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  1. How things have changed in a couple of months. SNP and Tories on 34% in the opinion polls. Although Mundell is still 1/2 favourite with Emma Harper closing in at 13/8. Having voted SNP in every election since I moved down here over a dozen years ago, I would never have believed that I may be voting for a winning candidate. It will be interesting to see if there will be any tactical voting from Labour to the Tories. Would anybody admit to doing that?
  2. If it ends 0-0, City by virtue of scoring more goals. 1-1 Tam, Newky & mvch to play stone, scissors or paper 2-2 toss of coin between BSC and Whitehill
  3. Monday 3rd June 2013 with a 6:15 start. The remaining information was discussed at the meeting. Ask your club secretary, he had the invite.
  4. It was posted on the club extranet which every club secretary (therefore every club) has access to. An email is sent out every time a new document is made available.
  5. The last poll I saw for Mundell's seat of Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale (In February) was 34% a piece for the SNP and Tories. Mapping constituency opinion polls Too close to call.
  6. Cicero


    There are just not enough quality players to go around I am afraid. D&G may be much more preferable to live in rather than Glasgow or Edinburgh, but it is sparsely populated. Most Lowland League clubs are within travelling distance of the two big cities but Dalbeattie, Gretna and Threave are competing with each other in assembling squads from a limited number of players good enough for the league (although Gretna have Carlisle on their doorstep to supplement their squad). It doesn't matter how much money is available if the players are not there.
  7. I would be more sold on the idea if they had a 4G surface. Imagine making plans to make a weekend of it and the game was called off due to the weather. It wouldn't be the first time that has happened to me for an away fixture.
  8. Ha ha ha You are so predictable. You must have missed all the rubbish that was being spouted by the junior fans earlier in the thread. Not once did you accuse them of tribalism. Why?? Is it because you liked what was being written?
  9. The "mandatory promotion thing" has been addressed by the SFA. Just because they didn't rule in the juniors favour, doesn't mean it wasn't addressed.
  10. Hillonearth is absolutely correct Farage is the most dangerous politician Britain has ever had. It really worries me that a significant proportion of the population cannot see through him and support him in his views.
  11. The last time that I voted Labour. I realised then that the Scottish people were trapped in their own country being governed by people they didn't vote for. Blair was just a Tory with a red tie.
  12. "How Labour must wish that Nicola Sturgeon were their leader" New Statesman
  13. I think Clydebank have been pretty open about their desire to progress to the SPFL. They are not ready to apply to the LL now as they do not have the facilities at the moment. They may be ready in a couple of years and by that time they may have to progress through the South of Scotland league. In their eyes, another and a less desirable obstacle to overcome even than the Lowland League to their ultimate dream of SPFL football. Hence the hostility towards other clubs taking the remaining places in the LL.
  14. How many times is Danny Alexander going to mention the Highlands? once already
  15. Who are they? The set up was negotiated and perhaps it was a condition set by one of the interested parties. Having not been privy to the negotiations I don't know who?
  16. That was never the scenario and has never been proposed. (I bet Mickey would love a Whitehill reserve team). The original conception was to have sixteen of the best non-league teams in Lowland Scotland made up of all non-league clubs no matter whether senior or junior. For the probably justified reasons about the unreasonable haste that the league was set up the juniors chose not to take part. Two years later they are still not choosing to take part. What would it take to "persuade them"? I have a feeling there is nothing that can be realistically offered, as for the most part, they are happy to be playing at the level they at. What do those pro-pyramid juniors want us to do? Due to negotiations with the SPFL we have to have one league south of the Tay with licensed clubs. These are not negotiable at the moment, perhaps later when some of our better clubs get in the SPFL and change the dynamics from within .
  17. It was you who said that the SJFA need to be persuaded to join the pyramid, Who do you envisage as doing the persuading if not from those clubs who are already in it. You cannot say that we do not have a pyramid because the clubs who have chosen to remain outside it say so. Sorry but we do have a system where a youth club can aspire to better things whether those outside the pyramid like it or not. I have always been for the integration of non-league football but I resent those who come on here and rubbish our set up because we may have to accept clubs with no history or have small fan bases. It is up to those clubs outside the system to join and then make the changes that they require when they are in.
