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  1. Is it just me or is there something creepy about going to a football match and looking out for the ball boys.I know the students have a catalogue of doing strange things but I think that is a step too far.
  2. Will that be the last league meeting for a few years?? Leaving it late for the license. Two years not enough notice?
  3. I missed him completely. I saw someone retrieve the ball from the opposite stand but he didn't look like fifteen or sixteen year-old. The shenanigans of last year are becoming a distant memory now as the hospitality shown by all at Stirling today were first rate.
  4. I take it you weren't at the game. Then you would've known that there was no ball boy. No complaints about the result. Stirling deserved their win. We were the better team in the second half but we were not going to win anything with defending like that.
  5. Not all the time Dal The goal net got it plenty tines last week.
  6. I think that he has done a good enough job given the resources that was available to him. D&G is a sparsely populated area with only so many good players available to go around the clubs. Good luck to him in whatever he does next.
  7. How ironic, Stirling Uni complaining of bad sportsmanship. Have you any suspended players needing to play this year? I am sure there must be loophole somewhere that you can actively find so you can play them. PS if you do go to the game, don't forget to put on your make up on. It seems to be the in thing at Stirling Uni.
  8. Because you find them difficult to answer. Simple question, why have you only ever accused people from Lowland League teams of "tribalism" and "sectarianism" (which in themselves are bizarre outbursts) and never once accused a junior poster of it? Here we go again more conspiracy theories than Fox Mulder.
  9. The amount of rubbishing of the Lowland League that goes on in the junior forum and you have never once accused them of tribalism or sectarianism. It seems to work only one way as far as your concerned.
  10. Was he not brought back down to Earth by seeing red 30 seconds after you took the picture?
  11. I wasn't so ungracious in my choice of language but did I not imply as such.
  12. Are we in a rush to fill the remaining two places? I don't think there is any to say that the places have to be filled for next season, I would hold the places open as a carrot for a couple of the big junior clubs to jump ship. They are more likely to be tempted to join the pyramid via the Lowland League than go through either of the feeder leagues. For the good of Scottish football we need unification of non league football and it is more likely to happen if the better junior clubs are tempted into the fold. I believe it will happen sooner rather than later as the SJFA seem to be a totally discredited organisation. If AM soccer are serious about joining senior football then they should do it through the East of Scotland League. They can still get their license but and if they are good enough they will be in the LL in a couple of years. Cheers A U Supect
  13. Which proves my point even more.
  14. No idea. I don't think that I have ever set foot in Cupar. edited to add A quick Google search tells me it is three times bigger than Gretna, we get on average 130 so AM soccer (need to change that name on condition of entry) will get around 400
  15. Your game on Saturday at Irvine Meadow had a crowd of 150?? Our match at East Kilbride a couple of weeks back had at least that, if not more. The difference of 110 years of history between Irvine and East Kilbride doesn't seem to count for much with the paying public.
  16. "Non football club"?? The web page says they have around 500 players and numerous coaches. Just how many players and teams do you need before you can call yourself a football club? Look to be in the same mould as East Kilbride. A couple of years after joining the Lowland League they are attracting a healthy fan base. The juniors have certainly missed the boat on this one. I do have concerns (apart from the name) as to how they will get a license in time, I can't see it happening.
  17. The fans who paid a fiver at the gate must have felt a bit cheated to read that one of the managers says that his team is not going to be trying too hard today. I cannot think of another example of this. At least the Premiership clubs drop their prices when they pay understrength teams in some cup competitions,. It might be just me but I found it surprising to read this in the match programme before the match had started. Some may view it as an honest view of the match while others may see it as getting your excuses in early.
  18. Nice touch from Star today. They presented their ex striker, Gretna's Scott Milligan, with tankard in recognition for the goals he scored while at Dalbeattie. Well done Dalbeattie!
  19. Although the Star manager would have enjoyed the game. Quote from the Programme: "As far as I'm concerned it is a meaningless tie. There's no two ways about it and we will be taking it lightly. I don't care what anyone says, it's a case of we'll raise our game when we have to and we'll dip it down when we have to. The boys are human beings and we can't play to that level of intensity every week (v Newton Stewart). We'll go out and enjoy it and the result means nothing because at the end of the day there's nothing at stake, simple as that." To be fair it was a bit of a lack lustre display from both teams but still a surprising quote from the manager, I can't think of anything similar in the past.
  20. Aye aw right but it still wasn't a last man challenge, Greig was there to make the challenge,
  21. Further to the incident last month. This doesn't look good. culture of racism
  22. You won us?? I didn't realise that so much was at stake.
  23. The term senior in no way relates to national. We are a non-league club who played in the regional senior East of Scotland League and now play in the regional senior Lowland League. The distinction between junior and senior is often mixed up by West of Scotland residents because (for years) they didn't have a senior non league set up.
  24. The Webmaster is usually pretty spot on with updates. However it does appear that he has missed the City game on the 28th. He has every other one on it. We can all make the occasional slip. If you do notice anything else in the future just email James directly on the contacts page. He doesn't read P&B and if he doesn't know about the problem it won't get changed until he does. I have sent him an email now.
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