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  1. BSC Glasgow 2-0 Hawick Royal Albert Edinburgh University 1-2 Dalbeattie Star Selkirk 0-2 Cumbernauld Colts Whitehill Welfare 2-2 East Stirlingshire As a reminder only league games this season.
  2. Thanks Newky. I will give it try on Saturday. All I have got is an impressive format but full of blank spaces.
  3. The BBC once again had 3-1 as the final score. I have corrected it now. However it made no difference to the table as nobody had predicted Gretna to score 3 or 4 goals. Has anybody been able to use the live score link on the SLFL website? I have never managed to get it working.
  4. Predictor table I hope that the scores are correct. Wellibob goes 11 points clear. It looks like that I have to keep predicting a Gretna loss.
  5. Gretna £70 which includes all cup matches with the exception of the Scottish Cup. I bought mine on Saturday.
  6. Why? Each club have their own individual circumstances. It should be left up to each club what to charge.
  7. Civil well deserved their win, I cannot think of anything positive to say about yesterday.
  8. BSC Glasgow 1-1 Edinburgh University Civil Service Strollers 1-2 Gala Fairydean Rovers Cumbernauld Colts 2-1 Preston Athletic East Kilbride 2-1 Dalbeattie Star Hawick Royal Albert 2-0 Gretna 2008 (The days of 14-0 to Gretna are now a long distant memory) Vale of Leithen 0-2 Spartans Whitehill Welfare 2-0 Selkirk
  9. I bet Rab is now gutted by giving Grim the joint highest total points of the week. Grim's "predictions" got 26 points, the same as fowler23. Fowler23 is also joint leader of the overall table. He shares that honour with wellibob on 44 points. week 2 predictor table.
  10. No. If a youth system was in place, certain additional criteria had to be met. However you don't need a youth setup to get the license.
  11. That is correct they are allowed to enter but if they did, (allegedly) a few of the "Edinburgh" clubs based would withdraw due to the increased travelling costs.
  12. I don't thnk that they play their U20 matches at Annan.
  13. Here are mine. Dalbeattie Star 3 - 1 Cumbernauld Colts East Kilbride 4 - 0 Selkirk East Stirlingshire 4 - 0 Vale of Leithen Gala Fairydean Rovers 1 - 1 University of Stirling Grenta 2008 2 - 0 Civil Service Strollers Hawick Royal Albert 1 - 2 Whitehill Welfare Preston Athletic 1 - 2 BSC Glasgow Spartans 2 - 0 Edinburgh University
  14. Yes I jumped the gun a bit. I took the "final" results from the BBC website at 5:30. It seems they weren't exactly final. Updated table Rab I hope it's not too cold when you join the rambler.
  15. Sorted now. Can everyone else check their points total just in case I have made any more errors. Here is the table after week 1. Week 1 Predictor Table comeon leads the table with 26 points
  16. I used last night's result to test the software. Can someone please check that they can see the league table? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_E9YIi46Q06aWxLUm1fY194WU0/view?usp=sharing A certain individual might like the look of the table after one match.
  17. After letting things slip last couple seasonws and letting things get too far behind in updating the scores, I am willing to start up the prediction league again this year and will to keep it up to date. To keep things manageable I will only count league mathces. The table will be kept on Google Drive For each match: 1 point for the correct number of goals for each team (0, 1 or 2 points possible) 3 points for the correct outcome of the match (home win, away win or draw, 0 or 3 points possible) 3 points for the correct result. (0 or 3 points possible) 2 points for the correct goal difference ( 0 or 2 points possible) So the first league matches of the season. Friday 29th July 2016 University of Stirling 1-2 Spatans Saturday 30th July 2016 BSC Glasgow 2-1 Gala Fairydean Rovers Civil Service Strollers 2-0 Hawick Royal Albert Cumbernauld Colts 2-0 Gretna 2008 Selkirk 2-1 Preston Athletic Vale of Leithen 0-2 Dalbeattie Star Whitehill Welfare 1-2 East Kilbride
  18. At 33/1 Dalbeattie look a good each way bet. Now what is each way?
  19. A bit more thought put into than that. I don't envy the fixtures secretaries task having to produce it. He has done a tremendous job since the set up of the league.
  20. I can't see much difference between Edu sport and what Stirling Uni are doing. If Stirling are allowed to be in the LL then so should Edu. They both offer basically the same thing to young footballers with a little bit of talent. Extending their dreams of making it in the game little longer.
  21. Easy enough to phone the secretary of a club who has been through the process and ask for advice and or experience of the system. I am sure that in your case the Linlithgow Rose secretary will be more than helpful. I know that Gretna have taken calls from local clubs asking for advice. There is enough information on the SFA website to see if your club is in a position to even consider going through the process.
  22. This is what makes a mockery of the registration system. Unlike the Lothian based teams, I would surmise that Threave cannot play any of their youth team because they are registered with the SYFA. It is time that this archaic rule is changed,
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