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  1. According to twitter Bikey may be UK bound. Just sayin.
  2. Cove may have conceded 4 but we dont shoot! If we were to lose to Edi and Cove - Be on 0 points, bottom of the league going into Albion Rovers and then get beat again...I think Kevin Rutkiewicz could be in serious trouble.
  3. East Fife tomorrow - Expect to lose with how we've been playing against a League 1 club. Edinburgh City at the weekend - Potential to grab points but dont see it. Cove after that - Free scoring side against a team that can barely muster a shot on target. Could be brutal. Then Albion Rovers....could a loss in Coatbridge see the end of ANOTHER manager?
  4. Watched the highlights today and agree with whats been said about the ref - Got the major calls right. Thats why I rarely shout at referees at matches. He probably has a better angle and usually turns out to be right to be honest. That goal was shocking. Why a defender didnt step out to close down is beyond me! Rutkiewicz's post match comments slightly worrying if he thinks we were in it... We had 1 shot on target, almost a passback to their keeper. We were beyond useless in the final 3rd. Our crossing was woeful. Queens Park on the otherhand ground out a result - They took their chance that we gave them, our keeper had to make a great save with our player hooking it off the line afterwards. Any hopes of promotion for us and we need to go and beat Cowdenbeath this weekend coming. Cant lose first 2 games against teams that finished behind us last season and expect to get promoted.
  5. Ref was pretty inconsistent but it probably would have been the same result with a competent ref. Least he understood the drop ball rule unlike most of the players! Queens Park deserved the win but we did hand it to them. That looked like a 0-0 in the making. Stirling were dredful yesterday. Think its going to be a tough season for us going by that (and maybe a tough season for Queens Park too). Did we even have a shot on target? Thought Banner had a good game...
  6. Albion Rovers deserved that win for their keepers save at the end. One of the best saves Ive seen down at Forthbank.
  7. Well done to Montrose. I'll miss my away days to you guys if we dont make it up through the playoffs.
  8. I reckon they should have given the game a chance. Snow has been on and off all day. Was heavy when it was due to kick off but had stopped completely when leaving the stadium. Fair play to the Edinburgh fans who had travelled. Good to see Stuart Brown back...from his 1 day suspension. Out gritting the stairs.
  9. Thank feck I was stopping for petrol in Perth. Woke up this morning, saw Elgin and Stirling twitter confirming game was on. Didnt double check before setting off. A chance glance at the phone here saved me that pointless journey. What the feck happened between 9 and 10!?
  10. Took in this game tonight as I was in the area. Pretty poor stuff. Cumbernauld looked the better quality team but Edu wanted it more. Only number 3 and 10 really stood out as having some ability. Keeper made a cracking save in the 2nd half after his 1st half clanger. First I heard Edu had won the game was on here. Must have scored during my brief visit to the toilet. Cant see either team troubling the SPFL anytime soon but like the ambition of Edu.
  11. I'll actually be keeping an eye on LTHV from now on. They impressed me today. Deserved their victory and properly put the boot in. Foden is a nightmare - He needs to be dropped. 13 conceded in 5 overall and 9 in last 3. Binnie 12 conceded in 9 - Though when it comes to Binnie, least we're usually winning.
  12. Binnie should have been in. Foden instills no confidence in the defence. Mackay is making the wrong decision with him. He got rid of Smith to give Binnie the chance - Dont drop him! 2-2 was almost a fair result. Still think we shaded it.
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