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  1. It was a craic in a fun thread. Not to be taken literally. The fact that 1,200 of them have adopted the club doesn't make them thieves. Meadowbank may take a bigger crowd to Paisley however, probably feature on a Twitter feed an ensuring fallout on here.
  2. The seethe in Vincents house when Irvine inherits Ayr United, Cumbernauld hosts any team not including David Goodwillie, East Kilbride offer Queens Park a snifter and Val McDairmid's ladies team decide Glenrothes is for them.
  3. Nah I think a player being a snide cynical arsehole trumps shite, dopey defending. I'd add that Lamie could have walked long before the handball due to charging into Hatate was in on the edge of the box within the first 5 mins. He's a clumsy daft eejit at times but we thought it was mimising, it seems to be coming back in abundance. Every Celtic fan (naturally), pundit, FF Manager, Journo, Bookie and fan of every other club probably had home win. If there was an score upset due to any officiating lapse, oversight of duping then it would have been scrutinised to the nth degree. The fact that Celtic did what they were expected to do but just not in the manner is why there's no furore. You don't always get the big decisions, just mostly, Unless it's in the CL and its much more even. Scottish refs have to not give everything to avoid shouts of unabashed bias, standard bias is fine though.
  4. To be fair, Ramsay wasn't in the box and you got one
  5. Just watched Sportscene highlights and plus on iplayer. Neither program mentions the incident. I feel pretty confident and I'm sure most even handed Celtic fans must agree if Motherwell were leading 2-1 and Kelly did that the incident would consume the debate in the post match analysis. The fact it goes by without even an acknowledgement is purely "journalists" shirking their duty.
  6. I didn't view it as designed to get Sol sent off, more he came for ball 12/13 yards from his line, ended up on his arse and needed an immediate get out of jail free card. It's well known head injuries/concussion get an immediate stoppage so I saw it as a purely cynical act actioned as the ball fell to KVV 22 yards out. Not a con but Lamie's handball was a criminal oversight by the ref and even more so the far side linesman. 2-1 at Parkhead, many Well fans would have bitten your hand off to walk away with -1 GD at before KO.
  7. While we're playing nice stuff we're not clinical in front of goal. It's the exact opposite of a year ago. The only complete performance where we played well and got the result to match was at Pittodrie. As has been mentioned on our thread, we are in for a tough month after a kind August in terms of fixtures. Hammell will be chompin at the bit to get something from this. Not doubt feeling a wee bit of pressure probably set by his own high standards. However, we're a good team to play if you need points. Killie and the Arabs been put to the sword on a weekly basis in this league, face us and walk away with 75% and 50% of their total amassed points so far. Your run from January was the best of the rest from memory, however with that success it put some of your players on radars and earned moves. Malky's been struggling this season to emulate that, so it is a toss up for me. Who's due a questionable penalty next?
  8. No, that post attendance is pretty tinpot Saturday at 3pm KO, 35ish miles along the M8 and that’s all the Livi fans could muster.
  9. Not “a bit”. The first challenge was fair, Maguire (I think) made a legitimate jump if anything Hart was the aggressor. Referees however tend to favour the keeper in these though. A professional footballer deliberately tried to get the game stopped at an opportune time using concussion as a cover because of the seriousness of it pretty much goes against everything that’s right. It’s not victimhood to call this out. It would be victimhood to suggest that one action cost us the game. It didn’t and I don’t think the ref was in collusion, he was merely duped by a guy who is just a nasty piece of work. Celtic probably should have won 3-0 based on chances and dominance. The fact you made it hard work was mostly self inflicted. Why a club with 20x the resources need to do all the little snide shit takes the edge off how much you’re ahead of the rest of the league.
  10. So you’re opting for the because the referee didn’t clock it …. Doesn't matter response. ….. You aware of your clubs/fellow fans modus operandi?
  11. Wonder if Sportscene will show Hart’s cynical behaviour or not mention it. That’s as snide as you get in a game of football. Stewart is the only one of them that’s has got any baws.
  12. WTF is Hart up to? Seems to legitimately but not maliciously catch a elbow in the chest then runs into an armpit and goes down? He aiming to get a player red carded?
  13. Nope ….. yellow card for stupidity. Is the redemption arc heading south again?
  14. Let’s hope whatever the f**k Lamie just tried there and we were not punished for was his quota of crazy used for the day.
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