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  1. Weather the first 20 minutes and we’ll be okay I think.
  2. I suspect Leitch is starting to go into business for himself.
  3. She’ll be raging to know I’m 4 cans deep already at my pals with the tunes blaring and away to have a party for this game.
  4. Looks like the goalpost moving from the UK Govt has backfired with people up in arms. Not sure what the UK govt were thinking waiting until the week of to announce an extension.
  5. I’ve had today booked off as a holiday since 10:30pm on the play off final night. Rather hilariously my work has admitted they’ve next to no staff in today or Friday.
  6. The media do remember England lost in 96? Keep acting like the fucking won it.
  7. The amount of fucking weapons out there trying to claim what happened to Eriksen is the result of him taking the vaccine.
  8. I did think the 21st June was maybe a but optimistic, I still think Mid-July.
  9. There is that too. I’m maybe over estimating the number of moon howlers out there.
  10. Is it possible the no-shows is because we’re at the age group of morons who believe conspiracy theories? That’s been my concern the further down the age groups they go.
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