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  1. Beginning to show signs but I cant see him bagging a lot of goals!
  2. No excuses now for the board not to sanction a couple of signings before the window closes!
  3. As much as I hate Sevco the 5/2 first goal scorer was just too good to refuse
  4. Austin should be fit for Friday and he is meant to be scorching the grass at training according to one of the players
  5. He is a cracking player. Doesn’t give opponents time on the ball which is something we have lacked over the last few years.We look far better team when he is on the pitch
  6. Cupped his hand to his ear and gave the big shhhhh to the JHS. Totally uncalled for especially as he never really got any stick today. Anyway stuff him what a terrific last 75 minutes from the team. McGinty was magnificent and Penrice and Miller were very good. Big difference after Caldwell brought on Palmer and Robson. Was a terrific end to end game and what a lovely feeling to be in the last 8
  7. Thank f**k for that. Maybe, as above, you can advise who kept the budget at Premiership levels after getting relegated then walked out the door once he realised that 1) He had made a complete arse of it and should have sacked Archie right after the Livi game 2) Archie had spent the Premiership budget on some of the worst players ever seen at the club
  8. Maybe you can advise who set the “ we are keeping a Premiership playing budget despite being in the Championship” then jumped ship just as the heat was getting turned up on Archibald for some deplorable signings? Who wanted to keep Archibald after we were relegated?
  9. Of course he bailed him/the club out. If Beattie had left at the time he did, without Weir’s gesture, the debt would have been over £1m and as chairman that would have been his responsibility. That is a big debt for a club our size. It’s clear there is a Beattie/Lowe (Weir) split with our supporters. Believe it or not I don’t care who runs our club as long as we are successful but while you and others appear to think Beattie is being painted badly, a lot of the fans that were drooling with excitement over Weir clearing all our debt and the club being debt free appear to have forgotten who was responsible for that. That’s my feelings on the subject. Time to move on. Last thing this thread needs is a WAT scenario!!
  10. If it had been any other player, he would have been subbed on Friday. That’s as bad as I can ever remember from him. Passed constantly to Und players and his reaction to hitting the wall (5 yards) was disgraceful and something I have never seen from him before. If this was later on in the season I would say he was burnt out.
  11. Facts are if it wasn’t for Colin Weir the club would have had a substantial debt hanging over it the minute Beattie decided to walk out the building. At this moment in time there is no proof that the club is in any financial difficulties. That might change at the AGM, who knows. We now have a board member stating that the shareholders were NOT concerned about the direction the club was going in under the old board and had no idea he had signed a statement saying otherwise. You couldn’t make it up!
  12. I have read everything today. There are faults on both sides. Do you want to tell me what the club does if this takeover doesn’t place?? Beattie and Co want out. Not a lot of people out there wanting to invest in a small Glasgow football club. Who cleared the substantial debt that Beattie and Co ran up? Oh that’s right, it was Colin Weir!!! Maybe this will remind you that your “bullshit line he’s a lifelong fan” was used by Beattie when the Weirs put their hands in their pockets to clear the clubs debt run up by Beattie and the board. Maybe you could also enlighten us about who put Jacqui Lowe in charge. I don’t know, but have to assume it was your man Beattie, along with the other shareholders!! If you know otherwise, please let us know! Looks like you are the one with an agenda and a very short memory!! https://www.pressreader.com/uk/scottish-daily-mail/20151208/283347586122985
  13. Doubt the JL takeover rumour is true but an important part of Colin Weirs statement could be in the last three words!! "Current uncertainties about its potential new ownership, combined with no substantive plan for the club's future and the instability caused by recent board changes, mean I feel unable to make any further investment in the club at this time,"
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