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  1. If Jambo Sked is back please, please tip the blue bigots on Sunday!!!
  2. I’m sure we offered Dundee £1 million for Coyle and Coyne thirty years ago and were turned down!
  3. Are all the future superstar strikers not playing in this years lowland league?
  4. Sky Sports saying Steve Bruce will be due £8 million in compensation when he’s sacked. What a mad world English football is
  5. Exactly. When you look at the big 3 in the North of England and they’re near limitless resources, signings are ridiculous. Even Man Utd had to spend £80 million or so for Harry McGuire ffs. Look at that defence and the cost. An absolute fortune. Would you rush out and spend £100 to go to Old Trafford to see McGuire, Shaw etc? Newcastle fans will now expect mega stars to roll up. The reality is they’re in a market where Jack Grealish is a £100 million pound player! Expect season ticket prices to go through the roof for the privilege of watching players earning £250000 a week and still win nothing. Can’t see the Geordies liking that much
  6. As regards Newcastle. I have always thought that, even mega rich clubs in the North of England, are up against it in the transfer market. The two Manchester clubs and Liverpool, spend fortunes on players and ridiculous salaries. However, Ronaldo aside, how many were regarded as superstars before signing for these clubs? Even now, given the choice, the vast majority of top class players will opt for Madrid, Barcelona or Italy for a number of reasons. Realistically, who would choose to live in Newcastle, Manchester or Liverpool if given a choice? I always feel London clubs have more chance of signing South American or Southern European stars, as London is cosmopolitan and has easy access back home. I may be wrong, but I can’t see Newcastle signing superstar players, no matter how much they throw at it
  7. To an old codger like me, I am genuinely appalled by the reaction to The Saudi state buying Newcastle. The game is well and truly bust. Celebrating the takeover on the streets by idiots. Supporting football clubs is about local identity in the main. That is why I have never understood so called Man Utd supporters from London or Rangers/ Celtic fans from Inverness etc. These Newcastle fans celebrating this vile takeover must realise that they will soon be priced out of the club they love and be replaced by wealthy tourist fans, just like Man Utd, Chelsea etc. I honestly believe that if St Mirren we’re bought over by billionaire owners, I would probably lose interest in them.
  8. Funny howEuropean refs interpret the rules differently. SFA rule 1690 subsection 12c “ it shall not be deemed a red card offence if 1. Player is wearing a Sevco top and 2. The game is played at Ibrox
  9. Congratulations to Liam Craig. That’s a helluva achievement in this era. Respect
  10. You know when we are doing well when you’re fellow Fake, Randomgob is missing from here!
  11. Livingston have no threat at all going forward. Watched Arbroath the other day and surely they’ll recall Nouble, who looks a much better striker than anyone they have now
  12. The result at Parkhead is hardly the end of the world. Lose an early goal, get a man sent off, have a goal chalked off for not wearing a hooped jersey., lose heavily. Did anyone really expect anything else in the circumstances? We definitely need a couple of fresh faces in ASAP but beat the fakes at the weekend and take it from there
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