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  1. Why have the BBC got a D-Day veteran on the television comparing this to WW2?
  2. When would we expect to see an enquiry into this? Plenty of questions I feel the government might want to avoid answering, but they need to be asked.
  3. With no pubs, clubs, stadiums or general shops open hopefully were close to the peak of this crisis. Anyone showing symptoms in the coming days I would imagine were infected on or around Mother’s Day with a few exceptions. However I do not expect this lockdown to be lifted for another 6 weeks, and even then it’ll be slowly lifted.
  4. Boy stopped by police on Perth High Street today. Was screaming he “had that COVID” at the officers.
  5. Went to the local coop there just to grab something for lunch whilst I went for a walk around the block. They were cleared out of beer, bread, milk and eggs. Toilet roll didn’t even get put on the shelves before being snatched.
  6. That’s me now working from home until this is over. Currently watching classic Simpson’s episodes
  7. Perth Royal Infirmary now has signs pointing you to the testing units. Quite a sobering sight seeing if this morning.
  8. If it continues at that rate, a 2 week lockdown would hopefully see cases drop right down.
  9. It’s the only reason he’s not gone yet I think. Quite obvious they’re going to hang him out to dry once the situation improves. What Cummings does at that stage though, should be interesting.
  10. Isle of Man has just done that. They’ve brought in a law saying everyone who arrives on the island has to isolate for 14 days. Someone didn’t and has now been arrested. Punishment is to be either a £10,000 fine or a prison sentence.
  11. We’ve got either the Grill or the Bee Bar in Perth. Both smell of piss permanently.
  12. Sent to trial home working today and they’ve fucked my access meaning they have to remotely attempt to sort the issue. I’m basically being paid to eat a bacon roll and watch Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares at this moment.
  13. I asked him if he could batter his dad in a fight. Obviously saints were asking him that.
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