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  1. I don't think anybody would mind if they are issued on the 28th March as long as there is an insert with updates in it. I had prepared most of our Selkirk programme but I asked the printer for an extension in the submission time as I was not convinced the game would go ahead It turns out that I had judged it correctly. The good thing is that most of it can be used again for the re-arranged game.
  2. The parachute payments should see any debt-free club bounce back up. 40k over and above the normal fundraising for the club should be able to attract a squad good enough to win either the HL or LL. True spirit of the pyramid. A club starting from scratch and making its way to a level where it belongs (not saying the SPFL but perhaps the LL is our natural level) Membership of the Lowland League (Not sure about the HL) required the club to accept promotion if they were in a position to be offered it. Probably sanctions would be put in place against clubs refusing ( or not able) to accept it. Of course the league is manufactured (which one isn't) I am sure all the LL teams have youth policies why should they be affected by entry to the SPFL? No we are in Scotland (in our case just!!) The pyramid was long overdue and is not perfect. If the whole of Scottish Football was started from scratch, the pyramid would not be designed in the way we have it now. It had to be put together with compromise from all teams involved. Neither the SPFL clubs or the non-league clubs did not get it all their own ways. It is a start and will evolve. The best junior side of recent years, Auchinleck Talbot, was put out of this year's Scottish Cup by Edinburgh City. The juniors seem to be a bit agoraphobic fearing to make the journey from their own back yards (who is to say that they are not correct). I think that their attitude will change if the pyramid is seen to be a success.
  3. Cicero


    Ha Ha Ha so ironic. And in the more recent past I have no idea how much they have already raised. It is hard enough to raise funds to keep any Superleague club going on a weekly basis given the wages that they will have to pay never mind save half a million pounds. All I am saying is that 500k will be difficult to match fund for any club. Good luck to them in any case.
  4. Cicero


    Another 500k to raise???? How likely is that? To me it seems a huge amount for any non-league club to achieve.
  5. Sounds like a mathematicians attempt at poetry
  6. They are already in it along with the other 13 members from the Lowland League, 18 from the Highland League, 14 from the South of Scotland League and 17 in the East of Scotland league. (HJ will correct me if Wikki have got it wrong)
  7. Are you really suggesting that the SFA disenfranchise the junior clubs? Take away their right to self determination? I may not agree or understand why the top junior clubs do not want to be part of the pyramid but I believe that they have every right to play in a league that they think is best for them. I can just imagine the outcry on here if the SFA said that from next season there will be promotion and relegation between the East and West superleagues and the Lowland League. To make sure nobody 'plays the system' they could gp on to say "If you do not want or are not ready to accept promotion, you can go to the bottom of the district leagues". Is that the sort agenda, the SFA should be setting? If not what do you suggest? Looks to me that you are trying to stir up some senior / junior tribalism here. Of course any club in the Lowland League would welcome junior clubs and their supporters to suggest otherwise is just not true. I agree that we need unification of the non-league but one side cannot dictate to other. There only seems to be a small proportion of junior fans in favour of integration. Until they can be swayed otherwise we have to put up with what we have got. It is nonsense to say that the SFA has to ignore the wishes of the majority of junior fans and implement integration.
  8. Do we really want an invite? A couple of years ago, I would have said yes. Now I am not so sure. I know it is seen as the Holy Grail in Junior circles but to the non-league seniors there is no mythical status. It will just be seen as yet another cup competition with very little reward until the (very) latter rounds. The prospect of a journey north of the Forth is sweetened for us in the Big Scottish with a contribution towards traveling expenses from the SFA. I don't think there is any such guarantee from the SJFA. Although I seem to recall that the home team have to pay something towards the coach of the opposition??? It would be nice to meet Juniors on a more regular basis but I am not sure that there will be many takers in the SLFL or the HFL for what will just be seen as an extra cup competition.
  9. Lowland League Cup game, Same competition group as the league I believe although I could be wrong and on checking I am wrong. A bit of a nightmare all different groups. Life was much easier in the EoS league
  10. Cicero

