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  1. People do claim Hallberg has the heart of a pea, but he is very intelligent. He might not be the most aggressive player and he is fond of taking an extra touch, but his head is always up looking for the next pass to make.
  2. It’s weird, I’ve suddenly become more confident of our attacking prowess but excluding Mitchell I feel defence still feels shaky. speaking of defensive, we went too defensive too soon, if Callum can perfect that side we’ll be fine this season, as a better side will punish us.
  3. I’m not quite yet ready to say a corners turned, but we’re looking so much better than last season.
  4. Someone’s told me that Moreland has something about him and could step up. I’ve not seen much myself. Dailly is a bit unknown. Came on trial and has been talked up quite a bit but I couldn’t say much else at this moment.
  5. I am pay as you go, it’s the annual increases. But still, that’s above what I expected.
  6. Got the dreaded letter. electricity increasing by £76.00 gas increasing by £176.00 I’m in a 1 bed flat for f**k sakes.
  7. Based on Wales performances would you say that’s there run at the top finished for now? Bale is all but done at the top level, Ramsey likewise. New guys such as Ampadu haven’t kicked on yet in the way they might’ve been expected to do. I just don’t see them reaching these highs again after the World Cup.
  8. Southgate will not be sacked until they have either Howe or Potter lined up for the job. he gets this World Cup and anything less than Semis he’s gone.
  9. It’s quite noticeable the talent they had for the last 2 euros have either retired or are preparing for the final tournament they’ll likely play at. They’ve been slowly getting worse and without Bale or Ramsey in their prime they’re going to struggle.
  10. Very easy to spot the keen golfers and the boys who went along for the post round pint.
  11. Rotherham’s manager is away to Derby. Be interesting to see if Callum’s linked or not.
  12. Feels like it’s a confidence / Pressure situation. Think he should’ve been straight on loan after purchase but maybe just one goal and he’ll click.
  13. October 2009 or 2010. The home game against Macedonia. I was in Braemar with my pal at his dads place. They had gone up for the games and I cadged an invite. during the game the barman turned the telly off and asked us to turn around and we would see the queen in her car drive past. Turned around, saw her and Philip go past at break neck speed, within seconds someone was screaming at the guy to “get the fucking match back on.” Rather surreal experience.
  14. The next phase is going to pretty much be all social housing from what I’ve heard. They severely overestimated how many houses they would sell. I think it’s worth targeting the area again, and go into every primary school with tickets on a regular basis.
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