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  1. Livingston vs Hearts

  2. Livingston vs Hearts

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! What a joke!!!!! Result of the season.
  3. Album of 2018

    Confidence Man - Confident Music For Confident People. A whacky, funky number which is so, so different to all the stale, modern **** that gets peddled around on the charts. Would recommend seeing these guys live - they are really weird, but you can't stop watching. For you FIFA 19 connoisseurs, Out the Window is one of their songs on this album! Brilliant music on a night out/after party. Gets people dancing!
  4. Shite modern stuff

    Irn Bru. Toblerone. Haircuts.
  5. athens

    Went there with my best mate for the Hibs Vs Asteras Tripolis Europa League game in the summer. It's nae bonny.
  6. Accies vs Hibs

    An absolute must win for us. Tricky run of games coming up so 3 points is vital if we have any aspiration whatsoever of challenging for top 4 (which is already looking like a very, very uphill task).
  7. Dating disasters

    @Nelly78 you and Sheila?
  8. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    Woeful. Don't know what is wrong with us at the moment - we are so much better than that!
  9. The Universe

    Agreed. Think this is f***ing awesome/cool.
  10. C**** on Pie and Bovril

    Bennett. Close thread.
  11. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    Tricky game as always ahead at Pittodrie. The difference about Aberdeen Vs other teams is they can play utterly s*** and still grind out 3 points. Going to go for 2-0 Hibs, with use scoring our 2 after 70 minutes.
  12. So, on a lazy and hungover Sunday afternoon I have just browsed some old favourited YouTube videos. Absolutely killing myself laughing at this video again, absolutely amazing - does this man post on P&B? Anyone else got funny Scottish football fan footage?
  13. So, with my Hibs-tinted spectacles being taken off as much as possible, here are my observations from yesterday's game: The St Johnstone support were superb. Given the relative size of the club, they brought a decent crowd through who made a good level of noise. One of the best away supports at Easter Road this year. Hibs deserved nothing from that game and St Johnstone are worthy of their win. It was a bit of a "strange" one, like a couple of games this season, where I think Hibs throughout the 90 minutes show they are the "better"/stronger team, but we are just not incisive/cutting enough in the final third at the moment. St Johnstone did not control the game in any notable parts, however missing a penalty, hitting the crossbar and ultimately scoring the winner - they fully deserved the 3 points. Stevie Mallan I think is going to develop into a real star for us. He is still "finding his range" outside of his dynamite shooting, but very excited to see where he goes. Our defence was solid, but I don't think we should be playing Milligan and Bartley together in any other game outside of Tynecastle. We are too slow and not playing to our very obvious strength as a team with them both on the park at the same time. Hibs can be utterly devastating with the pace we have in our squad, we need to utilise it. Well done St Johnstone and look forward to my next trip to Mcdiarmid.
  14. Hearts vs Hibs

    Fake news and more delusion from the Hearts supporters. Taken directly from the Heart of Midlothian Football Club website: Attendance: 19,410 That was with a complete and utter sell-out for your biggest game of the season. Meanwhile at Easter Road we have a genuine 20,000+ capacity stadium, so don't try acting like you are in our bracket because you simply are not. Wee team.
  15. Hearts vs Hibs

    We were missing Maclaren (still recovering from injury so couldn't start), Hanlon (best defender) and Gray (2nd best defender). 3 automatic picks out for us. We will hopefully be stronger next game too and will be playing in a proper 20,000 + capacity stadium with a proper-sized pitch. Hearts will struggle. Hibs will win.