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  1. Cheers Newky. I have had a long break from non-league football (enjoyed watching more of my "big" team over the last three seasons ). I was taken by surprise by a couple things when I logged on last week for the first time in a long while. No more than seeing that the juniors have finally jumped ship and at a level below Lowland league, who would have thought it? Although I am a bit confused what the EoS conference leagues are all about, someone will have to direct to where it is all explained. The way things appear to be going at Whitehill, it looks like the correct decision was made by the Whitehill committee not to install floodlights. Anyway back to this thread, Edinburgh Uni let me down for a Lowland league six fold at the bookies last week. I thought since they won at Raydale, and Gretna had a couple of good results elsewhere, the students must have returned from their holidays a bit early this year.
  2. The lost hours I spent doing that, no thank you. That and trying to put together a programme ( I don't need to tell you about that) it was amazing that I actually got any work done for my day job.
  3. After watching Hawick at Raydale today and looking at their remaining fixtures, I agree with AlansHotBath that relegation has not been decided yet. Hawick were unlucky not to get at least a point today. They looked a hard but skillful team, although their discipline could let them down In the run they have at least half a dozen "winnable" games. Star and Vale will be looking over the shoulders for the next few weeks anyway.
  4. Having read Scott's original post, I decided to take in the Gretna match today. It has been so long since I have been to Raydale, Hibs have even won the cup . At the start of the match, I feared the worse when I saw the main Gretna striker, he looked so unfit. How wrong could I be, he was the hardest working player on the park. He must have covered every blade of grass on the pitch. Other than him, there was no other outstanding Gretna player. The team just seemed to be well organised and tight in every area. The new management team have certainly got them working well together. Defensively, I think that any team will find them hard to break down this season. I can only think of one effort that the students had on goal, when Jamieson saved well from the near post (Johnny captain??). This was despite the uni team having large periods of being on the ball, they just seemed to do nothing with it. Up front Gretna looked threatening for the majority of the match. I can see why they put six past Whitehill last week (Sir Peter must have been worth hearing). Today they could easily have done the same. There was certainly more than goal between the teams. It was good to be back and it won't be my only visit this season.
  5. Nice incentive for Buckie and Gretna on Saturday (not that another one is needed). A home draw against a championship team. I can only think of one other occasion that Dunfermline have been in Gretna. And before Newky tries for a bite, yes it was against the previous incumbents of Raydale.
  6. The thought of the journey put me off. Especially with the "attraction" of The Hibees at Palmerston. On hindsight, I wish that I had gone to Banff instead. I am still soaking after standing in that antiquated terracing.
  7. Ok for Saturday's match can I choose a Manchester mix. The Fall, Buzzcocks, The Smiths, Alberto_Y_Lost_Trios_Paranoias, Theatre of Hate etc
  8. Some of us did it last year at Formartine (Or however it is spelt). I went home on the bus and felt that something was missing from the whole day. I enjoyed the short time in the supporters' pub after the match and wished it could have stayed longer. Part of me is seriously considering it (probably the alcoholic part).
  9. Another 500+ mile round trip. Do I really fancy it I am saying to myself? Over 10 hours on a bus for a 3 to 4 hour stay or a night in a b&b with a long drive home on the Sunday with a hangover. Decisions decisions ...
  10. EK don't seem to be winning many friends in this league. The Shire fans have fitted in better than the "glory hunters" from the New town. We hardly ever heard from EK fans before this season.
  11. I hope that there is never another Scotland match at Tynecastle as there is no parking and crap planning. The pricing was very reasonable last night and so a big crowd could have been anticipated. However with only one set of turnstiles and and two food outlets open led to a less than satisfactory experience.
  12. Why do people give that rag any credence whatsoever? Almost as bad as The Sun.
  13. Civil Service Strollers 0 - 3 Spartans Cumbernauld Colts 3 - 2 Edinburgh University Dalbeattie Star 2 - 0 University of Stirling East Kilbride2 - 1 East Stirlingshire Gretna 2008 1 - 2 BSC Glasgow Preston Athletic 0 - 2 Whitehill Welfare Selkirk 0 - 3 Gala Fairydean Rovers Vale of Leithen 3 - 1 Hawick Royal Albert
  14. I look at the example of East Kilbride. The town is probably the largest in Scotland without SPFL representation. Until the formation of the LL, they would have had to bide their time until a current SPFL club goes out of business. The LL may be a way ensuring that one of the largest population centres in Scotland has national league representation. The town's ex-amateur club are now going from strength to strength and I predict that they will be in the SPFL next season. East Kilbride Thistle, despite recently winning the "holy Grail", are very much the second team in the town, They have achieved the best that could be achieved in their grade of football but could not go further. If they had the option of progressing further up the football pyramid, maybe they would still be the top dogs in the town. The LL may not be perfect but clubs at least have the option of progressing . That does not mean, that all clubs in the LL have the means to play in the national league and perhaps the LL is their correct level. I see Gretna as an example of that. However if things go well on and off the park in the future, then the path to league football is still open and more importantly if things didn't work out, we would fall back to a correct level.
  15. Second update tonight. Wellibob leads the table and is predictor of the month for August Predictor Table
  16. Predictor table updated after Saturday's matches. Predictor Table
  17. They managed it a couple of seasons ago to get over a player ban. Not that I am bitter or anything.
  18. Edinburgh University 2 v 0 Civil Service StrollersGala Fairydean Rovers 1 v 1 Whitehill WelfareGretna 2008 2 v 1 East KilbridePreston Athletic 1 v 2 Vale of LeithenSpartans 2 v 0 Cumbernauld ColtsUniversity of Stirling 0 v 2 BSC Glasgow
  19. BSC Glasgow 1-2 Spartans Civil Service Strollers 1-3 East Stirlingshire East Kilbride 4-0 Gala Fairydean Rovers Edinburgh University 2-1 Gretna 2008 Hawick Royal Albert 2-1 Preston Athletic Selkirk 1-2 University of Stirling Vale of Leithen 2-1 Cumbernauld Colts Whitehill Welfare 1-2 Dalbeattie Star
  20. Predictor Table Wellibob is predictor of the week with 37 points and so still leads the overall league.
  21. Did I ever tell you that my son caught a sea bass with his first ever cast?
  22. None so far this season. However teamsheets are issued free. (handy when I recognise less than half the team)
  23. Every time I predict them to lose, they win and vice versa. The 6-1 scoreline today was partly due to losing our keeper to injury after ten minutes. Our second keeper was not on the bench due to injury. Don't worry I won't get into bother over my predictions unlike somebody a couple of years back
  24. A bit early but here a mine for next Saturday Cumbernauld Colts 3-1 Civil Service Strollers Dalbeattie Star 2-1 BSC Glasgow East Stirlingshire 4-0 Hawick Royal Albert Gala Fairydean Rovers 2-2 Edinburgh University Gretna 2008 1-3 Whitehill Welfare Preston Athletic 0-4 East Kilbride Spartans 4-0 Selkirk University of Stirling 4-0 Vale of Leithen
  25. wellibob stays on top of the overall table. pedrosluvchild is predictor of the week with 22 points. Predictor table
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