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  1. Do you love your parents?

    Get on well with my dad. We had the usual arguments and fights I think most teenage boys and their fathers have, but I always felt I could tell him more, or ask for his advise. Unfortunately he’s borderline racist, homophobic, and a Tory, apart from that he’s a top boy. I don’t feel close to my mum, in fact I blame her for my school struggles, she hates my girlfriend but has a strange obsession over providing anything and everything my sister asks for, but mocking me if I ask for a help with something in my house.
  2. England's Glorious Failure

    Kane wasn’t a team player last night, great chance to square it, but his selfishness cost them a chance.
  3. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    She has to be the thickest politician ever elected.
  4. Utterly embarrassing that Labour still cannot beat the Tories.
  5. Croatia v England - semi final

    English fans this morning
  6. Croatia v England - semi final

    f**k it, I’m away to build a wall at the border
  7. Croatia v England - semi final

    Quickly getting fed up of Ali being subbed off, him walking around the pitch for a minute acting like it isn’t him, then slowly walking off.
  8. I think it’ll be fine. He knows this is his last chance. Morgan treated his spell in Perth as a holiday.
  9. Croatia v England - semi final

    I just want Peter Shilton to have a bad day.
  10. England v Sweden

    Martin Keown really is a puddle drinking simpleton isnt he? " I couldn't be happier for a player - you see his route into the game but all the big clubs will be chasing him when this tournament is over. His presence in the team is almost as big as the Bobby Moore statute outside Wembley."
  11. England v Sweden

    I hate football
  12. England v Sweden

    Kieran Trippier looks like he throws bottles.
  13. England v Sweden

    I find that an insult.