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  1. Not at all, the junior Cup final was brought up to counter act all the nonsense that you have posted about the lowland league lacking credibility as it lacks quality. Quality was certainly lacking in that particular game. I view the junior game and junior clubs much like the non-league senior game. There are lot more junior clubs so there bound to be more clubs at both ends of the ability spectrum. Only last year a mid-table East of Scotland team knocked out the then current junior cup holders out of the big Scottish. In the same season Bonnyrigg only managed a narrow win against Stirling. Hardly the mauling that certain junior fans said would happen. In answer to your question, if certain junior clubs are refusing to play at as high a level as possible in their league national structure I would say it is these clubs who lack credibility not the league.
  2. I watched it as it was a rare opportunity to see the juniors in action. I was seriously expecting a cracker of a game because it involved two of your best clubs. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement, Would it tempt me through the turnstiles of my local junior club (if I had one)? No. Waffen is correct in saying, it was a PR disaster.
  3. If the rest of your support is as arrogant as you, then yes I would be quite happy without Talbot. However if you are a maverick then let the rest of them say so as you appear to be the 'voice' of your club on here. You are not a good ambassador for your club. You are putting many supporters of current Lowland League off Talbot with your continual rhetoric about how you will destroy every team in sight. Not a good way to win friends and influence people.
  4. Not envious at all. I am now forming the opinion that the league will be a better place without the arrogance coming from certain posters from the Junior fraternity. I'll support you in your attempt to get your team to remain as a junior club, I wonder if your committee will agree? Other junior clubs are welcome to apply as on the whole they seem just like the rest of us. We already have enough arrogance from the Old Firm in Scotland we do not need another version in non-league football.
  5. And you accused us of being deluded!! It was a terrible game but after reading all your posts about how good the junior game was, perhaps I was expecting too much.
  6. "at the moment", are you trying to tell us something? Face the facts Isa, our league is already a success without the likes of you. With a growing interest in it from the press as most papers carry an updated league table. Even your own west coast based paper The (Glasgow) Herald has it in it but no junior Superleague. We have at least half the teams capable of winning it, compare that to your current situation where, as in the SPL, the only interest is who is coming second. A bit rich of a junior fan saying that our league has no credibility, at least we can hold a cup draw without making ourselves a laughing stock. Enjoy the Big Scottish run this year if you do not join the party, I hope there won't be many more.
  7. Gretna regularly play against Northern League teams in pre-season friendlies. I would suggest that they are about our level which is equivalent to tier 9 & 10 of the English system.
  8. Who gets the chance to get the tickets presale? I first saw them in King Tuts around 1993?? Much to my wife's annoyance (she wasn't there) as she is a massive fan. We must have seen them around a dozen times since in venues all over the country but not The Barrowlands.
  9. There will be a site shortly. I believe someone has been given the task of setting on up.
  10. Hardly surprising as they will be done more than likely by someone with no IT background on a voluntary basis. Once again have you nothing constructive to offer. Just looking for bites.
  11. I hope you have plenty money with you. The price of a pint is a lot more than at the Wee Bar in Gretna.
  12. To what end would any club pay their players that amount of money? It is not as if there is a big prize if they win anything. I am sure that the club could find other ways to invest the money they work hard to raise (such as floodlights).
  13. We have had to wait three years before we could apply for SFA membership (which is now in). Anyway there is life after death (even though the new club was formed before the old one was technically dead)
  14. I've done it as well. You might want to post a link on the 3rd Division forum. Last time I was at Annan, I recognised a fair few ex-Gretna FC fans.
  15. Why do they need to merge with anyone? We have an odd number of teams in the first division. If they have suitable facilities, they could apply to join the league without the need to merge with anyone .
  16. google image "charlie Hebdo" (be careful) and you get a selection of some of their front covers. I don't think any group escapes.
  17. I used to read Charlie Hebdo when I lived in France a few years ago. It is very much a satirical paper with fairly over the top cartoons. They are against any form of intolerance or corruption whether it is right wing, left wing or Islamic. It could be extremists from any of these diverse groups which carried out the attack. They had just published an "Islamic" edition.
  18. Tuesday 5th July Away to Gretna 2008 according to the Gretna website
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