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  1. Rangers players and fans celebrating their scratch card £50k win like it means something after missing out on two gilt edged chances of euromillions. Priceless.
  2. If Flao is due to lead Easy company of the 101st Airborne into Normandy I'm sure he'll get in touch with Grammy.
  3. Jeez, The Cinch Fan Club really have gone to war or issued bans with a growing number of entities, in chronological order: Face painters 41 other SPFL clubs The SFA Wee Nicola The BBC Cinch BT Sport Chris Sutton Spanish Cops Spanish Water Ryanair
  4. I suppose that works if he also doesn't have any ambitions of being anything other than a rarely used squad player for another year. I suspect it's similar to the spheil Celtic put out about Rogic and Bitton ...... both been away from home for quite a while, mutual agreement between player and club its the right time.
  5. The old “if you want first team football you may want to look elsewhere”, “I don’t see you as part of my plans” type chats happen I hope.
  6. Some of the comments on Instagram are the main reason why I avoid it. Am I right in saying no one on here suggested we hold onto him just due to length of service?
  7. Only real surprise there is I thought Donnelly would have been offered a new deal. Not because I thought he was worth one but I assumed GA thought so. Combined with the struggles to find U.K. based players as conveyed at the AGM and his ability (in theory) to play in a few different positions. I also said before, while McPake offered Lamie £700 a week extra to move to Dundee, that equates to £35k a year. His two pivotal goals have guaranteed us £500k minimum extra. His agent would have a good shout bringing that up in any negotiation.
  8. Is that right? Alexander has commissioned our new away strip to reflect the story of 2022 *Green and red striped shorts (with the arse missing out them for the final game). Livi last year, next year Partick
  9. In other news, not that they've been a factor for 20 years but the diamonds got papped by Queens Park in the Championship play off. I don't think I've ever seen a strip as chronic as the Spiders away one, needed to lie down in a darkened room afterwards.
  10. That sentence could have easily been applied in January 2021 when a cigar smoking hobit was retained.
  11. If Blair Spittal is seen as a significant improvement off the back of Euro Qualification and increased funds then I am underwhelmed at the pond we're fishing in.
  12. If we're giving out tips, you should be keeping as low a profile on here tonight as Aaron Ramsay will be on the executive bus to the airport
  13. Look boys, you can still give your silhouette maker a wee gig, you're missing three from your wall of "success". (payment up front)
  14. Should it not be one metre change in height in the corner where the DSA are. That would technically be an addition. Out: Capacity = what it was -130
  15. If we want to consolidate our points tally and league position next season then the whole defence needs looked at. Only a few got pass marks and wafer thin passes at that. If Alexander retains Donnelly as part of a central midfield trio then I guess things are more dire for finding talent than we imagine and for me would reek of lack of ambition to better ourselves. Guys like Sol (while so so pretty), should be considered late shoring up subs and injury cover based on what we've seen. SOD needs a back 5 to get anything near an average score and while Bevis has improved he still has a bomb scare or two in his locker. Happy for Lamiesque redemption arcs but they are by no means guaranteed. There is a reason we shipped 61 goals last year. Every bit of our defence needs an injection of quality. None of us want to be spitting blood for being papped out of the ECL earlier than we should have, especially when it's so financially valuable. Whither McMahon and Flao see legs in shelling out £9k a week (£350k + £100k saving for O'Hara I suspect) on 3 quality defenders to get another £350k UEFA round in the bag I dunno. I suppose you also get their services for the long league and 2x cup campaigns. Winning two rounds against Northern Irish part timers earn you as much as a Hampden Cup final, £1m. I get salary does not always equate to quality (Hibs + Aberdeen) but at least we'd be looking in a more desirable pool with the benchmark you would expect as a higher level. There has to be some benefit back to the general level of the team from our league finish, Euro qualification and expected prize money.
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