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  1. I love it. Stems from taking my Grandpa (non-Hibs fan) to a European game c.15 years ago or so (not Malmo, I might add!) and him ordering one and being horrified as a young teengaer what on earth he was drinking. Have had it ever since and nice small memory to have of him.
  2. How much did it cost? The Bronze passes are £213, Silver £295, Gold £393 and Platinum £447. I bought Silver Passes as I usually always go for seats behind the posts when I go to internationals - feel like it gives you the best view of the game and you can see the space and attacks a lot better. Plus it means if there is a price hike next year due to more fixtures it is not going to break the bank, whereas a price hike from £393 on a direct debit would be a sore one. FYI for anyone interested, the current sale window is for Scotland Membership Members, which ends tomorrow at midnight. I believe the intention is for the rest of available season passes to go on sale the day after to the general public. The majority of seats currently left are concentrated either to the back of the upper tier or to the lower part of the bottom tier behind the goals or in the corners i.e. you will likely need to go for a Bronze Seat if you want to sit together IMO.
  3. Just bought my girlfriend and I the 2021/22 Scotland Season Pass. Went for the direct debit so seats are guaranteed indefinitely until I cancel. Might not be quite the same this year, but thinking Scotland Rugby tickets are going to be really hard to get a hold of going forward (already have been past 2-3 years for the big games) given we are getting better and better. Can't wait.
  4. Hibs can have absolutely no complaints about that result. St J had their chances and took them very well and totally deserved it. First half we played quite well and were a bit unlucky to be going in at HT losing. Second half from Hibs was as bad as you will ever see by a side at Hampden and St J were the only team interested in playing football. We blew it big time unfortunately! Fortunately plenty to play for in the league with Europe but my god we badly need two new CBs. Good luck to St Johnstone in the final - would be huge if they win given it would be their first, so they are my pick.
  5. Oh how I do not miss Neil Lennon. His and Celtic's conduct throughout the course of this pandemic has been nothing short of a disgrace. Celtic fans will be among the dead already, maybe they could get their families views on their trip to Dubai and blasé attitude to the virus.
  6. If it did ever come down to a vote again on calling the leagues as they are or null+voiding, the latter would win every time across all divisions, especially cases like the Championship where only 10 games have been played. Think we will be out of this for good come April though!
  7. Absolute disgrace. Hibs should refuse to play this fixture. They can feck right off.
  8. Complete and utter disgrace if this game goes ahead at all. Celtic have taken a really, really, really dumb and unnecessary risk, they should therefore pay. Cancel the game and award Hibs the 3 points. No way should we accept putting our players in harms way due to their complete negligence. No way should we accept a postponement either. "The 10" is not as important as people's lives, not that your average green Weegie thicko would ever grasp that.
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