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  1. Inflation is just a conspiracy invented by liberal elites. $6 is $6 is $6. Related - I did enjoy recently hearing about how the big boys like Walmart and Amazon are all in favour of raising minimum wage to $15/hr because they think it'll kill off the small businesses they "compete" with and then they can do what they want later. Capitalism, eh? What larks.
  2. Somehow I ended up with a Catherine Keener double bill tonight. 8mm - my occasional guilty pleasure. Apparently it's been five years since I last watched it. Trust - I didn't remember having seen this, but kept getting little twinges throughout that it seemed familiar. Turns out that I already talked about it on here six years ago. Seems like I liked it back then, and possibly even more this time. Good work all round from all involved.
  3. "Shandon Par Decorate-ah" fits quite nicely into the "ooh ahh Cantona" tune. Also reminded of "Herbert West - Reanimator", but I'm sure that the works of H.P. Lovecraft, with his inbred, unholy, bestial cults in remote areas, will mean nothing to a Fifer.
  4. Can't say I'd ever seen or heard of a Chloe Ferry before tonight, but that's reconstructive surgery after an accident, right?
  5. Oh God. Alright, I'll stay with it for now. I still can't believe she was ever popular though.
  6. I've been watching the American version of The Office for the first time, because I'm super up to date with the cutting edge stuff that the kids like. Someone I'd completely forgotten about, Catherine Tate, bizarrely showed up in one episode and reminded me that I absolutely detested her back when she briefly had her own TV show and was being incorrectly hyped as "not televisual cancer". A season later, and she's mystifyingly joined the permanent cast and is single-handedly doing her best to be as intangibly irritating as possible. Can someone please tell me if she returns for season nine? I may genuinely have to give up watching a show I've been quite enjoying if she doesn't f**k off soon.
  7. I'm genuinely waiting for "two World Wars and one World Cup, Brexit! Brexit!"
  8. Cracked have noticed that Daft Punk never actually made anything of their own. No, I don't know why I still check that site either. https://www.cracked.com/article_29677_daft-punk-how-much-did-they-rip-off.html
  9. Sorry, Zelda and Mario are banned. Not my rules; take it up with the OP.
  10. Captivity - DVD - model/socialite Elisha Cuthbert is kidnapped and kept in a dungeon by a sadistic killer. That's pretty much all your need to know about the plot for this. The first half revolves around our (completely two-dimensional) heroine being grubbily punished for not obeying orders, before a second act twist that you'll probably see coming a mile off removes a lot of the miserable grimdark, but still doesn't go anywhere interesting. A flaccid entry into the torture porn genre that entirely forgets to include anything to build the torture around, then also gets bored with the torture. Director Roland Joffe (who made The Killing Fields and The Mission, incredibly) apparently wanted this to highlight the plight of poor rich people like Paris Hilton, who are held captive by society and can't live their lives freely, or some other facile rubbish. Confederate States of America - DVD - a television broadcast from an alternate present in which the Confederacy won the American Civil War. A cute idea that was clearly made on a limited budget, but still an entertaining (and occasionally skincrawling) piece of speculative history that highlights the racist legacy of the slave trade. Full of casually racial advertisements for products, many of which actually existed in scarily recent times (Niggerhair cigarettes, anyone?) Worth watching if the concept appeals.
  11. That'll be me lost down the rabbit hole of dreadful old Spectrum football management games. Again.
  12. I'm guessing that somebody who takes their dug out to do that for kicks isn't going to take responsibility for anything else it does. And is also a ghoul.
  13. I do that too, but it occurred to me that it probably comes across as this most of the time:
  14. "knowehead" must be code for "Head's Gone".
  15. I noticed that the government are appealing to lovers of piles of stones and chalk markings: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-56038085
  16. what's weeb crap? Ramagamma would have voted for the ten newest games to hit 90 on Metacritic, as games get definitively better over time, and only scrubs play games older than the current year on anything less than bleeding edge hardware Last time, a couple of people were big on DOTA 2 and furious that nobody else had even heard of it. I quite fancy a poll for the best old games, but I'm not sure how you'd define "old" and nobody would vote on it anyway, other than @Melanius Mullarkey's inevitable vote for Horace and the Spiders and nothing else.
