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  1. Dalbeattie 2-1 Gala Gretna 4-0 Threave Selkirk 1-2 Vale Preston 2-2 Edinburgh Uni Edinburgh City 0-1 Whitehill Spartans 3-1 BSC Glasgow East Kilbride 2-2 Stirling
  2. I was out earlier (not at the ground) and it was very moist. This in itself shouldn't pose a problem as Raydale drains fairly well. The forecast for tonight is dry with a light frost so I think the game will go ahead.
  3. City are still in the driving seat and the league is theirs to lose. I have been waiting on City imploding since they beat us at Raydale earlier in the season, I am still waiting. They are deservedly top of the league on merit. City alone of the top six don't drop points against bottom six teams, everybody else seems to have a 'shock' defeat now and again. January will be a big month for City as they are due to play us at home and Welfare away. Wins in both of these matches could win the league for them (I know not technically) but defeats in both will not mean they will lose it. It will just make the league more interesting.
  4. The same thing happened at Selkirk with the new minstrels, must be the new thing to do.
  5. No she left shortly after kick-off. It was on the 5:30 bulletin so she was probably preparing the piece.
  6. I think you are too hard on yourself. After the seventh went in, I said to my mate that I thought you weren't at fault for any of them. He agreed but also said that you hadn't made a save all game up to then. However you did make a couple of good saves late on to prevent the tenth. I agree the finishing was clinical and I think most keepers at our level would have struggled to save any of them. The two own goals were crackers as well I don't think you got near either of those.
  7. There are some games that you go to and where chance after chance is missed and you wonder how you never scored more. Then there are other matches where everything seems to go your way and even the opposition defence scores two own goals to help you to a 9-1 victory. In saying that Selkirk did not look like a team that would concede nine goals. It just seemed to be one of days where the Gretna strikers could not put a foot wrong. The result puts us five points ahead of Spartans and five behind City. I know we have played more matches but points in the bag are better than ones dependant on another 90 minutes of football. January is a big month for Gretna with visits to both City and Spartans.
  8. Lowland League Selkirk 1-4 Gretna League Cup Threave 2-1 Dalbeattie Vale 1-2 Gala Edin Univ 1-2 Stirling Uni Preston 2-3 East Kilbride BSC Glasgow 2-2 Edin. City Whitehill 1-2 Spartans PS Now I have a bit of time on my hands over the Christmas holidays, I'll get the table up to date.
  9. Just in case there is any confusion the match is next Saturday the 27th December As Queenserse says you will be more than welcome. The local(ish) derby against Threave Rovers is usually a good match with plenty of goals.
  10. I had a tour of the Drybrough's brewery once. The best bit was the bar at the end of the tour.... It had no till
  11. I am also sad to see him go. We knew it could have been anything from one match or until the rest the season. It turned out to be eight matches. The defence certainly benefitted from his experience. He may be the reason that now have a degree of consistency in our recent performances. In the eight matches that he played, we won six, drew one and lost one. Best of luck in your new life down under, Ryan.
  12. :lol: Trying to play Mickey at his own game? Somehow I don't think he'll fall for it.
  13. Forecast is dry all day and tomorrow (up to around 7 pm). Temperature to fall below freezing at around midnight to -3 degrees Celsius during the night. I would have thought there would be a good chance of the park being playable by 2:00 pm. Cheers Heather the Weather
  14. They were charging at the gate last time Gretna played at the Gannochy. Although if you really wanted you could find a around the gate. I seem to remember some Whitehill fans indivertibly doing just that the last time Welfare played there.
  15. I know it's a bit premature for a match preview but I thought that Selkirk's wonderful gesture for this match is worth mentioning. Instead of paying at the gate, supporters, players and club officials are being asked to donate food to the value of the normal entrance fee. The food will then be given to the local food bank. An excellent idea especially at this time of year. Well done Selkirk Gretna News page
  16. Strangely enough, this is a similar to the answer that I would have given. Perhaps not as harsh on Alexander although he did seem full of his self importance. Wadsworth did come in for a bit of stick at the time but a lot of people forget that he actually put his own money into the club to see the club finish the season at the end. Alan Main was very approachable when he was playing and very friendly. I remember him giving his gloves to a disabled fan as souvenir after one game. However his comments after he left the club did leave a bitter taste as they were very disrespectful to the fans who had supported him.
  17. Perhaps the clubs should go back to the organisers of the competition and demand that something is done about it. Oh wait, it was the clubs themselves that organised the competition and set all the rules. The perceived "hard done by" clubs were present when the rules were drawn up. If some are now unhappy about it, they can propose a change at the next meeting.
  18. Looks like the possibility of a couple of midweek long away trips to make him even more upset.
  19. Knew it was Willie something or other, One wine too many that's my excuse.
  20. Gretna have played Willie Kidd's side twice and scoring 8 without conceding any. Just saying like
  21. ..and you could have had great odds on one of those teams a couple of months ago.
  22. 6/12/14 League Edin Uni 1 E Kilbride 2 Spartans 4 Preston 0 Threave 0 Gretna 5 Image Printers Cup Coldstream 1 Edin City 4 Vale 2 Gala 2 Whitehill 4 Selkirk 0
  23. If you live long enough you see things that you thought would never happen when you were younger. I have seen Rangers play in the fourth tier of Scottish football I have seen Wigan win The FA cup. I have even seen Mickey Lawson congratulating Spartans on winning a cup tie. Now to cap it all I can now say that I have seen Grim complaining about a thread going off topic . There is now hope that one day I may see Hibernian eventually win the Scottish Cup,
  24. Match kicked off at 7:30. Debian posted the result at 9:31. I cannot see how extra time was played. If no extra time was played, there will have to be a replay. Rules are rules we were told last year.
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