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  1. God almighty!!! The knicker wetters are in full suicide mode. We will stay up and let’s see what the summer brings. Relax buddies
  2. Despite the outrage when The European Super League was proposed, logically this is the way forward. As even England, Germany, Italy and Spain are in a similar position to Scotland, Portugal and Holland. The wealthiest clubs are getting richer as it is and even in these countries, there is no real competition anymore. I suspect that there will be a two or three European League setup in the near future
  3. Great game. Hearts deserved to win but a proper cup tie . Goal of the season winner from Ronan
  4. Thanks lads. You all seem to be accepting the situation with good grace, unlike the entitled Falkirk fans. Good luck with the rest of the season
  5. Morning lads. What has happened to your lot this season? I haven’t been paying attention to The Championship recently and thought Queens were doomed. Looked at the table this morning and well, you know what it shows. I had no idea Dunfermline were in such dire straits.
  6. Random bore and Virginton next season. Nae luck Champipnship clubs
  7. Some of them think this is a step down ffs! Old Firm levels of delusion
  8. Haha. Yes there were some horrendous appointments in that list. Bit unfair on most of them though. Only Stubbs, Craig and Rae were totally abject and Murray was too inexperienced but point taken
  9. Am I the only one who does not want Jack Ross back at the club. Before he left he was selling himself to anyone who was interested, behind the clubs back allegedly. If that is true then we should look elsewhere. maybe it’s time to take a different route. Foreign coach with fresh ideas maybe?
  10. If he goes he goes. Problem is that there is no obvious replacement. None of the out of work managers available in our budget would fill me with great confidence. Hope it’s sorted today
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