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  1. If Mark McGhee was a fitba strip. It looks like it's had a stroke.
  2. To be fair, there's a 30 minute documentary on the pitch to edit, no doubt been filming Blair Spittal moving into Darragh's old flat, McGinn and his dug interview and a behind the scenes in Austria to put together. Remember when we got a photo and a caption, I'm actually cool with that and it doesn't need a 4 strong media team. Where I am at present, I appreciate it is early days but if he looks at LB and don't see a chronic issue there and thinks the position is sorted then my confidence in his judgement and capability will be gone. If we are moving to a 5-3-2 then neither Carroll nor McGinley have shown they have tools either offensively or defensively. While the signings and linked players so far are solid (other than Davis which was the wildest of wild punts) it can't be said they will offer anything other than maintaining the status quo when those around us can only improve. I also appreciate I'm writing this in early July.
  3. Not that he'd be interested, we could afford him and we'd make anying by selling him on, but as far as an exciting signings goes, Snoddy would be up there for me. He'll end up hanging up his boots in 2026 in the Championship however making 4x as much per week as he would at Motherwell. Offer him a route to coaching however maybe got something, don't know if his Mrs is from up here too. Complete wishful thinking.
  4. Alexander does like a player who can cover multiple positions and CH, RB and MID would be in his mindset. If he could do LB then I’d say it was a much more attractive. I suppose it all comes down to if he thinks £150k is better spent on a transfer or a £3k a week salary for a quality free agent (at our level). Which option is going to offer a better potential transfer fee in 2 years? If a move is made it would probably be at the expense of an existing defender such as Ojala. He’ll be worth buttons in January and heehaw next summer I guess? Irony of us taking a CH off you after the whole Lamie thing in January.
  5. I have it on good authority, cold water therapy is the only thing that can tame Carroll's rager.
  6. In my big top 100 things that annoy me about Celtic list, your strip just creeps into #97
  7. Something very meta for helmets to complain about helmets. Looking for their next teaker "My kid watched that and he now thinks its OK, thought you guys were meant to be role models?", "The pitch isn't flat?" and the obligatory "who we singing next Alan?"
  8. I was advocating for his inclusion in the Euro’s squad a year ago and obv pre whatsapping a wean. Now I’m like: And that’s purely for his Dundee contribution.
  9. If you want a laugh, their nickname is the "monkey hangers", google the story.
  10. You can almost hear Julie Andrews warbling. Surprised none of the "free agent" chat has surfaced as usual. A quick google search (transfermarkt isn't very good surprisingly) shows a few articles. Granted since they were written some have secured deals. Scotsman Brandon Barker, Snoddy, Winston Reid, Josh Sims (already signed for Ross County), Oumar Niasse, Conor McLaughlin, Giles Barnes, Giedrius Arlauskis, Isaac Mbenza
  11. Side by side. Is there photoshop being used here? I would bet my house Bevis towers over Lamie in real life.
  12. I need to convey this to all who may not be aware and crowbar it into the premiership kit thread. So imagine Thistle didn’t get relegated in covid season and won promotion a few weeks back (league winner or playoff it doesn’t matter). Then this would be gracing the our TV screens weekly. Sweet baby Jesus!
  13. Always nice to hear when celebs have been kind and humble to waiting staff.
  14. I'd echo that Meh. Plays best as the extra cover in front of the central defenders. Amazing run in the first few months of 2019/20 season then got injured, but was already on or near double figures by the end of September, mostly all 20 yard contenders or it seems like it. Was out for a year and got knee surgery, then a few cameos and back onto the treatment table for an extended period. Don't know if he was rushed back or unlucky. We were hoping he recreates that run from 2019, but unfortunately he didn't ever look close to it. Granted different manager and set up from then and he did return to a regular start when we went through our dismal run. That may cloud some people's judgement as many felt his starts were at the expense of those who offered more or were at least in form. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt because I've felt Alexander has made a number of decent players look mediocre with his instructions and tasks he's given them at times. I think player and club felt it was the right time to part ways. Thought he was a shoe in to go to Paisley due to the connection.
  15. I wonder if it's the same guy at Easter Road that signed off on their strips that overlooked Rocky?
  16. I suppose looking at that @capt_oats we at least had in place what pretty much turned out to be our front three (by minutes played) over the course of the season (minus Tony). We're going to Austria with a LB position that continues to give me the fear and a desire for a bit of fresh quality in midfield and attack to raise competition for places. I also don't think many on here wouldn't be against a centre half like a Mulgrew with pedigree and of a standard to marshal the defence. There's also 4 I consider wage thieves who will definitely need a significant payoff or run down their contracts as we they will not end up anywhere of a higher standard or on more money. I suppose it brings up all sorts of debates as have been outlined already in the last 20 pages: Will SOD be pushed forward into a right midfielder? Is McGinn going to be used as a RB to facilitate the above or right side of a back 3? Does GA think central defence is now covered with Ojala, McGinn, Lamie, Sol, Bevis, Devine and Carroll (as he was a few times last season)? Despite what we all think as @thisGRAEME pointed out way back, GA inexplicably fancies McGinley, does he now think this position is covered? If we go 532, how is Tierney best used in that? Are we going to see Maguire, Mahon, Johnson and Shields push on to any significant degree? As you point out, potential for quite a bit of business despite what has been drip fed publicly. It only takes one marquee summer signing to prompt a focus of tactics and formation away from where it looks like we are at present.
  17. Yeah 3 pairs of Puma Kings needed there, nice touch by Nike and Tennent’s to go low key. We had the same with our 125th kit a few years before, puma badge was stitched in amber.
  18. Off the back of our sponsor agreeing to have their logo reduced in size to fit with our away strip and not compromise the design. You guys had Tennents reduced in size and under your badge. Do any of you recall the reasoning. The badge seems to commemorate something?
  19. Where do you stand on using colours to promote sectarianism?
  20. Interesting to see that, I guess for us it was financially beneficial rather than detrimental. I can only think that is what fuels Flao’s support. I imagine it’s detrimental for the OF hence why the fingers have been snapped and Doncaster is doing their bidding. Can’t we just go rogue like The Rangers or do we actually abide by the rules?
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