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  1. Re the pitch, it was/is awful, understandable given the weather so not blaming anyone, as was Ibrox a few weeks ago, Easter Road last week, but I think Livi fans have had to listen to shite about our pitch all season long, the so called experts continue to use the “they aren’t consistent to play on” about synthetic pitches, meanwhile grass pitches get away without a single mention of how bad and difficult they are to play on at this time of the year. Todays game was horrific, St Johnstone scored, we didn’t, end of story. Good luck with the remaining games.
  2. One of the worst games of football I’ve ever seen in my life, and we lost, sick. Nothing else to say really, awful awful game.
  3. That’s the thing though, without going into it too much more cos it’s done now, I honestly don’t see anything that is slagging him off, It’s an honest assessment of a player, I understand in written work some people read things differently to others so guess I live and learn haha.
  4. Fair enough, point taken, just don’t think what I’ve said is in anyway derogatory to Ricki, just an honest assessment of a player who has been a solid player for us over the last couple of seasons. Fwiw, I don’t think Ricki will be a Livi player next season.
  5. Again as I stated before that, our ability to find players of good quality to come into the team has been a massive part of our success recently, and I am confident we could bring someone in of the same ability or better. It doesn’t make him easily replaceable, recruitment is never easy but I’ve got confidence that we could do that, I don’t think what I’ve wrote was unfair on Ricki.
  6. At no time did I write anything saying he could easily be replaced, not sure where that’s came from and it’s general knowledge that there are players now in front of him, that’s not derogatory that’s just fact. Its my understanding he is keeping his options open and hasn’t signed a new deal with the club, all signs lead to one thing. Good luck to him.
  7. I was approached to give my views on Ricki Lamie and what I thought of him as a player, everything covered has pretty much been said but feel free to give it a read. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/motherwell-target-ricki-lamie-profiled-21588569
  8. Lots of talk about Ricki Lamie moving to you guys and I notice there has been a bit of chat already in here, i was approached to give my opinion on what I thought of him, can give it a read here. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/motherwell-target-ricki-lamie-profiled-21588569
  9. Excellent point, thought it was a fairly decent game, both teams going to try and win the game, felt hibs edged it but we warranted a point. Laws of the game it’s a penalty, what he’s meant to do with his back turned and the ball fired at him from a yard I don’t know but it’s a pen, it’s the laws that need changed, good save though. Efe strolled through it, considering he hadn’t played for so long, an excellent debut. Results going our way to close the gap and with fixtures tomorrow that could be a big point in securing top six. Good goal by ATS, a undervalued signing, chipped in with 3 now and has looked solid defensively since coming in. Unbeaten against Hibs this season, brilliant effort.
  10. 😆 There is defo a pattern forming when we all predict wins, although we all predicted a win against St Mirren so maybe our luck is changing 🤷‍♂️
  11. Yellow cards have been wiped since the winter break so no suspension is due for Bartley, can’t see him playing in this one anyway, Crawford in to replace him for me. Regardless of Rangers form I can’t see anything other than a home win here sadly, hopefully give a good account of ourselves though.
  12. Should’ve been more comfortable, one off the line, Robbo chance, Dykes free header into an open goal, but got the job done and that’s the most important thing. Gotta be honest, pen looked soft but will reserve judgement until I see it again. Sibbald for me man of the match, one of his best in a Livi top for me, Bartley going off is a big worry, hopefully nothing too serious. Now onto 3 tough games in a row, Rangers, Hibs, Celtic, most important thing that surely means we are safe, only 7 points from last seasons total with 12 games to go, be great if we beat that tally for a start. St Mirren will be fine I think, much better than Hamilton, Ross County, and Hearts.
  13. Nothing of note, struggled to get in behind them, created very little to get excited about, never looked like scoring.
  14. Not at the races tonight, County done a job on us, kept it simple and defended well, got in our faces and won every 50/50 ball, you could say they done a Livi on us, hate when fans say yer team had an off night and give no praise to the other team, this was a very good performance from County who deserved the win. We made it very easy for them by simply pumping it long and not moving the ball quick enough. This is why Livi fans were worried before the game, run had to come to an end at some point as I said earlier this one worried me. Well done County, deserved win.
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