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  1. Worst Town In Scotland

    Aberdeen was class as a student, but once you leave that bubble and are faced with the insufferable oil merchants and their ridiculous accents, you realise what a tiny, isolated wee goldfish bowl the city is. I enjoyed it but was mightily relieved to move back to Edinburgh. Aberdonians appear to think everyone knows who they are - they really, really don't. A complete drop in the ocean as far as cities around the world go with little influence.
  2. NY Times Dialect Quiz

    Solid East Central Belt. Thank ****!
  3. The Hibernian Thread

    So, this Crawford chap is a total moron isn't he?
  4. The Hibernian Thread

    Classy guy!
  5. The Hibernian Thread

    Pretty unnecessary. I hope Lennon is OK, he clearly does have his demons he is battling and deserves continued support from the footballing community, including of course Hibs.
  6. The Hibernian Thread

    Sounds like Lennon has completely lost the plot (unsurprisingly some might say!). I have thoroughly enjoyed his time in charge. Have been quite a few highs, a couple of lows (particularly recently), and the downright bizarre. I thank him for his service and wish him all the very best. But no person is bigger than the club. It sounds as if he has been thoroughly unprofessional and, if the rumours are even remotely true, Hibs have done 100% the right thing in emptying him. Lennon was always going to leave Hibs in a blazing fireball, just a shame that time is now. Onwards and upwards, I have a sneaky feeling this could be a Manchester United moment for players such as Kamberi, Mallan, Hanlon etc who gave all looked a shadow of the player that started off with Hibs/of last season. Kamberi in particular has looked crushed under Lennon this season. Who knows, maybe Maclaren will be thrown back into that fold as well. Genuinely not that worried about Lennon walking. It is sad, but I think this will turn out to be a good thing for the club as our players look very disinterested at present, which isn't surprising given we have had 0 consistency in our team set-ups this season. Glory Glory!
  7. Well vs Hibs

    Sounds like Gauld, albeit against Elgin, looked very very good. 2-0 Hibs. Gauld and Kamberi.
  8. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Grown men referring to each other as "bears"...
  9. The Hibernian Thread

    If we get Allan in this window, I'd like to see us keep Maclaren. I think him and Flo would thrive (again) with someone finally slipping quality passes through for them to latch onto. If he does go though, would be delighted if we got CumDog back! Wee man is fantastic entertainment.
  10. No Rangers fans on here yet to browse their catalogue of stunning defeats at the hands of Hibs at Ibrox in the past 10 years?
  11. Deutschland 83

    Absolutely loved Deutschland 83. Masterpiece of a series. The music was banging as well! Can't wait for 86!
  12. Red Dead Redemption

    Plan is to buy this tomorrow and then use it as a means to keep me mostly indoors at the weekends until 18th January (mate's house party!), therefore saving me lots of cash after a bruising December by spending just £50 on this. Will my plan work?
  13. Hard one to call. We are missing Marciano, Stevenson, Porteous, Agyepong, Boyle and Maclaren for this one, all of whom would be starters or at least for some gametime. If this isn't Hearts' chance to beat us finally at Easter Road, I don't know when else they will have a better one. But then again, Hearts are utter dugs***e so I fancy our chances against them, even with a Hibernian B team. 1-0 Hibs. Kamberi.