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  1. The amount of season ticket holders seats that are available should be a sight of concern for the board.
  2. Bollocks. Subs were big issue. The head knock and offside were frustrating but f**k me.
  3. Hands up, I felt sacking him was daft, I think there is people who didn’t want him to succeed from the word go. But tonight was worse than kelty. He bottler it by going defensive too soon. If we lose Monday, that place will be toxic.
  4. My old man’s now against him. A man who wanted to stick by Connolly and give him another season for f**k sake.
  5. I’m intrigued where this rumour originated because your not the first person I’ve heard say this today, which is a massive u-turn considering Browns apparently been overheard stating he’s safe next year.
  6. The FLOV have apparently bunged the ref to throw the match invernesses way out of fear that the Meh will be too much for their staff.
  7. I see no reason to move away from that line up now. Only difference might be May for Middleton but I’m happy with Brown LWB.
  8. We go down he stays, we stay up he goes. Not sure why I think that, but I’ve just got the feeling.
  9. Reduce my pie and Bovril consumption ten fold.
  10. Hasn’t given us a player in years or charged us a fee ever though. [emoji849]
  11. He’s trying to lower expectations that have been set from last seasons success. If anything it’s pissed the fans off more.
  12. “We’re going up there to try and win” Has Callum just lost all confidence in himself or something? Won’t surprise me if we’re drawing 1-1 and he plays it safe like at Dens.
  13. After Davidson’s recent comments it’s maybe best they also know the fans opinions on this seasons performance.
  14. That was funnier than Englands penalty shootout.
  15. The last time I walked in they refused to serve us for not being regulars. There was 5 other people in at the time.
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