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  1. Dundee v Celtic

    Celtic don't deserve that.
  2. Hibs v Celtic

    Yeah, average managers beat that Barcelona team.
  3. Hearts v Celtic

    Bring on the salty tears.
  4. Christ, the state of you.
  5. Nice to see Lennon back. Maybe I'm in a minority.
  6. Didn't Ally McCoist leave Ibrox to join his local gardening club?
  7. Celtic v Motherwell

    The first one was an accidental clash of heads. Didn't see the second one.
  8. Celtic v Motherwell

    I was raging at the time of the Motherwell goal but, let's be honest, it made for a better game to watch. I think a bit of needle sometimes can add something to a game, and with Brown and McGregor absent, it was good to see Celtic up for it.
  9. Celtic v Motherwell

    What a roaster.
  10. Celtic v Motherwell

    Sounded better in your head.
  11. Celtic v Motherwell

    Boyd's worse than the other guy.
  12. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    Classy to see Jones getting extra staunchness points by having a pop at an 18 year old half his size.
  13. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    Don't forget the secret handshake, or is that the other mob?
  14. Panini 1979

    Christ, some of those mugshots. We're not a good looking nation, are we?