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  1. When will indyref2 happen?

    You know, I thought the warnings to stock up on tinned food etc was an over reaction. I’m gonna go get started just in case.
  2. Red Dead Redemption

    Started the epilogue last night. My girlfriend usually isn’t interested in games, but she’s started playing it too.
  3. Stories from the Courts

    Absolute Minter from the laddie.
  4. Christmas parties

    Had mine last Saturday night. Just a meal and a few drinks. Nothing mental.
  5. Scottish Budget 2019

    Fancy sponsoring me?
  6. We had 2 TV’s, until she sold hers to her sister for university, whilst claiming we only need one. Last night she decided we need a second one for the bedroom.
  7. Stories from the Courts

    I wish he was still on twitter. Solely to see his reaction to Killie going Top, then suffering a 5-1 hiding and the inevitable meltdown.
  8. Ready/Microwave Meals

    Only ever grab one if I’m working a late shift. Morrison’s do some good ones.
  9. Ready/Microwave Meals

    Still available in farmfoods. Awful food.
  10. I’ve got my works night out, and in all honesty I’m only going because the meals paid for. I’d rather be watching football at home with a beer and a pizza.
  11. Red Dead Redemption

    I haven't done a mission in 3 nights, just been exploring. Went river fishing for an hour without realising.
  12. 2020 Group Draw

    Sounds pretty shit for all of them.
  13. 2020 Group Draw

    Don't think i'll be able to persuade the missus that Kazakhstan is a good trip. Cyprus or Belgium on the other hand....
  14. 2020 Group Draw

    Belgium - 1 Point at Hampden - Pummeled away from home Russia - 3 Points at Hampden - Pummeled away from home - or scrape a draw Cyprus - 6 Points and sunburn for all Kazakhstan - 4 Points - We'll draw out there San Marino - 6 Points.