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  1. It wouldn't particularly bother me. It really does seem to annoy you. However if your rightful place is at least a top three finish is every year, it shouldn't worry you about getting to the quarter finals when it is all in. I am sure your treasurer won't thank you if you are drawn against a Wigtonshire team if you ever do get your wish.
  2. The top eight of the Lowland League are split evenly between the North and South sections. Anyway who would want to avoid WW? They have only won once in the last couple of months
  3. Why stop at third? We were in second place for while until Spartans equalised at EK. We are currently playing the best football that I have seen the new club play. We have now scored 26 goals in the last five games. It's safe to say that we are on fire.
  4. Just the 5mm diameter one on my phone. I took it just before kick-off as I thought that I would show the Whitehill lads what they could have had if we had a sensible policy on rearranged cup ties.
  5. It's a piece of nonsense. Are we supposed to be semi-professional or what? This is making us look like an amateur league or maybe even the juniors. Whitehill are at a particular disadvantage. Third match postponed in a row and the next scheduled to played on a water logged prone park next Saturday. They should have played at Raydale today and the cup tie scheduled for next "cup week"
  6. Bad weather? What bad weather? Perfect day for football at Raydale.
  7. South Cup Ormiston P Whitehill P Selkirk P Stirling P Abbey Vale 0 BSC Glasgow 5 Lowland League East Kilbride 1 Spartans 2 Edinburgh City 3 Gala 1 Edinburgh Univ 3 Threave 1 Gretna 2008 3 Preston 1
  8. I predict a saga and then some ramifications over this one. Whitehill will not want to miss another week. Then the knock on effect with regard to next week's matches. I think the best solution would be to play the tie midweek at say Preston or Leith or, if they can, that place next to Fergie park with lights.
  9. Thanks for your help Burnie and I appreciate it. I have taken your suggestion on board and did a little research. I have came across numerous references about football in Gretna pre 1946 and even a match played in 1905, before the village of Gretna existed!!! It will be very interesting to look into it when I get some more time on my hands. At the moment I need about 30 hours in the day just to get everything done that I need to do. Links between the 1946 club and the 2008 one are still a very sensitive issue. Most of us were fans of the old club but there are others who only started to support the club when the 2008 version came into existence. I can see both sides of the argument about having articles about the 1946 club in the programme. The current club have got to where they are by their own efforts without relying on the reputation of the old one. For the benefit of Newky, we just did a bit of recycling and picking up some second hand goods.
  10. If I remember correctly there is a minimum charge for each round or both clubs can agree on a higher amount. If they cannot agree on an admission charge, the usual admission charge for the ground applies or the minimum for that particular round. I am not sure what the minimum is for round four.
  11. It is not all about the living the dream nonsense, it is quite balanced. It mentions all the good times along with the resentment felt from the rest of Scottish football, the unsustainability of it all and the aftermath, although it is fair to say that Stuart Cosgrove was not interviewed . There is some footage of McDiarmid, when Kenny Deuchar scored in the cup run.
  12. I have just finished watching it, excellent stuff. It brought back a lot of memories.
  13. Cicero


    I was thinking this as well. Any time he has played against Gretna whether it was with Lothian or Whitehill, he always looked solid enough,
  14. Cheers once again Burnie. This is exactly what I was talking about. I have only two and a half years experience of putting a programme together so I had no idea what was missing. I can certainly do something about the news part but as we are only six years old, the history part might be difficult . I appreciate that it is only for fun but I was just wanting to know where to improve so that we can do better.
  15. Cheers Burnie. I think my main gripe last year was the lack of feedback. All I knew was that there 20 - 30 better programmes than Gretna's. I would have liked to have known in what areas that I could do to improve it. If it is in my power to do so. As Simplistic said us compilers spend hours putting the programme together and generally the only the only feedback we get is someone pointing out all the errors (admittedly too frequent on my part). It wouldn't take much to produce a spreadsheet with your categories in one column and the scores for each team's programme in the other columns. If I saw that we were low in overall design compared to everyone else, I could steps to improve it. You could update the spreadsheet when the programmes come in and publish it after the closing date for entries.
  16. I'll admit to the real ale and I do like to visit new grounds but socks and sandals is a pet hate of mine.
  17. Good arguments Newky but we all need to look at all income streams where we can. It remains to be seen how many hoppers we will get and if indeed it was worthwhile. However the cash it generates may be quite significant. It could go towards some needed lights
  18. Its a pity that the juniors can't get on board with the pyramid. Now would be an ideal time to merge with the East Juniors. It would be good for football as a whole in the area.
  19. Table now up to date I am still top but at least half a dozen predictors within a dozen or so points. dilinger is predictor of the week and the leads the November table.
  20. Dil can you please keep the same order as the original poster? It takes twice as fecking long to enter the out of order scores. You can put simply put a P for postponed games. Cheers Grumpy Cic
  21. Burnie what criteria are you using to judge the programmes? Is it points based on how well certain sections are done such as use of colour, number of pages, adverts to article ratio etc? Or is it based purely on your own opinion by placing in order by which programme you think better or worse. Comparing one programme against another and slotting into a certain position where you think it belongs. If it is the latter then I don't I will bother entering this year as I cannot see where to improve on our 20 odd position last year. If it was the points based system at least I would know where to make improvements and strive to do better.
  22. I do have sympathy with this gripe. An early start on a Sunday morning, not the ideal preparation. But then again there is a silver lining, everyone else is looking for City to drop points somewhere Think of the greater good Newky.
  23. We are now at home to Preston. Lowland League November Fixtures
  24. Feck!! I think you're correct Newky. I am sure that the Scottish and South Challenge Cup are the only cup competitions that this is the case.
  25. Gretna and BSC are idle that weekend so I could go to all six matches. However I have been to each of those grounds at least three or four times each so it is less of an attraction for me Could I cope with six matches over a weekend? I am finding going to four this week hard enough. Anyway I would need to get permission from her that must be obeyed. Rab, what is the best strategy to go about that?
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