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  1. It was a bit of deja vu tonight at Raydale. Tonight's match was very much like Saturday's at Peffermill, Gretna dominated the first half while the Students looked the better team in the second half. However it was Guthrie who opened the scoring for the Uni after a defensive error from Gretna. Scott Milligan equalised for Gretna a few minutes later. Then just before half time Longcake scored another cracker of a goal (very similar to the one on EKFC TV). The students looked better in the second half but were pretty woeful in front of goal. Gretna made sure of the tie when Tait dropped a Milligan free kick at the feet of Iain Anderson who made no mistake in finding the net.
  2. Tuesday Leith 1-2 Stirling Uni Weds Gretna 3-1 Edinburgh Uni Sat 15/11/14 Spartans 6-0 Peebles Selkirk 2-2 Stirling Uni Lothian 1-4 Edinburgh City Ormiston 0-6 Whitehill Vale of Leithen 4-0 Eyemouth Dalbeattie 4-0 Threave Gretna 15-0 Dumfries YMCA BSC Glasgow 7-0 Abbey Vale East Kilbride 7-0 Heston Edinburgh Uni. 3-1 Gala
  3. Excellent stuff. Brandon's goal looks even better than I remember it at the time.
  4. Guidelines on no midweek fixtures?? As far as I am aware, they never have existed.
  5. Fair crowd at the match last night. I am rubbish at judging crowds but I reckon about 200 ish. Friday night football may seem the answer for those who have the facilities to do it.
  6. East Kilbride Preston Threave draw Gretna Spartans Stirling
  7. BSC Glasgow -P- Whitehill Dalbeattie 1-2 Edinburgh City Edinburgh Uni. 1-3 Gretna Preston 2-2 Threave Selkirk 1-3 Stirling Uni. Spartans 5-0 Gala Vale of Leithen 1-2 East Kilbride
  8. Email the respective administration contacts found in the club information section of the Lowland League website. I am sure that they will only be too happy to help.
  9. But you have seen a virtual one on one
  10. The odds set on 1st September after the match on 30th August indicated that there was an 17.75 point gap between Spartans and Gretna. I said that on the evidence of the match that I saw (which I assume that since you two support Whitehill and 'Scotland' you both weren't there and cannot dispute) the gap in the odds did not indicate the gulf between the teams. Taking that into account I said that the odds were very generous especially for an each way bet. Now, two month later and more than half the league games played, Gretna could easily go into 3rd place if they win their game in hand. You certainly wouldn't get 20/1 now. The guy who put £50 on an each way bet (A Queen's supporter not Gretna) must still be fairly happy. If you can afford to lose £50, 20/1 are great odds to risk the hit. Even if Gretna finish fourth or fifth, the point is still valid as the odds were generous and worth the risk.
  11. Point was 20 / 1 was generous. Are still you two still saying it wasn't? I doubt you would get anywhere near that now.
  12. Nobody claimed they were ridiculous, just very generous. Win their game in hand and Gretna will go third. Point proved?
  13. Excellent strikers on show today at the K-Pack, East Kilbride today. In the first half East Kilbride's Joao Victoria was as good a player that I have seen all season, very quick and excellent eye for the goal. However he seemed to fade in the second half. The Gretna strike force of Milligan and Anderson were causing the kilby defence all sorts of problems throughout the whole game. Although the goal of the match came from Brandon Longcake, a superb strike into the top left hand corner. I cannot wait for the highlights from East Kilbride TV. A Gretna win means that I have brought the predictor table this evening. Yours truly still tops the overall table and Snowball is the predictor of the week with 21 points.
  14. Excellent result from Spartans, congratulations.
  15. Scots. Cup Edinburgh City 2-1 Brora Spartans 2-1 Clyde Lowland League East Kilbride 1-3 Gretna Edinburgh Uni. 2-2 BSC Glasgow Gala 1-2 Preston Threave 1-2 Selkirk Whitehill 2-0 Dalbeattie
  16. Best of luck to be Spartans and City. I hope both of them progress.
  17. Thanks supersmith for spurring me on to get it up to date. Whether the table gets updated regular seems to depend on a number of factors, if Gretna win or lose, if we have a home game the following Saturday, If I am on holiday or just too much other work to do (the kind of work that pays the bills) I brought the table up to date and there is a couple of discrepancies from Super's one. I cannot face going through everyone's entries again so if your particular entry is different from Super's then check my entries to see where I have put the wrong score in. Predictor table
  18. Which Addison is mentioned here? I originally thought you meant Darren Addison of Gretna which is a good shout, he has been excellent this season. But I suspect the Edinburgh based 'Football Manager's' are talking about another one.
  19. 31/10 Edinburgh City 29/10 Brora Rangers 3/4 29/10 Spartans 14/5 Clyde 17/20 7/4 East Kilbride 16/5 Gretna 2008 10/11 6/5 Edinburgh University 16/5 BSC Glasgow 13/10 8/13 Gala Fairydean Rovers 15/4 Preston Athletic 12/5 5/2 Threave Rovers 4/1 Selkirk 4/7 8/13 Whitehill Welfare 15/4 Dalbeattie Star 5/2 I'll go for Spartans Edinburgh Uni v BSC draw Preston
  20. Cicero


    After I posted that statement, I did have a bit of a guilt trip fearing the worst. Glad to see you are okay even though I don't agree with most of what you write. It is good for a laugh though.
  21. They have been playing at Annan over the last season and a half. However they are just about to move into new facilities in Lockerbie on the site of the old primary school. The move can't be too far away as I saw that the goal posts and nets are up.
  22. I thought both Iain Anderson and Scott Milligan were two of not many to get pass marks for Gretna today. Most of the rest were disappointing. Threave certainly coped better with the blustery conditions and deserved the three points.
  23. No complaints today. We were very poor today. Back to being consistently inconsistent.
  24. Best of luck to Lewis, I am sorry to see him go. He gives 100% every game.
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