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  1. League Cup 2018/19 Group F

    Good win to start the season, wasn’t a brilliant performance but if we were more clinical we’d have score 6 or 7. Thought we looked a bit rusty second half, and took the foot off the gas a wee bit, as I said though despite that we created numerous good chances to put the game to bed. Robinson was a stand out for me, Sibbald came on and steadied the game too and looked good. Thought Lithgow was off the pace, and a rare mistake from Halkett, Gallagher stroller it though. All in all a good run out, a win on the day and with our brothers sadly failing at Annan we know a victory on Tuesday will leave us 1 win from qualifying although a draw at Hamilton and a bonus point would be just as good.
  2. Just went and got both and thankfully the replica tops are a different material to the players ones so they aren’t skin tight.
  3. Just saw someone say on the Facebook forum that the replica tops are a far more forgiving than the playing ones so we may get away with it.
  4. I’ll definitely be getting both, I’ll need to get triple XL so that it’s no skin tight though
  5. Two great efforts, simple and classy. I absolutely love a collar on a football top. Look like skin tight efforts though which isn’t great for us fat b*****ds
  6. I have no idea why it was deleted, whoever did delete it needs to know that this guy claiming to be from the club is at it and been caught out on our own Facebook forum as a troll. Club have posted the top too so no need for it to be deleted.
  7. Exactly, what did they expect, it was all over twitter before I even posted it on here, I just don’t know what they expected, I’m stunned if that’s someone involved with the club and very disappointed. My thoughts exactly, it’s a stunning top that I love, and I’ll be buying.
  8. And btw I don’t stand for threats either, yes I did screen grab it.
  9. It’s hardly leaking the kit, I signed up to get the early preview, nothing was said about keeping it quiet when I done so ???? Its on the Livi forum too, you going to shut that down ?
  10. Finally going to see ours on Saturday
  11. Ah right, my bad, thought you’d played more, looked sharper and far more prepared, all that time waiting to see who the next manager was has clearly not helped. Not too worried though, feel with us keeping most of the squad it shouldnt take long before they click.
  12. Very shaky at the back tonight, Kelly looked like a rabbit caught in headlights a few times. I’m worried about our wing backs, don’t think either side lived up to Mullin and Jacko. I’m going to put tonight down to rustiness, and tbf that’s only our second game and Queens I think have now played 5. More positively Cadden looks fit and raring to go and Kenny Miller was the best player on the park for long spells. Sibbald had some nice touches but it was very apparent we are behind in terms of preparation and I worry we aren’t ready for competitive action next week. As has been said Gomis was poor, not any better than what we have, in fact very much worse, other Trialist who came on struggled to get in the game but felt for him a bit as he came on when we had a second string side out and weren’t doing much attacking. Goalkeeper, 2 wingers and another striker is what I’d be looking to bring in.