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  1. I've recently discovered electronic engineer Big Clive's channel, purely by accident. He essentially videos himself tearing apart electronic devices, examining how they work, and sometimes discovering flaws that could leave you with 240v across your chest. It's quite compelling, partially because he's good company, but he also explains what he's doing well and the videos can turn into techy mysteries about why things are happening. Makes me wish I'd stuck with electronics after college instead of continuing with IT [emoji848] Do we have any Scottish, Manx-dwelling, circuit board-interfering posters on P&B, perchance?
  2. Exciting news from work. Indulge me for a minute. We've got a lovely c**t working with us - mentioned on here before, I'm sure - who's managed to pointlessly piss off everybody over the past few years. As an example, she appointed herself as High Chief of the Going-Away Presents for anyone leaving the organisation, even if that person's friends were already organising something, and would tell the person leaving who hadn't chipped in, or who they thought hadn't chipped in enough. The only reason she seems to have for this behaviour is to see the look of hurt on other people's faces. She found herself a new job last month, to the joy of everyone, and fucked the organisation over by not working her full notice period. Whatever, we'll cope, see you later. She appointed her assistant to collect money for her going-away present - not a single penny raised, and the only person who signed her card was the assistant. Couple of days before her start date, Cunty Cunterson's new employer gets in touch to explain that, sorry, we're shutting down operations for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19, so we're not in a position to take you on after all. She then had the brass neck to go crawling back to the High Heid Yins to try to withdraw her resignation. Glorious. ...or it would have been, if they hadn't accepted it and kept her on. So close
  3. Lots of stuff going on. Thanks for the concern. I did make it to the Inverness game, which will keep me nice and warm until the restart [emoji16]
  4. I'm alive - thanks for asking. Just experiencing the worst year of my life (so far; give it time) and not much time for posting. Hope everyone else is OK.
  5. I'm still curious as to what you'd accept as evidence.
  6. The bus driver literally has to wake me up at my stop on the way home from work, and sometimes on the way there too, which is never a good start to the day. By the time I'm going to bed, my brain's decided it's time for an I, Claudius marathon. f**k you, brain.
  7. The transexuals, with all their terrifying apparatus of the state, will be rounding the non-SNP voters up into camps any day, just you wait. Any minute now. Here it comes. Right about...now. Now. ... Now?
  8. It's incredible that you're asking for evidence that one candidate will win a party nomination, but not the presidency. Is your point that there can't possibly be any concrete evidence for such an opinion? If not, I think you're sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting, "NOT LISTENING!" Once again, I hope I'm wrong, but will a second Trump term be considered evidence?
  9. You're still quite determined that the American public will overcome generations of propaganda that anything politically left of moderate conservatism is foreign, doesn't work, and actually biblically evil. Most of the wife's family are "wooly-headed libtards", the oldest of whom were hippies of the Woodstock generation. Some of them dodged the Vietnam draft by heading to Canada for a few years. There's not a single one of them who'd vote for a socialist, as to the majority of the country it's a synonym for "communist", which is right up there with pedophile and terrorist on the American OFTW list. Bernie will walk out for the debates and deliver a perfect passionate speech about the need for reasonable reform in America. And Trump will point at him, say "communist", mic-drop and win with a bigger majority than against HRC. I'd love to be wrong, but there's no hope for them.
  10. It's almost as though leaving with no deal was the plan all along. Nah, couldn't be, They're a bunch of good lads who'll put Britain above their own interests.
  11. Good point well made; appreciated. Thanks Dave Many thanks, Kind regards, Dave.
  12. Always illuminating to read that predatory men are deterred from their crimes by bathroom doors, like some kind of rapey vampires.
  13. I'm not sure what kind of school you went to, but I don't think sex ed classes generally feature clips of the BME Pain Olympics. Naked volleyball, yes. Genital mutilation, no. The mantra of any good teacher.
  14. They're halfway to a decent recruitment strategy there.
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