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    Team 16?

    No, you have missed the point. If any of the big Glasgow junior clubs (or any other for that matter) had decided to join the LL then no doubt EK would not have been accepted into the league. Their progress would not have been so rapid. Instead of EK getting the perhaps the biggest pay day of any non league club ever, then one of the "big" junior clubs possibly could have been getting it. I am sure their treasurer won't care about being a club with no history playing in a farce of a league.
  2. Newton Stewart 1-3 St. Cuthbert Wanderers
  3. Cicero

    Team 16?

    Something your club can only dream of now. If one or more of the "bigger" Glasgow junior clubs took the chance to join the farce, then it could have been one of them looking forward to the biggest game of their decades old histories. However I suppose they can all hold their collective heads up high and so "look we told you this Lowland League was a farce".
  4. Cicero

    Team 16?

    The bottom team will be relegated to either the South or East League. If a licensed team has been promoted from one of those leagues then two clubs will be relegated. I don't see what difficulty is.
  5. Cicero

    Team 16?

    I am pretty sure that a relegated club will have to go to a league where they are a member of the local FA. For example Gretna would go to the East of Scotland League as they are a member of the East of Scotland FA. Otherwise you might get teams such as Preston (if relegated) opting to join the South of Scotland league as it may be seen as an easier route back into the Lowland league. I can't remember which local FA the Glasgow based clubs joined.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking. Glory hunting springs to mind
  7. Off Topic I wonder if they did or is it just hearsay? If it was played, you might have thought they would have bought a decent set of lights with the money that game must have generated . Lets hope that either EK or LTHV invest the proceeds wisely.
  8. I thought that they were all amateurs
  9. I think that if any of the clubs down here joined, you may see an exit of some of the existing clubs. Travel costs at our level prohibit any D&G involvement. What needs to happen first of all is to sort out the ridiculous registration rules that prohibit SYFA registered player's turning out for their parent club.
  10. Can't disagree with OP miserable day on and off the park.
  11. I agree. I did like the Whitehill one this season (even though they did double the price for the Gretna match, Burnie take note). I particularly enjoyed the piece about the bloke who went away with Scotland to Georgia
  12. Stirling cheating?? Who would have thought it? The smell of Charlie's sour grapes must be reeking. More people are starting to smell them.
  13. Cicero


    I believe that the limit on the Lowland League size is not set in stone. All it would take would be a vote from the clubs themselves to extend the size of the league. However I believe 16 clubs is the correct size as the playoffs have to be started around mid April. At our level, I believe that we should keep the amount of midweek games to a minimum.
  14. If the juniors are shut out of the pyramid structure, is that not what they want anyway? That is the impression I get from the majority of posts on here anyway.
  15. After today's result. I don't think that any will be good enough for LL1 anyway.????
  16. Renamed Beith Seniors just to rub Salt into the wounds
  17. The same situation as currently exists. The Western half of the pyramid would not have anyone being promoted that year. That scenario might work for a few seasons until clubs realise that Talbot are almost assured of an automatic Scottish Cup entry without the actual need to be licensed. They would be holding up the progress of clubs willing to be promoted while reaping the benefits of Scottish Cup money. The league (the clubs themselves) may then have to put in some punitive measures (e.g.a minus 15 points start for the following season) to stop that scenario happening.
  18. The junior superleagues should be the feeder leagues to the Lowland League with the EoS and SoS leagues amalgamated into the junior pyramid. all below the Lowland League would not need to be licensed. The likes of Auchinlek Talbot can remain unlicensed, still win their league year in, year out without the scary thought of promotion to a bigger league. However orher clubs will be in the pyramid system so the can get their license and enter the Scottish Cup. Clubs below the Lowland League can still enter their "Holy Grail" cup.
  19. I used to be a semi regular there until I became politically aware. Broomfield was on the number 16 bus route frommy then home.
  20. Your quick to say that the juniors are an integral part of the SFA. How come they allowed the fifth tier to be implemented in a way that is not satisfactory to them if they are such an integral part of SFA? I am sure a representative from the juniors was on the working party. However it seems Spartans are always quick to be blamed for the rushed implementation. The juniors also have to take some of the blame for the way it has worked out as they played such an integral part of its implementation.
  21. Gretna (old or new) have never played Glasgow Uni. I always look forward to visiting new grounds. However this won't be a new ground to me as I already been there watching the old Gretna play Airdrie.
  22. It always amazes me that juniors want to remain juniors (which is fine and I respect their right to choose to play in whichever setup they wish) except when it comes to playing in the senior cup and they defend their right to play with the Big boys. Why is that?
  23. We started the weekend fixtures with a 4-2 win over Mid-Annandale.
  24. I cannot believe this has got to half time. There is no way that match would have been allowed to be played here. There are lakes forming all over the pitch.
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