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  1. All Saturday proved was games at this level are all about small differences in class, decision making, acceleration and sharpness. Notwithstanding it was from our point of view a meh of a football game for me, not much to get excited or out your seat for a Well fan. The line up was a it of an eye opener when I saw it, thought Carroll would have been preferred in defence to McGinley as he offers more going forward and against Aberdeen GA played him as the left side of the back three when he came on. Can't overlook the pass to Jota was perfect but SOD was a little guilty of being one second behind which at this level is the difference. If Roberts had been match fit then he may have been in more of a position to do something with Watt's square ball. And the penalty has been discussed at length. As for the unwashed doubling down on their victimhood after getting a stonewaller disallowed but focus on what should be red and yellow cards take it to a new level. I'd wonder if they were being meta on this but I doubt many would grasp the concept. I still wish Turnbull went to Norwich. I've also never seen a player look more like a stocky nightclub bouncer than Carter-Vickers. We've now played all of the biggest spenders in the league and have 4 points from 15. Probably fair. Dundee Utd are on a wave and pretty confident its a top six 6 pointer.
  2. Couldn't be bothered googling it then? Van Veen is due a good game, living up very much to his 1 in 3 ratio conveyed by Scunthorpe fans, not really done anything of note for 3 games now. Sure the atmosphere and occasion will lift him. Tony Watt has been excellent and while he has history and a boyhood fan I get the impression he had a point to prove playing them and a degree of professionalism not exhibited to our former cigar smoking hobbit. We're weaker in midfield and flanks, hopefully players to come in and improve. Fully prepared to have 25% possession here. No doubting Celtic are a bear with a wounded paw at present and have some tasty players going forward. If Furuhashi is up against either O'Donnell or Bevis I think they will get a torrid time. Will be interesting to see if we can soak that up for 90 and make no errors or if we do get away with them. I do rate Alexander as a tactician and someone who plays percentages, I bet the numbers have been crunched late into the night over the past fortnight. 3-2 Motherwell.
  3. Ticket clearly states “home support only” if you are part of the orc army then You should be banished and made to buy a pie for everyone who could smell your odour as penalty.
  4. Always thought this was the most cretinous association with our club. GITF
  5. It seems the comment made by @Busta Nut has aged beautifully like a fine wine .... kudos! #vintagebanter
  6. Ha, club instagram have posted but disabled comments ..... that media team are really astute and worthy of their award win.
  7. Is that right? Well that means GA didn't want him around so he's been given a payoff to walk. Probably be training with Partick or Livvy tomorrow.
  8. Dead weight out the squad, obv wants first team football and a free agent means he can move outwith a window. Would be sweet, sweet irony if he got his leg broke playing Newco Colts in the Petrofac. Scotland vs Israel, now this ..... if Mushtaq's open a pakora stall in the East stand some boys on here will loose their shit.
  9. Clarke avoided a few awkward questions tonight thanks to McTominay. It was well documented in the Euro's that Clarke and a couple of the other senior players recognised he felt out his depth at times and they wanted him to embrace being in the squad and try and grow his confidence. I've been very critical of my expectations from him as an internationalist after joining Motherwell and felt his reputation didn't equate to performances often enough. This season after having a short bit of R&R after the Euro's, he gave away a penalty on the opening day and scored an OG the week after then he was hampered by Covid. Therefore I feel a wee bit for SOD tonight, while he's not really covered himself with glory in Claret & Amber this season he had consistently delivered in Dark Blue. It's almost the opposite of Andy Robertson a few years back where we wasn't always able to recreate his scintillating club form playing for Scotland and many were grumbling. While Patterson (or Ramsay, whom I think will eclipse him) may be the answer in the future, 20 senior games, many coming off the bench, unless someone shows a significant amount of talent in training doesn't deserve a fast track because of the status of who's bench they warm most Saturday's. A poor game against Moldova was followed by a poor first 45 tonight. His second half performance was fuelled, as the whole team were, by passion and the atmosphere plus a little bit of GIRUY directed at the ref and the shithousery. However to suggest SOD couldn't have done the running, neat interplay and snappy 1-2's Patterson did in the second half is a bit unfair, we'll never know how it would have turned out, just like we'll never know what would have happened if Dykes put the spot kick in the postage stamp. I agree with the comments above, I'd rather started SOD tonight and gave Patterson a run out against the Faroes as I imagine they'll sit in more and won't threaten the same way Israel would.
  10. Some may say ..... "not kosher"
  11. The orcs will be using the "if he's good enough to get on the bench for us ....." rant. I get in the current starting lineup, on paper O'Donnell is perhaps the weakest link but based on performances I think there have been a few playing at bigger clubs and a higher level who have fallen short more often. I do think McTominay was briefed to offer more cover to him than certainly is required of Robertson/Tierney and that could be argued is extra burden on the midfield at times. Granted Patterson is behind Tavenier in pecking order at Ibrox and big shoes to fill, not only because he's captain but his assists and dead ball stuff. I think his first team appearances are 20 in all competitions (can't say how many he started but there must be a few subs in there too). Happy to see him duel with Ramsay ifor the spot n the years ahead O'Donnell won't be Declan'd for a while yet.
  12. The bold Callum Slattery ha just shown up on Married at First Sight Australia.
  13. All this talk about Van Veen and Watt being out left, is playing them as a traditional front pair and allowing the speed merchant Wollery to switch wings to exploit opportunities not an option?
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