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  1. I get on well with my immediate colleagues. But plenty in my office are absolute workshy arrogant c***s.
  2. Oh she knows everyone hates her. Her plan I think is to irritate and annoy everyone in the hope they f**k up.
  3. Still mind my dad saying Hamilton would beat us to the league the following year, and we wouldn’t be involved in the title race in 07/08. Hated him being right about that.
  4. Anyone else cringe when Labour decide to attack the SNP during the elections? Both parties should be able to work together with their similar idealism, but they disagree so much on independence that labour seem more intent on attacking the SNP than the tories.
  5. A disgusted look from a member of staff and a half Empty shelf later and I have 6 bottles of the good stuff.
  6. Perth Morrison’s stocking overnight according to sources. Shall be there for the opening tomorrow morning.
  7. I’m going for Philip or Andrew. Philip - death by heart attack Andrew - hunting accident
  8. Klaus (Netflix 2009). A brilliant Christmas movie.
  9. First game I went to at 18 year old. Took full advantage of being able to buy pints legally pre-Match in the 208. Can’t remember much of the game tbh.
  10. Lottie has almost definitely won it I’m afraid to say.
  11. I often wonder how often Boris Johnson was dropped on his head. There is absolutely no way his brother and sister can be so different from him. The only explanation is being dropped on his head repeatedly.
  12. He used to bully me for being ginger. Doesn’t surprise me he’s a Tory.
  13. First Tory leaflet. This is from a candidate who called his own council constituents idiots on social media, and is a complete pleb. Shockingly no policies, and a strange attack on the named person scheme from someone who evidently didn’t realise that it was a devolved matter.
  14. The spirit in the squad today from the moment we went down to 9 men was phenomenal. Clark and Kerr were on top form again. Here’s hoping that’s the wake up they needed.
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