    Club Licencing

    Entry level doesn't require youth teams although we have just recently got Peoples Millions funding to help set up ours. For the license, the paperwork is onerous but not beyond our capabilities (easy for me to say as I didn't do it). The biggest hassle for us was getting all the safety certificates and the general maintenance required to get these approved. We have also found that the duration of these certificates depends in which part of the country that you are in. Each local government authority seem to have their owns rules regarding cost and duration. If you are willing to accept the pyramid then the benefits far outweigh costs. (equivalent to a few sportsmen's evenings a year). There are a couple of teams in the Lowland League that I wonder how they got the certificate by looking at their ground so on that front it cannot be too hard to achieve.
  11. Cheers Ross. Never easy when your keeper gets sent off. I assume that he will be suspended for our visit in a fortnight as next week's match against Newton Stewart is in another competition pool. I have to agree about the hospitality at Gala, second to none.
  12. Oh Dal you have left us hanging there. What happened? Even a snippet from a biased point of view is better than nothing.
  13. Hearts were away to Livingston, Fairly local.
  14. I would prefer The cup run first which would certainly set you up financially for a stab at the SPFL 2 the in the next couple of seasons. (Although is this case at Spartans). What Spartans need to do is think how they keep a hold of a fraction of the crowd that turned up for the cup tie. Well over 2000 more fans turned up yesterday (with both Hearts and Hibs playing locally) than for the league against Gretna. Newky, I notice that your team is Whitehill. Did they used to play in the Lowland League??
  15. Saturday 7th February Scottish Cup Spartans 2 v1 Berwick Lowland League Edin City 2 v 1 BSCG Gala 1 v 2 Dalbeattie Gretna P Selkirk Preston 1 v 4 Black and White Minstrels Tribute act Vale of L 3 v 1 Threave Lowland League Cup Edin Uni 1 v 4 East Kilbride EOS Qualifying Cup, R3 Whitehill P LTHV
  16. I wonder if any ref has ever been sued by a player who has sustained an injury part due to a frozen pitch? If the players involved want to play, it should ultimately be their choice as they know the risks involved. I can understand why a ref would not want to be seen as playing a part in a player getting injured but it would be the players own responsibility as they should not be forced to play. Perhaps the ref could be used as an advisor and an arbitrator but not given the final decision. Unless he feels that his own safety is at risk.
  17. Best of luck Spartans. If it didn't involve a three hour round trip, I would have probably gone. Instead it looks like Palmerston again for me. I am becoming quite a regular there.
  18. Cicero


    To be fair, I think that is the first time I have seen a Lowland league team / player mentioned. I did find it strange that Stirling would sign a 39 year old. Incidentally I met Darcheville many years ago when he was playing for Lorient. He did come across as a reasonably intelligent guy so perhaps he could become a vet. Although, during our conversation, he did say that he wanted to play for Hibs. Lorient had just beaten them that day in a pre-season friendly, so perhaps he wasn't as intelligent as I thought especially when he went on to play for Rangers..
  19. Director Michael Apted who also directed the official film of the 2006 world cup??
  20. I am looking in from the outside and shaking my head in disbelief. Surely if the player in question misses two official games, he has served his ban. If the game against Carnoustie wasn't official then if another player was red carded in that game, would they have been eligible for next week's Hurlford match? Although it is not much better with Lowland League teams. We have competition pools where matches are categorized across the various cup and league competitions. We had a situation last season against Stirling Uni Where one player was sent off from each team in a cup game. Due to a refereeing mistake the match had to be replayed (he went straight to penalties rather than play extra-time). Our player was suspended for the game while the Stirling player was eligible. The reason was that Stirling have a reserve side who subsequently played a match in the same competition pool as the cup match. Their player who was red carded played for the first team on the same day as his suspension was being served. We were not amused to say the least.
  21. From my point of view we got just about what we deserved. We never coped with the wind straight from the Arctic in the first half. Every through ball seemed to get over hit. We are capable of a lot better but did not produce it when it mattered. The officials did help either. Spartans bullied us the first half and got away with it from the ref. Big Iain Anderson took a sore one in the first half when he was barged in the back in the first half. The "crude" challenge went unpunished and it was obvious that Iain was feeling the effects for the rest of the match. The "seethe" against the ref from the Gretna fans resulted from when challenge after challenge from Spartans went unpunished and just as we thought that he had forgotten his cards and straight after an obvious yellow card for Spartans, he booked Gretna's Halliday (deservedly). for a challenge in the middle of the park. It is the inconsistency from the officials that annoy the fans. When Spartan's got their second goal it was then that Gretna upped their game and Longcake scored yet another superb goal from long range. However it too little too late. We did get the ball into the net in injury time but the ref ruled it out for a foul on the keeper. I hope Grim doesn't edit that out as I am yet to be convinced.
  22. And not due to fat fingers. What does it matter to you that we didn't go top? It doesn't bother me which two teams change places at the top if neither of them are mine.
  23. My previous posts said otherwise. When the game got closer to kick off my black and white tinted glasses just got stronger. Anyway you can't win matches when you only start playing with 80 minutes gone.
  24. Lowland League Spartans 1-4 Gretna (Prediction made from the Spartans club room. Feeling more confident the closer the match approaches )
  25. Here's hoping. Although I have the feeling that Spartans will be well up for it. They are like a wounded animal with their recent results so they will be wanting to show everyone that they are not out of it. What better way than getting a result against the inform team of the league. Leaving now for the match. Lets hope there is a big crowd to see what should be a cracker of a match.
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