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  1. I am sure Dunfermline fans will accept a 5/6 goal doing if it means the end for Peter Grant however the bad news is that rumours are rife that Gary Caldwell is ready to leave his Man City gig and chuck his hat into the ring as Granty’s replacement
  2. Bit rich coming from a supporter of a team that has McGinty playing at centre half. Only one team crumbled yesterday!!
  3. Not what the blurb says. Personally I can see no reason why you can’t shift between stands but a lot of mixed messages coming from the club at the moment!
  4. You can’t! It’s changed this season because of Covid. You must sit in the stand you got the season ticket for! https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/kilmarnock-ticketing-update/
  5. Talking of pumping’s, were you at the game on Saturday?? You have been an unusually quiet Virgin!!
  6. Mutton fans next season if Saturday is anything to go by!! Lack of them on this thread shows they ain’t quite as cocky as they were 18 months ago!!! Could be medicine time for them come the end of the season and wouldn’t that just be lovely!
  7. Hastie is a terrific signing if he can recapture his Motherwell form. Rumours of a Billy Bigbaws attitude since he went to Ibrox and has had his knuckles wrapped a few times by Gerrard for his attitude. He is worth the gamble though. Another defender and we are looking in good shape. This team is built to score goals!!
  8. Reece Cole is a very good signing for you. Would have been happy to have taken him back at Firhill but we need bodies in other positions more urgently. Skilful player!
  9. One of the best pre seasons as far as signings and resignings go! Turner and Tiffoney are terrific signings!
  10. I would have been happy to keep Ryan at Firhill. Bit dodgy defensively but terrific going forward. Good signing for Falkirk!
  11. Wonder if we can expect a post from The Cicero Kid tonight?? Won’t hold my breath!
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