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  1. Celtic Rangers Hearts Aberdeen Ross County Hibs Dundee Utd Livi Kilmarnock Motherwell St Johnstone St Mirren
  2. 9 points from 12 against Hibs this season, lovely stuff.
  3. Nothing much to say on that, we should’ve won, we didn’t. Gutted doesn’t come close. Horrendous conditions heading back down the road. Onto Saturday we go.
  4. Clancy has a reputation for losing control of games, he certainly done that yesterday and turned the game into a bit of a farce. I think some of the fouls he gave yellow cards for where not yellows, and other fouls he didn’t give cards where yellow cards which Incensed both sets of fans and dugouts. The red card is a bit of a joke and I’d be surprised if we didn’t go down the mistaken identity route to get that rescinded, I’ll also say that Aberdeen absolutely should’ve had a penalty, I said at the time it looked clear and having seen it back my mind hasn’t changed, got away with one no doubt. On the actual game itself, I thought we controlled large spells of the game without having a lot of the ball, we where quite happy to give up possession and hit on the counter and it worked a treat for 65/70 minutes, the turning point was undoubtedly Woods save from Holt, that goes in the game is over and I think Aberdeen capitulate, credit though they got a goal back and after that it was backs against the wall, couple goal line clearances, a good save from Max as well. 2004 our last win at home to Aberdeen so was nice to finally get that donkey off our back, huge game midweek against a good Ross County side, a win surely secured safety which is still the ultimate goal at this point in the season.
  5. The Hamilton debate is an interesting one for me. The boy clearly has an eye for goal, he’s proved it during his loan spells. What I would say is he doesn’t occupy defenders enough for me, we built success on getting the ball into the final 3rd and playing our football after that, this was mainly because our long balls forward weren’t comfortably handled by opposition defences, our striker forced errors, forced throw ins, free-kicks etc, are we getting that from Jack? That’s not just on Jack mind you, do we have enough runners from midfield picking up these 2nd balls? Probably not either. Jack reminds me a wee bit of Kris Boyd in that Boyd clearly came alive inside the box, Jack’s the same, but out with that sometimes goes missing in games, have we created enough to get the best out of him? Not even close. I am desperate for Jack to succeed but I want more from him when we don’t have the ball as well personally.
  6. I stand corrected, still not a bad record, I’d be very happy with that
  7. I’m not getting into a debate about artificial surfaces, it’s been done to death. Merely pointing out a stat about Aberdeen being good on said surfaces. Enjoy the rest of your evening.
  8. Aberdeen’s record on artificial surfaces is really good… Unbeaten in their last 23 games on an artificial surface. Their last defeat on ‘plastic’ came on 28th February 2017 at Hamilton’s New Douglas Park. (17 Wins & 6 Draws) Maybe they should consider laying it at Pittodrie.
  9. Rangers Celtic Hibs Aberdeen St Johnstone St Mirren Hearts Motherwell Dundee Livi Dundee Utd Ross County
  10. Hi folks, hope you’re all staying safe during this difficult time. We were incredibly humbled to speak with Jim Leishman about his time in football, what a character he is. We obviously specifically looking at his time with Meadowbank and Livingston but he loves you guys, has a lot of great things to say about Dunfermline so thought I’d fire it in here. Feel free to give it a listen, all the best.
  11. JIM LEISHMAN MBE - The Interview OUT NOW!!! Incredibly humbling to be able to welcome someone like Jim onto our podcast, Jim is just a fantastic story teller, all things Meadowbank, Livingston and Dunfermline discussed with some terrific stories thrown in. Sit back and relax for the next hour and a half and listen to the legend that is Jim Leishman MBE look back at his time in football.
  12. Maybe not, but as I said I think it’s only fair to back your own team, don’t forget a group of players who went 14 unbeaten and a group of players who are close to taking us into to top 6 again this season. As I said, before the game I wouldn’t change that opinion, afterwards though and with hindsight I’d swap them all because one set of players wanted it more as I said, and it was St Johnstone players not ours.
  13. I enjoyed that, excellent listen. If only your arse of a chairman could bring himself to behave like that in defeat. Great stuff from you guys though. Thanks for listening, John Ward is a good guy he’s been terrific for our football club but I can’t defend him for his social media antics at times. It was all very cringe and I’d rather he just came out and said congratulations, as much as we are all disappointed how you handle yourself after disappointment says a lot about someone, and let’s be honest there will be more disappointment following Livi than anything lol.
  14. Opinions are like arseholes aren’t they? We all have one . Before the game would I have taken any St Johnstone players over our players? No. Think it’s fare to back your own players, After the game all our shitebags can go f**k themselves As for the “we deserved that silverware” he finished that sentence by saying St Johnstone deserved it and congratulated you, as we all did because you did deservedly beat us.
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