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  1. I was just behind and along a bit from the Nesbits.
  2. e.w. money?? I honestly don't know what you mean. I agree that the team has not performed as expected this season. I think that there are many reasons but I would prefer to keep my thoughts to myself. Hopefully the team will rebuild next season and be challenging at the top. I did enjoy my trips to Stenhousemuir in the past (fingers crossed for City).
  3. I agree with Newky that the game today could have gone either way. From the start it did seem like one goal would decide it as there was some poor finishing from borh sides (as well as a few fantastic saves from Vinnie). A typical end of season affair with both sides looking to rebuild for next season.
  4. Rubbish. Every non-league club had and still has the opportunity to apply for membership. If the SFA membership is so concerned how the subsidy money is distributed to more clubs how come they voted to reverse the planned move to stop all non licensed clubs into the Scottish Cup including the Junior clubs? To appease Newly, I feel that relegation from the Lowland League should be to one of the Super leagues (integrated with the East and South senior leagues). Whether the Super League playoff winners will be licensed and accept promotion will be another matter.
  5. When you wrote your spoof email from Reagan to Johnston, you made it appear so simple and achievable. What I am suggesting you or someone else to do is not a great leap from there. My opinion is that it is not as simple for Reagan to do as you suggest. I believe that it is beyond his remit to threaten sanctions against the juniors. However unless someone asks him, we will never know.
  6. It can't hurt to ask the question, you will never know until you do. If you just sit on your hands and do nothing, you are becoming just as guilty as the SFA. Only when you have tried, you can then criticise the SFA for their inactivity. One email written to each board member will take minutes. Report back your findings on here with the reply from each member of the board. If they do read these message boards, perhaps they will take notice. As I said before, If enough of you pester them, then perhaps something will get done.
  7. I was driving through a snow storm on the way back from Hampden last night. I am not surprised a few matches are off.
  8. You have a list of the board members and for the majority of whom the pyramid is far from their collective minds. Let someone co-ordinate and start the lobbying process (any volunteers?). Find out the views of each individual board members and start the debate with them. If there are enough fans pestering them to get the pyramid on the agenda, then perhaps something will get done. Otherwise they will still believe that not many people really care (perhaps they are correct). If the only voice from the juniors that the majority of the board members hear is Tom Johnston, and we can all guess what we is telling them? Instead of moaning that the SFA are doing nothing about it, you and like-minded junior fans start doing something yourselves. The SFA are, after all, the custodians of our game. They are here to serve the fans
  9. And he has according a more people than just him. However the juniors are choosing not to take part, are you now suggesting that Regan should now be imposing sanctions against the juniors? If so what, in his power, should he personally be doing?
  10. I am always reading from certain posters that the SFA should take more responsibility for the restructuring of non-league football. What I want to know is who at the SFA should be held accountable for this? As far as I know the Chief executive (presently Stuart Reagan) is responsible for overseeing the development of the game in Scotland. Does that mean, he has the power to tell the likes of the top junior clubs to form a "West of Scotland League" like the East and South of Scotland leagues? I would say not. I also believe that he is also ultimately responsible for administration of the game, so could he blackmail clubs in certain leagues to force them to do something for "the good of the game" to do something that their members do not wish them to do? Again I would say that is beyond his remit. If it is not solely Reagan's responsibility then is it the responsibility of the main Board? The main Board consists of seven members: the Office Bearers (Stewart Regan, Chief Executive; Alan McRae, President; and Rod Petrie, Second Vice-President), plus Peter Lawell (SPL), Gary Hughes, Ralph Topping (SPL), Tom Johnston (Junior FA) and Barrie Jackson, the Scottish FA’s first-ever independent non-executive director. A certain name sticks out there. Could it be the responsibilty of the Professional Game board. Its members are a majority from the SPFL Chairman: Rod Petrie (Scottish FA) Members: Alan McRae (Scottish FA), Stewart Regan (Scottish FA), Ralph Topping (SPFL), Peter Lawell (SPFL), Neil Doncaster (SPFL), Duncan Fraser (SPFL), Mike Mulraney (SPFL), Sandy Stables (SHFL) and Andrew Waddell (SLFL). It could be argued that they have done their bit by providing an access route to the SPFL with the introduction of the Lowland league. The two feeder leagues to the SPFL was introduced as a compromise as the SPFL originally wanted a conference style feeder league. Or are this group of ten blazers responsible for holding back the non-league game in Scotland. If so why are supporters not lobbying these people? Or could the Non-Professional Game Board: be held accountable? Take your pick from Chairman: Alan McRae (Scottish FA) Members: Rod Petrie (Scottish FA), Stewart Regan (Scottish FA), Thomas McKeown (Scottish Amateur FA), Tom Johnston (Scottish Junior FA), John Gold (Scottish Schools' FA), John Campbell (Scottish Welfare FA), Fiona Cardwell (Scottish Women's Football), David Little (Scottish Youth FA), Tom Brown (East of Scotland Football League), Colin Holden (South of Scotland Football League). Just who has the responsibility to take forward the non-league game in Scotland?
