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  1. Har Mar Superstar never really had that much of a hold on himself in the first place tbf. I salute the boy in that photo; the number of fucks given is less than or equal to zero.
  2. They're funny nipples, like. Maybe all the rage in the Middle East which is why she commands a $230k fee, but not my cup of tea.
  3. To my mind it would be absolutely within reason that they should resign, and immediately. Not only are they primarily concerned with the governance and good order of the sport in Scotland, they also officiated over the events that allowed the zombie offspring of a failed club, a reformed clumpany, access to the fourth tier of a semi-professional setup. They have allowed directors of the company that participated in a tax fraud of extraordinary scale, thereby gaining a financial advantage over all other clubs in that setup, to return to the same role in the new entity, almost without any scrutiny at all. They also know - as do we all - that Rangers are living beyond their means yet again, and the SFA have endorsed their thankfully brief visit to Europe this year despite not fulfilling several of the basic fiduciary and corporate criteria for entry to that competition. It's just so corrupt it isn't funny. At best, Regan and the Cockwomble have been negligent in their professional duty to the organisation that employs them. At worst, and with special reference to Regan, they have allegedly been complicit in undermining the spirit of fair play and ethical practice in Scottish football. They should absolutely resign. Agreed, they probably won't, but without question it should happen. I can only imagine what Turnbull Hutton would have to say about this - that would be well and truly popcorn-worthy stuff.
  4. Stop getting so wound up about things you read on internet forums and do something more productive with your time Supras.
  5. For the record Supras, I don't think you backtracked at all. You were wrong to begin with and you're still wrong now. The examples you have produced demonstrate that idiots can be idiots, which most people knew all along. To suggest they're representative of national racism is misleading at best. For example, I have experienced far, far worse racism in Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow than I have in over a decade of living in Australia and, while that is my personal experience, it would suggest to me that it is more representative than your evidential selections. There's no doubt that there are racist elements in society here - to deny as such is absolutely erroneous - but the extent to which it is held elsewhere to be a national past-time is outdated, hackeneyed and broadly incorrect. That you used as initial justification the settlement of Australia (1788) and the stolen generations (early to mid-twentieth century) suggests your data might be weak in supporting the present national position.
  6. Well, so long as you're sure that's fine. For example, it's easy not to get wound up by sweeping generalisations such as the above. Your application of legacies of wrongdoing to present generations demonstrate a complete lack of understanding in what you're desperately trying to appear knowledgeable about (Australians don't just use the Aboriginal names; they just are the aboriginal names). In summary, I've always found it difficult to get antagonised by the ignorant and this is no exception.
  7. Not convinced that responding in kind constitutes being 'wound up', more an effort to correct a pretty blatant misconception. But given while typing that I was additionally copy-editing my bucolic socialist manifesto, I consider my time well spent.
  8. While of course you're entitled to your opinion of 'slow-witted Australians', it is worth noting that many of the place names to which you refer are probably named so due to their indigenous heritage. Indeed, while places like Wagga Wagga and Ulladulla may sound like 'baby talk' to the uninitiated, it's worth bearing in mind they weren't generally imposed by the British colonial powers that settled the interior and are therefore unrelated to the modern society you've decided to criticise. But given the general tone of your post belies your incredible intellect and advanced cultural knowledge it's fairly difficult to see how serious you are trying to be. As to the original post, as plainly irritating as the dungaree-confused muppet is, it's all the more worrying to see how wound up other people get by something that doesn't materially affect them. But again, I suppose that's what social-media obsessed dullards fill their time with these days, rather than actually do something productive with their time.
  9. Ian Wright John Terry Chris Sutton (obviously) Mark Hately Jonathan Woodgate
  10. Radiohead - The Bends Bob Dylan - Blood on The Tracks Otis Redding - Otis Blue Johnny Cash - American Recordings I Beck - Sea Change
  11. Slide show Turn Luv My Eyes The Fear
  12. ...which is precisely why Kilmarnock is far from the worst town in Scotland. Cumbernauld is woeful, Johnstone too. Can't actually believe someone had a pop at Kirkwall when there are places like Fraserburgh and f*cking Larkhall to 'visit'. Actually, special mention for Larkhall; culturally decrepit and an absolute jakepit, it absolutely needs razing.
  13. These tales of Buckie-launching are incredibly unlikely if only due to the minute possibility that a Rangers fan would heave a container of their precious ned-juice, even when empty. The BRALT has once again descended into a cesspit of Celtic/Sevco whataboutery - hopefully something of actual substance occurs soon so it can emerge to entertain once more.
  14. Na thanks. Would involve me reading the output of someone as thoroughly deluded as yourself so I'll pass all the same.
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