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  1. Glaring omission from Aberdeen fans, your players got their wish last week, tools can now be picked back up. Our guys seem to like our guy because it seems a real manager may find them out. Top tip, rattle anyone Irish studs high early doors, that will mean an emergency sticky plaster. Do not rattle Sean Goss. Your biggest league win in 2022/23 guaranteed.
  2. Grezza is there to watch. Reminded that Owen Coyle was his gaffer when he had flowing locks
  3. With all these Irish fella's we could rename the place "Fear Perk" Stage 1 on "project against all odds"
  4. You still here arsehat? Doesn't take a astrophysics degree to see someone mentioning Martindale a guy who has behabilited his life vs Goodwillie which you injected for a reason only known to yourself (he's also accused of a crime I guess?), found guilty in a civil court, appeal was denied and he's never shown remorse or an apology. But yeah mention them in the same breath.
  5. My apologies it was Craigkillie, just got my roasters mixed up. If it was the point you were making to bring it up and cite David Goodwillie as an equivalence is wild stuff. Off you f**k back to your own thread.
  6. I'd think showing up to that wedding knowing you're Covid19 positive would get you less heat than Hammy is on here at present. Being on a couch drunk seems like therapy.
  7. Just watched Aitchison's presser there, "met the boys on Wednesday", don't know what the drill is for a 19:45 KO game if we train in the morning or they rock up a couple of hours before but as I said way back, what a swift kick in the baws to boys he's nurtured to drop all three for guys in the door. Said at the time that was poor man management and doubling down on that now.
  8. I’d add wee Tierney to that list. Only thing he seems to have done wrong is be 5’7”.
  9. Atrocious post. You’re the one who drew a comparison with him and Goodwillie. I mean it’s in back and white. You popped in here to give your two cents worth over Slattery too like Hyacinth Bucket. The steaming pile of virtue signalling pish you come out with. On a fitba forum too. Away and f**k off back to your own thread.
  10. Hammy is only still in a job due to burst pipes in December and a favourable cup draw against a team similar to us a division below. If we didn't get that week long cold snap and were drawn against anyone from Partick Thistle up we'd have 6 from 48 and papped from the cup. If there is one person left as a "wait and see" you need your head read.
  11. Was thinking about this last night and it just made me rage. Mandron out for what we’re told is a few weeks ….. so we sign Obika, our third “handful” striker. Club knew in August it was Penney who was reluctant to sign up for the season. I get they hoped they could maybe convince but he’s out the door in mid Jan replaced on deadline day by an unproven starlet. Ship out Sol and regardless what you think he was a body. Blaney gets injured and precautionary subbed. McGinn and Lamie see out the game. Three layers of cover at striker, 4 if you count Aitchison. Right back drafted in to cover centre half as zero left to offer. We play with two centre half’s. For a club that professed being so well run a week ago. That is a shitshow of missing glaring priorities. Lets face it, if Hammy was a pilot he’s be bobbing up and down in the mid-Atlantic in a liferaft at present.
  12. He did shit, got caught, paid his time, showed remorse and now has learned from it, reformed and contributing to the society he lives in. If rehabilitation is no longer allowed, then that is a shitty thing. Of course it will always be there and that's the black mark he'll carry with him through life but if some p***k wants to make an issue of it then it says more about them than Davie. The only thing he deserves a radar blip for is his love of the Hunnorum. I'm more concerned with the 8 or 9 c***s commiting fraud weekly in our first team.
  13. You're right the board won't let him go, a mixture of club legend and giving him the keys to the safe in the past month they'll give him more time. He won't do it by himself based on his Billy Big Baws assertion last week. I suspect the board also know the near misses, gazumpings or not interested's we got from a number of players over the last month. However they must be watching the same stuff as us and go "what you doing that for?" Or, "can't you give them some fight?" I'm tired of saying his seemingly dogmatic approach to a back 4 and midfield with no venom an expecting different results week on week has sent my piss into instant vapour. Deficiencies in quality, you make up for it in numbers .... oh wait you've got zero additional central defenders, how about defensive midfielders? ..... no none of them too ...... with half the bloody season still to go. For me he failed in man management by dropping Johnson, McKinstry and Tierney from the starting lineup. Arguably the three players who have looked most interested of late. Unless Aitchison and Danzaiki have been electric in their one or two training sessions that was a shitty move. The fact Goss got a full 90' may be down to Blaney's injury but Cornelius must look at him racking up the appearance bonus' and be like "really, I offer nothing more?". We all need to collectively send good juju to Blaney's thigh.
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