  17. There used to be a port for Windows that fitted on a single floppy disk (yes, Lemmings is so old that it had to be ported to Windows). However, it's now so old that it doesn't work on modern versions of Windows, as it no longer supports 16-bit applications Considering I'd likely never even play it, and it's easy enough to get hold of an emulated copy, I'm curiously outraged at not being able to buy a Windows native copy of Lemmings (and Lemmings 2) on GOG for two bob or whatever.
  18. The Republicans have been making it more difficult for registered Democrats to vote for decades, haven't they? I've seen it said that it's so bad that it's essentially business as usual since the days of segregation in some states. I particularly enjoy the jigsaw-puzzle style reorganisation of voting districts that aren't physically connected, but are likely to have more GOP voters. The home of democracy.
  19. BFTD


    I think somebody needs to make a documentary just about these folk. Let them get it all out of their system. It's a pity that shite Magnotta didn't have the chance to pick on @Bigmouth Strikes Again's Smudger. His mother would still be looking for the body.
  20. Possessor - psychological horror from David Cronenberg's son Brandon. Andrea Riseborough plays an assassin who works for an organisation that uses technology to take control of people's bodies and commit untraceable crimes. I know I've seen Cronenberg's first film, Antiviral, but weirdly can't remember it at all. On the basis of this, though, he's certainly a chip off the old black, as Possessor would fit nicely into his dad's body of work. Plenty of the Cronenberg themes are present, with the unsettling melding of technology with the organic, some shockingly brutal violence, a bit of unpleasant gore, and some really quite creepy imagery. It provokes questions without sledgehammering the point, contains uniformly good performances from all concerned, and reminded me of why I was such a Cronenberg fan in my youth. I think he'll have even better movies in his future, but I'm delighted to see that there's someone else making this kind of thing. Piercing - an obsessive-compulsive young man attempts to indulge his fantasy of murdering a woman with an icepick. I really didn't quite know what to make of this. Essentially a two-hander, the antihero hires a prostitute to murder, only for things to quickly go awry, and the rest of the piece revolves around the two of them attempting to feel each other out. We get inside his mind on occasion and see some of the reasoning behind his obsession, while his potential victim's motivations remain fairly mysterious. That probably makes it sound a bit more interesting than it actually is, unfortunately; the film might have somehow whooshed me, but I found it quite dull past a certain point, and it was only 70-odd minutes long. It certainly has an interesting aesthetic, giving the impression of being a film made in the late 70s/early 80s, making bizarrely extensive use of models of tower blocks, and pinching music from various giallo films, but it didn't amount to much for me and just made me want to have a Dario Argento fest in the near future.
  21. Standard. Didn't Steven Tyler run off with some lassie the same age? There seems to have been a period of time when it was genuinely considered a perk of being a rock star that you got to molest children. I don't consider myself the most hardline of parents, but I'd like to think that if some rich drug-addled alkie arrived and offered to take my kid away on tour for sexual purposes, I might have something to say about that.
  22. I'm just amazed that there are two Latest Topics with 'Helmets' in the subject line, and neither are about the obvious. Edit: Discovery's one of the few albums that I can listen to without wanting to skip past weaker tracks, and I've literally heard every single song used in advertising at some time or another.
  23. BFTD


    I think the same genius begin to say 'Namibia', give up halfway through, then referred several times to it being a place she'd never heard of and couldn't pronounce. She also seemed quite proud of her ignorance. Her family must be so proud.
  24. My mum had one of those living across from her for a while. Listened at the door for when someone was leaving and would confront them in the close for all sort of fantastical infractions. She claimed that she had to sell her car because her neighbours kept vandalising it. Turned out she lost her licence because she was a hopeless alkie.
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