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  1. The last player to graduate from the youth system and play more than 20 games for us was John Grant back in 2004 . The good players get cherry picked away of they are good enough. We lost a real good prospect to Dundee last season on a full time deal . Age 16 and never been involved in our first team . We simply cannot compete when the full time deals are on offer. Been saying this for years that we are far better placed securing guys that have not made the grade at the very top level freed by the big teams then give them a chance to rebuild their careers with us . Paul Hartley was excellent at this and guys like Bain, Doyle , Cawley , Holmes , McCord, Marr did precisely this. Focussing on a reserve team as opposed to youths will give players a platform to re build. Furthermore the best two strikers in the division were both rejected by top level teams early in their careers. Shankland was binned at Aberdeen and Dobbie did not make the grade at Rangers . Both are fantastic players. This view certainly had never been popular but I recall watching a reserve alloa team in the early 1990s and it produced terrific players such as Paul Sheerin (rejected at celtic) , Shaun Smith , Neil mcavoy, Barrie Moffatt (rejected by rangers ) who were excellent alloa players . SHeerin went to Southampton for £60,000 and had a sterling career in football. The last great player to come through was of course Martin Cameron before the reserve team folded . This was a more potent model than we have witnessed for the last 15 years . I am encouraged by the reintroduction of the reserve team. Paul Hartley was keen to do this .
  2. I think the worst 2 teams i seen this season were Falkirk and then Dunfermline . Does anyone else agree? Dunfermline dodged a bullet missing the play offs
  3. Let's hope they return the pitch to its normal size. I am of the view that the narrow pitch cost us many points last season. Teams like falkirk and dunfermline came and stunk the place out and we struggled to break them down. Whereas on a larger pitch there would have been no hiding place for them. We matched many teams last year in terms of the football and passed the ball well. We shouldn't dear returning to the bigger pitch. Our away from is evidence to this point.
  4. Great player terrific signing. We missed an experienced forward . A player who can drop into midfield also. His fitness was never in question as he looks after himself .
  5. I thought we would have kept him as he never let us down when he played . Solid
  6. The second job jim has knocked back this summer so far btw. The other team is also in the championship and they moved quickly to appoint a former manager
  7. I was there . It was Willie Gardner who took us to a 6th place finish as Alex Totten had left for Falkirk in November 1982. Gardner took over and seen out what was a terrific season . The following year was a struggle after some sparkling pre season performances .Frankie Cole was added from Sauchie and Drew Paterson had made his comeback after a career threatening fractured skull injury . The team were missing the injured Brian Purdie who had broken his leg at the tail end of the previous campaign and missed his leadership skills. We were relegated in 1983-84 but Willie Gardner as left to go to Aberdeen as Alex Ferguson's assistant in the January of 1984. He was replaced by Jimmy Thompson who was a terrific Alloa manager and took us back up the following season. A great alloa team and great period . Some terrific players.
  8. I heard that also from a usually reliable source
  9. This was all about the cash from what I hear. Forfar offered him more money and now that he's back working as a plumber he decided to take it. Disappointing as he's a proven quality player for us.
  10. Young Sam Roscoe was excellent and got better as the season progressed playing beside a terrific player and professional Andy Graham . A great penalty box defender . A different player from McKenna and not as aggressive but he demonstrated intelligent reading of the game and his positional play was immense. A player who has a great future but probably not ready for a first team berth at this point though. McKenna was the same with us , terrific but needed games at senior level to get ready . Young Liam Lindsay also when he was with us. Both have progressed and both will be Scotland mainstays in the future .
  11. What Goodwin has achieved has been outstanding and he has had the best season in terms of the managers in the division. McCall has been excellent at Ayr also and so has Robertson at Inverness.
  12. I thought Donaldson at Inverness would have been included. I have been impressed with him the times i have seen him. well done Andy Graham he was magnificent for us this year . Neil Parry could have been in also . Shankland and Dobbie were terrific this season
  13. Jarvis will do yous next season in Leauge 1
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