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  1. Fundamentally what is wrong is that the area that the LL and the HL cover are too big to be an attractive proposition for any of the junior clubs. I was dreading AM soccer being accepted into the league as I feel we are at our limit for travelling now. A possibility of a team from north Fife in the Lowland League would just be a frightening for us. I see the next step being further regionalisation. The SPFL clubs are keeping their grip on power and status by saying "join us if you can put up with the long away midweek matches.". The "prize money" that they get for participating in the league may cover the cost of travelling but I feel it could be put to better use. I would like to see a top two national league with 24 clubs, then regionalised into LL and HL style conference divisions with perhaps 16 teams each and then further regionalisation below that "junior style".
  2. Majority of players are under contract until the end of June. However a club can be in contact with the player with a view to signing if they inform the players current club. No paper work can be done before the July 1st (I am not sure about pre contract agreements)
  3. Strange we have one bad game discipline wise and the trolls jump all over it. We had one red card all season prior to Wednesday. Well done to EK I have heard that you were the better team. I wasn't there due to work commitments
  4. I deny any genetic link to the 20 year old.
  5. I can think of a few times where we have lost and left wondering how on Earth we lost as we were the better team. The first match against Edinburgh City at Raydale springs immediately to mind. As you said that is football. For all Dalbeattie's dominance in the second half I cannot think of many saves that our goalkeeper did make yesterday. He had no chance with Dunga's effort but I cannot think of many saves that he did make. I stand to proved wrong given the state of my short term memory.
  6. If the match had ended 1-0, I wouldn't have complained. I thought that we had the better of the first half but Star were definitely the better side in the second. However in extra time Dalbeattie looked a tired team.
  7. I remember it all came from a throw-in that Dalbeattie were moaning about. Aye!!!..... the more I play it back in mind there were some Star players around Daz it is why I had to ask Doodle who scored because my view was blocked, No pints involved, just a rubbish short term memory.
  8. A rather fortuitous equaliser in injury time for Gretna saw the match go into extra time when an Addison free kick was diverted into the goal off a Dalbeattie defender.. A brace in extra time from ex Dalbeattie favourite, Scott Milligan, put Gretna into the final.
  9. I wouldn't go down the road of the holding the officials to blame for the mistake. They have enough to deal with making sure extra time is to be played or not. Dougie Samuel's bit on the Spartans website makes much more sense than the initial reports. If he believed that the goalie coach was actually signed and was not listed as a trialist then the mistake could have gone through undetected until the ref processed his copy. I know the ref sends on his copy to an address in Dumfries but what does he do with them after the game? Does he enter the players who played onto the ref equivalent of the SFA extranet? It was just that the mistake seemed to have been picked up very quickly. The guy in Dumfries would not have got them until Wednesday at the earliest due to the bank holiday. As far as the punishment goes, I believe that it is fair and sets the precedent for the future. No more differing scales of punishment for the same offence as what seems to happen in the Scottish Cup.
  10. I sincerely feel for the guy who holds his hand up and admits he made a mistake. I dread the day that I may have to do the same. It is too easy to say he should have checked this should have done that etc. He may have had it his mind that the League Cup had same rules as the league or even the EoS League Cup (pre knockout rounds). A mistake has been made and it cost the club their last chance of a trophy this season. He will have to live with it just like a defender who is slow to get back and plays a striker who scored a winning goal onside. However the defender is less likely to held accountable.
  11. Tam Cowan and the other one with the huge chip on his shoulder mentioned on their show. I heard it on the way back from Gala.
  12. Have City got cause for lodging an appeal? There must be some rule were a team has to play their full strength team. As Rab said you cannot speculate about what would have happened, if only this or that etc.
  13. Ashcroft poll has Emma Harper of the SNP having an 11 point lead over David Mundell in Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale. Happy Days
  14. Many years ago Gail gave me a peck on the cheek. She was with Brian at the time but he was looking the other way.
  15. You'll soon be wearing an anorak and carrying a back pack to games.
  16. Where has that come from? I don't think that it has been stated anywhere. The only reason that the Highland and Lowland League champions have been invited is to make up the numbers to 32 for to avoid a couple of teams getting a bye in the first round. It doesn't make sense to invite the runners-up as well.
  17. I just have in mind the 9 at Yarrow Park.
  18. Top of the Class - Edinburgh City Bottom of the Class - Selkirk, (Threave and Preston gave us good games) Best moment - Brandon's goal from about 55 yards out against ???(I forgot someone will remind me) Worst moment - Losing 4-0 to Whitehill midweek Best Gretna players - Any of the lads up front. Best non Gretna players I've seen this season. EK's Victoria and McLeish?? (young lad playing up front with him) Best Away Ground - I always like Whitehill Worst Away Ground - The CLP. Always fucking freezing in there.(No need to edit Grim here) Best Programme - Apart from ours City's, still not finished reading it yet either! Best food at ground - Ours Best Banter - Dalbeattie or the Welfare (Both are the most passionate in the league) Cic
  19. Almost a good result for the fakes!! Edited as I didn't realise Tony Wallace scored in ninety minutes.
  20. Currently a Squad of 18 (a couple of long term injuries) 11 under 20s 4 21-25 3 26-29
  21. Spot on.MIckey is one of the most passionate ambassadors for our grade of football. I loved reading his blog as it gave us a real insight into the game at our level. I hope he continues his blog and comments on the matches that he goes to. Off the field he is one of the most genuine guys that you could meet. Good luck Mickey in your next venture.
  22. I have been waiting for this. Point proved
  23. Three of the of four group winners have been drawn away from home. Looks like it would have been better for us financially if we would have lost to Dalbeattie. The difference between having to fork out money for a bus and gaining income from the gate can be quite sizable.
  24. I spoke to her a few days back and she came across very well. I have been wearing my "Vote Emma" badge ever since.
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