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  1. They did, I remember speaking to someone from down that way who was handed Gretna tickets every other week at school. I think whilst the media and the Gretna “fans” might still push the living the dream mantra, there’s a reason the other 41 clubs don’t have a fond memory of them.
  2. Another St Johnstone fan may have a better memory, but I have a distinct memory of us playing QOS the week Gretna went into administration. Both sets of fans were gleefully chanting about Gretna going bust.
  3. “We’re no the same, but what a great 4 years.” f**k off.
  4. Glad to see Marnie win. Rochelle was fucked when she chucked teammates under the bus, and then decided to pal around instead of designing her salon, Marnie had the intelligence of designing her own and entrusting others.
  5. It’s a thought I’ve had for some time when you hear about him in training. Pure pressure getting to him.
  6. I’d only want us to go with one up to if we had actual attack minded wingers. Stick with 2. We need to.
  7. Tighter game than it needs to be. 1-0 win. Gunn to start in goals.
  8. Just started watching and I’m halfway through season 2. Roy Kent is the best character by a mile.
  9. Sure I seen they started that against St Mirren?
  10. I used the Muirton a lot as well, and from what I gather a supporters bus is allowed in from the away fans. What the issue is, is the bouncers not being intelligent enough to turn away those not on said buses leading to an overrun of away fans. Surprised the Tulloch hasn’t tried to step up and entice more fans. Especially when they’ve been keen to do it for the European nights and the play off.
  11. I remember both our goals and a police officer in front of us jumping up going mental when we scored the second, I remember who I was sat with but I cannot remember those fucking hoardings you keep mentioning
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