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  1. Be interesting to know which of them are on a promise from Big Data.
  2. A few years from now, imagine turning up at a new job to discover that former branch manager DRoss will be your manager. You'd surely leave before he had you written up for using too many paperclips.
  3. Honestly, when was the last time a poll was announced where the Lib Dem share of the vote didn't drop? Yet somehow they haven't fallen into negative figures or been relegated. Baffling.
  4. I hope they both remember to curtsy and bow in the presence of the great man.
  5. No surprise there at all, but I'm curious to know what this gains them, other than being seen to be different from the EU just for the hell of it. The replacement will obviously make business less liable for breaches in cybersecurity, but by how much. Without fear of consequence, will Div once again be able to keep all our PayPal details in a plaintext Notepad file on a server with a password of "morten"?
  6. Yep, I'll do this too. Looking forward to drawing 2018 winner Harry Kane before England go out in the group stage without scoring. Hopefully @Div can come up with something special for the draw. Maybe persuade Cowan & Cosgrove to swirl the balls live on air?
  7. Clarke getting an extension seems like a brilliant piece of business now, but the timing was terrible and just seemed like the SFA wanted to keep on a guy they liked which, in all honesty, was probably the case. They're getting no credit for Clarke being a secret warlock with magical Nations League powers. Anyway, he still not resigned yet? Fucking brass neck on that c**t, honestly.
  8. I've had a fiver just dying to be thrown away since last year. Count me in! Switzerland appear to be halfway decent now, so I won't get them. Was it me that got North Macedonia last time?
  9. Surprised they've backed down on some of this. It doesn't seem to be a traditional arse biscuit floatation, used to make the inevitable "compromise" smell less turdy, as it's made Truss and Kwarteng look fucking clueless from the off, devoid of spine, and won't have stopped many people thinking they're the kind of people who'd sell your baby for the value of the precious metals in their body. The only conclusion to come to is that they genuinely didn't bother to find out if the important people (their party; not us, of course) would back them, which would make them even more hopeless than anticipated. Unless this all really was purely a scam to make a bundle for Kwasi's mates, which...yeah, it was that, wasn't it?
  10. Someone give me a shout when the hardback albums are available again Panini appear to have massively underestimated demand for the UK edition.
  11. If that one didn't tickle your fancy, I'd give the sequels a miss. It's all downhill from there.
  12. How old are these MK Ultra boys if they've been communicating telepathically since the Sixties? TBH, I've heard worse film ideas than a group of geriatric telepath assassins getting revenge on the government by forcing it to lie about the mass shootings they're committing.
  13. The last bit does. Cops clearly heard there was a mass shooting going on and decided to retire to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for it all to blow over. That seems to be standard procedure at school shootings, at least. Also, I dunno if security's changed any in the past twenty years, but I'm pretty sure I could've brought 23 firearms to my hotel room in Vegas without difficulty. Are you thinking that the CIA Manchuria'd all his candidates and something went wrong?
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