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  1. Yes I know. However one person has already asked me about it, referring to this post on P&B. It obviously caused them some confusion so rather than condesendendly point out the layout of the post and question their reading skills, I thought that I would clarify the post. Just in case there were some other poor unfortunates who perhaps do not have our clarity of understanding of HJ's original post.
  2. In case anyone is starting to make arrangements to visit Innerleithen on the 10th. The date of the Vale v Gretna match is still to be decided. I doubt many of our players would get away that early from work for the 2 o'clock kick-off that would be required to avoid playing the match in the dark.
  3. Not often I agree with Dal but he is correct on this occasion and it was a good result for Dalbeattie today. Stirling are one of the top teams in the league. The top seven in the league are all of similar standard. All of them are capable taking points of each other and it doesn't come as a great surprise when it happens.
  4. Or too scared of missing the tie through injury or suspension.
  5. Fair enough after a five minute search I couldn't find the post that I was looking for. I seem to remember something being said along the lines that you had a grace period to embrace the pyramid system or the license will be revoked. I must have dreamt it. I cannot get my head around the SJFA's proposed new league structure. It sounds like another version of the Lowland League. Can you explain to me why it can be part of the pyramid (to justify licencing criteria) when the participating clubs do not want to be promoted from it? In any case I cannot see the SFA sanctioning a rival set up.
  6. I thought that Edinburgh Uni were going to be on the receiving end of the Spartans back lash. A draw suggests otherwise. I can't decide whether the back lash starts next week or now is the best time in years to play them. It will be interesting to see the odds for next week's match.
  7. Needles to say I enjoyed the final result. However what was heart warming was the performance of two ex Gretna players. Both Dan Carmichael and Gavin Reilly were two of the better players on show today. Dan had a great first half.
  8. For how long? The license will be up for review every year and being a part of the pyramid is still a requirement.
  9. LOWLAND LEAGUE Dalbeattie Star 2-2 Stirling University East Kilbride P-P Selkirk Preston Athletic 1-4 BSC Glasgow Spartans 4-1 Edinburgh University IMAGE PRINTERS CUP Vale of Leithen 2-2 Gala Fairydean Coldstream 0-4 Edinburgh City Whitehill Welfare P-P Lothian Thistle SOUTHERN COUNTIES CUP Newton Stewart 2-1 Threave Rovers
  10. Perfect day down here and no match arranged Anyway I'm off to Palmerston today for what should be a good match.
  11. We regularly make two hour journeys to away games. I can honestly say they are not as bad once you get used to them. Us older ones zone out with a book our listen to our "old man's" music on mp3 players. The younger ones including the players seem to have a great time judging by the amount of noise they make on the bus. (a couple of seasons ago we had a PlayStation on the bus which kept them amused). If I am going out on any particular Saturday evening, I will drive to the match. Can't say there have been too many long away midweek matches. Perhaps one or two a season. My other half is a Carlisle fan, on a few occasions I have accompanied her on a journey to Yeovil or Bournemouth. Now they are long journeys. However there still seems to be a few regulars who go every other week.
  12. I have fixed it to show what's on offer currently for Lowland League Clubs. The scored out bits could easily be remedied by the junior clubs themselves I see no reason why a junior club who joins the Lowland League shouldn't be able to continue to play in the junior cup. Its up to the SJFA themselves to allow it. The current Lowland League clubs still play the local cup competitions organised by the East of Scotland or the South of Scotland FAs.
  13. If memory serves me correctly Linlithgow have theirs for a year then they have to show a commitment to join the pyramid system.
  14. I would have thought that any applicants this year would already have their license in place already. That will limit the number of applicants this year. It got me thinking, there is nothing to stop an EoS or SoS side getting their license and not applying for the Lowland League. The license will get them entry to the Scottish Cup without the added expense of playing in the Lowland League. However the club would have to accept promotion if they won their league.
  15. Because apparently you cannot use it more than once a week in winter and it the poor fixture secretary gets into bother for not accommodating this
  16. A few bad results and Spartans are suddenly a bad team? One winnable match away from the Scottish Cup quarter finals and winning the "group of death" league cup section says differently.
  17. Thanks to three first half goals against Gala, Gretna extended their winning streak to ten matches in all competitions. In that run they have scored 45 goals while conceding only 7. I don't have the exact number of bookings to hand but the two picked up today meant three in total in around the last half dozen or so matches. The improvement in discipline has to be a contributory factor in the winning streak. Congratulations to all the players involved.
  18. We'll be okay at Annan unless Gala have difficulty getting there.
  19. Our Lowland League record against Gala is 2 wins and one defeat. The two wins have been on the plastic at Gala where we have scored 10 and conceded 2. The defeat was a 2-1 reversal at Raydale. So perhaps the artificial surface at Annan will suit us better.
  20. That's the news that I have been holding back for. Storm damage to the floodlights have caused the match against Gala to be switched to Galabank in Annan (better than Everholm I suppose). Its times like these that I wish that I hadn't commented on Stirling's woes with their ground.
  21. High scoring Gretna will be looking for ten wins in a row in which should be an exciting match.
  22. Just who do you think the LL administration are? They are people doing a voluntary service to make us one of the best (if not the best) organised non-league set-ups in Scotland. They are not employed by the league but have full time jobs outside football. I know they have had difficulty with the website but I agree that there is no excuse for never getting back to you on a particular question submitted through the website (assuming that they got it). The fixture secretary has to be without doubt the best in non-league football. It is a huge improvement on what we had in the East of Scotland days and vastly superior to what the junior universe has. There is only so much that this volunteer can do to work around the two ground sharing clubs (Is there any link to the fact that both of them are still to be licensed?). It is hardly the fixture secretary's fault that Stirling's home ground cannot be played on in consecutive days. I would suggest that the problem lies elsewhere and the club in question need to ask themselves if they have the facilities to operate at this level of football. Free entry for match reports???
  23. I always like to see 7-0 score lines. It always brings back nice memories. Newky will back me up, I'm sure.
  24. Saturday 10th Jan East Kilbride 5-0 Preston Athletic Sunday 11th Jan Stirling Uni. 6-0 Threave Rovers
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