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  1. Rangers vs St Johnstone 16th Feb

    Can’t believe we’re living rent free in Gerrards head.
  2. What is the point of Labour

    So how Long until JK Rowling starts backing this Independent group?
  3. Netflix

    Part of me felt so sorry for the scammed people. Then I realised how much tickets cost and I couldn’t help but laugh at the clusterfuck following that. The Asian guy saying he’d cut holes in tents and that so no one would be sleeping near him was fantastic.
  4. Local Council c***s

    Anyone else encounter their local Tories campaigning against the car park tax today? Perth’s Tory councillors were...when it’s up to them to implement it.
  5. Reasons to be Cheerful

    The Anger from the FAI over Declan Rice changing his nationality to English. The Anger from former players over him being allowed to choose England.
  6. Local Council c***s

    One of the councillors has said in private to my girlfriends mother that “footfall in suburban areas clears snow as well as grit does.” I don’t know how the f**k these people end up in positions of power.
  7. Local Council c***s

    Perth Council have confirmed the following: School crossing services to be axed. Primary School swimming lessons to be axed. Private music tuition costs to increase from £295 per year to £895 per annum. All grit services outwith the city centre to be reduced. 3 recycling centres to close Free dog poo bags to be axed. Gritting in rural communities and roads to be reduced by 20%. Vote Tory get Tory I guess. Fucking stupid council.
  8. General Politics Thread

    Usually I’d laugh at this, but after watching Labour cosy up with Tories at just about every council it wouldn’t surprise me. Union or bust. Fucking idiots.
  9. Ross "Wandering Hands" Thomson

    “Vile Nationalists vandalise office of MP cleared of wrongdoing.”
  10. Ross "Wandering Hands" Thomson

    A work friend of mines was telling me his wife used to go to school with him. Said there was a few stories about him being very touchy feely with people.
  11. Terrible Jobs

    My job got outsourced in December and I was slapped back onto dealing with claims last month. 4 applications, 4 Rejections. I think I may need to go elsewhere if this keeps up.
  12. Ross "Wandering Hands" Thomson

    All I’m going to say is he gives me a Ted Bundy kind of vibe.
  13. Ross "Wandering Hands" Thomson

    His ex husband retweeted something saying “Take Ross Thomsons dog into custody.” That was unexpected