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  1. Argentina v Australia looks interesting purely because I don't remember them meeting up before, although they obviously have. How on Earth do I not remember their World Cup 94 play-off? CONMEBOL used to be a lot more hazardous; Argentina came within a point of not qualifying. Had Paraguay managed another goal against Peru, it'd have been all over.
  2. France v Senegal should make for a cracking Quarter-Final rematch. England should do the right thing and bow out now IMO.
  3. Aye, I'll be having that, thank you very much!
  4. Can we not just pretend Group C didn't happen and move France/Australia straight to the Quarters?
  5. Isn't that Mexico's first World Cup since God was a boy, or something? Edit: Goal. World Cup goal.
  6. f**k's sake. I swear I remembered him from the Italy 90 sticker album.
  7. Saudi have provided the best moments of this group so far, so I'm hoping they go through. That, and they were fun at USA 94. Shame that it seems they haven't managed to take the Poles or Mexicans by the throat in the same way. Let's be honest, if any of these sides are still with us in the Quarter-Finals, it's because they beat Australia in the Second Round. Edit: until I saw Argentina currently finishing above Saudi in the group, I hadn't realised how much I liked the head-to-head record being used.
  8. You'd think walking face-first into a lamppost would be all the lesson people would need, but apparently not.
  9. Denmark going out is well deserved. They ought to be miserable after those performances. Pity for Tunisia, but I'm not a huge fan of them so they can f**k off too.
  10. Cross-Border Educational Payroll Arrangements thread for this pish.
  11. In case anyone's feeling disgusted by that, don't panic - they've likely already sneezed or spunked directly on to your food anyway, so it doesn't matter. Not restricted to old wifeys. The general population's complete lack of physical awareness is alarming. They need to teach these things in school. Looking Around Before Moving Studies, Walking in Single File on Pavements Theory, Advanced Not Rushing Out of Shop Doorways 101, The Pair of You Are Massively Obese and, Between You and Your Trollies, You've Cordoned Off The Entire Aisle in the Supermarket While You Discuss That Bitch Karen on the PTA...erm...Tutorial. Adults should have to go back to school and pass the exams before they're allowed out in public.
  12. Pictures like that make me think a couple of things: If I ever invent a time machine, I'll be heading back to see if codified football really did look like jesters mud wrestling, and Being picked at centre-back was clearly the equivalent of being picked last in PE. Nobody was wanting to stand near old stinky Greenhalgh.
  13. Naturally Farage has been attempting relevance by mithering over skin colour and religion. The BBC tackling his claims by saying, "actually, we're not quite at the point yet where there are more people of different ethnicities than caucasians alone": https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/63806518 Presumably Our Nigel just has to hold fire for a few more years before what he's saying becomes pertinent, as a person's skin colour is of importance in some way? That's fucking mental. What is wrong with people?
  14. The wean has a beard these days, and mentioned that he thinks it's weird that it's a different colour to his scalp hair. I said, "well, my beard is more ginger, so I think that's common," to which he looked confused and pointed out that my beard is, in fact, grey. Your time will come, child.
  15. Might want to talk to Oaksoft, m9. Apparently a direct debit payment isn't necessarily the same as the bill for, like, what you've actually used? Huge if true. This is a real Woodstein moment.
  16. If there's one thing I've learned from life, it's that workers are always responsible for increasing profits for business owners, even (and sometimes especially) at their own expense.
  17. Who is "we" in this context ??? Good sensible hard-working members of the Great British public. Who wish Oswald Mosley had become Prime Minister, Enoch Powell had been right about race-mixing, and fervently hope this democracy thing is just a fad.
  18. It's that Scottish Cup Fourth Round tie against a plucky junior side from a miserable former mining town, isn't it? If you win, it'll be a routine uninteresting affair that's entirely expected. If you lose, you've spent the day in a hellhole with one remaining pub, culminating in an embarrassment that people will remind you about for decades. Probably better off doing a bit of DIY in the house.
  19. I might be a bit old-school on this, but I don't think nations should be given World Cups until they've actually qualified for one, and not in the form of being invited, like at the first few. Regardless of the authoritarian regime, dreadful human rights record, inability to host a tournament at the agreed time, and widespread corruption (most of which are things FIFA almost insist on from their host nations), Qatar were an utterly mediocre football nation when the tournament was awarded and it was clear that nobody gave a toss if they got scudded by double figures in every game. Shipping in home "fans" should also be a massive embarrassment for FIFA. This is all moon-howling, of course, as it's never been more obvious that FIFA's priorities are: money for themselves, in the form of bribes money in the form of ability to build infrastructure, to allow them to make more money from the tournament Absolutely nothing else matters.
  20. Been a while since I've seen "I'll never forgive the Jocks for what they did to our Nigel" post. BBC HYS used to be full of them. Anyway, I noticed that the top story on the Beeb's website yesterday was about how less than half of England and Wales aren't Christian now, with the second line claiming a "steep rise" in the Muslim population. Turns out that the big story is that there's been a huge, directly proportional swing of about 20% from Christian to "No Religion" over the past twenty years. The Muslim population has increased from 4.9% to 6.5%. The phrase "pandering" springs to mind; they were trying to feed into the far-right replacement theory bollocks, apparently quite successfully considering the number of views. I see they've edited it to appear less race-baity: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-63792408
  21. You know you're a real geek when you hear that phrase and don't immediately think of men with guns.
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