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  1. The only grounds in Scotland that can’t hold the entirety of their season ticket sales would be Rangers, Celtic, Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen. No reason why they can’t allow season ticket holders only and if possible a small number of PATG for home support only. Especially in the lower leagues.
  2. They’ve given up on being he government in Scotland, he’s happy to settle with largest opposition party which means trying to win back the orange order vote and unionist vote. It won’t work and Anas Sarwar or Jackie Baillie will be party leader by June next year.
  3. The circuit break isn’t going to work. If anything the idiots out there will go mad with panic buying thinking it’s a 2nd lockdown, and those with common sense will get pissed off big time. It’ll only happen if it’s agreed across the UK, and that’s not happening.
  4. I seen that Pakistan has declared support for Azerbaijan.
  5. Currently I’m looking at a pile of clothes on the bathroom floor which I presume is for the washing, asked her why they’re not in the basket. “I couldn’t be bothered putting them in there.0
  6. Heard on the radio that there was very little issue with the 10pm curfew now in place. Is there a possibility most people have just decided to stop attending the pub? I know I made the decision not to bother until it’s back to normal hours.
  7. From Memory Brown played quite well against Luzern.
  8. Isn’t the minimal period of furlough 3 weeks? No business is going to be happy being told to pay staff for 2 weeks without furlough being involved.
  9. Download Germany’s to be extra safe.
  10. There should be IQ tests before your allowed near smart phones. Cretins.
  11. My checkup was back in January, called to book my flu jab and I’ve been told it’s just a jab then I’m to leave with nothing else to be discussed.
  12. The most surreal moment I had was back in February. Got asked to get my grandads messages. No soap on any shelves in Morrisons, Tesco or Asda for about 3 days.
  13. Few week ago I did an online click and collect for the first time since March as I could never get a slot. Whilst I was waiting some woman pulled up in a transit people Carrier, opened the back and if was full of Tesco and Morrison bags. She proudly boasted to the shop worker she goes round all the shops every Saturday to make sure she’s fully stocked up. She’s probably one of the people currently panic buying.
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