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  1. That Italian fan legging on the pitch was brilliant.
  2. From memory, 2 seasons. Part of me wonders if the Newcastle board are concerned they may be championship bound, hence why they’re allegedly only spending £50m this window.
  3. I had to go to a funeral during the first lockdown. Number limited to 10 people only and no meal afterwards. Drove to Glasgow for it and suggested to my girlfriend we go get something to eat from Tesco on the way home. Was a rather surreal feeling sitting in Tesco car park at silverburn eating a meal deal following a funeral.
  4. I’d say most sides will get a boost of attendances due to what’s happened over the last year, but I’m definitely noticing more and more younger supporters in and around the ground just now. Can only be good for the future.
  5. Fair play to the boy who chose to tie the guy to a barrier. Even funnier how the guy getting tied up didn’t seem to give a f**k.
  6. I can’t find it, but there was one I always remember fo drink driving where it ended with the mum blending up food for the son and saying “just one more”. Terrified me for years.
  7. Peak banter will be when he opens the new stadium. “The Dave Cormack stadium, home of the Dave Cormack Dons, Feeder team of Dave Cormacks Atlanta B.”
  8. I reckon they’ll go for an appointment to get to the end of the season, then if they stay up will go all out for Gerrard or Rodgers.
  9. Sky sports news this morning were absolutely loving it. Nearly turned me back to the drink at 8 this morning.
  10. Absolutely convinced that Norwich city don’t give a f**k about building on promotion when they come up.
  11. Bloody hell, hopefully the persons okay. I came back through and seen the players standing about and automatically assumed it was a protestor on the pitch.
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