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  1. Ready/Microwave Meals

    Only ever grab one if I’m working a late shift. Morrison’s do some good ones.
  2. Ready/Microwave Meals

    Still available in farmfoods. Awful food.
  3. I’ve got my works night out, and in all honesty I’m only going because the meals paid for. I’d rather be watching football at home with a beer and a pizza.
  4. Red Dead Redemption

    I haven't done a mission in 3 nights, just been exploring. Went river fishing for an hour without realising.
  5. 2020 Group Draw

    Sounds pretty shit for all of them.
  6. 2020 Group Draw

    Don't think i'll be able to persuade the missus that Kazakhstan is a good trip. Cyprus or Belgium on the other hand....
  7. 2020 Group Draw

    Belgium - 1 Point at Hampden - Pummeled away from home Russia - 3 Points at Hampden - Pummeled away from home - or scrape a draw Cyprus - 6 Points and sunburn for all Kazakhstan - 4 Points - We'll draw out there San Marino - 6 Points.
  8. Genuinely hoping random countries start offering to host it now.
  9. General Politics Thread

    Ross Thomsons smile is deeply unsettling.
  10. It’s moving to that as of next season. This is a shambles.
  11. Isolated tribe kill American

    In agreement here. No excuse for ignorance, the islanders have repeatedly made it clear they want no interaction with outside forces every time people have attempted to approach them.
  12. Work colleagues

    We get free tea and coffee from the machines. Only thing is you need to bring your own mug as our office is now a “plastic free environment”
  13. Red Dead Redemption

    Just got this. Unbelievable fun.
  14. Fruit machines in pubs

    I remember being in the Toby Jugg in Glasgow and it had one of these. Spent about 3 hours pissing about on Pac-Man.
  15. Stories from the Courts

    His obsession with Patrick Thistle was cringeworthy. As was his 2000 tweets per day about Steve Clarke.