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  1. Given Graham’s abysmal form in the 2nd half of the season, I will be astonished if Dowds isn’t the main striker next season
  2. Especially if he brings Caldwell as his assistant!!
  3. Dungdee fans are not taking this well!! Get doon
  4. A wee bit of medicine usually helps when you are relegated!!
  5. Is Nelms accepting congratulatory emails or are they going straight to his junk mail?
  6. Glorious! Wonder if he will blame the pitch today. Looks like ye cannae play on any surface Bye lads!!
  7. Keep repeating the “not upset at all” You will eventually believe it!
  8. We are even worse now than we were when you horsed us 4-1 a few weeks back. Graham looks done and we have no other strikers and Tiffoney has 2/3 players on him in every game. Minimum the Pars will get is a draw going by that shitfest yesterday!! Personally I will go 2-0 for the Pars with Cole and Lawless grabbing the goals!
  9. Don’t think any of the 3 current championship play off contenders are capable of beating any of the top league sides in contention for the top league play off place bar maybe Dungdee!
  10. Keep telling yourself that. It will get easier over the summer!!
  11. You are obviously upset. I feel your pain. A drop of medicine will help
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