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  1. Take a bow Bob McHugh, but your time is over .... you have been eclipsed
  2. I didn't say I wanted it as a solution every week, but while 4-3-3 while playing to our strengths is predictable and I'd like to think a manager is open to change based on the personnel available and the opposition. While I've not been blown away with SOD in C&A that is metered with seeing him in dark blue doing a job consistently as a wing back and doing it well, I'd just like to see him play that role for us before he consigned to the "meh" pile. I'd also like to see KVV and Tony play as a tighter pair, both have the skill and flicks required to interchange between goalscorer and foil. Woolery hasn't blown me away with his speed as I expected but his decision making and composure have been increasing. Last night was the best performance from him in a Well shirt.
  3. Looking forward to Tierney's first installment of "Living with Kev and Darragh"
  4. I've pied it too, I think a better performance on Saturday would have been enough, fair play to everyone who ventures down from Dundee tonight.
  5. Despite living relatively close I'm struggling to motivate myself to get a jacket on and head out to this
  6. 4-4-2 double six sounds like a 1950's phone number or what Emperor Constantine would say if you asked him for his date of birth
  7. Thanks BBC, would like to see a wee switchup, won't be anything other than a 4-3-3 though. Appreciate Donnelly has been injured before Covid was a growth in a petri dish ..... and out of form when we have seen him this year. Would be nice to actually see SOD in his preferred position before fully writing him off. McGinley is dugmeat. Still reckon that lineup has two that are still crocked and one is out of favour.
  8. Surely Accies is easier to get to? ...... oh stop the bus ........ <insert Bond villain laugh here> At least Albion Rovers were only three leagues below us.
  9. Exactly this, at FP we were gifted stopping "that at source" with an injury, before that we were definitely the poorer team. Adam gets 90 mins at Den's = shitshow for us Question is, back at FP, if it wasn't for his injury would we have plugged the source? Only Grezza can answer that, there was no evidence of that instruction until Adam got injured.
  10. Awfiy big baws there considering you started the day on 10 points from 13 games. Missed the first half but watched the lowlights in triplicate thanks to the feed. Keystone cops defending and being bossed all over. That sum it up?
  11. It has to be down to the pedigree of where they've came from and while in the doldrums Villa (despite the assertions of many in Govan) are a massive club in England's second biggest city ...... Ross McCormack. McClair promised a lot too and nothing came of it. I'd also put Ole Gunner Solksjaer who we were "so close to signing" and Jari Litmanen who Kampman was best mates with when I think he was at Ajax, they'd have flopped. Think of all the players we've signed and never seen, that defender in Jan, Sloth (apart from a PaddyPower ad), Parker ... don't think I've seen him in the background of training, Max Johnson's dug .....
  12. I think we have to be careful not to put Saturday down to just personnel (which you did - but many won't), it was a dramatic shift in tactics and approach from all that preceded it. I don't think just Hearts were surprised and probably upset their gameplan, but so were much of the home support. Probably explains why Nielsen has some sand in his fanny during his post match interview, he lost but was also outfoxed. A good player will look average if tasked with a role that doesn't play to their strengths and quite often this season I feel GA's tactics have hobbled a lot of our players and drew them personal criticism by a support not looking at the context surrounding their poor performances at times.
  13. Not wishing to rain on your parade but isn't he more of a Baresi/Costacurta with the scoring prowess of peak Koeman? ........ How long November 2020 seems now.
  14. Soooo .... Turnbull from Wish.com then? Would be interesting how he came on to our radar, was it the new head of talent, moneyball stats software, GA sharing a dressing room with his Dad in 2005, friend of a friend? And then how we managed to secure him and convince Motherwell was the next positive step on his career, I would have thought there would be a few clubs interested in a player of his demonstrated capabilities and up for a league YPotY. While I agree the Irish league is not the same calibre as the SPFL, if there was a 20 year old playing for East Fife, scoring 7 with 15 assists I'd be expecting our scouts to be seriously checking him out. Key fact from those stats is goal participation 37%, over 1 in 3 ........ that's him up in Lamie territory. Also a positive announcement on Tony's future would be a nice Christmas present for us all.