  18. Why would we want to persuade them? The only people who see them as being special are they themselves. If they do not want to be part of what is on offer, then let them do their own thing. Honest, they won't be missed by anyone outside of .their own niche.
  19. Hardly the fault of the SFA if the association that your club choose to fall under has not passed the information on, your issue is with the SJFA. Presentations? Brochures? Everyone knew what was on offer. What was missing, as far as the juniors were concerned, was assurances from the SJFA that they could go back to their respective Super leagues if the LL turned out to be a disaster. The SFA didn't have the authority to produce a brochure for that point. The basic fundamental reason that the juniors do not want to part of the pyramid is that they are scared to venture out of their own locality. Once again don't blame the SFA, nobody else's fault but the clubs themselves. Are the juniors are like pensioners on a bus tour holiday needing to be told what they are going to do or see next? Its time the junior clubs grew up and took responsibility for their own destiny instead of waiting to be told what to do next. It is a couple of years down the line and there are still places available. What time scale do you need to make your mind up? Or are you all waiting to see who is brave enough to take the first step. We have good facilities as the norm, sponsorship of the league, entry to the Scottish Cup, "Christmas Bonus" from the SFA, fixture lists for virtually the whole season, increased playing standards and more media exposure than the juniors. To name just a few things of the top of my head. Oh and cup draws with the correct number of team in them and players know how many games they are suspended for when they are sent off. What is it with the juniors and crowds? Apart from the usual quoted examples, it is not as if you lot do much better? The future fans will come from the youth clubs that you are talking about. The days of going along to the local junior match when your big team is playing away from home are gone. We need to get fans at an early age and what better way than to get the younger fans to go and support the team that they actually play for. Since the formation of our youth set up this season, I have seen a lot more younger fans at our matches.
  20. I agree with much of what you say, even about the fast tracking of the youth teams which is why I believe we should have a West of Scotland feeder league and perhaps in time, a Fife and Central one. However I don't agree about your stance on the lack of leadership from the SFA. The SFA would be in a no win situation if they tried to be heavy handed with the juniors. You are in a minority in the junior fraternity wanting your team to be part of the pyramid. Most just want their clubs to be left alone and continue as though the pyramid never existed. If the SFA said to the juniors that you are not having you local big games because of having to separate clubs because of licensing criteria, there would be uproar. It is a decision that has to be left to the individual clubs whether they want to opt on or out. I willing to concede that the Lowland League was rushed through in the first place (I said at the time another season was needed to get things in place properly) however two seasons down the line the league is in a strong position. The EoS and SoS clubs took the risk (as they had less to lose) and are now reaping the benefits. All teams have coped with the extra travelling (one of the main concerns at the time) and I have to say the standard of play is getting better every season. If we continue to progress and juniors continue to suffer because of lack of investment then the revolution may happen without the need for the SFA to be heavy handed. Your point about the Lose/Lose scenario just doesn’t hold. We have shown that we can go from strength to strength without the need of the vast hordes of junior away fans. However how long will the top junior clubs put up with the lack of sponsorship, guaranteed access to the Scottish Cup?
  21. This one is more apt from Elvis as far as the juniors are concerned. "We're caught in a trap I can't walk out"
  22. What is your solution? We cannot wait around for the juniors to make up their minds. What has been made pretty clear is that the majority of junior fans do not want to be a part of the pyramid. so the "ridiculous direction" is happening because of the dinosaurs who owe allegiance to the SJFA. We have got what we have due to negotiation, nobody got what they would have liked at the beginning of the negotiation process. The SPFL clubs conceded some points just as the non league clubs (the SJFA were part of the negotiations). The juniors seem to be unwilling to accept the package that has been agreed by all the interested parties. We should be leaving the juniors behind and work with what we have got. I would go further and withdraw their entries from the Scottish Cup. This is something that the SFA can do but it is not up to them to tell clubs which association they should belong to. There would be an outcry if the SFA told the junior clubs what to do. The juniors should be left themselves to decide their own fates.
  23. Not chancers, they have seen an opportunity to progress their set-ups and due to the lack of interest from the juniors and grabbed it. Fair play to them.
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