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  1. You'd think that the son of God might have conjured one up after a few splinters.
  2. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (cinema) - reboot of the movie series based on the video games. A quiet company town is on the verge of closure as the corporation closes its facilities, only for a top-secret biological weapon to find its way out of their labs. Pretty bog standard zombie flick, of the kind you'd expect to see on a streaming service (or straight-to-video back in the day). It's more faithful to the games than the original attempt, working through elements from RE1 & 2, but the original was probably more entertaining. This one's a bit slow, and people who aren't familiar with the "story" (what little there is) and the characters would probably be a bit bored, although genre fans might still find it passable. As a fan of the first three games twenty years ago, I thought it was OK. Random thoughts: they decided to have the film take place in the late Nineties, and are weirdly keen to remind you that's where it's taking place, with a random assortment of "hey, remember this Nineties classic?" tunes thrown in, and oddities like a character playing Snake on their shitty old Nokia phone. Have we arrived at the point where 1998 is about to experience a retro revival? Also, this is one of those films where you get regular captions to remind you of the time, which doesn't always work out so well. At one point, we cut away from two characters urgently heading off to a nearby room, and cut back to them entering it after half an hour has supposedly passed. They also used the John Carpenter typeface throughout, which is a cute touch, but also blasphemy. Edit: forgot a monologue where a character essentially reels off a list of "things to do in 1998", including going to Blockbuster to rent a video. Very odd how keen they were to hammer home the time period considering the film could easily have taken place in present day without changing anything.
  3. UDI and now anal sex. Nice to see you branching out in your interests, Kenneth.
  4. Clyde 1 Peterhead 1 Cove Rangers 2 Dumbarton 0 East Fife 1 Alloa Athletic 2 Queen's Park 1 Falkirk 2
  5. Thank God we're past the days where the lad punting pirate videos at your local market was secretly raising funds for Al Qaida.
  6. There's a Yo' Mama joke in all this "sitting around the house" stuff.
  7. Having already gone through my teenage edgelord phase, tracking down true crime footage from cases like this, you couldn't pay me enough money to watch/listen to anything to do with this. That shit stays with you, even a quarter of a century later. Just reading about what the kid said is traumatising. Read a court transcript once of an animal abuse trial where some scumbags tortured a cat to death and walked away scot-free. At one point the video they made was played in court and narrated by the prosecutor; never forget him regularly punctuating his commentary with the phrase, "the cat is still alive"
  8. Oh, and a new bikini for the swimwear round.
  9. Ha! Now you know better. I'm fairly ignorant on this, only going by what I've picked up in passing, but even a quick search for "blockchain energy consumption" is full of hits for articles claiming absolutely monstrous power usage. I'll need to read up on it more, and it doesn't make you wrong, but you're literally the first person I've seen claiming otherwise. Also, which YouTube videos? Asking for a mate.
  10. Imagine being in jail and finding out your child had been tortured to death. Imagine being the grandparents, locked out and essentially told by the authorities that nothing was wrong and to mind your own business. The kid probably died thinking his whole family had abandoned him. The stepmother's an obvious monster, but all the father had to do was admit that he didn't want the child and allow him to be cared for by someone who appreciated him.
  11. I just can't imagine what goes through the minds of people who do things like this. People do all sorts of awful things and perform mental backflips to justify it to themselves, but occasionally you get these cases of sadists who cause unimaginable pain just for the sheer joy of it. I can't get into that headspace. There would've been people living on that street who would've loved and protected that kid. It's unbearable to think about.
  12. It's been coming for a lot longer than Trump's term, though. Bit bizarre that this will be one of his big legacy achievements, considering that there's no way he gives a single solitary f**k about abortion. It's just another thing he used to galvanise support.
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