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  1. Some pish getting aired on this thread . I really feel sorry for the fans that have travelled down but we've all had this before. It's an absolute horrendous day here in alloa and it's pished rain for 24 hours solid . It's horizontal just now at 4pm. If the game had started it wouldn't have finished. I We've had injuries all season so just half that conspiracy right now .
  2. After an indifferent start to the season , last night proved that we can still mix it with the best in this division when we play our football. No failures from any alloa players last night . Herrington and Flannigan were head and shoulders above their United counterparts in the middle of the park. A great night for us and well done to the players and management team. In terms of United , the only change obviously from last season is a class striker added who will probably score the goals to win the title. Shankland is a terrific player and if he stays fit will bag himself 40 goals this season. a great night's entertainment. Friday football a thumbs up from me however probably the result that's coloured my view.
  3. Brilliant result in Saturday well done alloa . Needed that .
  4. The worst we have played at the recs since Albion Rovers battered us in September 2017 . The shape of the team just isn't right and the players who played out from the back comfortably last season are struggling. Woeful today and Arbroath well worth their win. Herrington should have been off at half time as he was a red card waiting today just a matter of time when . As I said , the worst we have been in 2 years easily .
  5. For those of us old enough, it's unbelievable to think that it's 20 years ago this autumn that we won the challenge cup. A truly brilliant campaign and final. A magnificent achievement especially given how good that Inverness team were. It would be nice to see the club honour the hero's of 1999. One of my best days at the football in 44 years supporting alloa and luckily there have been many. Great memories of the whole tournament including an injury ravaged alloa coming back to beat Stirling at forthbank in the semi final.
  6. I noticed hearts had to come from behind against a much weaker opponent a few divisions below them also last night in the pre season cup. Games are unpredictable this time of the season. Players are just trying to get fit and managers are trying out new systems . I noticed jim Goodwin is under pressure already unbelievable really. I think we need to chill and this is a fine thing coming from me . Very early days. We know what these players are capable of but we also know we need strengthening to replace last season's star turns . Mon alloa
  7. The narrow pitch suited them . Perhaps the solution will be to widen the pitch but not to the width it was before . It definitely doesn't suit our midfield men and Our full backs . Seen It last season where dross like falkirk and others could come and defend and beat us of the set plays . We need at least 4 players in and we are missing the star turns that the loans brought us last season. The goalkeeper just won't so I'm afraid 😨 also. It's pre season Ffs and some really need to calm down. The manger is working things out and the players are building up fitness in these games. We have some terrific footballers in our team and in truth we should have had the game won before half time . I was impressed with Dylan Mackin when he was with us but he has certainly found the road to greigs since he's left .He looks well over weight. Get the head down and get it back big man you can still do something. Mon alloa
  8. I'm just back from dunkeld for the weekend and they certainly weren't £6 up there. Very high quality though 😜 recommended
  9. Try going to the cinema,round of golf or a concert and then come back and say £18 to get into a game involving a championship team is over priced...everything is expensive these days . You will strugg!e to get 2 fish suppers for the price of admissions to the Recs FFs.. The season ticket is an outstanding piece of value . People seem to like to moan on this . As I said , everything is expensive now
  10. Think it's pathetic people not coming back . An absolute embarrassment. Our club is well run punching well above its weight and has a brilliant track record of appointments who move on to better things. Certainly many of the negative comments on the arsebook were from people who are never near the recs anymore but experts on football.
  11. Good luck Peter and welcome to Alloa Just glad we have appointed a manager at a crucial time of the season . I suspect he has many contacts and is well experienced as a coach. We never go down the predictable route and it seems to work for us. Mike had not made many bad appointments in his time and he has to be trusted . Mon alloa
  12. Some good players playing for the French team. The right back was a tough customer but excellent. We had a trialist centre half in the second half who was French and the guy must have been 7 foot tall. Boy was very quick and good on the ball. Certainly worth another look . Never seen much in the other trialists we had but some of the French guys looked the part especially the right winger who looked like ribery at Bayern Munich. Very direct. The game ended 3-1 to the visitors. Some tough tackling Though.
  13. I am looking forward to a Friday night fixture at home . I always thought that it was worth exploring in our town particularly with the obsession with the old firm teams in alloa . It may put a few more on the gate you never know .
  14. The Guy in the opposing dug out on Saturday should surely be a contender. He and his team have worked a miracle whilst at Albion Rivers last season. They were doomed for the drop before he went there. His outfit looked fit and organised on Saturday also. Just saying likes.
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