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  1. Which category were you going for with this?
  2. 31% correspond by snail mail Might send this lassie some make-up equipment. Those eyebrows were smeared on with a finger.
  3. How do they correspond with them? Surely they don't give out their home address? Imagine your baby-murdering penpal showing up to hide out at your gaff after escaping from the jail
  4. Thank you. I'd convinced myself that I'd imagined it used to have that functionality. Tech companies are great for removing options and telling you it's somehow an improvement.
  5. I used to give nonsensical answers. My logic was, I'll put as much effort into finding answers as you put in to providing background information. "Bob Holness" was the first answer that sprang to mind there.
  6. I think the Blair Witch thing was that the advertising managed to trick a lot of folk into thinking that it might be real, especially in America. It hasn't aged well, but it was a pioneer. Cannibal Holocaust and The Last Broadcast were both better films. The original Blair Witch is still better than Blair Witch 2 or the recent sequel, however.
  7. "After being left alone in the interrogation room for several hours, Hubers began pacing and dancing around the room and singing "Amazing Grace". She also said aloud, "I did it. Yes, I did it. I can't believe I did that" and "I'm so good at acting.""
  8. Given the number of accounts on here, the odds are that at least some of us are murderers. I've worked with a multiple murderer, if that helps. She was very nice, but you'd better believe I was on my best behaviour.
  9. You get the impression that they were nonced themselves, or at the very least fantasise about it having happened, which is very odd. Still, so long as they aren't hurting anybody, and all that. Or turn up to the site with the baby clobber on
  10. Farage and Katie Hopkins running the Trump empire's UK operations yet?
  11. It seems like there's a surprisingly big adult baby community. I don't quite understand how it would occur to someone that it might be fun to dress up like a baby and take a massive dump in a nappy. Makes you wonder if some of the incontinent auld yins have just been waiting for an excuse. Edit: I used to know a lassie who worked as a dominatrix, and she had several 'adult baby' clients. Apparently they paid very well.
  12. "Sadly, Phil has been forced to keep his lifestyle choices secret". By releasing a video about it on to the internet.
  13. Rosebank Cemetery. Fucking corpses coming in at 4:57pm, expecting to be buried.
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