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  1. Aye, I'd miss the weird wee ritual. My maw did the proxy vote thing for me when I was out of the country years ago, and I was curiously sad about the whole thing. ...might have been because she voted for Thatcher once in the Eighties, right enough.
  2. Malksoft getting started early - genuinely sorry I'll be missing tonight's puce-tinged entertainment. Anyone fearing the likely Tory majority - small comfort, but our boy will inevitably be somehow angrier than if they'd lost. Enjoy!
  3. She's probably a closet exhibitionist. This has likely been the inspiration for Ugandan discussions in the Davidson household for some time. (you're welcome)
  4. The guessing game can be useful for test purposes too. "Guess who I saw today?" "The ex-boyfriend you think I don't know you cheated on me with?" *chokes on beverage* Try it; it's fun.
  5. ...and if that doesn't manage it, the Tories will. Sadly, I have to work on Friday, but enjoy your election night, folks.
  6. Certainly won't be the first time. Ask John Major. I'm sure Granny Danger can remember when it's happened before. We certainly don't do ourselves any favours.
  7. The BBC could report that Boris asked the Health Secretary to personally make the kid sick so they could film his discomfort for the next Conservative Party Conference to w**k themselves to death over on the big screen. It would make absolutely no difference because BREXIT MEANS BREXIT.
  8. There are a few ice cream parlours in Clacks that open way into the evening and are always empty, of course, as they're ice cream parlours in wee Scottish towns that open through the coldest parts of the day. Clearly entirely legitimate businesses IMO.
  9. Don't think too hard about why people do things on the internet, for God's sake. There are people who post pictures of themselves with corn husks inserted into their rectums. Compared to that, fishing for bites seems positively sane, reasonable behaviour.
  10. I cannot believe some folk haven't realised he's winding them up. He'll be claiming Corbyn invented Communism in the Seventies next at this rate. Or Thatcher implemented the welfare state to care for the striking miners. That's the level of pisstaking we're approaching. (you can have them for free, m9 - best of luck)
  11. Well, that's that, then. Lolz. Everyone was pointing out a few weeks ago that the polling companies were assuming a huge drop-off in younger voters in comparison to 2017. I think for the under 25s, the turnout they were expecting was about 50% of two years ago. If that turns out to be accurate, they've no right to complain about the result.
  12. Wow, I don't think I've seen that website in about twenty years. Joe D'Amato has a Bacon score of infinity. Jesus/Jess Franco isn't even listed. Everyone else I tried linked to him through Frank Welker (aka Scooby Doo), who appears to be the conduit.
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