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  1. Find me some decent seasoning for wool and aye why not.
  2. If we sign more than 2 players this January I’ll eat my hat.
  3. I’m sure I read in the daily Mail his mother had made a statement to declare this.
  4. I’d say half the side are clearly looking for their next move without thinking about if those sides dangling PCA’s will be interested if they’re underperforming.
  5. The 2 of them will end up in the most secure of secure units with interactions with the rest of the population heavily supervised and minimised. Which is a fucking shame.
  6. There’s some things you can’t imagine happening in this country and this is one of them. An absolute disgrace that the social workers didn’t pick up any of the issues until it was too late.
  7. I don’t view Davidson as a bad manager. He got a formation that worked well with us. But it does feel like we need to go back to basics. The issue though? How much do you go fucking about with that during a potential relegation battle?
  8. If we’ve not signed 2 competent midfielders by the 3rd January I will be very, very annoyed.
  9. If we’ve not got 2 midfielders signed by the 3rd January. Then I’m going to be very, very livid.
  10. You see, it all started when Steve Brown got a phone call from Preston.
  11. Do you f**k. We’re done until the window comes along.
  12. Rooney and doubt and Middleton a possible return. Pyrotechnics banned also.
  13. Confirmed Spoony is a “long term” injury. I’m guessing he’s out for the season.
  14. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matty_Smith_(footballer,_born_1997) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Mandroiu https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham_Burke
  15. Georgie Kelly from Bohemians ended top scorer in the LOI, but he’s linked with Dundee. Agree with JohnOswald, we’ve no much luck but surely you can’t go from hitting the net 25 times to none almost instantly.
  16. Ah f**k, yeah get him in the bin if he’s up to deviancy. Apart from that, nothing else I can see, his goalscoring record was what caught my eye but easy to see why he’s still over there.
  17. Just been scrolling about the Irish leagues. Jay Donnelly anyone?
  18. We’ve offered that Dundalk boy a “very good offer.”
  19. Wait until brown sells him to Hearts for £75k and a loan of their back up goalkeeper in the summer.
  20. We’re fucked going into this. Absolutely fucked.
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