  15. Turnbull from Wish.com Bohemians must be upset a 20 year old in a pivotal role is leaving for nothing.
  16. Considering we asked Aberdeen to keep Dec's transfer hush until after the season and Aberdeen made the official announcement it would be a bit too faced a few months later to do the same ..... officially. Wonder if he's envisaged as a starter, sub or development type player. Safe to say Parker will be off in January and interesting to see what we'll do with Roberts.
  17. I'd echo that, I rocked up at this with little expectations despite our smash in grab in Aberdeen. With VanVeen suspended, Roberts (parent club), O'Hara and Ojala injured and O'Donnell putting in a shift on Monday I wasn't confident either. Massive change in tactics yesterday, short corners - gone, 2 men inside the box for goal kick - things of the past. I had figured if we were lethal in front of goal the "here have the ball" and invite crosses tactic would surely resurface. I never envisaged Hearts to be as ineffective however, that game could have went on for 5 hours and I doubt they would have came close to scoring which was a massive surprise. Kelly was troubled only once and easily dealt with the threat. Ginnelly's pace is something, kinda what we were promised and alluded to with Woolery but only seen it in spurts and doesn't seem as rapid when we do. The penalty claim is massive clutching at straws, the advantage was lost by poor decision making/control and Lamie looked every bit night and day for the player we had a year ago. Goss while lacking at times in midfield qualities, you can't argue with what he offers with deliveries. Initially I thought it was a straight red card for last man/scoring opportunity, which I thought was harsh, then I recalled he was booked a few minutes before, so it was a probably right ...... just. If there are Hearts fans upset, temper that with your little shithouser Devlin managing to get through the game without one booking when there were at least three stonewall yellows and a borderline red. I still don't rate McGinley, I'd have Carroll every day of the week but GA doesn't feel the same and Carroll evidently feels aggrieved by avoiding the final whistle fans visit at Pittodrie. I can only guess it's because he's perceived as not being able to finish a match without walking the red mist tightrope. Alexander will have decisions to make when Ojala is fit, who does he drop, does the club captain come in and replace Bevis who has a remarkable record when playing right back? Considering SOD's sterling performance used as a wingback for Scotland as pointed out earlier in the week, Carroll's pace and delivery, 3 centre backs from Ojala, Sondre, Bevis and Lamie, Slattery, Goss and A.N. Other (Irish fella), Van Veen and Tony up front a 5-3-2 would be an interesting prospect but one I doubt based on 40 games under GA's belt we will ever see.
  18. You're hoping the Dane's go experimental / blood the young guys (which is still a daunting prospect). Are all our yellow cards wiped at the end of the group stages?
  19. So at present: Group A - Portugal vs Serbia on Sunday to decide who wins the group. Group B - Between Spain and Sweden, they play on Sunday. You'd expect Spain but the Swedes held them in the Euro's. Group C - Between Italy and Switzerland, Italy have the easier game away to Northern Ireland. Group D - Big upset if France don't win. Ukraine in second spot, Finland a point behind and could overtake with a game in hand but they still have to play France. Group E - Belgium shoe in, Wales have benefit of a game in hand but still to play homes ties against Belarus and Belgium, Czech's have Estonia +2 GD Group F - Denmark and Us Group G - Netherlands play Norway in Amsterdam to pretty much decide the group, barring an upset, Norway will finish 2nd Group H - Russia face Croatia in Zagreb to decide the group, Russia can settle for a draw Group I - England will win the group with a away tie in San Marino, Poland are second. Group J - Germany won the group, North Macedonia or Romania could come second, North Macedonia are in driving seat Definite Qualifiers Germany England Denmark Belgium France Likely Qualifiers Netherlands Italy Spain Portugal Croatia
  20. Doesn't a lot of where you play in a front 3 go out the window during a set piece like our second on Saturday? If Lamie didn't connect with the header, bold Tony was 2ft behind and would have went for it with the head or volley, strong/better connected header back across the goal had Roberts unmarked at the back stick.
  21. Genuine question ..... does anyone really believe they can issue a P45 without and errors and or omissions? They have previous
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