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  1. I would rather re-paint a door and watch it dry first.
  2. Vale v Gretna OFF Part of the pitch is waterlogged.
  3. I failed my 'O' Grade French at school then a few years later worked in France for a year. During that time I stayed with a French family who couldn't speak English now I am fairly fluent in French. I did the same as the OP by listening to language courses in the car to pass the time. Now I can hold a conversation in Italian, have a good working knowledge of German and I can speak some 'tourist' Spanish and Portuguese. I found learning the language in the car a really good way to pass the time as well as learning a useful skill.
  4. Now now some people collect stamps, train numbers, football programmes, fly model planes, walk up as many Munros as possible, collect Doctor Who memorabilia, collect pictures of trucks and buses (someone sent me a picture of our team coach on our way Stirling thinking that I might be interested), go to munitions factory exhibitions etc etc. We may think all of the above is odd but each to their own. The ground hoppers are putting much needed funds in some of our clubs coffers as well some publicity to our league. There is the added bonus of annoying Newky (only kidding).
  5. You can bring Bo'ness with you if you want. They can't be too far away from from satisfying the license criteria given the level of support and recent success that they have had. I read that they were a bit annoyed with the SJFA earlier this season so it shouldn't be too much of a wrench to leave them. Would this be more palatable to the fans if the two of you jumped ship at the same time.
  6. Will the attitude at Linlithgow change is the license is revoked due to non participation in the pyramid system? The finances will take some hit then.
  7. Oh Gopher please tell me that the topic title was deliberate. Brilliant or a great Freudian slip.
  8. Please point out my junior senior sectarianism comments. My definition of sectarianism must differ somewhat from yours. I don't answer hard questions.
  9. No pretending on my part. In the last month or so have read posts from fans Linlithgow, Bo'ness, Clydebank and some other teams expressing dissatisfaction with the junior system and perhaps its time to move on. I did say that there is a shift in opinion not wholesale revolution. Please point out my junior senior sectarianism comments. My definition of sectarianism must differ somewhat from yours.
  10. Ehh who brought it up?
  11. There are at least a couple of threads on the pyramid system on the junior forum. I get a feeling that there is a shift of opinion from supporters of the bigger junior clubs. Ninety percent of junior clubs would not notice a difference if they were in the SFA pyramid system. They are already in their own junior version. An integrated system would mean that clubs could progress if they have the ability and inclination to do so. The junior system is dying on its feet and a lot of people are recognising the fact. Look at East Kilbride, rather than join the junior road to 'success', they chose to join the Lowland League and now they wouldn't look out of place in the Western junior super league. If they had joined the district junior leagues, how long would it have taken to get where they are now? Ambitious amateur clubs are also recognising this and where in the past they would have turned junior, they are now turning senior as they recognise that the juniors are a dead end. It is time the junior clubs to take control of their own destinies and join the progressive system. It is not up to the SFA to dictate matters but the clubs themselves. I can just image the hue and cry if the SFA said tomorrow that they are withdrawing all support (refs, player registrations, etc) tomorrow. The SJFA can in the most part stay as it is (with integration of the East and South Leagues) and as I said, ninety percent of the clubs wouldn't notice any difference. No doubt I will be accused of tribalism or sectarianism.
  12. I saw Edusport earlier this season in their cup final win against St. Cuthbert's on the 3G at Lockerbie. They were a very skilful and their superior fitness showed in the end when they over powered Saints. However I think Whitehill will be too powerful for them as they were a very slightly built team. Whitehill have too many experienced players who will be able to bully dominate the young team. Be prepared for a lot more than just Sir Peter shouting a lot in French.
  13. The way it works in the Lowland League is that we have dedicated league weekends and perhaps one weekend out of four is given to the various cup competitions. A few league fixtures are held back at the beginning of the season (most fixtures are published for the year) to give some flexibility where teams have been knocked out of their various cup competitions. This weekend is cup weekend for the Lowland League. However as ourselves and Selkirk were knocked out in the previous round we can fit in the league match that was frozen off a few weeks back. This means that we can plan ahead with a certain degree of confidence (weather dependant). It worked a treat last season and seems to be working well again this year
  14. Excellent coverage. Well done. I am obviously needing new contact lenses. I didn't see the camera man either.
  15. There is no proof that Talbot would beat Edinburgh most of the time. Your original point was that it was obvious that the top juniors are better than the Lowland League teams. I pointed out that this is not the case. Talbot would and have won easily against our bottom club but so have the top Lowland League teams won easily against the bottom Lowland League clubs. The whole point of the Lowland league is to give a place for a relegated SPFL team to go and possibly supply a club to replace them. Talbot do not want to play in the SPFL or even in a league that covers the lesser geographical area of the Lowland League. So even if the only criteria for playing in the league was how good the team is, they still wouldn't want to join. The argument is pointless.
  16. Just a reminder Edinburgh City v Auchinleck
  17. Err no. What makes you think that?
  18. I have the email address of our fixture secretary if you wish The Lowland league have the same problems with the weather and priority cup competitions. Although with the majority of the clubs having floodlights the fixture pile up is a lot less.
  19. But we didn't and managed it as did East Kilbride. Lots of junior clubs are in a better position than us when we started out on the road to licencing. Exactly what is missing from the average super-league ground and costs so much money that the clubs are excluded from getting a license?
  20. 31st March 2015 Your secretary can download an application form from the club extranet.
  21. No offence taken with the ", As far I know there is no planned requirement for floodlights at Lowland League level. It remains to be seen what would happen if a team wins the league and playoffs and is unable to take promotion due to not having floodlights as it is a requirement for the SPFL. It is a condition of entry to the Lowland League that you cannot refuse promotion. I believe Alloa had a set for sale recently.
  22. Sorry you don't remember correctly. We had no funding from any source in order to get our license by being a senior (no " " needed) club. All the extra expenditure needed to jump through the license hoops had to be budgeted from our normal fund raising activities. You don't need a youth set up to get an entry level license as we didn't have any youth teams when we got ours awarded. We now have a youth set up partly funded through funding available to everybody (Peoples Millions).
  23. I have never once made a complaint about the time wasting antics of your ball boy. I didn't notice him yesterday nor the last time. It was a neutral who said something about a group of Gretna fans having a go at him. I never saw the incident and I have made no comment on the subject (until now). Newky 100% correct. You couldn't make it up. Laughable that someone is having a go at me for not apologising to a ball boy for not noticing him at a match. Unreal!!!
  24. The AGM was last month. You could have aired all you grievances out then. You would have got an answer there and then to all your concerns in front of all the other members who attended. Although you couldn't have hidden behind an old trumpet player's nickname.
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