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  1. Oh how I do not miss Neil Lennon. His and Celtic's conduct throughout the course of this pandemic has been nothing short of a disgrace. Celtic fans will be among the dead already, maybe they could get their families views on their trip to Dubai and blasé attitude to the virus.
  2. If it did ever come down to a vote again on calling the leagues as they are or null+voiding, the latter would win every time across all divisions, especially cases like the Championship where only 10 games have been played. Think we will be out of this for good come April though!
  3. Absolute disgrace. Hibs should refuse to play this fixture. They can feck right off.
  4. Complete and utter disgrace if this game goes ahead at all. Celtic have taken a really, really, really dumb and unnecessary risk, they should therefore pay. Cancel the game and award Hibs the 3 points. No way should we accept putting our players in harms way due to their complete negligence. No way should we accept a postponement either. "The 10" is not as important as people's lives, not that your average green Weegie thicko would ever grasp that.
  5. Jambottled it. Has a nice and true ring to it. Bottle merchants.
  6. Delicious. Edinburgh's only Premier side and the last to win the Scottish Cup, League Cup and represent in Europe. Natural Order. Gleeful.
  7. My PS5 arrived at midday today. The verdict so far (do not read if you don't want light "spoilers" ) The console is absolutely massive, even bigger than I thought it would be. It looks fantastic and better than I was expecting. It is a heavy machine as well, so can tell it is packed to the rafters with high-spec. Controller looks and feels great. Nice weight to it and more ergonomical than its predecessors. The user interface is slick and the menu graphics are nice. Weird like - the background music on the menu is cool/very relaxing. FIFA 21 and Call of Duty Cold War each took under 2 minutes to download. Stupidly fast. Set up was nice and easy. Now to get stuck into COD and FIFA. Aware they are cross-generational so won't "show off" the console just now in terms of what it can do, but I am very happy with it so far.
  8. It is a genuine shame that Hearts and the BBC have decided to give us this watered-down, infantile "series" which does everything it can to swerve the utter car-crash that has been HOMFC for the past 3 years. The story of HOMFC has been an implosion of cosmic proportions as far as Scottish Football goes and they have just completely brushed the best bits for 99% of the population out of the program. Filed under "utterly forgettable" unfortunately.
  9. Hopefully he does some Harikiri on live TV, although would need a chainsaw to get through that fat orange belly. @Arthur Symington your thoughts on the best way Donald could go? Shame COVID didn't do the job.
  10. The FBI are now treating Biden as the President. 😁 Hopefully they leave the back door open in Trumps wing tonight...
  11. What a wonderfully entertaining episode in world history we are witnessing at present. Trump being escorted by gunpoint from the White House would be a small crumb of consolation for 2020. It is a slow and painful death of his legacy and I am loving it. Trump needs Jim Traynor to be his campaign manager - the two of them could wallow together about their concomitant loss.
  12. I hope every single one of the so-called smaller clubs in Europe who have been left out of this pig's trough simply refuse to do any transfer dealings etc with these soulless, minging clubs going forward. It is official though - UEFA are being eaten alive by their cash cow and they absolutely deserve it. Fortunately, Scottish Football is so far behind these "elite" clubs anyway that this will have a marginal impact on our game. The Old Firm might feel aggrieved, but anything to handicap them is good by me. To summarise - **** the lot of them.
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