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  1. The only way we would get 300 plus would be if Annan came down as we go up. There are a few faces from the old Gretna days wearing black and gold scarves now. The back and white ones will be in the bottom of a drawer now. The traveling fans didn't get much more than 50 with the old club, I can't see any more than that if we go up.
  2. Friday. Newton Stewart 0-4 Dalbeattie
  3. HJ you must have read my mind. When I saw the draw, I was thinking of the best way to wind approach him on the subject. To be fair after the last round, I think we deserved an away tie to the holders. One of Newky's gripes is that we in the South play less matches than those in the north, it appears not to be the case.
  4. Cicero

    HL vs LL

    I beg to differ. Having seen both clubs this season, Brora would win comfortably. They may have lost 4-1 to Queens on Saturday but for most of the game they matched their championship opponents all over park. They look a fit and well disciplined outfit.
  5. I don't think any of the clubs will be happy with this draw. Yes Spartans could go through and be the first non-league team into the quarters since whenever?? (HJ help needed on this one). However they could also be eliminated by another "miss hit cross" and nobody will remember the game in years to come even though it was in the last sixteen of the cup. The pay day for all the clubs will also be hit. Berwick or Rovers will not bring a huge following with them as perhaps an SPFL premier club would have brought. However Spartans have a very good chance to make another bit of history and I wish them all the best.
  6. As I was walking towards Palmerston to watch Queens against Brora it suddenly dawned on me that I had not made any predictions. So I thought who I could trust to get me a good score. It did cost me the first goal as I was five minutes late getting in.
  7. Congratulations to Spartans you have done our league proud once again.
  8. Forgot to put mine on. I take the same as dillinger
  9. You did a fine job, well done. Perhaps you should have run the other campaign that was held a couple of months ago.
  10. The link on the first post will take to the groups homepage and what they hope to achieve. The money will help them provide sports equipment for young people, pay for coaching, and subsidise their team travel costs
  11. Yesssss we did it. A cheque of nearly £50000 was delivered to the Gretna Community Sport organisers today. A big thank you to all who voted.
  12. I think that the fixtures should remain as published. It is bad enough that we change them for cup competitions (I am okay with the Scottish and have no gripes about not playing Spartans on Saturday) but some fans / sponsors have to make arrangements (travel, accommodation etc.) a few weeks in advance. BSC are in this situation because Selkirk's park has been unavailable for two weeks. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that it will fail again this week. They should have been playing BSC this Saturday but because the South Challenge Cup situation takes precedence, we are in this ludicrous situation.
  13. I thought that it would have been better to play the BSC fixtures when at least they know the ground will be free. What happens if Maryhill are scheduled to play on the same day as the Gretna fixture? I assume Maryhill have first call on the ground. What I was talking about was friendly matches between clubs in the Lowland League. Is there a rule that says they can't be played or is it just not done.
  14. Serious question, why not? Is it a league rule or is it something that is just not done?
  15. Only 45 minutes left to get your vote in. Every vote counts.
  16. The presentation on Border TV tonight. A fairly convincing one in my opinion. http://www.itv.com/news/border/2014-11-24/the-peoples-millions-mondays-vote/
  17. I did not notice that. I think that it does say a lot when a very knowledgeable English football reporter can't make head nor tail of our hierarchical system in Scottish football. Now Off topic PS don't forget to vote in the people Millions
  18. Gretna Supporters Society have sponsored a project to encourage healthy lifestyles through playing sport. Yes we did crib the idea from Spartans and we'd like to thank Craig and Dougie for their help and inspiration. The project, called Gretna Community Sport, is very close to winning £50,000 from the People's Millions, but we need your help by voting and spreading the word to all your friends. Voting will take place by telephone on November 24th from 9am - midnight. It will also be on the ITV Border News at 6pm on the same day. Calls will cost 15p from mobiles and BT landlines. You can call up to 10 times from any UK number. Gretna Community Sport will use the money to fund sports for young people in the area, with start up costs, equipment, coaching and travel, promoting sport and healthy lifestyles within the Gretna community. Although sponsored by Gretna Supporters Society none of the money will go to Gretna FC 2008 but will be spent entirely on children's sport in the Gretna area . WE NEED YOUR VOTE. The numbers to call are Landline 09015 228202 Mobile 6228202 Choose option 1 If you want more information www.gretnacommunitysport.co.uk
  19. Yes it may be sad on my part but it does affect they way that you interact with someone. When you know the team someone is associated with, you can at least judge where they are coming from. When you hide behind the my team Scotland you come across as somebody who has something to hide.
  20. I was wondering how you could leave out Victoria, then I remembered.
  21. At the next Whitehill AGM, Newky can propose to the committee to make a representation to the SFA for a rule change in the South Regional cup for less local matches. At the same AGM he can also propose to the committee to join the SJFA for more local matches for increased income. This is my genuine interpretation of what he is saying. At least with Newky, I know he wants the best for Whitehill and whether it be more income or less chance to get knocked out of a cup by Spartans, Edin City or Stirling. If you are not happy with the current set up as well, you can get your club to propose a change or as you said get them not to enter, oh wait, I don't think Scotland gets a vote.
  22. I am pretty sure that there is something similar covering Raydale. That is why after the collapse of the old club and the sale of the ground to a developer, that there is not a housing development there now.
  23. I am not having a go at Ormiston. Although you could have said to Whitehill on Friday to get their ground ready. I am saying that both Ormiston and Whitehill should have had played their arranged league games yesterday and next Saturday. The cup tie should be played on a designated cup tie weekend. It is a nonsense that Preston had to arrange to come down here at less than a week's notice and Whitehill cancel the bus that they had booked. With the two matches postponed yesterday eight teams have had to make alternative arrangements for next Saturday.
  24. Not just you Newky. Everyone who replied on this open forum So you would like Whitehill to go back to the Welfare leagues or a move to the juniors? That bit was a dig at someone who never comments on a game that he has been to and does not admit to following any particular team. I think he is Lurker in disguise. At the beginning of your post, you were saying that there was more money to be made locally now you are wanting the cup competition to be played nationally from the start. A bit inconsistent here Newky.
  25. Mickey commented on this in his blog. It is a bit unrealistic to expect to get a ground ready in a couple of hours.
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