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  1. Aye, they're very slightly cheaper when you buy them on the card backings. Tesco also do them with the tin attached and an extra two packs of stickers for £9.99; also slightly cheaper than getting the individual packets, and you get a wee tin, which I'd imagine will come in handy for the smokers among us.
  2. Bollocks, yes, sorry! Totally forgot to say something, thanks very much. Best of luck in League One; that looks like the toughest race I can remember in that league. Hopefully yourselves and Cove will have fucked off by the time we arrive You'll probably need another box, unfortunately. I'm on about 370, and it's mostly duplicates I'm getting already. I'll have enough to make it worth trading soon. @paul-r-cfc - yours came too, thanks. Hopefully the ones I've sent have arrived by now too.
  3. On the other side, I love the folk who ask for free delivery on Freecycle items. Usually completely incredulous that anyone would consider that unreasonable.
  4. Yep, probably just an example of seeing what I wanted to see. Still very depressing.
  5. It's been obvious that's the important issue for a wee group in the SNP for some time, but I'm surprised at Salmond...not for the first time. But then, none of us know these people, and nobody should be surprised at what politicians do.
  6. Funny you've avoided declaring that until now. I mean, we all guessed, but you don't like to assume.
  7. Nasal trimmer. I knew a guy who let it grow and combed it into his moustache, and when you were talking to him, all you could think about were the crusty bogeys peeking out at you. Don't be that guy. My nightmare is that I get the wild inner ear hair that some auld yins get. I don't think anyone ever sits you down and says it's time to shave your ears, and would you notice on your own?
  8. I never said I'd asked you, although I may have. It's been asked on here so often that it's becoming a meme. Crickets from you until now. The bit in bold is especially hilarious today, as Alba whip off the mask and demonstrate their main complaint with the SNP is that they refuse to get wired into the hated minority. Oh, I think we'd all really like to see you elaborate on this sentiment. Oh, probably. I was just thinking of the one who shitposted entire pages of links to stories about Trans people doing bad things whenever they were mentioned. I'm inclined to blame Peppo, but that's true of everything. I'm not sure what's worse; the idea that they would spent their time furiously Googling "evil tranny perverts" whenever the subject came up, or kept a file of links saved for such occasions.
  9. Godzilla v Kong (torrent) - the best film you'll see this year in which a giant monkey delivers an absolute haymaker to the fizzog of an enormous lizard. Sorry folks, but I really liked this. The four films in this series all have a different feel, and this one is a ripsnorting action-adventure to another world that refreshingly does exactly what it says on the tin. I wish I didn't know what the surprise was before going in, but it makes for a lovely finale, and the whole thing looks absolutely stunning - I especially appreciated that the combatants still move a bit like a couple of lads in rubber suits, while benefiting from modern CG. There are a lot of macguffins, characters magically knowing everything that's going on as soon as they walk into a room, and other incredible stretches of credulity, but I was happy to go along with it because it was just generally good times in funsville, and I'll definitely be catching it again when the cinemas reopen. A series of movies that don't achieve greatness, but are perfectly happy to set up camp in the 'Good' section. See the original or Shin Godzilla if you need more from your angry monsters.
  10. Ken Russell was one of the thirstiest directors I've ever been exposed to, and that includes porn, where I get the impression that they get any sense of sexual desire beaten out of them pretty quickly. Needless to say, I'm a big fan. Altered States and The Devils are all-time classic films. I'd recommend not bothering with Whore, but there's a whole smorgasbord of deviant, wildly excessive, absolute batshit insanity that he made in-between. As a fan of Amanda Donohoe on LA Law, it was a delight to discover her work with the crazy old letch
  11. ...aaaand there it is. The folk who spent the Eighties trying to equate homosexuality with rape and paedophilia are still with us; they just got fed up being told to GTF by everyone else. Now that they've found a new subset to lie about, and it's the exactly self-same schtick that's being pedalled. Thought so at the time, but the lad who used to love posting on here about individual cases of Trans people being sexual deviants would absolutely have been doing the same thing about "the queers" thirty years ago, and will find another set of not-normals to libel in the same way once society has moved on from this bullshit.
  12. Whoever you aren't, you brainless moron. BAAAA!
  13. There have been a few threads over the years; there might be one already there that can be Necro'd. It's a difficult topic to find the correct place for. There are a few good websites for trading stickers - I was briefly an admin at swapstick.com, but I haven't used it in years. It looks the same though, and I made hundreds of trades through it, back when I had more money for this stuff! It's not worth bothering with eBay for the Euros stickers just now, as people are buying random assortments of spares for more than they'd pay if they bought them direct from Panini I'll be putting up my Euro 2020 swaps soon, as I've just hit the halfway point after some recent good fortune in getting hold of some cheap packets
  14. It'll disappear after the first time the ball ricochets back into play off the frame/keeper, and the entire wall are unable to react because they've cack-handedly tripped over the draught excluder lying behind them. Fully expecting this to happen during the Euros at some point. Speaking of set-piece gimmicks, the 1994 World Cup was particularly bad for direct free-kicks, with every team battering the ball straight into the wall or high and wide. Romania (I think) caused mass confusion by adopting the revolutionary tactic of passing the ball to an unmarked player to the side of the wall
  15. Well, when you put it like that...
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