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  1. Rangers vs Livingston 24th November

    I’m 100% convinced we will compete and make it difficult for Rangers, whether that’ll be enough to get anything I’m not so sure. Rangers are a different animal at home and many will see this as a stick on home win, I don’t blame them. Jack Hamilton is the only real option for us up top now, tough game to come into at 18 but I’m sure if he does get the nod he will do his best and give us a decent out ball. Not sure if Lamie is fit yet but if not Bobby Burns player very well against Celtic so I would have no issue with him keeping his place. Kelly, Lawless, Gallagher, Halkett, Lithgow, Burns, Lawson, Byrne, Jacobs, Pittman, Hamilton. Bit harsh on Robbo dropping out but we are going to need someone who is going to be a physical presence up front which is why I’d go with Hamilton.
  2. Livingston vs Celtic 11/11/18

    Tbf Rangers are a different animal at home, no doubt about that. Will be a completely different game at Ibrox.
  3. Livingston vs Celtic 11/11/18

    Fantastic result and performance, this is why I love following a diddy club every week, the feeling you get when your team gets an unexpected point or win is incredible. To a man those players stood up to everything, the two clubs are night and day in terms of finances, one can spend 2.5 million on lights, we haven’t turned that over in 15 years. Kelly was superb in goals, has been all season, I’m so glad I was one who stuck up for him when we signed him. Halkett yet again showing why he is far too good for us, as sad as that is for me to say. Jacobs who’s been through it all at this club have an absolutely giants performance in the middle. Byrne typifies everything about us, injured and shouting to Gary Holt “I’m not coming off” I’m Menga’s biggest critic, that silly headbutt aside was excellent today, everything I want from a lone forward, won free kicks and throw ins and was a constant menace, if he could do that every week you wouldn’t hear a peep from me about him. Anyway, I love my wee club, another great point, all the teams below us dropping points, perfect weekend.
  4. Hamilton Academical v Livingston

    Our lack of striking options has been really telling the last couple games, when we did break Hamilton down today I was never confident we would score especially when Menga got in, he has to be one of the most frustratinh players I’ve seen. Hardie and Miller would’ve had a field day but sadly we are missing them both and badly. Hamilton I thought played some decent stuff in the final third without looking likely either, Hamilton are so good at getting results though fair play brothers, the diddy alliance move further clear of the bottom two. We are in for a tough spell now, Celtic and Rangers next anything would be a bonus, just glad we’ve had such a good start.
  5. Disappointing night tonight but fair play to St Johnstone, I expected this to be tough tonight, it’s no surprise that we’ve struggled against Motherwell and now St J, both teams play a similar style and are excellently organised and you done a job on us tonight, no arguments on the result. St J done exactly what we have been doing to teams this season, scored and defended brilliantly, we just couldn’t break them down and when we did the goalkeeper was there to make a great save first half. We were always going to get games like tonight, as frustrating as it was we can’t win them all, a bit of perspective the bottom 3 teams all lost so no ground gained on us. We move on to Saturday at Hamilton and look to get a wee reaction from the team. Btw unpopular opinion but imo Menga is mince.
  6. You didn’t receive anything from me directly because Callum was the one dealing with it, I didn’t have your email to send anything to, he, Callum asked me for advice on positions that you had sent and I sent him a list of changes that imo weren’t correct, which he has then sent you im sure. At no point did I have to directly email you as Callum was in control of that process, I was merely helping him which is what I said, in fact at no point did I say in my post that I’d sent you anything, all I said was that I helped Callum with player positions which is entirely true so I didn’t consciously decide to omit anything. As ATLIS has said above I’ve never seen anything advertised so I can’t help if I know nothing about it.
  7. I’m just glad we finally have a game this week, feels like forever since we last played. Could work for or against us, we could either be a bit rusty or we will fly out the traps and kick on. Be an interesting battle this, by all accounts both teams play quite similarly, I remember watching Murray Davidson and thinking he’ll go to the very top, he’ll play international football for years to come, seems injuries have taken their toll and he’s not quite fulfilled that potential although he has still had a decent career with st Johnstone. I think with our run of games in December this and Hamilton on Saturday we should be aiming to take 4 points atleast but no reason we can’t take 6. Cant see us changing our line up, same team for the 7th game running I think, these bloody plastic pitches are dangerous and cause nothing but injuries.
  8. Strange they’ve not put Lamie as a wing back, and Keaghan as a winger rather than a midfielder, I helped Callum Carson with the positions, stats etc and both where listed as they should be a CB and LWB and Keags was listed as a MC or DM. Sounds like they’ve completely ignored what we sent them
  9. Fantastic stuff, was so tempted to go along to this tonight, gutted I never. Well done Accies young team, great achievement.
  10. With Saunders playing anything is possible
  11. Livi v Dundee

    Did big Al Lithgow casually walk past Kenny Miller with the biggest grin on his face too ?
  12. Livi v Dundee

    It was a loooooooong international break
  13. Livi v Dundee

    You’re welcome
  14. Livi v Dundee

    About as comfortable as you are likely to get in the premiership, eventually the Dundee players just stopped battling that must be the most worrying thing for a Dundee fan, no fight in that team at all. Imagine if we’d actually got out of 2nd gear, genuinely don’t think we played at our best today but still scored four without ever looking like conceding. Gallagher, Halkett, Lithgow scoring, who needs strikers eh ? After the way kenny Miller treated big Al it was fitting he scored. All very simple goals, dreadful defending every time from Dundee, McIntyre has his work cut out, could probably do with his handy assistant to help him sort out that mess. Back up to 4th, 4 goals, another clean sheet, what a time to be a Livi fan.
  15. Yep imagine the outcry if one of the “big 4” had a game moved to Friday night having also played on the Tuesday.... Yet again TV wins.