  11. The Juinior clubs you mentioned should not be licensed anyway as they do not part of the criteria (embracing the pyramid structure). The SFA should revoke their licences as part of their annual review. As far as BSC is concerned they are paying rent just like the majority of lincensed clubs. It just so happens the landlord in this case is a junior club. I am not raging but they should only be paid expenses The problem with Scottish football is that there are too many National leagues. In my opinion an elite league of 20 followed by regionalisation would be more than enough for a country our size. A gradual evolution would be required with the scaling back of the number of clubs playing in the national leagues. The only way that is going to happen is from within and the current gang of turkeys are not going to vote for it. If they are gradually replaced by more regionalised minded clubs and the finances are distributed more widely down the pyramid structure then things might change. However it will require a change in mind-set from the SFA (made up mostly of turkeys) and the junior clubs. With the junior clubs choosing to stay on the outside of the pyramid structure, then the process will take longer. They need to bite the bullet initially and be part of the structure they want to change.
  12. I doubt that is correct. Just who is fully amateur apart from Edinburgh Uni?
  13. I also thought that the Threave report on their website last week was also a good piece of fiction.
  14. Heard the Whitehill issue hasn't changed for a number of weeks now
  15. Did the commentator say that Paul Quinn was on the bench for Aberdeen against Hibs? Even if he didn't play , he would have still been named on the team sheet and that would make him cup tied. I hope the commentator got that wrong.
  16. Can plastic pitches be cleared of snow manualy? I seem to remember that they can't due to little black bits of rubber.
  17. It might be a beautiful looking day down here but the game is off due to a water logged pitch.
  18. Cicero

    Team 16?

    Are Newton Stewart Licensed? I was there on Saturday and I left slightly early as I was getting soaked because there was no cover. I thought that was a requirement. Edited to add No perimeter fence as well, so they can't be licensed.
  19. Exactly my point and why add another even longer journey to the calandar. Don't forget an 80-90 mile round trip for my team is a local derby. And for every one of those there are a dozen or more clubs who regularly play in front of the 30 paying punters. Don't forget we don't have any fans in our league to worry about
  20. This must be a first. Sorry to correct you HJ. Hampden is closest 7.7 miles, Fir Park is 11.2 miles (according to Google Maps). Hampden holds the semi finals over two consecutive days anyway although not in February.
  21. I am just not convinced that the majority of the Lowland league teams would go for it for financial reasons. If it was was just for footballing reasons yes, but in today's climate finances are a worry for a lot of clubs without the added worry of the possibility of a few more long distance away games with little reward. Personally I would love to see it happen as it would be another step closer to the integration of all non-league football. I just can't see it happening any time soon.
  22. I bow to your superiour knowledge. If that is the case, then I am sure they won't be too unhappy about the next nearest ground, if I am not mistaken Hampden Park.
  23. I don't think there is in the Lowland League. The junior cup just doesn't have same magic for the non-league seniors as it does to the juniors. I feel that it would be seen as just another cup competition with long journeys and scant rewards. We are guaranteed entry to the "big" Scottish which can be fairly lucrative not to mention getting some of the money back spent on travelling. What does the Junior cup offer if you are not interested in the sentimental value.
  24. I wouldn't have thought that the SFA had the power to do that. Surely it is up to the home club to make suitable arrangements if their ground was deemed unsuitable for the visit of Celtic.
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