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  1. Getting something at Parkhead are we? OK .... let's go with that.
  2. You need to look at the league table. With St Mirren playing Livi then any result there whither it be win for either team or a draw puts 6th uncatchable even with us winning. If Hammy had been papped earlier then maybe top 6 would have been in the mix and 500k from progressing past Raith in the Scottish Cup too. As has been covered a few pivotal players out for both teams. I do trust SK has done his homework and has made a competitive side with the personnel available.
  3. At last a thread where both supports are not like "we're pish, gonna get beat, enjoy the three points" For the record we're still pish, just not chronic like we were.
  4. Those fingers don't look that fat. #callback Not a bad away strip, 1999, thought it was way earlier. For those thinking of going to Hibs tomorrow, while the intercity's are off remember there's direct trains from Holytown, 1h 05m ish
  5. Remember when McTominay was tasked with babysitting him, doubt he would have been as far forward to score a goal every 30 minutes he is on the pitch.
  6. Shoulda went to Norwich …. Saying that the other great white hope Gilmour has fallen off a cliff.
  7. Si Ferry being part of the Celtic "Legends" team despite never getting a first team appearance. I suppose if Gordon Ramsay ever played for the other cheek in a similar thing then fair enough.
  8. Mybad, gonna petition STV’s Raman then.
  9. SFA sold the rights to Premier and fans sold up the swany needing yet another sub. Then they don’t provide any half time analysis as they’re cheap and just using the deal for max income, highlighted by just been exposed to a La Liga highlights package for 15 mins. Add in a tone deaf £90 strip they only ordered …. what? ….. 100 of for the whole nation. Whoever is their commercial director need their jotters.
  10. Their league starts in 3 weeks according to wiki and if they’re paying crazy money then I doubt we’re in a position to say hold on. I’d have confidence in Mandron and Obika to get us in the mix for 7th.
  11. If Kev goes for more than we got for Turnbull then we’ve entered some crazy metaverse and I don’t know if I want to be part of it. Would it be poetic that his fee could be the final part of the Alexander and Lucetti settlement compo ……
  12. Seems we should be discussing Chinese food then. Special fried rice is epic stuff, a lot of the rest is meh. Hiked up a hill in Hong Kong for highly rated dim sum, its was all knuckles and gristle the locals loved gnawing on.
  13. An out of town development shelved for something on the doorstep .......
  14. What's everyones thoughts on gulab jamun? An no, he's not a left back before anyone gets excited
  15. Aye definitely a "is the Chicken Maryland spicy?" Has anyone from there posted the 1,000x we've called them moonhowlers?
  16. You do need 4 core central defenders as we've found this season. If Butcher isn't one of them you know he can drop back and be a more an adequate cover. Blaney, Casey and one other if Butcher is retained at centre half. I'd look for 2 if Butcher is seen as key to SK's midfield. I wonder if Casey sees the SPFL as a key to his development, that may be the rub. Sacramento is a nice part of the world.
  17. I had no issue with both offside calls on Saturday, the rule is if its marginal then you go with the attacking team which I'm also fine with as I'm not Italian. The issue is the time it takes and what we all thought would be the ending of glaring oversights. To find them still happening with the benefit of what? 2 extra pairs of eyes at VAR HQ? and instant replay at the sidelines for the ref is wild stuff. Not how it was sold or even slightly envisaged. I do think second yellows (and not because of Slattery) can be so pivotal need to come under the purview. But then what if the first was a joke and the second is a stone waller. I would like to see players who try conning pulled up more. As always after a big tournament there's a palpable change for a bit ... remember when they used to be sensitive (rightly) to players miming cards being issued. 6 months later, back to normal. I can't recall if I've posted this before, but look at how this Aussie ref handles a game, not a jobsworth or little Napoleon like a few of ours. He was mic'd up for his final game. Seems they had VAR a good bit before us as its 4 years old. It would take a sea change in culture to allow our refs to be mic'd up for general consumption. The yellow card he gives either the VAR ref or one of his assistants says "I think its a yellow" as he runs over, I don't know if that happens here.
  18. Yeah gave it a whirl when I was 13 or so and determined it was a sweaty panto.
  19. £14k a week. Wow ..... madness. Every second player in our squad seems to be a CAM at present, or can do a job (ish) in that role. Tierney, Danzaki, Spittal, Crankshaw, McKinstry, Goss has it on his CV but no chance I'd want him there ...... even Morris has it on his transfermarkt heat map. 4 of those are on the books for 2023-24. Shopping list for me in order would be: 1./ Left back/wingback 2./ Secure Casey 3./ Centre half/Central midfielder to facilitate where Butcher is played 4./ Right back/wingback (merit to Joe's suggestion with SOD in last 8 games) 5./ Secure Obika or see how Shields does in preseason 6./ Another midfielder (box to box, worker, like wee Al) 7./ See if fringe players, O.O.C can respond positively to new coaching (Mandron, Dean, Efford, Aitchison, Morris), Efford had a purple patch before injury and Mandron scored a brace on his debut (against a poor Arbroath) not to be seen since. 8./ Give Maguire one last roll of the dice but he's tried under 3 managers now without being able to step up. I only say that because he has all the physical attributes.
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