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  1. Had the government confiscated their last passport or something?
  2. The adaption of American Psycho is much funnier than the book. The Rules of Attraction benefits hugely from cinematic flair and style, which is probably true of many books that aren't narratively strong. The adaption of Rita Hayworth & Shawshank Redemption soars above the source material. Some c**t is guaranteed to mention The Shining on this thread, and they need a good shake, frankly.
  3. Some remarkable hair on display too, especially from the host of the South African coverage, who must be spending hours with her stylist before work. Starting to think that it should be compulsory for SPFL goalkeepers to lose their mind at least twice in every game; it adds so much. Doesn't particularly seem to have helped with the overall goalscoring, funnily enough.
  4. It all depends on who you ask. Millions will say he's great because he GOT BREXIT DUNN, even if the way his government did it will cripple the country for a generation. I'd have said Cameron was laughably shite, but the hard right Tories must love him for handing government and the party over to them. Thatcher was pure evil, but was remarkably efficient at what she set out to do, much like Hitler (who possibly never made it to Downing Street; before my time). It's all moot anyway, as it's an absolute guarantee that we'll see something much, much worse after Johnson goes. Prime Minister Truss might be the best of the realistic options we have.
  5. ...also wore a suit. There are a remarkable number of pictures of him looking suave as f**k. Jesus, however...
  6. Am I really naive for assuming they'd cut them into exactly the number of pieces listed on the box? I suppose you'd need to be utterly tragic to actually sit and count them all. Oh, right
  7. Dunno how Morocco got anything out of that game, but I dare say that Gabon's keeper Amonome throwing out a few absolute howlers had something to do with it. Gabon have looked really quite solid in a couple of games now, with Allevinah and Boupendza on fire tonight. Still, they're both deservedly through. That is some result for Comoros. Don't think it'll get them through, but I doubt they'll be caring much. Bit more hope for countries like Equatorial Guinea and Sierra Leone that they could maybe get through in third now. Slow start, but this tournament's really taken off.
  8. It's going pretty well for the minnows so far. Best of luck to them. Gabon thoroughly deserve their lead. Should be more. Bet most of them would've thought you were mad if you'd said they'd finish top of this group.
  9. Wonder what I'm doing different. Maybe Div has a tie-in for Platinum members?
  10. Indeed. They're a lot more professional than in decades gone by though; some bargains you could get back when some were like glorified jumble sales. I hated poachers like me when I turned gamekeeper
  11. How do I manage to pick the wrong match, every time. Gabon and Morocco gentlemanly passing the ball about between each other.
  12. OK match between Zimbabwe and Guinea. Didn't see their other matches, but they looked halfway decent. Bit of a shite group, considering the top scorers managed three goals in three games
  13. Well, I think we've discovered my version of Knightwood Bear's spiders.
  14. It's either that or the inspectors have discovered alien technology. They've maybe done away with that; occasionally I'll end up on their site while connected to a VPN in South Africa/Sweden/Tatooine and, while the site has a totally different look and story priority, I've not noticed any adverts.
  15. I always knew that, one day, somebody would admit to having sexual fantasies about me. I'll admit, I imagined they'd have more vagina, but you take what you can get in this world. £3 was pretty standard for a used thousand piece jigsaw when I worked for the BHF. They give you a price guide that you're not supposed deviate from. No idea what their prices are like now, but it used to be one-third of the RRP for books, so there were regular tantrums when someone would realise that we were selling (or, rather, not selling) hardbacks for £6+. Wish I'd kept a copy of that price guide; some of it was mental.
  16. Christ, the number of times I've had elderly woman moaning at me because we didn't stand and complete any second-hand jigsaw before we sold it. Aye, I'll sack off getting through a few hundred bags of clothes to do a jigsaw we'll end up selling for £3 I used to take them home and count them until I realised that "1000 pieces" is a rough estimate and not an exact figure
  17. Billie Eilish. No real reason; only heard one of her songs and thought it was alright, but she has the same disinterested, aloof look on her puss in every publicity picture and it looks way too try-hard. See also Adele. Totally indifferent to her music, but in every picture she has the same expression and looks like she's about to pose on a horse with Fabio for the cover of some Mills & Boon romance novel bought exclusively by grannies.
  18. Someone I worked with years ago was seething one day, as he'd been visited by the men in the detector van and they supposedly had some amazing new-fangled device that was able to tell them everything he'd watched on terrestrial TV the night before, so claiming not to have a TV hadn't worked. Swore blind they knew everything he'd seen. Didn't think to ask, but I suppose "Babestation all last night, was it?" is a reasonable guess when an obviously-single man opens the door.
  19. I wonder if the royal watchers will get to the "he's not a paedophile, he's an ephebophile!" stage.
  20. First copy of Metallica's Black Album that I had was a hissy tape that someone made for me; I'd never heard anything by them before. Until I finally saw his original CD, I thought the second track was called Sex Control Also heard Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex again recently, and I finally heard that the opening line is, "if it hadn't have been for Cotton Eye Joe". I'd never thought about it much, but it always just sounded like gibberish until the title - "fadden fo bimfa Cotton Eye Joe".
  21. I doubt many opening words would have been much use today. Wordle 213 5/6*
  22. Oh shit. Hopefully this isn't a Caligula after the fever thing. Mike, leave the horse alone!
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