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  1. I am truly glad to hear you are not far away. I wasn't having a go, just fearing the worst. We need a bigger presence in the West.
  2. You will certainly know better than me how close BSC are over this one. I cannot see there being an applicant with a licence coming from the West this year. BSC do not have one yet and as there is only a few months left to get theirs with perhaps one, or at maximum two, licensing board meetings before the May deadline. So yes I think it is more likely we will have less clubs rather than more from the West next year.
  3. Unfortunately it is more likely to be less, iif BSC don't get their license by May.
  4. I agree with HJ. If the scenario did arise that Brora could not be promoted as their ground was not up to scratch (remember at the moment it is only speculation) then it would bring the Highland league into disrepute. I would assume that some form punitive action would be taken against Brora from the Highland League. I am not sure what form of punishment this would encompass but something would have to be done as the league themselves would be held accountable from the SFA. All clubs enter both the Lowland and Highland leagues on the basis that they know what the risks are with both promotion and relegation.
  5. I should have copied the next two lines. Application - clubs will detail their ability to comply with entry requirements as per SPFL Rules and confirm club’s willingness to comply with Rules on an on-going basis
  6. From the Highland websites January 31st – all clubs capable of becoming League Champions (based on points total & number of games to play ) identify themselves By March 31st- all potential League Champions apply to SPFL for membership (clubs unable to achieve championship status need not apply) So still a bit of time to go but if the club is capable of winning it they have to apply.
  7. City three up after 29 minutes against Preston. No slip ups tonight then.
  8. I had it in my mind there was a cut off point around Perth (Although you know how bad my sense of direction is). Clubs to the North of Perth go to the Highland League Pyramid Rules
  9. Okay fair enough. The more I think about it, the first time that I was at Ainslie Park I thought that it was bizarre to build the only stand facing south., while squinting my eyes against the sun.
  10. I wouldn't say that. I believe the pressure is still on City as the title is theirs to lose. The rest of us will be looking to profit from any slip ups that they might make. They do have a few difficult games coming up.
  11. Even if we get one from the East or South leagues coming up I can't see anybody going down. We still need 16 licensed clubs next season and they are very thin on the ground. My question is what is going to happen to the current Lowland League clubs who will not get their licence in time for next season? The three clubs at the bottom all have theirs so, in my opinion, they will be safe from relegation. Perhaps the bottom club will just need to go the process of reapplying.
  12. Gretna did play well but it takes two teams to make a decent match. Vale certainly did not play like a team who don't have to look for 'off the field' problems. Should be a cracker. On another note, I hope our new minstrels are allowed into Meadowbank. They will try their best to generate an atmosphere within the stand.
  13. Nine wins in a row. Ten next week might take us to the top of the league if city don't win on Wednesday. There that's put the jinx on it now.
  14. East Kilbride 2 BSC Glasgow 2 Gala F/Dean 2 Selkirk 1 Gretna 08 3 Vale 0 Spartans 2 Whitehill 1 Threave 1 Dalbeattie 4
  15. I can assure you that there is only tumbleweed left in my wallet. Santa has robbed me blind. Do either of you know how much the Man U megastore charges for a strip for a 10 year old? No thought not
  16. I think that I can see where Charlie is coming from although I don't think there is any competition in the world that has a qualification section based purely on goals. So based on Charlie's new rules: Threave are on -4 goal difference if Gretna win 8-0, Dalbeattie will be -5, so Gretna and Threave go through if Dalbeattie win 6-0. Gretna will be on -5 so Dalbeattie and Threave go through. Interesting new rules.
  17. I'm glad you edited that post I couldn't quite get your point in the original one. I wasn't talking of not playing the last match. I was just wondering if there is anything at stake in the remaining match. Yes we have a below par performance, score a scrappy goal in the last five minutes and yet we qualify. Such is life.
  18. We were lucky to come away with a win today. To be honest I am happy to see the back of Threave this season (apart from the supporters and committee who are spot on). The team seem to bring out the poor performances from us while they seem to raise their games against us. If Threave play every week like what they have played in the three games against Gretna this season, they would be nowhere near the bottom of the league.
  19. Is there any advantage to winning the group rather than just qualifying? I am thinking of our postponed match against Dalbeattie. Is the replay a meaningless match or will the group winners get a home draw in the all in round?
  20. It will really heat up if you point out how well the flood lights are working
  21. Cheers I was too lazy to look at the SLFL site.
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