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  1. Game of Thrones

    They should do the sequel based on Podrick shagging his way round the Seven Kingdoms with a grand reveal at the end of quite what it was he did to those hookers.
  2. Game of Thrones

  3. Game of Thrones

    Maybe Bran has just been chasing the dragon the entire time? Would explain a lot about his docile nature.
  4. Games you've never played

    Never played Last Of Us.
  5. Krakow

    Krakow - beautiful city, amazing architecture, clean, cheap food and alcohol, great nights out, gorgeous girls, steeped in history, and all quite compact. Worth going to Auschwitz if you get a chance, even if it is very grim. I would also thoroughly recommend going to one of the shooting ranges if you get a chance/aren't overly fussed about Health & Safety. Cost c.£10 to fire a whole clip each of an AK47, Uzi, M16, Glock, Magnum Revolver, Pump Action Shotgun, and Tactical Sniper Rifle. Great fun and definitely subdues any hangover!!
  6. 2019 travel/holiday plans

    New Zealand for 3 weeks with my best mate in October/November. All booked up! Going with Haka Tours (largely under 30s I believe!) on a big zig-zag from Auckland to Christchurch. Intend to do: 15,000 feet skydive. Whale watching. Swimming with wild dolphins. Helicopter flight and hike back down Franz Josef glacier. Glow-worm cave tubing. Various activities in Queenstown. Can't wait. Rugby World Cup (including the final!) is on whilst we are out there, so place should be rocking in the evenings!
  7. Oasis/Noel Gallagher/Beady Eye songs...

    The first 45 seconds is like when you are waiting for a seat in Yo Sushi. Very good tune though. I like that he is trying different things these days. Shows the depth of his talent.
  8. Last Book You Read....

    The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway. One of my absolute favourite books.
  9. things that are most disappointing

    The Rangers Football Club Tribute Act 2012. A miraculously horrific and mere imitation of what was once a successful and famous football club. Given all the money thrown into the tribute act, you'd have thought they'd have achieved something by now. Wonderfully disappointing.
  10. The get fit, stay fit thread

    Have moved into the city centre so now gyming from 6am-7am 5 days a week! Had a Yoga class this morning after the gym first thing too - I know people have a bit of a "stigma" about Yoga (particularly people my age!) but it honestly is brilliant. The increased flexibility you get through your hamstrings and lower back through Yoga is undoubted/very noticeable and it is quite a refreshing/relaxing form of exercise too. I've been doing 1 session per week for the past 14 weeks and really enjoy it.
  11. Hibs vs Hearts

    4-1 Hibs. Long overdue a big win against that mob. We have a real togetherness just now, bigger pitch, game will be on our terms. Mallan to score two curlers. Omeonga and Shaw with the other two goals for Hibs. The giant huddy Uche to snatch one for Hearts.
  12. The Hibernian Thread

    http://www.hibernianfc.co.uk/news/9903 FOUR year deals for Sir David Gray and Darren McGregor. Once ready to hang up their playing boots, they will transition into coaching. Delighted. Two model professionals who have been crucial in rebuilding our club and bleed Green & White. Sir David is only 30, so has a whole load of football left in him. Great move by the club and shows real respect for two modern day legends (well...Sir David being an all-time legend).
  13. The Hibernian Thread

    Hibs were brilliant today, as we have been for most of our games under Heckingbottom. I have so much time for the guy, he is: Smart Articulate Classy Understated Tactically excellent Has an excellent bond with his players Has an excellent bond seemingly with all the backroom staff 9 games unbeaten in the league, including an illusive away win at Tynecastle (the first I have witnessed as a Hibs supporter!) Looks like he is loving his time here and genuinely appreciates what it means to be a Hibs manager. Love the guy and hope he is with us for many more years. Think he will pull quite a few rabbits out of the hat in the transfer window and think outside the box, as he is a total attention to detail man. Huge improvement on the Neil Lennon of this season.
  14. New Zealand

    We are now booked to go with Haka Tours. They sound absolutely brilliant and have rave reviews online. One of our mates did a Haka Tour and highly recommended! Planning to do: 15,000 ft skydive, Franz Josef Heli-Hike, swimming with wild dolphins, sea kayaking...amongst many other things!
  15. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Celtic statement:"Chanting of this nature should have no place in football and we condemn this wholeheartedly. We hope the authorities also take the same interest in offensive chanting directed at Celtic Football Club and our supporters at yesterday's match and other games."A predictably empty, classless, tit-for-tat statement from Celtic. They and The Rangers will never change because it is their reason for existing.