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  1. I can sympathise with that. It's like the cheapest of cheapo Tesco Value stuff, only with an overpowering overtone of arse. Anyone who's ever gone spelunking with chocolate sauce will feel right at home. The fact that you never get that unwanted element in any other chocolate implies that the Hershey Company has an Anal Flavouring department, with a Butt Juice secret recipe. Fucking Puritans and their desperation that nobody should ever enjoy anything too much.
  2. That has to be a candidate for "Most Pointless Picture of All Time".
  3. I'd love to look in to this further, but I believe I'd have to watch a Hilary Swank romcom in order to pass judgement, and I'm afraid that's never going to happen. On the other hand, that leaves plenty of scope to judge you for having done such. Feel my scorn.
  4. Education standards are dropping. I mind the days when any private meeting reported in the tabloids was 'clandestine'.
  5. Been missing chocolate lately, so I thought I'd give myself a treat and try some of this 85% cocoa stuff. It's fucking revolting and I judge the original European colonialists who tasted the cocoa bean and decided it was worth taking back to the Old World.
  6. Don't forget that some of them, I assume, are good people. "Hey, he must be talking about me; I'm good people. This guy's OK"
  7. No, I certainly hadn't seen that, but I suppose it shouldn't be surprising. Some immensely blinkered corporate greedthink there, as per. The Football Manager community has been, and continues to be, an excellent free promotional tool for Manchester United, the EPL, and football in general. But someone mentioned us without paying, so get the scissors out - that nose is gonna have to come off
  8. I thought SI came to agreements with the federations about using team names a decade or two back? ...f**k me. Just looked it up, They sued because SI were legally using their name, but didn't use their club badge because they'd have to pay extra to licence it. They don't have a hope in hell of winning that, surely. There's even a hilarious mention of how, by not paying Manchester United for the use of their logo, SI knew fans would make their own unlicensed badge packs and should therefore be held responsible for loss of revenue What an absolute grasping bunch of fannies.
  9. The missus lock you down in the coal cellar?
  10. I always figured that was because it was a cover for money laundering, or drug dealing/firearm trafficking/whatever. Buy a biro for £984 on eBay, get a free Kalashnikov. I feel so naive for not realising it was all about buying children in wardrobes and pizza.
  11. If only we knew an inventor already feted for his pioneering work in the field of amputee perambulation.
  12. How strange. Imagine a club sueing SI because they would sometimes be liquidated in people's Football Manager games. TBF, that is so The Rangers. Unless they're worried that FIFA/UEFA/the national league bodies are in denial about the possibility that, on their watch, clubs can cease to exist due to financial mismanagement.
  13. That wean reminds me of someone, but I can't think who.
  14. Genuinely unsure as to whether or not Donnie is actually this thick, or just thinks everyone else is. That's just mind-melting dimwit territory. Has to be at it, surely. Surely.
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