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  1. It’s a very popular meme amongst the Yoons.
  2. My suspicion is end of Feb will see a return to the tiered system with a clear end date for the tiered system being removed when we achieve herd immunity (70%). However I do wonder if Sunak will extend furlough.
  3. You’ve never met my girlfriends gran. They weren’t allowed Easter eggs until they were 16 because “Jesus had nothing to do with chocolate eggs.”
  4. Neil Lennon attacking St. Johnstone’s Covid protocols in a bid to deflect attention.
  5. I reckon extending until February 28th wouldn’t be a bad thing, so long as they agree to move us all onto tier 2/3 after that point.
  6. Yup. Scottish Labour needs to wake up and realise that it needs to change. Continuing with the likes of Sarwar, Bailie & Brown is the problem.
  7. I’ve renting from a landlord. He had to move for work and was given a house in relation to it. When we met him he’d said he’s 10 years left of working life and he didn’t want to sell his place then have to try and find somewhere else when he retired and had to leave the accommodation he’s getting from work. No issue with someone in that position because whenever we’ve had an issue he’s sorted it immediately. These p***ks who prey on the weak and vulnerable, hoard properties and charge extortionate rent should all be shot.
  8. Girlfriend got vaccinated at PRI today, said it was fairly busy so hopefully not long we have to suffer with restriction.
  9. Any (temporary) return to tiers should take into consideration vaccinated portion of the local population and hospital numbers.
  10. Weren’t you crying with worry about catching this virus back in March?
  11. At this stage I’d rather Steve Brown just admitted he doesn’t give a shit about football.
  12. Hmmm I wonder what airline ceo has offered a party donation.
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