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  1. I don't usually post here (happy lurker) so forgive me butting-in but..... My old Dad was born in 1921,watched Thistle all his.life. I was born in 1953 and started going to Firhill when I was about 6-7. The only trophy Thistle have won in both our lifetimes was on 23rd of October 1971 - the day I got married, so we both missed it. He died a few years ago, never saw us lift a major trophy. I'm 64, so I'm getting worried. I get what you're saying HM, But for me I'm pretty sure a big cup win would be one of the greatest days in my life.
  2. I know you're enjoying noising everybody on here up a bit - can't say I blame you really, your boys have taken a helluva beating of late. But a serious question. I've noticed a definite split in the TFKAR ranks in recent times - on the one hand there's the die hard FTP knuckledraggers, showing all the arrogance and triumphalism of old, letting everyone know how much they're going to enjoy getting it right up every one of their 'enemies' On the other hand, some are taking the line of 'let's enjoy the journey through the divisions and make some new friends along the way'. I've even noticed it on RM - there was a thread today by some lunatic imploring everyone to belt out TBB for the entire 90 minutes of the Brechin game. He was shouted down pretty quickly by the more level headed. Putting aside the banter on here, most of us will know decent fans of your team (although some will be reluctant to admit it). I've always thought the less bigoted fans needed to stand-up and be a bit more vocal in decrying the more anti-social element. Do you think this is more likely to happen now?.
  3. Think it's because of the Olympics - BBC radio subject to extra territorial restrictions. I know you can do it using a proxy server (used to live abroad). Not techy enough to give you instructions, but it's pretty straightforward. Google is your friend
  4. Div on Off The Ball (along with Andy Cameron ) http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_scotland
  5. Last week I was heading for the juniors next season but after that last statement I might become a Clyde supporter. (and me from a Thissell family too )
  6. Right now I'm absolutely sickened by what's going on. I'm 59 years old, I've attended Firhill since I was about 5. My father & grandfather followed the Jags. My grandmother, my mother and her sister, and my next door neighbour all worked at Firhill. Thistle have been in my blood since I first knew what football was but it's over I think. I'm not particularly proud of how the Thistle BOD have behaved throughout all of this, but that's not wha'ts done it. I just can't stomach what's being put together here. It'll be the juniors for me next season. I love the sport, but the "business" has totally ruined it all for me and I can't see any way of fixing it. A sad day indeed.
  7. Nice idea. I don't really need that many scarves, but I do quite like the idea of a collection of good-guy mugs. Might make a start on that one
  8. Any amusement at the rumours going around that a 'deal' has been done for Greenco to make their appearance in SFL1 after consultation with Sky? FF is full of it at the moment. Worst of all possible worlds I'd say......
  9. Don't know if anyone's seen it yet, but there's a rapidly growing thread on RM about a McCoist/Smith fronted bid being put together to approach Green. Finance coming from Kennedy or the Blue Knights.
  10. Enrico, I enjoy your contributions to this thread (not to mention your excellent avatars). But really...........I take it you don't make many visits to Maryhill then as it's full of them. Very trendy amongst certain sections of the community. Every club (including my own) have their share of morons within the support, but the thing that differentiates the OF is that they manage to attract morons from all across Scotland (and Ireland) - Rangers even more so than Celtic. It's the concentration of half-wits that surround these clubs that increases the scale of the problem. I've got plenty of friends - good, decent people - who support one or other of the ugly sisters, but there's no denying that the OF have the most obnoxious and largest groups of undesirables following them. Life would be so much sweeter without either of the OF..
  11. Yup, saw this Quote Interesting meeting at Ibrox earlier. I'm afraid Green was far from convincing & there wasn't enough time for any difficult questions. @GersnetOnline on Twitter · via Twitter<br class="Apple-interchange-newline">
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