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  1. If probably isn't TBF. Cultivated eccentricity like Boris, who's notorious for ruffling his hair up whenever he's about to appear on camera, and The Donald's inexplicable comedy multi-wave combover double-bluff. Quite how the right-wing grifters twigged that bizarre scruffy barnets increase popularity...well, f**k knows.
  2. Clearly building a floating city in the clouds was the answer. Then use it to reign fire down from above on our enemies (Greenock).
  3. I believe Dotty Pees is a common complaint that GPs hear about from middle-aged women.
  4. Mind when it was all the rage to nick badges from posh cars? We had the polis out lecturing us in assembly about that multiple times. Panning windaes in on your own scheme = OK Taking something minor & unimportant from a wealthy suburb = srs bsnss
  5. I could be incredibly naive here, but I get the impression that these young folks nowadays are a lot nicer to each other than when I was a kid. Not that there won't be bullying and nastiness that goes on but, from what I've seen, they generally seem to treat each other better, and take a lot of the anti-bullying stuff to heart. Plus, I haven't seen any kids torturing small animals in the past twenty years, and that was disturbingly common where I grew up.
  6. Stirling was the nearest town to the wee village in the Trossachs that most of my mum's family grew up in. I spent a lot of time there as a wean, and loved the place. Still do, if I'm honest. I've no idea what dirty outsiders would make of it, although everyone seems to think it's a very pretty place, and there's plenty to explore for people who like history. Also, incredibly, still the home of the infamous Fubar, and they tell me it's still a good town to get utterly stocious in. Obviously not a patch on Alloa, but what can you do.
  7. Their founder put on a cracking show to celebrate the opening of his flagship store, but.
  8. Stirling's not a city either, and it's one of my favourite places in Scotland. Had to lasso the population of the surrounding villages across to the Trossachs to appear more impressive. Dunfermline was the obvious choice, and will have been chosen for historical reasons, just like Colchester. Other than the town city councillors dining out on their new status, f**k knows what difference it'll make to them.
  9. The answer to the question, "we're a bit short of cash and talent; any ideas for bringing in some quick and easy money?"
  10. That's true, and I'm right there with you, but shush because I was hoping to switch to an electricity-based pun marathon.
  11. What's wrong with that? Everyone remembers those titans of retail Frank Winfield Woolworth, William Morrison, Rutherford Tesco, and Franz "Spanky" Asdaar.
  12. Aye, it'll be a good bit higher than your current rate.
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