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  1. The top juniors have made it perfectly clear that they do not want join the Lowland League but continually snipe away. All they want is to be a part of a shambolic organisation that they see themselves as the true bastions of grass roots football in the country. This is far from the truth as teams with true community links are applying to join our league. The juniors seem to think that the pyramid will not work because they are not part of it. They are delusional as the League is growing from strength to strength with increased media coverage and sponsorship. As far as fans are concerned, yes there are a handful of junior clubs with average gates of three figures but they are a tiny minority of all junior clubs. East Kilbride, an amateur club with no fans a couple of years ago, probably attract a higher average crowd than most Super league clubs. They are a shining example of what other 'fake' football clubs can achieve with strong community links. The juniors can snipe all they want as we don't care. They will soon realise that they will be left behind and eventually join us through a more torturous route as the available places fill up with more community based clubs.
  2. How come we never hear the Berwick, Annan or any other of the SPFL 2 fans complaining about the journey? I agree I wouldn't like it.
  3. Time for a third feeder league for unlicensed clubs? West of Scotland Football League has a nice ring to it.
  4. What will Edusport bring to the league apart another load of footballers on scholarships? They may be a good team on the park and be able to obtain the resources off the park to allow them to compete. But what community involvement will they have? Will they have any sort of fan base at all?
  5. Are any of these clubs in a position to be accepted as they will need a license in place? As far as I know the only club with a license outside the SPFL, Lowland and Highland leagues is Linlithgow Rose. We should stick to the position about only licensed clubs from next season.
  6. Cicero

    League Table

    Sorry Grim got to disagree. There are many on here who give up enough time to help run their respective clubs. If the website is worth doing at all it is worth doing correctly. The rest of the site seems up to date so why is the league table so far out of date? It just makes us look amateurish.
  7. Remember the death threats that Wallace Mercer got at the time of the proposed merger of Hearts and Hibs and calling the new club Heart of Midlothian and playing in maroon? There would be a similar reaction in Carlisle with probably civil unrest in the streets if anybody tried to take over CUFC and change their name to either half of the bigot brothers. A complete non starter. Gillford Park were small enough for not enough people to really care.
  8. Cicero

    League Table

    I am with you with the update of the website but I disagree with you over the fixtures. I have stated that our guy is the best and I stand by that. In this new set up the most important fixture problem is to have the champions decided by at least April the 18th. Therefore we need to get league fixtures played as a priority. The league Cup can take a back seat until the league itself has been decided. The main problem with the league cup games over running is the weather causing postponements. However it is better for league cup games to be rescheduled later in the season than league matches which might have a say in determining the champions. As for the official website I tried to get today's results from it my mobile on the way home from Meadowbank to no avail I had to resort to the BBC once again.
  9. There are a few discrepancies between the league table on the official website and the one on the BBC website. For instance The BBC have Edinburgh City having played three games more than the official site. The official site table has Edinburgh City as "champs" so it must have been updated since last weekend's results. Now perhaps I have missed some games in the last week but I do not think that City have played three matches since then. I appreciate that someone may be responsible for updating the website for the love of the game but if that shambolic organisation known as the SJFA can keep their various league tables up to date then we can it least do the same with one. We are ahead of them in almost every other area but this is letting us down.
  10. The wind tried its best to spoil party at Meadowbank today and succeeded in spoiling the match. The game was virtually played for the entire first half in the City side of the park and then for almost all of the second half in the Gretna side of the park. Neither side could get to grips with the wind with passes and shots at goal going astray. A draw was a fair result for both teams with the wind the only winner.
  11. January the 18th from Mickey's blog "I thought Ferguson Park was perfectly playable yesterday; not perfect, but perfectly playable. Everyone on our committee agreed with me as did opposition manager Mark Lamb but unfortunately the match officials didn't. ".
  12. Heard that before. Let's hope the ref agrees this time?
  13. All but the end now News and Star
  14. Literally two minutes walk from my house.
  15. Meanwhile outside the ground hopping day Gretna got back to winning ways by beating Mid Annandale 5-1 in a friendly match in Lockerbie.
  16. Well done to East Kilbride for putting on a good event. It was well run and obviously a lot of hard work went on behind the scenes. It was a bit surreal and did feel like being in a crowd of trainspotters. I have never seen so many notebooks at a football match. Every substitution was greeted with a flurry of scribbling and debates about the numbers on the EK shirts. Not wishing to give the Welfare lads any excuses (as if they need them) but Whitehill looked a tired team last night. Two midweek away matches as well full time 'day' jobs cannot be easy for the players. They seemed to play a lot deeper than they did at Raydale on Tuesday. Perhaps it was just that Gretna were a lot easier to break down. East Kilbride looked a slick outfit and I was impressed with the number 10. Him and Victoria up front looked like a handful for any team.
  17. Cicero


    Well done City. Let's see if you can through the league campaign unbeaten.
  18. I now have in my possession a claret and blue Whitehill banner. I will bring it with me tomorrow. Now how to you go altering a 'W' to an 'S'
  19. Anyone that could deck Norman Hunter was no wee lassie. (Someone with more know how than me can post the youtube clip)
  20. Off the top of my head, Whitehill drew with both Gala and Preston where Gretna put a combined total ten goals past them in two games during our ten game run. I can't remember the Stirling results.
  21. Not at all. Newky was himself. At least you know where you are with him. He didn't go over the top in his celebrations. Much the same as I would have been if we had won by four. I will still bring the flag to EK for you Friday night. It should be a good match, I am looking forward to it.
  22. I believe sporting merit is getting it correct on and off the park. The background staff may not run around on the park but they are still working hard to the make their clubs successful. We have to draw the line in the sand somewhere otherwise we will end up with clubs playing in ramshackle stadiums while paying their players top wages (sound familiar). I would say it is a problem with the feeder leagues if teams win it year in year out and not ready to accept promotion. A situation could arise when a licensed Lowland League gets relegated and cannot get back in as Ramshackle United keep winning the league with no view to upgrading their facilities. I think we are never going to agree here. I believe it is better to get the infrastructure first then build the team. A team built on dodgy foundations can easily fall apart. Whereas a club with a sound infrastructure can always rebuild a dodgy team the next season. I didn't know that the SFA paid for the parachute payments (which I don't agree with in principle). I agree the SFA should be distributing the money more to grass roots football. Hence getting the infrastructure in place first.
  23. I can't see there being any problems on the Costa del Solway. There better not be as I have already sent the programme to the printers. From what I hear Newly, you better bring your boots as you lot are struggling for a team.
  24. Not weakening the league but maintaining standards. Too much money in the game has been squandered on player wages without the clubs investing in facilities (not that I am saying the currently unlicensed clubs have done that). We cannot go back on the benchmark that has been set. The relegated SPFL clubs will have no cause for complaint if we stick to what has been previously agreed. Otherwise there would be an argument for relegation to the junior super leagues.
  25. I believe that there should be no waivers. Everyone knew the requirement for a license before they applied to join the league. If any club cannot get their license before the cut-off date then let them drop to the South or East of Scotland leagues (if they will have them). Lack of a license shows that they are not ready to be in the fifth tier of Scottish football despite their current position in the league. The whole point of the pyramid is progression both on and off the park.
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