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  1. Seriously you are having a giraffe there Bernie Boy!!
  2. Sevco fans underwhelmed by the match?. What a laugh. Does going unbeaten in the league for the whole season not matter a jot to them? What a laugh. If Celtic are not right up for this game the problems at Porkheid are even bigger than most of us imagine!
  3. Phil McCracken is obviously a total fud. The very fact that the Smith family are asking for privacy makes you think that it’s pretty serious. Let’s hope he pulls through!
  4. The job Martindale has done is phenomenal though I am pretty sure Livi fans said he was the reason behind their rise rather than Hopkin and Holt!!
  5. Who knows, but the pressure on him is mounting rapidly. He is lucky in that in this climate it’s unlikely the club can afford to pay him off and he is also getting spared serious abuse from the stands.
  6. Like Lyons he has done absolutely nothing since joining, though in fairness to him, he has been injured for about 90% of the time. Like Lyons, time to do his talking on the pitch but the likelihood is that he will pick up another injury in the next few weeks!!
  7. I am loathe to criticise Lyons because his only chances have come from the bench but he has shown absolutely nothing in any of those appearances. He came with a big reputation at this level, it’s time he showed it!!
  8. One third of the season gone, one point from 12 against Clyde, Cove, Dumbarton and Peterhead in the 3rd tier, that is totally unacceptable! I understand that in the current climate the club may not be able to afford to sack him but in any other normal season he would have been gone by now.
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