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  1. I noticed that Andy came over to talk to the fans by the stand, and someone told me he was conscious by the time he was stretchered off, but had been knocked spark out for some time. I hadn't even realised the collision had been that bad until my son pointed out that our keeper wasn't moving. Hopefully just a concussion; no doubt he'll be under close watch for a few days either way.
  2. Boo. So much for my theory that you used to tend goal for St Mirren.
  3. Sunak: "I recognise this may be my last ministerial job" Aye, you've definitely not calculated that this is the time to get the top job, safe in the knowledge that you'll definitely be back in the winner's cabinet if you fail. Edit: really hoping Bozza brazens this out too for the absolute lulz, and to see what other screaming nightmares he can dredge up from the backbenches.
  4. They'll all come crawling back. Everybody knows that we have the best science. We discovered all the good stuff years ago. If not, who needs "experts" anyway? Look at the mess they got us into. Pol Pot had the right idea.
  5. Virtually everything works as a weight loss programme BTW, assuming you stick to it. I did the keto thing for a year and lost about 50lb. The problem with all of it is that it doesn't train you for life when you reach your target weight and want to start eating normally again. You just put the weight back on. Also, Herbalife and it's products are an absolute classic scam of the type that should be illegal, so don't do that. Seven levels down from the guy at the top and everyone in the entire world would have to be a Herbalife seller for newbies not to lose money. Even these guys worked that out years ago.
  6. Dunno, let's find out. @steve55
  7. Apologies for the schadenfreude, but I really hope it's the first one. Who gives a toss. He doesn't get to decide. He'd have been as well saying, "actually, it's pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove". It's bigger than ever, and worldwide. (in case anyone's keeping score, yes, John Oliver is my only source of news)
  8. That's basically the story of the Labour Party in opposition for the past twelve years. They're only ever going to get back into power by default.
  9. I think that was right around the time of the whole "Cash 4 Gold" advert boom too. Madness. The man's a c**t, but there's always room for Jello.
  10. It is strange how shagging underage girls is overlooked with some people. I guess it comes down to how well liked they were in other areas of their life. I also get the impression that some people, men and women, don't think that statutory rape is a big deal once a kid's entered puberty.
  11. Clearly the Yanks have nicked it all already. It's the only explanation.
  12. BFTD

    Fallout 4

    Mod for Fallout 4. I think I officially had enough of stereotyped London stuff after the Kingsmen films, so I can see this being like nails down a chalkboard for me. Looks like it's an impressive piece of work though, especially for people contributing in their spare time.
  13. We're at the point now where I looked at the thread title, saw the poster, and immediately figured, "well, one thing's for sure - Uganda definitely haven't discovered $12 trillion in gold". Remember that weird period when the nation seemingly forgot that gold was valuable?
  14. So that'll be two shit remakes of Father of the Bride. I've never seen the Spencer Tracy film - anyone know if we can make it a hat trick?
  15. At this point, a bigger stumbling block than suitable stadia must surely be transport links for 48 nations' supporters, plus all the other people in the country for the tournament.
  16. Yeah. That's three former solo hosts. I wonder how Paraguay got involved. Be interesting to see how they divvy up the matches past the group stage.
  17. It's a wid not from me, I'm afraid. One's young enough to be my daughter, and I'm not quite old enough to be chasing grannies yet. To save time, I've no doubt that I could spend some time compiling a list of attractive trans ladies who'd be delighted to knock me back. Sadly, @sjc is no longer here to help, God rest his soul.
  18. Michael Bolton once auditioned to be the new singer for Black Sabbath.
  19. Which one? And how desperate is she that you're polling strangers on her behalf? It's not sounding good for her TBH.
  20. Prepare yourself for when he gets older. My son loved the Minions when the films first started coming out, but he's a teenager now and they're just a mindless capitalist cash-grab for idiots, maaaaaan. Bit shit, as I'd quite like to go see it, but I don't fancy being glared at by mothers for turning up on my own to a film for young children. Especially as I know to keep my pants on now.
  21. How tall are you, Bert? Just curious as I'm big, and know a lassie who's just over four foot tall. I used to feel an irresistible urge to tuck her under my arm to save time when walking.
  22. I like her schtick about how affordable housing is so much nicer since we sold them off to people with the money to spend on them. Hate the poor; need them to clean my toilet for buttons. It's such a dilemma.
  23. In the US? I thought they still did? There were lots of very clever people who did their own research posting videos of themselves accusing census takers of being murderers and spies for the deep state. I believe one of them even ate a census taker's liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. Edit: I was just about to link to John Oliver again, but I already did!
  24. First time I met someone from the southwest of the US, I referred to them as "jal-la-PEEN-ohs", which marked me down as a dribbling simpleton for life. I got my revenge on a tour of the Trossachs. Dry Men, indeed
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