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  1. Hopefully the media boy can get it up on periscope.
  2. I think it’s more a case of being shite scared of cases increasing and being blamed for a rise in Covid and deaths and forced back into a lockdown. Also, not a chance furlough is extended beyond the end of September so any restrictions implemented at Christmas would need to take that into consideration.
  3. Fucking St. Johnston council not taking Beverles feelings into consideration.
  4. They’ll be dark horses until she physically assaults someone and gets thrown out.
  5. The piss annoying thing is a few changes and I’d have been happy. Stadiums - full capacity allowed, up to local authority if any Additional requirements. Masks - personal choice but strongly encouraged in crowded places Schools - back to normal Track and Trace - continues. With the lack of social distancing etc and the push of negative PCR I’d double jagged continue until all over 18’s have been offered their second dose. Binning of all restrictions- October 2021 after boosters offered (if being considered) to all over 50’s and clinically vulnerable. Instead, Like others have said we’ve got this strange hybrid where we’ve lifted but not really in a failed attempt to appease both sides. I really hope that OTB are quick enough to get Leitch booked in for Saturday with a few irate football fans questioning him.
  6. Millie should’ve bottled Liam when he stepped up on the stage to read that fucking poem.
  7. His brother must be the worst agent on the planet.
  8. Considering we’re flying to Turkey tomorrow afternoon, I don’t think we’ll be seeing anyone new appear prior to the match.
  9. Remember In February when they changed their mind quite quickly on dates? I see a similar change based on evidence in 2 weeks.
  10. I’ve supported most of the decisions made. However for Leitch to go on national radio, tell us full crowds will return only for us to get this is bollocks.
  11. This just reeks of Jason Leitch and Devi Sridhars last roll of the dice at relevancy.
  12. Local lad David Wotherspoon lifting his second Scottish cup.
  13. Rumours online that Biden is away to announce a stay at home order in America due to the Delta variant being out of control.
  14. Perth has never had a large abundance of outdoor drinking areas. This has caused some places to actually work at creating outdoor seating and I hope it continues.
  15. Those texts to Millie are what you’d expect a 16 year old would send.
  16. God I really hope that’s not a Sunday testing slump.
  17. I’ve not even seen today’s figures. What are they so I can gladly be proven wrong.
  18. Whatever you do, don’t suggest they’re using the Covid money. I’ve managed to get a few taking the bait.
  19. I won’t be returning to nightclubs when they reopen. Mainly because I’m 30 and the noise is getting too loud for me now.
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