going backwards. Like our other attacking players, he suits a 4-5-1 where he can be the third midfielder and have a more free role. We had Nouble having to cover the right hand side a whole host of times in the first half where Mikey had decided to run 50 yards after the ball and leave a huge opening. When we play a 4-4-2, we negate our best attacking options, and we end up being less of an attacking threat than when we play a 4-5-1. We've known this since 2018 FFS. We need to stop with the insistence in taking Bobby Linn off after an hour. Our main attacking threat/ outlet not on the park when we're on the offensive and needing a goal is ridiculous. However, as I say, none of this is new information. All the stuff we learnt today was positive, it's just extremely frustrating that in my opinion we keep making the same obvious mistakes and hinder ourselves.
  5. Until people start reeling me off the list of names of strikers based in Scotland who are up to the standard we need, available, would come to us etc. etc. then I'm of the opinion that we currently have the best available to us at the moment, that we know of. We need to also remember that just because we're in the Championship doesn't mean players are going to be happy to add an extra 100+ miles on their round trip to training/ games, and take up a club which doesn't fit around their work/ family life balance. One of the huge, unchangable differences between teams like Alloa and Dumbarton who have stayed at this level and ourselves is geography. They have the majority of the central belt they can pick up players from and give them fairly short trips for training/ games as well as potentially having a bigger area to get them into a job off the pitch in. Outside of Ricky Little, who lets face it is an absolute fucking lunatic for doing all the travelling he does, we attract the majority of our squad from Edinburgh upwards, east coast, and have done for years. Geographically, teams more central/ west have realistically double the catchment areas for players. At the lower level, that cancels out with more teams fighting for players etc. but now we're at the top end of part time level, the amount of quality players who can play at this level across Scotland is slim, let alone in our catchment area. I think it's of great credit to DC + management that we've accepted/ acknowledged there seems to be a big shortfall in strikers at our level in Scotland currently, and has been over the past few years. We're not the only club in this position, most other bottom half Champ and top end L1 clubs are struggling to get decent strikers in as well. I think it's a really positive move to try and get out there and expand the geographical pool we're looking at and think outside the usual box. We're far more likely to be able to find someone outwith who can do a job as things stand, and we're also more likely to be able to convince someone of the move/ they're are a lot more players looking to get a move up to Scotland and potentially develop their career than scottish players based on the west coast who are up to what we need, available etc.
  6. Dick post match - 'apparently we had 74% of the possession' BBC stats:
  7. Please, for the love of God, make today the last game for a long, long time that we have to watch a stream and don't have the choice of being there in person.
  8. Did Dick refer to us as 'the fish boys' in his post match EF interview, before correcting himself to Smokies?! Between that and the pre match board to the heid....... tremendous stuff
  9. By the looks of it, I didn't think Elgin had the full 220 in on Saturday either. I think the fact COVID is still extremely prevelant, it's still pre season, it doesn't include the full 'day' pre/ post match and the streaming service is still readily available all contribute as well as a variety of other factors we knew would kick in for some people with football essentially stopping for 16 months. I'd expect us to have 3/400 tonight.
  10. 4-4-facking-2, LD and new laddie up top, Hilson and Linn on the wings, Nicky Low and one of several other options sitting in midfield and we've pretty much got top 4 secured IMO.
  11. We've probably signed him, like signing Gav till January, well aware that we need bodies to play games of football over the next few months until we have our full squad together for end of August. At this stage, and for the past month, we've had two options. Sign players who probably aren't good enough/ who we don't believe are going to improve us, or wait it out and line up players for further down the line who will improve us. Pretty much all of the quality loans this season going out will happen in late July/ August, as is always the case, after the player is given the full pre season with their full time club and some game time etc. to assess where they're at. We'll have loans lined up, I'm very confident of that, and I'd much rather we waited 2-6 weeks to get the players we want than sign guys now for these vitally important League Cup group stages It's also verging on impossible to pick up players in July who are out of favour/ not getting game time at their clubs, that obviously doesn't won't happen until we're well into August and players/ managers know where they stand/ what their plans are having evaluated over pre season. I know it's frustrating, and I know we're 3/4 players short at the moment. However, the most important thing is so do the management team. If they didn't/ thought everything was okay, I'd be extremely worried. If we're in this position/ a similiar position in a months time, then it's probably time to start worrying a wee bit. As it is, the transfer window closes at the end of August and if the same as previous years the loan window is open until the end of September. Much better to have that extra budget/ space in squad to sign a quality player available then than sign bang average squad filler now. Compare the squad we have right now to the squad we had on the 11th of July 2020. It's basically the same, but with the Nicky Low upgrade on Mark Whatley... We're in a better position now than at this point last year.....
  12. Ultimately, the reality is that it's the second week of June, and by the end of August we'll have a minimum of 3 further players added to the squad, in the positions we need. By all means, we could go out and sign a couple of players now, but can any of us suggest even one name we could realistically sign upfront, who is currently available? Despite the fact I know, like the rest of us, we need a striker, I can't name one. It'd be a bit of a brass neck of me to moan about us not signing someone who literally doesn't exist, would it not? I'd be very surprised if we add any further signings to our squad outside of loans - as the frees currently available to us are of lesser quality than the loans we will be able to get further down the line. I'd much prefer we got the right players in in August than the wrong players in early July.
  13. Anyone else having issues buying tickets for EF game? I've got one, but by purchasing one ticket for myself it appears to have decided the ald ched is not allowed to log in to purchase him, and both our season tickets are now locked out
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