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  1. As the ball strikes the keeper's body, his left hand is clearly by his side as it is going down. The ref who standing nearby had no doubt, as were those of us standing 20 yards from it. The shouts you hear are from the Gala contingent seated further away in the other side of the stand. Diggler was booked for a push on the chest (below the shoulders). Delvin was sent off for a push on the back of the head (above the shoulders). Ask any referee what the directive from the SFA is about the difference in punishments.
  2. I have now read the first couple of chapters and it is definitely worth a read. It is better written than most other football books I have bought. I would recommend anyone buying it.
  3. Because it came off his midriff / chest. I was standing at the other side from the camera and it was more obvious from that angle. As you can see no Gala players appealed for the 'foul' (other than the number 9's half hearted one) What is inexplicable was two or three of the offside decisions given in the second half.
  4. I was the same when we drew them in the first round. However what a great day out it turned out to be. The team itself are not to be underestimated, you could be going back there next season in the league. They are that good.
  5. On Saturday we travelled almost 480 miles on a round trip to Pitmedden to play Formartine. Apart from the result an absolutely brilliant day. The home fans were appreciative of our effort to get to the match and we were very warmly welcomed. If we get an away draw to the Highlands / Aberdeenshire next year again, I would happily make the journey again. It is part of the magic of the cup.
  6. At the end of today's match I was feeling a bit deflated that we had lost. Not because we played badly but because we had a good chance of taking the match to a replay. It was not too be, due in part to an incompetent referee. You know a referee has had a bad game when both sets of players, officials and fans are on his case. Saying that Gretna were once again fortunate to go into the interval on level terms. Just like the match against BSC, Gretna were battered in the first half but went into the break on level terms. Dean Smith converting their only shot on target (and off target for that matter) in the first half. The second half was a different story with Gretna giving as good as they got. A fortunate goal for Formatine made it 2-1. No complaints from Gretna as these things happen in football. However the penalty that made it 3-1 was a joke. The only person in the ground to see a challenge by Connor Casey to be worthy of a penalty and red card was the referee. The amount of bookings in the much was unreal for both sides, not a bad challenge was made in the game. Formatine did deserve their win and look like "team 42" next season, I cannot praise highly enough everyone from Formatine as their hospitality was superb. £20 hospitality gets you admission, a programme and as much as you can drink before and after the match as well as some food to sup up the alcohol. Apart from the result a great day out and a big thank you to all at Formartine.
  7. I hear that the Sunday had Gretna down to nine men. Strange I must missed both sendings off. I felt that Gretna were the stronger team in the second half and unlucky to lose the match.
  8. Cicero

    BSC Glasgow

    So what? It doesn't matter how many hordes of fans you have, your team is still in the equivalent of the seventh or eighth tier of Scottish football, whereas BSC are at least two tiers higher. That is an undeniable.
  9. Away to Formartine United, Where??
  10. Last week after our rather fortuitous result against Spartans and City’s hammering to Whitehill, I was hoping that we found the lucky charm that City must have lost. At half time yesterday, I was even more convinced. How Gretna went into the interval leading, I will never know. Well I do as Iain Anderson took his brace of goals brilliantly. Most of the first half consisted of BSC battering the Gretna goal and a string of superb saves from Vinnie Parker kept Gretna in the match. However the second half was a different story. Anderson’s second goal just before the interval and An early second half goal from Connor Graham seemed to knock the wind out of the BSC sails and they looked a different team in the second half. It was then Gretna’s turn to dominate the game and one of Longcake’s mazey runs finally resulted in an excellent goal. This goal effectively put the match beyond BSC’s reach. BSC did get a second goal late on but a straight red was shown their number 4 meant that the points were going back down to Raydale.
  11. The students from Stirling managed it last season. When a suspended player played for the first team on the same day as he served his suspension received while playing for the first team. Not that I am bitter.
  12. Seems to have gone off the air again. I wonder why. After all the trouble we went to in erecting a Raydale version of "Grim Towers" for the camera man.
  13. Our ref at the Pennypit was fine. Then again we won . ​ Gretna dominated the first half and Preston were fortunate only to be two down at half time. The second half was more even with both teams getting a goal a piece.
  14. I think that Gretna got their first league victory over Stirling Uni today. I definitely know that this is the first in the Lowland League and I cannot think of one in the East of Scotland league. We have won cup ties but I am sure this is the first league win. Perhaps HJ can confirm.
  15. Pretty fair assessment of the match. Although City's young keeper playing as a trialist, deserves special mention. He made at least two tremendous saves. Not as one sided as the OP and scoreline suggest. Lazarus
  16. The Mid-Annandale v Gretna match is at King Eddies Park in Lockerbie. Not Galabank as given on the SFA release.
  17. And well done to Clydebank for realising that investment has to be made off the park before success on the park can be truly celebrated. I take it the football team have to build up a fund so to be able to contribute towards any proposed new stadium that is being built in the town. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards before going forward. The Bankies will be a good addition to the LL/ SOS when they are ready
  18. You will not be able to be a member without one soon and as Ranaldo says to gain entry to the Scottish.
  19. The difficulty that Glasgow Uni are in is that there is no suitable league for them to go into. They will want to maintain their SFA membership and the only way to ensure that is for them to be licensed. Which means that they have to be part of the pyramid structure. Since the EOS and SOS leagues are unsuitable for Glasgow based clubs the Lowland league is the only alternative. In the ideal world they should be able to join the West Junior league and progress from there. However the parting of the Red Sea seemed to be easier that getting the juniors to join the pyramid structure.
  20. Should this not be in the "transfer thread"?
  21. Sharing of Stadia is quite common around the world. The Milan clubs are perhaps the best known examples. There are examples of Scottish clubs, East Stirlingshire at Stenhousemuir. It makes sense to share facilities to reduce costs where appropriate. Glasgow Uni at Airdrie is another matter all together. In my opinion we have too many Uni teams as it is. They are at an advantage over the rest of the league when it comes to funding. Is there another north Glasgow amateur club in a position to being able to afford the rent at Airdrie? The Uni teams also have next to no fans so bring nothing to the league in that respect. Tin hat on.
  22. We can look to change from within . The LL was the starting point of the change that was needed in Scottish Football. Now we have a pyramid structure in place, it can still be moulded further to improve. This is what the majority of the juniors fail to see. Once you are in, you can look to change the structure. If the lower SPFL leagues begin to fill up with ex Lowland, Highland and junior clubs, they will become the turkeys and can vote for Christmas.
  23. Why? Most of the clubs are part-time and money is tight. It is being wasted on long bus journeys and compensating players for having to leave their day jobs early to go on midweek trips to some away matches. Part time clubs should be playing regional football.
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