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  1. I think that probably conjures up different mental images in the era of breath play.
  2. Someone mentioned a while back that, even though it's the standard visual for a save function in an application, we've reached a point where younger folk won't actually know what one of these is:
  3. Define "something else". Looks like there are lots of guides to reusing them as external monitors, if that's what you had in mind?
  4. We always end up at this point.
  5. I'm taking this as my new smackdown for any statement I wish to refute. "There's no way anyone genuinely believes the Earth is flat" "Well, clearly you never went to school in Fife in the late 1970s"
  6. It's "earnings", apparently. I wonder what DRoss would get out of bed to do for Aberdeen in exchange for £200. What do you bet the excuse would be that £200 is such pocket change that no corruption could possibly have taken place.
  7. You not noticed this until now? It's really taken off in the last few months, but the fascists have been desperately accusing everyone else of wanting to f**k kids for most of my lifetime. Gay people were the main target until fairly recently, but they seem to have realised they're stuck with the gays for the time being, and some can actually be usefully fash themselves.
  8. I've no respect for WWI whatsoever - it killed millions and sounds like it was bloody awful.
  9. Well, I think it's pretty safe to say that the £35,000 my SNP MP took from News Corp wasn't due to the Murdoch's love of Scottish independence. £200 will be his going rate for maintaining an even-handed level of shitness while running the line.
  10. "I voted WW1 for Scottish Independence" is worse than Granny Danger voting Brexit for the same reason!
  11. Yes to the Great War? You absolute monster!
  12. The worst part isn't the corruption, it's how cheaply they can be bought. Like finding out your missus has been cheating on you with the Greenock Catman. Incognito mode.
  13. How on Earth are these unpopular opinions? Even the Sex Pistols secretly loved ABBA, and Dirty Dancing is old-school Hollywood propaganda to lure tween girls into thinking predatory older men are cool, like Twilight.
  14. About £35,000 in gifts and donations from News Corp. Wonder what that buys you these days? Wasn't Neil Hamilton's going rate £2,000 for a question asked in parliament?
  15. Properly spectacular cock-ups. Shanked volleys into your own net from the edge of the penalty area. Hammering the crossbar from six yards with an open goal and time to write a short romance novel. Turning away to take the crowd's applause, only for your gentle pass into the net to get stuck in the mud on the goal line. You know; the stuff they made endless VHS compilations of in the Eighties and Nineties. So long as it's the opposition doing it, obviously.
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